Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 31

Erica walked toward the entrance of the league castle. Upon entry, she was greeted with a dual hallway of bronze and white tiles. Portraits decorated the hallway.

"These must be the champions who came before me." Noted Erica as she observed the different people in the paintings.

She came across a picture of a man who strangely resembled AZ. Walking further down the hallway, she found two pictures that she was expecting. One was of Brett, and another of Keith. Erica looked down to each picture to note the dates.

'Wow, they've both been trainers for that long?'

The blonde protagonist walked further towards the end of the hallway. As she walked even further, she came to pass a giant door that led her to a new room where the door closed behind her. The new room was dimly lit by tinted glass and a large carpet in the center.

In the center of the room stood a women with red pants, a black jacket, pink hair, and orange sunglasses. Said women turned to face Erica when she heard her enter. She walked up close to our protagonist and took a few moments to inspect her.

"Oh, you're that Erica Tamashii girl aren't you?" Asked the women. Needless to say, Erica was a little perplexed at how this woman knew who she was.

"Yes I am, how did you know?"

"You're pretty famous for stopping Team Flare." Noted the women.

She turned towards one of the four other doors. "We expect a tough challenge from you."

Erica realized after that what the woman meant, she was one of the members of the Elite Four. She felt a little stupid for not asking for her name. It didn't take long before she put it aside because she would find out later.

She then looked around to note that there were four other doors, including the one that the women walked into. There was also one large door stationed behind her.

'That must be were the champion is. I wonder who it is?'

Erica walked into the door that was to her right. Once she walked into it, the blond found a sign that read, 'Ironworks Chamber'. She continued trek towards the end of the room. Once Erica came to the end she walked on to a platform. And moments after that, platform lifted up off the ground.

After the uplifting, the protagonist found herself in a room filled with iron columns.

"What is this place?" Instead of an answer two giant swords fell down and struck the ground, causing Erica to literally jump off the ground in surprise.

The two swords turned and the iron columns lifted up. What was behind the columns was a man covered in armor. His hair was a crazy mix of grey and yellow, the yellow forming a kind of star shape in his hair.

"Greetings young trainer, you have come to challenge the league?" Asked the man.

"Yes I have. I am Erica Tamashii of Vanville town."

"Very well, I am Wikstrom of the Elite Four." He pulled out his pokeball and sent out the key collector fairy, Klefki.

Erica sent out Psyedge. Wikstrom instantly took the initiative. "Klefiki, use dazzling gleam!"

A blinding flash came from the metal fairy that dealt heavy damage to Psyedge because he was part fighting, but that wouldn't be enough to stop him. The challenger could feel the power in the bond with her pokemon.

"Use power-up-punch!"

"Use reflect." Klefki quickly generated a barrier that would raise its defense, but that didn't save it from the attack. Power-up-punch boosts the attack stat by the same amount of a sword dance.

"Hit it with another power-up-punch." Psyedge landed another hit that defeated the pokemon.

Wikstrom pulled back his defeated pokemon. He sent out an Aegislash as the next to fight. She hadn't seen this pokemon before, so Erica immediately pulled out her pokedex to scan it. She found that it was a pokemon that evolved from Doublade.

'Just like Brett and Keith.' It clicked in her head that both of her seniors had fought with that pokemon.

"Aegislash, use shadow ball" The ghost type drew up its energy and attacked. The attack was strong enough to knock back the Gallade.

"Use pyscho cut!" Gallade aimed to slash the sword with his own attack. It would only do half damage, but it would be enough.

"King's Shield!" The ghost-steel type slid into its shield and created an energy shield that stopped the incoming attack. Psyedge stumbled back after that block, his attack stat had fallen.

"Finish it off with shadow claw." The sword pokemon jumped out of the shield and used its blade to finish off the psychic-fighting type.

Erica reluctantly called her friend back. She threw her next pokeball and released Jirai.

"Quick, use dark pulse!" Jirai hit ground and released a dark energy wave. The attack made aegislash flinch before it could put up protection.

"Now use water shuriken." Since the water attack came first, it didn't give Wikstrom or his Aegislash enough time to react against the attack. Five hits in a row succeeded in dee The iron-clad man retrieved his fainted pokemon.

"You seem to know your way around." Commented the knight.

"Thanks, I get that from time to time."

"But let's see how you do against a speedy opponent." He sent out the metal dragonfly pokemon with fake heads on its claws, Scizor.

"Scizor, use double team." Scizor moved so fast that it multiplied. "Jirai, use double team as well."

Both pocket monsters had multiplied several clones of each other. At this point, it would be hard to tell which was the real one. Erica suddenly had a stroke of brilliance.

"Use flash!" The ninja frog created a hand symbol and burst a giant flash of light.

Wikstrom and his pokemon had to cover their eyes. Erica was resourceful and used her hat as a shield. Looking carefully at the ground, and making sure not to be blinded, she found her opponent's weak point.

"Use dark pulse on the one to the right." Jirai slammed its fist into the ground to release the attack and stun the enemy. His target flinched back as the light dimmed.

"Finish it with hydro pump!"

A giant jet stream of water knocked the metal bug into one of the sword columns. Wikstrom was left baffled, forced to give in and retrieve his pokemon.

"You were able to see his shadow, weren't you?" Erica tipped her hat.

"I knew it would be a good idea to get this back."

The knight pulled out his final pokeball, Erica called her pokemon back. Wikstrom sent out his final pokemon, the giant nose (yes, a nose) pokemon Probopass.

"Alright, then I'll finish with Venus." Proclaimed Erica as she sent out the grass dinosaur.

"Use iron defense." The steel pokemon hardened itself to strengthen its defense.

'Most of the attacks that Venus uses aren't too effective from the start.'

"Use leech seed." Venus launched the tiny, yet deadly, seeds that landed on the giant nose.

"That won't be enough, use flash cannon." Probopass charged up a massive light energy blast that hit Venus square on the face.

"Quick, counter with bulldoze!" The Venusaur stomped its feet against the ground that caused a miniature earthquake. The steel-rock typing of Probopass didn't help it out one bit, quadruple damage.

"Now double edge!" The Venusaur slammed against the steel-rock type and slammed against the other sword column. Probopass knocked Venus away from itself and levitated back to the ground. The grass starter rolled back onto its feet, and the magnetic pokemon fell to the ground.

Wikstrom retrieved his final pokemon and conceded. That's one victory for Erica. "Well done, I congratulate you on this first victory."

"Thank you."

"Good luck with the rest, Lady Erica." He slammed his right hand onto his chest to salute his victor. She blushed at her new title.

Erica stepped back on the stone pedestal and was transported back to the large room. Wasting no time, she quickly healed her team. Erica then proceeded to the door adjacent of where she was.

The next chamber that she entered was exactly the same as the last one, except it was titled, 'Blazing Chamber'. And just like last time, Erica walked onto the stone pedestal and rose up.

The room that she entered into was dark. Suddenly there were two tiny sparks, and then two massive flames burst up from the ground. When the light had cleared, Erica could clearly make out the room she was in.

The women she met earlier was sitting down in a chair with a bored expression. The expression shifted to one mixed between interest when she saw Erica enter.

"I see you finally made it."

The women stood up and walked over to Erica. "I, Malva of the Elite Four, accept your challenge."

Both trainers released their pokemon. Malva sent out the lion of fire, Pyroar. Except instead of having a more spread out mane, the mane of this one was more of a ponytail. Erica sent out Dragulong as she wasn't going to try her luck without type advantage this time. But Malva wasn't about to let that.

"Use roar." The lion let out a fearsome roar that sent Dragulong back into his pokeball, and dragged out Phoenix.

"Fine, Phoenix use acrobatics." The fire bird flew up and dive bombed against the lion. The impact dealt double damage because Phoenix held no items.

"Use hyper beam." A massive dark beam was launched at point blank range, nearly defeating Phoenix. The challenger quickly decided to make a come back.

"Quick, use roost." Phoenix flapped its wings and healed itself. However in doing so, she used up the time that Pyroar used to recharge.

"Hit it with hyper beam again." Erica anticipated a counter against it this time.

"Use flame charge to dodge." The flying type coaxed itself in flames and flew around the beam with its increased speed.

"Nani?" Malva was greatly caught off guard as she was sure that the hyper beam would hit and finish the fire bird.

"Land in with acrobatics." Due to the backlash of hyper beam, Pyroar could only take the hit and fall. The elite four member gritted her teeth and retrieved her pokemon.

"Fine, come now Talonflame!" Malva sent out the same pokemon as her challenger.

"Talonflame, use acrobatics."

"You too phoenix!" The fire birds flew up and exchanged blows in mid air. Erica was having trouble keeping up her vision. Malva had no trouble with this, and shee easily caught onto her challenger's problem.

"Use giga impact." The Talonflame broke the monotony by coaxing itself powerful energy and impacted. Phoenix held on tight with her talons. The result was giving the opponent the burn status.

"Phoenix, don't let go!" The fire bird turned back with a confident expression (I know, I know). Her trainer saw it and realized what it meant. Phoenix's wings held down the wings of her opponent, both of them dive bombed to the ground.

When the smoke cleared, it was revealed that both had fainted. Erica felt a little sad that her friend was willing to go through that. Erica immediately sent out Dragulong. And Malva sent out the chandelier pokemon, Chandelure.

"Dragulong, use sludge bomb."

"Use fire blast." The attacks collided and created an explosion. "Quick, camouflage." Dragulong shifted into a fire type and became invisible.

'Smart girl.' Thought Malva as she couldn't find the dragon. However, the elite had a quick trick up her sleeve.

"Use curse." Shaking, the chandelier put a curse on the invisible opponent. Dragulong's camouflage came off as he shivered, giving a clear shot. "Hit it with a shadow ball!"

Chandelure conjured ghostly energy around its individual lights and formed a bigger ball in the center. Said giant ball of energy was launched towards the shivering pokemon.

"Quick, use hydro pump!" Dragulong mustered itself up and launched a powerful enough attack to push the shadow ball back into the ghost type. Chandelure fell to the ground, with x's in its eyes.

'She is starting to annoy me.' Thought the pink haired hottie (get it?...sorry). She sent out her last pokemon the wise fire tortoise, Torkoal.

"Quick, use hydro pump again." Commanded Erica. Malva responded by boosting defense instead of offense.

"Iron defense." Torkoal tucked into its shell to make its defense higher, allowing it to survive the attack. "Now body slam." The turtle impacted against Dragulong, hard.

"Don't let go!" The Dragalge didn't dare let go of the tortoise as he wrapped his thin arms around the round body. In response, Torkoal struggled to become released.

"Dragulong, use dragon pulse." The dragonic energy impacted the fire turtle at point blank range. Unfortunately however, the fire turtle remained undefeated.

"That all? Use rapid spin." Torkoal tucked his legs and head in and began to spin quickly, very quickly. Dragulong held on with all his might but with those thin wet arms, the dragon slid off.

"And hit it with a earth power!" The fire type stomped the ground and lava started to spew around Dragulong.

Smoke surrounded the area, forcing Erica squinted her eyes. She hoped for a certain move, and then a jet stream of water came out and defeated Torkoal on impact. When the smoke cleared, the poison dragon was seen barely standing before he fell over from his earlier curse.

Surprised, Malva turned to her challenger. It didn't help that she was equally surprised.

"I guess we were so in sync that he read my moves." Answered the blond. Not only did Dragulong know what to do, he held it out for his friend who gave him confidence.

Both trainers retrieved their pokemon. Erica walked forward to thank Malva for the battle but as she got closer, she could see anger on her opponent's face.

"I'd wish you good luck, but I'm a little too angry right now. I could burn you right where you stand."

Erica silently backed out of the room. Upon reentering the empty hallway, Erica quickly restored her the health of her pokemon. Looking around she entered the room labeled, 'Dragonmark Chamber'.

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