Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 3

Kids usually enjoy playing with others when they are at playgrounds. But in this one particular case, one girl stood out from the from the rest. She sat down far from any of the others. Tears seemed to stroll down her face, and onto the card of Charmander that she held in her hand.

"Why won't anybody play with me?" Asked the girl as she wiped a few tears from her face.

Erica woke up with a slowly, her face displayed a sour mood. Keith, who was putting out the charcoals, noticed said look.

"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Laughed Keith.

"More like no bed. I never want to do that again." Erica got up and rolled up her sleeping bag. She looked down to notice that her outfit was just a little bit too wrinkled up. The blond sighed, realizing that she would have to pay money to get straighten her outfit and buy some night clothes. 'Well, mom did give me 5000 poke to start off my journey.'

It was then that Erica noticed that Brett was nowhere to be seen. "Where is Brett?"

"He got tired of waiting for you to wake up and decided to move along." Explained Keith.

'Is that really the same guy who gave such a look yesterday?' Thought Erica as she put away her sleeping bag.

Keith got up and handed her some food. A breakfast bar for her. And some food for her pokemon. The blond trainer ate her food relatively quick, but she had to wait for her pokemon to finish eating.

Keith and Erica started walking through the forest after some time had passed. Along the way, they had to battle against random pokemon that came in the way. Time came when they encountered Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor.

"Erica it's so nice to see you!" Squealed Shauna as she ran over to her friend.

"Have you and your pokemon been busting some moves?" Asked Tierno as he danced for a bit.

"But who is this?" Asked Trevor. Tierno and Shauna turned to Keith.

"A pleasure, my name is Keith Chiyoku." As he introduced himself, Shauna and Tierno shook his hands. Trevor was a little reluctant.

"Keith...do you know somebody named Brett?" Asked Trevor.

Keith was surprised at this. "Yes he is my friend. How do you know him?"

"He came through earlier and said, 'You remind me of Keith'."

Keith laughed a little at that, it was odd for him to make such quick judgments. Erica sweatdropped at how Brett was blunt.

"Hey Erica, lets all take our first steps to Santalune city!" Said Shauna.

Erica cupped her chin as she thought about that. It would make a good memory. The blond turned to her teacher for advice. Keith noticed this and gave her a thumbs up for it.

So she stepped forth and grabbed hands with her friends as they stepped forward. She smiled at how she was having fun with her friends.

Once they walked to Santalune city, the friends once again broke off. Keith was eyeing the town with interest. Erica looked around the place too. She looked up to see Keith heading into a Pokémon Center, and she followed.

"Hey! I was wondering where you two were!" They turned to see Brett sitting on a table with a glass of tea. Kyu was there too but it looked different. Like it...

"Ah, your starter evolved." Noted Keith with a calm composure.


Erica was more than surprised at this. She knew that starters could evolve quickly but this was crazy. The fire starter was now more of a bipedal version of its previous form, with a stick in its tail. Now instead of being a Fennekin, she was a Braixen.

"Yeah, we work fast." Brett handed a cup of tea to the pokemon. "Besides, this way she can use her arms to eat."

"By the way Keith, the gym leader uses bug pokemon." Said Brett, gaining his friend's attention.

Keith shortly bore the look of surprise before he turned around and walked to the next route. Erica watched him nervously as he walked away. She turned to Brett for an answer.

"He is now in work mode." Said Brett with a smile on his face.

'Work mode? What is he, a robot?' Thought Erica with a dumbfounded face.

Brett got up and Kyu jumped down from the chair. Erica looked around for the Pokémon gym. Brett caught on to this and grabbed her wrist. Gently, mind you.

"What are you doing?" Asked Erica a little frantically.

"You're going to challenge the gym." Said Brett.

'Nani!?' Thought Erica with a surprised look. 'This is all happening to fast.'

They soon approached one of the famous buildings.

Erica eyed the gym with awe. She had read about gyms before and seen battles on TV, but now she could take part in one.

However, once they were inside, they found the gym to be less appealing. The interior was decorated with various pictures of different bug pokemon. Erica walked over to a rope that hung over the ceiling, leading towards some kind of basement.

"Hey Brett what-" When she turned around to look for him, the boy was gone.

With no idea of what to do, Erica slid down the rope. Once she got to the end of the rope, she fell down without any more material to hold onto. She then landed onto a giant spider web. The protagonist now understood what her teacher meant about bug type pokemon.

'So thats what Brett meant. Weird.'

Erica carefully navigated through the spider web puzzle. She had to battle through many trainers along way. After all the work, she finally got to the end. The gym leader awaited her at the end of the maze. She had lighter blond hair with two long bangs down the front. Her outfit consisted of a white shirt with green cargo pants. Her green eyes were hidden behind a camera that she held

"Welcome trainer, I am Viola. Wait, are you Erica Tamashii by any chance?" Asked Viola with inquiry.

"Uh yeah, how do you know?" Asked the blond.

"I'll tell you if you beat me." She sent out the tiny water skidding pokemon, Surskit.

Our female protagonist sent out Jirai.

The small bug skid around with speed and precision. Despite the speed being a problem, Jirai was able to keep up with his eyes.

Erica was trying to keep up with this so she could give Jirai a command.

"Jirai, use bubble."

The frog shot bubbles at the water bug, and some of them did impact. But it had barely any effect.

"Surskit, use tackle." Commanded Viola as her water bug impacted itself.

The two pokemon fell onto the spider web. Jirai was having a bit of trouble keeping balance.

'Align your thoughts with your pokemon.' Brett's voice echoed into her head.

Erica's eyes met her pokemon's, and the two nodded in response to one another.

'Keep in mind the physics.' Keith's voice echoed.

"Now, jump down and launch yourself."

Jirai did as his trainer instructed and launched himself into the air.

"Now use bubble." Jirai unleashed a barrage of the bubbles around the arena. The froakie began to plummet back to the ground.

"Charge through the bubble now!"

The frog went through the bubble and impacted against Surskit. Surprisingly, the little bug fainted.

Viola was a little more than surprised at this sudden attack, she just had to know what it was. "What was that move?"

Erica smiled. "That was bubble bump."

"It seemed pretty effective, but don't think that this is over." Viola sent out the pink butterfly pokemon (or at least it is here), Vivillion.

"Not a problem, use bubble bump again!" Jirai repeated its previous attack process. Except that this time, it was aimed towards that the soaring pokemon.

"No chance, dodge it." Vivillion moved out of the way, and the frog hit the ceiling.

Jirai started to fall to the floor, with was a sand trap. Erica quickly recalled him to the pokeball.

'It's up to you.' She then threw Phoenix out. Now both trainers were on equal ground.

"Tackle." Phoenix charged forth to attack the butterfly.

"Harden." The incoming impact was weakened.

Erica could easily tell this wasn't going anywhere. She tried to look around for some clue to help her.

'Remember the physics.'

'Align your thoughts.'

'But why?' Questioned Erica in her mind.

A few seconds passed before the answer came.

'To understand how to win.' The voices echoed.

"Phoenix fly up towards the ceiling." The bird flew up high, trusting her trainer.

"Now do a somersault!" Surprisingly, the little bird new what that was as it quickly tackled its opponent.

The Fletching impacted the butterfly to hit the net. Both vivillion and its trainer were surprised. The pokemon was trapped.

"Now impact with a peck attack." The tiny bird dive-bombed and impacted the butterfly. Vivillion fainted, Erica had won.

Viola called back her pokemon.

"That was a well-executed match. Here is the Bug Badge." Viola handed her the badge that looked like a bug. "And if your still interested in how I knew who you were, some challenger from earlier told me."

"So that's how, but how do I get out?" Viola pointed to a backdoor.

"Oh, thank you."

Once she got out, she ran into Brett and Keith.

"I see you won the battle." Congratulated Keith.

"Yeah, thanks to what you taught me." Erica smiled in return.

Keith turned to Brett. And then to Erica. "Well see you guys later."

Erica was more than surprised by this. Was Keith really leaving?

"Yeah, I'll be seeing the two of you around." Said Brett.

Erica was stunned at this. The entire world melted away from her. 'Its just like before.' Thought Erica.

Being strong and being left alone in the big world. Erica was speechless, she remained motionless in her trance of pain. All she could do was repeatedly ask herself in her head why this was happening. It only took a few seconds before she could feel Keith shaking her head to wake her up.

"Are you ok?" Asked Brett. Instead of answering, Erica asked a question in return. "Why do you have to go?"

Brett and Keith were equally stunned by this question. But Keith answered none-the-less.

"We usually travel by ourselves." That didn't seem like good enough answer for Erica.

She shook her friend's hand off her shoulder and pulled out one of her pokeballs. Her face tried to mimic being serious, but Erica was scared on the inside. "Then I'll battle you both. If I win, we stay together."

Brett was now the one with a serious face. He stepped forward closer to Erica. "Why are you staking this on a pokemon battle you can't win?"

Erica faced the ground with a face that had a bit of sorrow etched into it. "I just don't want to be alone in this big wide world." Admitted Erica.

More than a minute passed, and the only thing that Erica could hear was her own heart beat.

Brett sighed, and his face of seriousness morphed into a carefree smile. "Alright, I guess I'll stay with you then."

Keith smiled to and scratched the back of his head. "Alright Erica, your wish is granted. I'll stay as well."

Erica's face shifted from surprise and then curved into a smile. How could it not, with two friends that would openly accept her wishes and stay with her.

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