Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 33

In the last chapter of The Beautiful Adventure, our blond protagonist took on the last two members of the Elite Four. With the doors open, she walked into the final test of the Pokémon League.

Erica walked through the giant doors and blinding light to find the room decorated with bronze tiles and windows that poured light into the room. As she trekked further inward, she found a glass tile platform with the pattern of a pokeball.

'I guess that it is just like the other rooms.' Guessed Erica. With that knowledge, she stepped on the tile and was teleported to the room of the champion.

The room had decoratively tinted windows and nice curtains all around the sides. Once Erica continued to walk to the center, she found a familiar face. A face that she had not seen in a while.

"D-Diantha?" Stuttered the blond teenager. In return to that stuttering the movie actress chuckled at her challenger's surprise.

"Hello Erica. It has been a while, hasn't it?" Questioned the raven haired beauty. Her challenger needed to take a few moments to pull herself together before she could answer.

"Yes it has." Answered the blond with a laugh.

"And this is one big surprise. No offense, but how in the world would I have ever known that you would be the champion?" Diantha felt it right to laugh with Erica, and to shed some light on that little mystery.

"You couldn't have known. It is only given out to the league of the region that the champion is reigning over." With that knowledge the blond could easily figure out that her friend's couldn't have known it.

The champion took in a breath of air as she looked up, recalling when she took on the challenge that the girl in front of her was taking part in.

"I remember when I challenged the pokemon league, and I can tell you that it wasn't easy."

Almost as if Erica could read her opponent's mind, her face grew serious as she understood what that meant. The coming battle would be one of the toughest in her life.

"So, you are saying that this will be my toughest challenge yet?"

"Oh, I can guarantee it." Diantha pulled out a pokeball from her purse. And the Erica did the same.

The blond took a deep breath as she concentrated on the challenge, and focused on her previous victories. Even though they were beyond her, Erica's bonds with her friends didn't let her down.

"I, Erica Tamashii challenge the champion!"

"And I accept!"

Both pokeballs were launched and both of them began the battle. Diantha's first pokemon was the pumpkin pokemon that had creepy tendencies and evolved from Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist. Erica sent out her trusty electric giraffe, Laxus.

"Gourgeist, use razor leaf." The walking pumpkin swirled up a mass of leaves assaulted Laxus, causing him to curl up in defense.

"Laxus, use discharge!" The electricity dispersed from the pokemon and stopped all the leaves in mid air, giving time for a counterattack.

"And now use dragon pulse." The dragonic energy soared from Laxus and impacted against Gourgeist in the head.

However, the ghost pumpkin took the hit surprisingly well. Both Erica and her Ampharos were surprised at the durability of this pokemon. The champion caught on to this shock and exploited it.

"Attack with shadow claw." Gourgeist jumped forward and slashed with hair-like arms. Laxus stumbled back because of the last attack landing a critical hit.

Erica had no choice but to retrieve Laxus. She was at the disadvantage of electric being ineffective to grass. The blond sent out the ninja frog to defeat Gourgeist.

"Use ice beam." Commanded Erica.

"Use phantom force." The ghost-grass pokemon vanished before the beam could hit it. Jirai grew a look of surprise as she and her pokemon looked around for Gourgeist.

Diantha smirked. "Now use trick-or-treat." Suddenly, the missing pokemon appeared behind Jirai and unleashed spectral illusions around him.

The challenger became nervous at how difficult this battle was becoming. Her nervousness lifted as she noticed that her pokemon had not taken any damage from that last attack.

"Now shadow ball." Gourgeist charged up the ghost energy and impacted it against Jirai, he was pushed back as the attack dealt more damage than it should've.

That was enough to make the blond do a double take as she couldn't see any signs of a critical hit. Jirai's dark typing shouldn't have even let that last attack hit with normal damage.

"How did that happen? Jirai is a dark type."

"The move trick-or-treat changes a pokemon into a ghost type." Diantha turned to her partner that was waiting patiently to attack again.

"Gourgeist, use phantom force again ." Once again, the ghost-grass type vanished instantly. Erica quickly caught onto her opponent's tactic to damage this time, and she instantly worked up a counter strategy.

"Jirai, use double team." The ninja frog multiplied to make it impossible to tell who was the original. Gourgeist popped out of its pocket dimensionn to attack, but it missed as its fist fazed through the clone.

"And now, dark pulse!" The clone to the right of the Gourgeist slammed his fist against the ground and unleashed the dark energy, defeating the pokemon in the process.

As the clones disappeared, Erica noticed her pokemon's weakened state and called him back. The champion also recalled her defeated pokemon, and she felt it necessary to complement her opponent.

"You've improved a lot since I first met you." Noted Diantha.

"Thank you." Said Erica.

The actress threw out her next pocket creature. Erica was surprised to see that it was a Hawlucha. She didn't expect the champion to have this kind of pokemon on her. But then again she really didn't expect a Gourgeist either.

'A flying type, then electricity is the best counterattack.' The challenger sent her Ampharos back out onto the field. She knew that even though he was in a pinch Laxus wasn't going to give in.

"Hawlucha, use swords dance." The masked wrestler danced around like a warrior, raising her attack stat. Instead of setting up for a bigger attack, the challenger chose to go straight for it.

"Laxus, use discharge."

"Flying press." Hawlucha jumped up high, even higher than the wave of electricity that almost hit her. Both Laxus and his trainer were caught off guard at this sudden tactic.

"Nani!?" The flying-fighting type picked up speed as it flew down and impacted against the Ampharos. The attack was very effective and caused Laxus to stumble around with dizzy eyes. In a panic, Erica rushed in to help her pokemon.

"Finish it off with acrobatics." The hawk wrestler jumped up against the wall and jetted herself towards Laxus. The electric type stopped spinning in time to push his trainer out of the way.

Laxus was pushed into the wall. As Hawlucha got off, her trainer failed to notice the electricity that was sparking off of his leg. The blond ran over and noticed her pokemon smirking despite his defeat.

'You wouldn't let your pride endanger me.' Thought Erica as she reluctantly called back her defeated pokemon. She looked back towards Diantha and her pokemon.

'This is one heck of a difficult challenge.' She knew that the challenge wasn't going to be easy, but this was harder than she could've anticipated.

Erica's expression shifted to slight curiosity as she noticed a bit of electricity on Hawlucha's leg. A confident smile had found its way across the trainer's face as she threw out the pokeball that contained Phoenix.

'Flying versus flying, huh?' Thought the actress. "Hawlucha, use sky attack."

The wings on Hawlucha started to glow slowly as she huddled them close. That curled up stance gave time for Phoenix to attack.

"Phoenix, use flame charge." Phoenix collided against the brawling bird, sending her backwards.

As the Hawlucha was knocked back she tried to keep her stance for the attack. She opened her arms and two masses of energy shaped like wings soared and hit Phoenix, hard.

"Now, use sky attack again." Hawlucha started to repeat its previous attack since Diantha knew that none of the other attacks would succeed in doing anything.

"Don't give it a chance! Use flamethrower!" The fire flying pokemon spat out fire from her beak.

"Spread out your wings." Commanded the champion. Hawlucha opened her wing cape a little to allow herself to float away with the effect of rising heat.

"And hit her with sky attack." For some reason though, Hawlucha didn't attack. "What's wrong?" It was then that Diantha noticed her pokemon's paralysis.

Erica took advantage of this opening. "Use fire blast." Phoenix shot out a flame that formed the kanji symbol for fire.

Once the attack impacted, it defeated the opponent. Diantha reached for two pokeballs from her purse and retrieved her defeated luchador.

Erica noticed how beat up her old friend was, and thus she retrieved Phoenix.

"I'm very surprised, it seems that you picked up a lot from the Blazing Fighter." Erica gave a look of question at that title. Diantha was a little surprised that her friend had no idea of who that was.

"I mean Brett Tairyoku." The pieces clicked together in the blond's head as she realized what her opponent was talking about.

'That name seems fitting.' Thought Erica as she realized that she and her pokemon did pick up some kind of tenacity.

"Well, I didn't inherit his stupidity."

Diantha chuckled and threw out the second pokemon. An ancient pokemon that much to closely resembled Tyrannosaurus Rex (even though it really isn't based off it). The evolved form of Tyrunt, Tyrantrum.

Erica shrunk a little at the sheer stature of the pokemon. She looked around carefully to find a weak point. Tyrantrum's size seemed to stick out to her as she pulled out a pokeball and sent out Psyedge.

'Erica-sama, I'll defeat this dragon for you.'

'Thank you.'

"Use dragon claw."

"Counter with power-up-punch." The two attacks collided and knocked away the air despite the fact that Tyrantrum had those tiny arms.

"Earthquake." The dinosaur dragon slammed its tail against the ground, causing the ground to move about and heavily damage Psyedge.

"Use calm mind." Psyedge clasped the edge of his hands and closed his eyes for a calm state of mind. The champion decided that this was a perfect opportunity.

"Use your crunch attack." Tyrantrum charged forward and bit down on its opponent. The rock dragon then thrashed about with the sword fighter in his jaw till the fighter was flung into the wall.

Psyedge slid down the wall and groaned in pain. Erica could hear this and felt bad for how the Gallade had to endure such a harsh attack. She decided to give him so kind of comfort.

'Psyedge...I believe in you.'

'And...I believe in...your choice...Erica-sama.' That mental choice of words struck a chord with the teenage trainer, as she was now scanning the dinosaur for some kind of physical weakness.

'There has to be a weak point to balance out that bulk.' It was then that she had an epiphany of how to take down this giant lizard.

Erica looked back at her pokemon, who nodded as he understood what to do as well. Both turned back to the opposing team sharing the same determined look.

"Psyedge, charge in!" The pyschic-fighting type ran towards the massive enemy. The actress turned towards he dinosaur who nodded as he leaned his head in for another crunch attack.

"Duck and roll!" Moments away from being chomped down on, Psyedge managed to avoid the jaws of Tyrantrum.

"Now use pyscho cut and power-up-punch." The Gallade aimed up and attacked the dino's weak point, his stomach.

The attacks were strong enough to defeat the pokemon. But the enemy wasn't about to give up yet. "Use dragon claw."

Tyrantrum aimed its claw low and struck Psyedge in the head, knocking him out in the process. It was a double knockout. The blond ran over to her pokemon and helped him up.

'Thank you. You did your best.'

'As a knight should.' Both trainers were forced to retrieve their pokemon.

Diantha sent out her Aurorus as her next pokemon. The sight of that dinosaur easily caught Erica's attention.

"Just like Brett." Whispered Erica.

"What?" Diantha couldn't quite hear what Erica had said so she had to ask.

"Nothing." The next pokemon on Team Erica was Dragulong. "Use surf!"

The seaweed pokemon generated a giant wave that knocked the dinosaur on the ground. Erica quickly calculated a strategy that would end this as Aurorus pulled himself back up.

"Use hydro pump." The dragon spout of a geyser to defeat the ice-rock type.

"Quick, use blizzard!" Aurorus called forth a giant wave of cold air that froze the jet stream before it could reach him.

"Use light screen and reflect." Light started to shine from the sails of the ancient pokemon as he increased his defenses.

"Use camouflage." The poison pokemon blended in with the surrounding colors to sneak up on its opponent.

Diantha and her pokemon searched hard to pick up the slightest hint of change in the environment. It was then that Diantha noticed something near the side of her pokemon.

"Use blizzard!" The sauropod repeated its previous attack, but this time it exerted the cold air around itself.

It was then that the camouflage wore off, and Dragulong collapsed from the attack, but he managed to leave some poison behind. Erica quickly recalled her pokemon.

She then sent out her trusty fire bird. It seemed like a good offensive strategy to defeat ice with fire. "Planning to defeat me with fire, huh?"

'Does she have a counter strategy?' The blond protagonist grew a little nervous at the fact that this champion could counter anything that she takes. But none the less, she strove for victory.

"Use flame charge." Phoenix charged in to impact the ice type. It was then that Erica noticed something a little too late, electricity charging in the sails.

"Use thunder." Electricity surged along the sails of Aurorus and shocked the Talonflame, forcing her to fall to the ground.

Phoenix was struggling to get back up. It was if both trainer and pokemon were sharing the spirit of tenacity because Erica had not displayed much surprise from the last attack. She hadn't given in at all.

"Use flame charge one last time!" Phoenix followed through obediently, though she charged on the ground instead of flying.

The impact of the attack knocked the ancient pokemon back a little. Unfortunately, Erica's pokemon was defeated from the loss of energy. Aurorus struggled to get back up, but it too fell down to the ground.

Diantha's face grew in surprise of what had just happened. "But how?"

"Dragulong used the attack toxic on the lower half of Aurorus before he fainted, so it was slowing losing health from its lower body." Explained the blond as she retrieved her Talonflame.

Diantha sighed while she pulled back her pokemon. She could feel the intensity coming from the battle. Her next pokemon slammed down onto the ground upon entry. It was a Goodra.

Erica looked at her two remaining pokeballs. Jirai was still weakened from earlier so she decided to use Venus since she still had a lot of health leftover.

She sent out her strongest pokemon. Erica was about to give a command when she considered the enormity of the situation. Instead of giving an attack command, Erica activated the mega ring to stock up defense.

"Use fire blast." Diantha wasted no time in what attack to use. Erica was just lucky that Venus's thick fat was giving her a counter against fire.

"Use earthquake." The grass dinosaur slammed her feet against the ground to attack.

Because of its dragon typing, Goodra didn't take that much damage.

"Attack with dragon pulse." The chubby dragon launched dragonic energy that knocked Venus back a few feet.

"Use your petal blizzard!" Dazzling petals swarmed around and assaulted the sludge dragon, but she stood through the attack.

"Use outrage!" Goodra's eyes glowed red as she rammed into Venus and knocked her back, producing a few shockwaves as a result. The shaking of the ground gave Erica an idea for a counterattack.

"Use earthquake again!" The grass starter slammed the ground to create a few shockwaves as Goodra approached.

"Now jump high!" Venus followed through with her trainer's command and jumped into the air. This both the champion and her dragon at the height of the jump.

"Use double edge!" The Venusaur rammed into Goodra with her added weight from the fall.

The combined force from earthquake, sludge bomb, and Venus's double edge slam successfully defeated Goodra.

Diantha smiled and retrieved her defeated partner. Erica gave a look of question at her opponent. "Why do you seem so happy?"

"It's hard to explain, but it's been so long since I had such an intense battle." Diantha pulled out her final pokeball. "Lets make this a battle for the ages."

Erica instantly understood Diantha's passion in this battle. She nodded and gained the same battle ready expression.

Diantha sent out the naturally evolved form of Kirlia. The graceful dancer, Gardevoir. No sooner than the releasing of her final pokemon did Diantha activate her mega charm.

But unlike other activations Diantha was able to trigger the mega evolution by thought, so she didn't touch the keystone. Gardevoir started to glow in resonance with the mega charm.

It was then that Gardevoir mega evolved. She now greatly resembled a ball-room dancer with a bigger skirt, gloved hands, and her face now bore a look similar to that of a mask.

'This isn't gonna be easy.' Thought the protagonist. "Use petal blizzard!" Yelled Erica, not wasting any time.

"Counter with your telekinesis." Retorted Diantha quickly. Gardevoir nodded and expanded her psychic power to stop the blizzard in mid air.

Both the challenger and her pokemon were shocked at this sudden counter. But the challenger quickly regained her composure, and her wits.

"Use your sludge bomb!" Venusaur's cheeks puffed up as it launched the toxic attack.

"Use shadow ball." The dancer put her hands together and launched a ball of spectral energy that detonated the bomb.

"Use earthquake!" Venus's last resort was to use the ground as a weapon, which appeared successful at first.

"Psychic!" The masquerade dancer's eyes glowed and it inflicted a lot of damage towards venus. In fact, enough to defeat the mega evolved pokemon.

Erica showed a face of surprise. She retrieved Venus. She looked down at the ground. Suddenly, Erica could feel some sort of shaking from her pokeball. Taking it off of her belt, she could feel Jirai telling her not to give up in the slightest. She tossed the pokeball and released her partner for this final bout. The two looked towards each other.

"Don't worry, I haven't given up yet."

Looking back at her opponent, Erica quickly searched her mind for any strategies that could help. 'Gardevoir doesn't have any weak points, but if I could maybe...'

"Quickly, combine water shuriken with ice beam!" The ninja unleashed his combination attack towards his mega-evolved opponent.

"Use thunderbolt on the ice shurikens!" The dancer unleashed a bolt of electricity onto the attack, resulting in a rain of sparkling light and the destruction of the attack.

"Quickly use shadow sneak!" The Greninja dove into the shadow and appeared behind Gardevoir to attack. But Diantha was ready for this. Her pokemon read her thoughts too as she created a focus blast. Jirai jumped out the way just in time.

"Now use ice beam!" Jirai shot a beam of its energy that froze gardevoir's hands. Erica started to feel a lot more confident as the psychic-fairy type could no longer use moonblast or shadow ball without moving her hands

Diantha couldn't help but smile at how intense this battle was progressing. She was grateful that she could take part with her pokemon in such an intense battle.

She turned towards her partner, who nodded in response. Gardevoir looked towards the Greninja, who was a little confused.

And suddenly, Gardevoir let out a deafening cry. Erica was forced to cover her ears. Unfortunately Jirai was forced to take the hit. Once the cry had dissipated, Erica immediately took notice of her pokemon. That last hit dealt a lot of damage.

"Oh no..." The blond challenger ran up to her pokemon. The two shared a spark of understanding as she tried to help him up.

Erica's face grew serious, and she walked backwards a few steps. "Use bubblebeam!"

The ninja frog blew out the giant bubbles and ran forward. "Now jump into one of them."

"Gardevoir, use thunderbolt again!"

"Use shadow sneak to dodge." Jirai sunk into his shadow and avoided the electricity. The ninja frog jumped up into the highest bubble, and it started to accelerated down towards Gardevoir. "Bubble bump!"

"Thunderbolt!" The fairy summoned a thunderbolt that came down and struck the bubble. The Greninja fell to the ground...

...and suddenly vanished. Diantha gasped at the sudden trick. Erica smirked at this opportunity. "And use dark pulse!"

Jirai came from out of Gardevoir's shadow and used dark pulse on her. Both pokemon collapsed to the floor. And Jirai struggled to get back up for its trainer.

...Congratulations to Erica Tamashii. She is now the Champion of Kalos.

"You did a great job." Whispered Erica as she returned Jirai into his pokeball. She looked back to Diantha, who was looking down at the palm of her hand.

"I don't know how to express this feeling." Said Diantha as she looked up to the victor. "I guess that I'm just glad to usher in a new champion."

Erica smiled and closed her eyes. "I'm happy that I got to have this battle. That I got to do it with my friends."

The former placed her hand on the shoulder of the new champion. "Well said. Now lets get you registered into the Hall of Fame."

The two walked into a door that led them into a dimly lit room. It was decorated with many golden tiles. Towards the end of it was a machine with six slots and a monitor. There were also eight slots that were strangely shaped.

Keith and Brett were waiting for Erica.

"You did wonderful." Commented Keith.

"We're very proud of you." Said Brett.

Erica blushed and scratched the back of her head. "Thank you very much."

Both helped her up to the machine. Erica turned back with a look of question. "What do I do?"

"Put your gym badges into the slots." She turned back and placed her badges into all of the slots. The slots flipped over and a panel folded out with a golden crest in it. The crest was shaped like a shield with wings that sheathed a sword, and the center had a myriad of colors in it.

"That is proof of you being a champion." Explained Diantha as she walked up to Erica, the blond turned to her. "Now you put you pokeballs in to have our match registered."

Erica turned back to the machine and took out all the pokeballs of her partners that stayed with her throughout her journey. She took a few moments to look down to them all.

'Dragulong, Laxus, Psyedge, Phoenix, Venus, and Jirai.'

The machine beeped to confirm all the data.

'...Thank you all...'

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