Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 32

When we last left off our blond protagonist had defeated two of the Elite Four. Her bonds were able to tear through scorching flames and iron brigades. As she ventured onto the next chamber, Erica couldn't help but feel a little smug.

'Don't let it get to your head.' Echoed Keith's voice in Erica's consciousness. A chill ran down her spine shortly afterwards.

Ok, that was a little creepy." She stepped on the pedestal and rose up to the next room, and the next challenge.

The chamber was fairly foggy, purple fog to be exact. The female protagonist couldn't help but inhale the purple air. She expected to have to cough it back out, but she had a much different reaction. A tasty grape flavor danced on her tongue.

'A grape juice mix?' The delicious fog slowly cleared, which revealed a giant dragon statue.

The wings of the giant statue opened up to reveal its intimidating head and an elderly woman below it. She was dressed like she was from the Stone Age, with bones as decoration. She did bear a happy, grandmother-like smile. It all seemed to go together with her long dark hair.

"Why hello there, it is so nice to see a challenger here." Greeted the woman as she waved her hands.

"Nice to meet you too, is there any reason that your fog taste like a kid's fruit drink?" Asked Erica.

"Because it tastes good." The blond fell on her butt.

Managing to pull herself back up, Erica reached into her bag and pulled out our favorite spherical device. "Anyway, I challenge you."

"Very well. I, Drasna of the Elite Four, accept your challenge."

With the first balls thrown Erica had sent out Laxus, and Drasna sent out a Dragalge. The blond felt like she might have an advantage because she had a Dragalge with her.

"Dragalge, use aqua jet." The poison type charged forth to impact as fast as it could. The counterattack would have to be quick.

"Use electro ball to dodge." Laxus coated itself in electricity to float up quickly to dodge. Once in the air, he quickly plummeted back down to land on the skinny dragon.

"Wrap your arms around it." Commanded the old woman. Just like Erica had done before, the poison dragon wrapped its thin body around its opponent.

"Laxus, use cotton guard." And on command, the pokemon puffed its fur to make it more defensive. And it worked in pushing Dragalge off with the increased diameter.

"Dragalge, quickly use dragon pulse." The dragonic energy launched and knocked Laxus straight in the face. Luckily for Erica her pokemon toughened it out, but the shot to the face gave the opponent a clear chance to attack again.

"Use poison tail!" Drasna's pokemon charged forth and slammed the Ampharos in the gut.

"Retaliate with your own dragon pulse." Laxus charged up with his own energy and launched his enemy back.

"Now quickly use discharge." Laxus generated the electricity again and launched the wave that impacted greatly enough to knock out his opponent. But no sooner did he faint from Dragalge's poison touch.

Both trainers had no choice but to retrieve their pokemon. The elderly woman quickly launched the next pokeball that contained the cloud pokemon that doesn't look too much like a dragon, Altaria.

'Hmm...Altaria are usually slow flyers.' Erica decided to abuse that slow nature with Jirai's speed.

"Altaria, use cotton guard." The dragon puffed up its guard just like Laxus did (while we are on that, let's just imagine how funny a puffed up Altaria would look...heh heh).

"Jirai, use extrasensory." The ninja frog used his hands to create a pattern of symbols that released psychic energy onto the cloud dragon. But unfortunately, that barely did any damage due to cotton guard's effect.

"Now use dragon dance." Altaria performed a few fearsome aerial maneuvers that greatly increased its attack and speed, making it more of a threat to Jirai.

"Now hit it with dragon pulse." The seemingly adorable dragon charged up the energy necessary to attack. Purple energy impacted on the opponent. Even though Jirai toughened it out, it still greatly hurt.

"Jirai, use dark pulse." The blond challenger was aiming for using the same attack type bonus. The dark wave did stun the Altaria, but it was nowhere near enough to take down its boosted stat total.

Erica panicked as she realized that she needed to think of something quick. She never thought that she would have so much of a challenge from a creature that resembled a cloud.

'Wait...cloud...?' A light bulb went off above her head (metaphorically) as she came up with the counter attack.

"Jirai, use water shuriken." Drasna began to show disinterest as this attack, on its own, couldn't possibly do that much damage. The heroine caught could see the uninterested face and decided to reveal the trick.

"Now hit your attack with ice beam."

The water type pulled down his tongue scarf and launched the freezing ray that instantly froze all of the shurikens. All five landed on Altaria and managed to defeat it because of the quadruple damage factor.

Somehow though, Drasna didn't seemed fazed at all from any of this as she retrieved her pokemon. Erica caught onto that and felt that she should ask.

"Aren't you a little surprised by any of this?"

"Not in the least, the champion is better than this." A drop of sweat rolled down Erica's forehead upon hearing that.

Drasna pulled out her third pokemon, the prickly ornery dragon, Druddigon. Instead of switching out her pokemon, Erica felt that it would be better if she used Jirai's speed again.

"Jirai, quickly hit it with ice beam." Commanded the blond challenger as she knew that Druddigon were aggressive pokemon.

"Use dynamic punch." The dragon punched through the cold attack and uppercutted the ninja frog, tossing the poor Greninja into the air.

Panicking, the challenger put aside her own health and ran forward to catch her friend. She fell down to the ground as her body was used as a safety mat for her starter.

Jirai felt bad about damaging his trainer and struggled to get back up to fight. As he barely stood on two webbed feet, a red beam enveloped him and was sucked back into the pokeball.

"Thanks, but you've done enough." Whispered Erica, and with a serious look she released her fire bird.

"That isn't too much of a good choice." Noted the Elite Four member with the same uninterested face from earlier.

"Yeah we happen to get in the a lot, use flame charge." Phoenix, cloaked in flames, rained down against the tough dragon.

The avian returned to her trainer's side, but with some scratch marks on her face. Worry and confusion spread on the protagonist's face. Drasna caught onto this and felt it necessary to explain.

"Druddigon has the ability rough skin, impact from another pokemon causes damage." Explained the dragon woman with a happy smile.

Erica looked back at her pokemon that landed on the ground, and she came to the realization of how difficult this was becoming. But Phoenix gave the same look from the last battle, and her partner understood this time.

"Well we are not gonna give up just because of that, use roost." Phoenix nodded and restored its health. With some health back, the Talonflame took flight again.

"Druddigon, use giga impact." The dragon coaxed its body in the powerful wave of energy and used his wings to impact her opponent in the torso. Phoenix was knocked all the way back into the left with of the dragon statue.

The elder couldn't help but feel a little smug at first, but then she noticed that her pokemon was in the best of shape.

"What is wrong?" It was then that a scorch mark had made itself known on Druddigon's head. It was now Erica's turn to feel smug, tactics on her side.

"Phoenix has the ability flame body, contact from the opponent can cause burns." She turned to her pokemon, and the two nodded. Turning back, the trainer gave a confident smile.

"Finish with acrobatics." Phoenix flew upwards and dive-bombed into the enemy to finish it off. Consequently, it finished her off too.

A double knock out, Drasna retrieved her pokemon and sent out a Noivern.

'Just like Brett.' Thought Erica. She sent out Dragulong to finish the job, even though he would have the same disadvantage.

"Use dragon pulse!" Commanded both trainers. Both pokemon fired their beams unto each other, creating a large explosion.

"Now use crunch." The sonic dragon dove down and chomped on the head of Dragulong, who panicked in response.

"Calm down and use dragon pulse." Erica's voice managed to calm Dragulong. He use his limber body to wiggle out and launch the attack at point blank.

Although the Noivern let go, she didn't faint after that attack.

"Use boomburst." The two speakers on Noivern began to generate a sound that rose to an ear piercing volume quickly.

Erica covered her ears to avoid the pain. The poison dragon withstood the attack, and the blond began to plot the next move. Noivern started to fly up, and the challenger noticed the big speakers.

"Dragulong, use sludge bomb on the head." Dragulong aimed straight up and launched the bomb onto Noivern's massive ears. Drasna showed a look of great surprise.

The dragon-flying type fell back to the ground and scratched her head furiously.

"Now, quickly use dragon tail!" The Dragalge slammed his tail into the face of Noivern. The sound dragon was knocked out into the nearby statue.

Drasna returned her pokemon and retained her happy smile face. Erica bowed in thanks for the match.

"Well done in battle. I wish you best of luck against the champion."

"Thank you."

Once the challenger returned to the center room, she once again healed up her pokemon. But she noticed something important.

'Crap, I'm running low on medicine.' She would have to get very focused for this next match.

Despite the handicap, Erica continued to the last Elite Four member. The final chamber, named 'Flood Chamber', had two large chains that connected to the ground. Said chains pulled up out of the ground and water spouted out. Surprising, Erica wasn't wet.

'Ok, thats weird.' She approached the final member of the Elite Four. It was a blond man wearing a white suit with blue highlights, and he was facign away from Erica.

"No, that just simply can't be..." He turned around to face Erica and quickly pointed to her.

"You, young trainer, do consider pokemon battling an art?" Asked the man.

Erica was surprised by this sudden act, but she dwelled on that question. As she did, the voices of Keith and Brett echoed in her head.

'It's more of a science.'

'If it was an art, it wouldn't be fun.' She decided to go against both of their answers.

"I guess it is." Answered the blond challenger. The blond man nodded as he took in her answer. He reached into his coat and pulled out a pokeball.

"Very well, then let us battle!" In response, Erica jumped back and pulled out a pokeball quickly.

"You're not even gonna tell me your name?" She had become used to introductions before a match started. The man sighed in response to this, like he didn't want to answer her.

"Very well, I am Siebold of the Elite Four."

"Alright, I am Erica Tamashii of-" She had to cut the sentence short as Siebold sent out the psychic starfish, Starmie. Erica quickly sent out Jirai, she was aiming to match the psychic typing with dark typing.

"Starmie, use signal beam."

"Jirai, use dark pulse" Both attacks landed and left heavy damage. "Jirai, use substitute."

The frog left a doll of itself and disappeared. Siebold showed disgust, as if he didn't like that tactic. But he had to continue the match.

"Use reflect type." The psychic starfish spun around the water till the color of its crystal changed into a dark blue.

"Ice shuriken." Jirai appeared behind the starfish and used his combo attack to knock down about a quarter of Starmie's stamina. Without damaging his opponent enough, the Greninja resumed his hiding. Siebold carefully followed the movements.

"Starmie, use signal beam." A beam shot out from the crystal in the center of Starmie and destroyed the decoy. The Elite Four member then pointed up at the right chain. "Now use rapid spin!"

The water-psychic type obeyed and spun around the chain until it came towards its opponent. Jirai was knocked off of the chain that he was holding onto and fell to the wet ground.

"Use thunderbolt!" From its aerial position, Starmie launched an electric attack that would be sure to defeat the Greninja.

"Jirai, quickly dodge and use ice shuriken again!" The frog jumped out of the range and launched its combo attack. This time it succeeded in defeating the opponent.

Starmie fell to the ground and its crystal changed back. Siebold couldn't help but feel a little excited. He threw out a pokemon that Erica remembered clearly, Gyarados. She noticed that Jirai was a little nervous, and withdrew him. She understood that he was low on health and was easily defeated by one last time.

"This one should be quick." Said Erica as she released Laxus to the playing field.

"You can say that again, earthquake." The leviathan slammed its elongated body against the floor, causing an earthquake as it knocked away the water. However, Laxus managed to tough it out.

"Laxus, use discharge." The electricity surged into Gyarados, but it seemed to toughen it out too.

"What?" Gawked the challenger.

"Ice beam." The cold energy froze the water around Laxus, forcing him to be frozen and open to attack.

"Iron head." The water-flying type rammed into the Ampharos, effectively defeating him. As the blond girl retrieved Laxus and sent out Psyedge, she couldn't help but feel that this an was a mix of her seniors.

'I won't fail you, Erica-sama.'

'Then use psycho cut.' The knight nodded and jumped forward, he launched a pink blade that impacted Gyarados's crest.

"Iron head again." The Gyarados charged forth and knocked Psyedge back to the ground.

"Use calm mind." The psychic-fighting type calmed down and withstood the attacks from the Gyarados. "And use stored power."

Pysedge released energy upwards that came back down and rained onto the leviathan. The Elite Four member pulled his pokemon back and sent out a Barbaracle, further reminding Erica of Keith.

"Use cross chop."

"Power-up punch."

What ensued was a boxing match against the two pokemon repeating their attacks. Pysedge landed a critical hit against the stomach of his opponent (not below the belt people).

"Finish it." Commanded Erica.

"Catch the attack." The rock-water type stopped the attack with his arm on his shoulder. "And use ice punch."

Barbaracle smashed Psyedge into his stomach with the lower arm. He skidded across the ground until he came to his trainer. Erica picked up her defeated partner.

'Thanks, you did well.'

She returned Psyedge for a rest and picked out Venus. Erica decided not to hesitate at all, she pressed the mega ring which caused venus to mega evolve.

"Use ice punch." The sea rock pokemon smashed its fist into Venus, but she took the hit. Her thick fat saved her from type disadvantage.

"Now, bulldoze." The dinosaur slammed its feet into the ground, the shockwaves ensued in defeating the pokemon.

Siebold seemed intrigued when he retrieved his pokemon, despite the losing state he was in. The blond elite sent out his final pokemon, the shellfish that had a claw three times its body size, Clawtizer.

"Use dark pulse." The giant crab pulsed the dark power into Venus from its claw, which caused her to flinch.

Erica decided to counter this with Venus's size as a weapon.

"Venus, use body slam." It was a painful attack as the massive dinosaur impacted against Clawtizer. But it appeared that the giant claw was being used as a shield.

"Clawtizer, ice beam." The crustacean knocked the dinosaur off it and launched its beam from its claw, but Venus stood still. That got Erica's attention as she knew what to do.

"Venus, use leech seed onto the arm." Seeds landed onto the massive claw and the vines that grew from them sealed it shut.

Siebold was caught off guard as Erica finished it.

"Use petal blizzard." The storm of petals attacked from all directions, preventing the water pokemon from using its claw as a shield. Clawtizer was defeated, and Erica had won.

"Alright we did it!" Screamed Erica as she ran over to hug her mega pokemon.

"Congratulations, your battle with me was vigorous." Said Siebold.

"So that's why you seemed so interested in the battle. Anyway, thank you for the match." Said Erica with a confident smile.

As she left, Siebold couldn't help but feel a little uneasy for the battle that would come next.

'I can't tell if she will win or not.'

Once Erica returned to the giant hallway, her first impulse was to restore her friends' health. Fortunately for her, there was barely enough to get through. She felt a little worried about this set back.

'At least this battle will be on even grounds.'

Suddenly, the giant doors at the end of the hallway opened up. Bright light shone forth. Erica slowly walked forward to see what would await her in the most intense battle of her life.

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