Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 35

All dreams start out small, but arise into something giant and unbelievable. To make such things happen, one must believe and give full effort. The events of the journey of Erica Tamashii had many sharp turns and epic battles, but two months ago she decided it best to go on her own training session. So she parted ways with her friends to become stronger on her own.

In Aquacorde town, a teenage girl was sitting outside one of the local cafe. Her eyes were concealed with shades. Boys that walked past couldn't help but give a glance at her. She pulled out a holocaster to check the time, and sighed once she got a look at it.

"They're late." Muttered the girl with a slightly upset tone.

On the north-eastern side of the region was Azure Bay. Across the water was an island that had a cave.

"So this a spring home for them." Whispered Keith as he put away the notebook. He reached down to the sandy beach and picked up a crystal blue feather.

The brown haired protagonist showed a face of slight disappointment. Whilst he analyzed the feather his holocaster started to beep. As he noticed the time he scrambled back to the coastline.

On the opposite of side of Kalos stood Kiloude city. It was a city that was mainly accessible by train. In the center of the small city was the Battle Maison. Brett was currently exiting from it with a lot of laughter.

"Ha ha ha, you can't buy that kind of fun!" Laughed the trainer. After a few moments, he could hear beeping coming from his holocaster. After pulling it out and taking a look at the time, Brett slapped his head.

"But I wish I could buy more time!" Said the trainer as he scrambled to the train station.

Back in Aquacorde town, the young girl continued to wait. Her face was starting to grow impatient. Ironically this irritation brought nostalgia with it. After another minute of waiting, the two champions came running towards the café. But as they ran, they suddenly noticed each other and accidently tripped.

The two kept rolling over till they were right in front of the girl waiting for them. The girl just sat in her chair and gave a little chuckle.

"You're enjoying this a little too much." Stated Keith as he got up and dusted himself off. Brett also got up and felt the need to say something.

"Really though how are you this early, Erica?" The girl took off her sunglasses to reveal herself as Erica Tamashii, the Kalos Champion.

"You'd be surprised how early I like to be." The protagonist walked over to hug her friends. It was a great reunion for her, after two months of not being able to see either of them. The three of them sat down to catch up on things.

"You've changed a lot." Commented Keith as he backed out of the hug.

The blond protagonist had changed her appearance a lot in the last two months. The most notable thing was that she had her hair cut. Now instead of being waist length, her hair didn't even come down to her shoulders. Erica smiled as a thanks and turned to Brett.

"I'm surprised that you were able to recognize me." Noted Erica.

"What would make you think that I wouldn't be able to recognize you?"

"A time in Lumiose when you thought my chest was shrinking." Answered the blond. Her friend could only nervously laugh in response.

All three of them had changed their outfits drastically. Erica now bore an orange midriff top with skinny blue jeans and a beige beret. She ended up keeping the same style of boots for her travels. One could see that she was trying to appear more attractive.

"Guys are going to start coming to you before you know it." Warned Brett. She just laughed a little as a response.

"Well they'd better be ready to deal with all of my strange habits. You guys have changed your outfits too."

Keith now wore a black fedora, black zipped shirt combo along with black chinos and black loafers. He was more than likely trying to appear more civilized.

Brett was going for a more rough look. A gray plaid shirt combo along with some blue lace boots and a black hat seemed to do the trick.

"So why did you cut your hair?" Asked Brett.

"Well, it accidentally got caught up in a trap and I had to cut it. The rest had to be cut for the sake of fashion." Explained Erica as she rubbed the back of her head. Her face seemed to be a little disturbed at the memory of the event.

"But enough of that, how've you two been?" Asked the teenage girl eagerly. The analytical champion put up a happy face in response.

"My research has been progressing better than I ever thought."

"I've been enjoying many battles. And I've caught some cool pokemon." Said the reckless champion with a long nose.

Erica couldn't help but give a very cheerful and grateful smile. It seemed that she very much missed her friends, despite their strange habits. She too had also developed off of these habits for her training.

"I'm proud to say that my training has been very successful. I think I might've even come to the point of surpassing both of you." Perhaps it was the blond who was getting a long nose.

Both champions stood up with faces of amusement. Part of Erica's conscience told her back down. But the prominent side of her brain forced her to get up. Her tenacious soul was firing up. In true trainer fashion, she picked up a pokeball.

"Wanna find out?" Said Erica with a cocky smile. Brett pulled out his pokeball in return.

"I'd like to. But there is somebody else that I want to battle." Answered Brett as he looked to Keith. In response he pushed up his glasses and pulled out a pokeball.

"Challenge accepted."

The three champions approached the Kalos Deadlands. It was apparent that this was the only place in all of Kalos that could take the collateral damage and not have any horribly bad effects.

Even though she didn't want to, Erica stood off to the side as a spectator. The blond really wanted to challenge her friends after all this time, but it would pay off to see a full battle between the two of them. She sat down on a nearby rock.

Brett and Keith took about ten steps to face away from each other.

Both threw out their pokeballs at fast speed. Brett sent out the ceiling clinging steel-grass type, Ferrothorn. Keith sent out the giant automaton from the past, Golurk.

"Use fire punch!" The giant slammed its fiery fist into the thorny pokemon like a junk warrior scrap fist. Brett's pokemon was defeated almost instantly. Both champions were left speechless. Erica gave a nervous smile as the automaton wandered back to its trainer.

'He got lucky with a critical hit.' Thought the female protagonist, she was hoping for more of an intense start off.

"Well, that was unexpected." Noted Keith as he pushed up his glasses.

Brett recalled his pokemon and scratched the back of his head. Obviously he was aiming for something here, he just didn't get to instigate it. The next pokemon that he sent out was a large spider covered in yellow fur, a Galvantula.

"Volt, use your sticky web attack!" The spider launched a web that trapped Golurk underneath, but the giant was still able to move. Keith took chance of this opportunity to attack.

"Use fire punch." Despite being held down by the web, the ghost ground type still succeeded in launching its fist. The fire from Golurk's attack actually ended up burning the sticky web.

"Counter with energy ball!" The Galvantula launched an eco friendly attack that struck the giant's fist, but was no where near strong enough stop the attack.

After the punch hit Volt was kneeling on the ground. Golurk walked back over to its trainer before collapsing to the ground with a thud. Keith couldn't help but show a face of slight intrigue. His opponent gave an all-too-confident smirk.

The spectator also smiled as she also caught onto the Johto champion's strategy.

'The iron barbs and rocky helmet from the Ferrothorn dealt some damage earlier.' She turned to notice a red sash drop from the spider. 'And Volt held on by using the focus sash to hold on by a thread.'

The Kanto champion had no choice but to return his pokemon and sighed. He couldn't help but feel a little upset that Brett was able to outsmart him even for a second.

"I guess that my skills a getting just a little too rusty."

"Maybe your research is getting in the way." Suggested Brett as he retrieved his pokemon.

"As if." Retorted Keith as he sent out a Sigilyph. In response Brett sent out the flying scorpion, Gliscor.

"Megop, use toxic." The flying scorpion pokemon glided over and jabbed his stinger into the Nazca line pokemon's torso.

But despite the direct hit from the attack, Sigilyph remained unharmed. Brett was more than a little surprised at what had just happened. Erica was also interested as she looked closer to see what had caused this. Cupping her chin, she looked further to see that his side was burnt.

'Since that pokemon is already burned, he can't be poisoned. And knowing Keith, his pokemon has a failsafe for being burnt up like that.'

"Symvolara, use cosmic power." Astral energy circulated around Keith's pokemon, raising its defense and special defense.

"Megop, use substitute." Brett couldn't catch onto what his rival was attempting, so he chose to setup. A Gliscor doll came in the place of Megop while the original hid away. As the flying-ground type escaped, Erica noticed that it held a purple orb, a toxic orb.

"Self poisoning, so that's how this works. His pokemon is using poison heal to recover health points while substitute and protect to create a wall." Noted the female champion as she watched on.

"Use protect." Brett immediately expected some kind of counter attack, so he was preparing for it.

"Cosmic power." The tactic seemed odd as Keith didn't try to make any offensive steps. The black haired champion was giving a dumbfounded face, before it shifted to panic. He retrieved the Gliscor and sent Volt back out.

Keith also grew a face of panic. He was about to switch to the offensive, but his rival was too fast.

"Use thunder!" The spider conjured up all his energy and summoned a massive bolt of lightning that struck the Sigilyph with a critical hit. Symvolara slowly fell back to the ground.

The brown haired champion was a little upset at the speed. Erica sat back on her boulder with a face of slight amusement.

"This should be a treat." Whispered the girl.

Keith pulled back Symvolara and pulled out his next pokeball. The pokemon that came out of it was the pink and adorable Blissey. Brett was once again shocked at the appearance of this pokemon. He wasn't shocked by the appearance of it, but because he knew what it was capable of.

"Use thunder again!" Volt launched the bolt that Blissey was forced to take. The pink cutie squinted its eyes, but the attack barely did any damage towards this pokemon.

"Use seismic toss." In a funny manner, Blissey ran towards the Galvantula and tossed him into the air. As Volt came back down to the ground, he was flailing his legs around before he even hit the ground.

Brett sighed in exhaustion, he retrieved his pokemon before hitting the ground. Apparently, the electric type had fainted one second before hitting.

The blazing fighter decided to put his blazing spirit to the side for the sake of victory. Megop was sent back out into the battlefield.

"I know what you're up to." Keith quickly pulled his pokemon back in exchange for a rather strange pokemon. It was the blob pokemon, Muk. But instead of being a dark purple, it was a dark green.

Erica was slightly surprised at the appearance of a shiny pokemon. Keith gave a very confident smile.

"Use substitute." Commanded Brett calmly.

"Use curse." The blob use an intriguing move to lower his agility to increase offense and defense.

"Earthquake." The flying scorpion body slammed the ground to create a damaging attack. Erica was forced to grab the stone as the Muk was defeated all to easily. Brett scowled a little.

"Come on! You're better than that!" Complained Brett. Keith looked up from his pokedex.

"Sorry, what was that?"

Brett gritted his teeth with a frustrated smile. "You're getting awfully confident, aren't you?"

"Why yes I am." The analytical champion retrieved his pokemon and sent out the cute water mouse bunny, Azumarill.

Erica blushed and clapped her hands together. "Aw, kawaii." Two months of training hadn't done anything for that apparently.

However, the Blazing Fighter couldn't help but fall on his butt laughing. The Golden Fighter's confident face curved into an angry smile.

"Belly drum." The adorable pokemon bounced her belly which maximized her attack. Brett stopped laughing and his face grew wary as he knew the tactic his opponent was leaning on.

"Aqua jet!" Azumarill rode along her jet stream of water to impact and destroy the Gliscor substitute instantly.

"Use toxic!" Megop flew back in and tried to sting the opponent. But the water-fairy type used her aqua jet to move around the attack.

"Use aqua jet again."

Azumarill once again rode along a jet stream of water to impact the flying-ground type. Megop fell to the ground and fainted. But not before stinging the water mouse bunny in the back, poisoning her.

'Azumarill must have the ability huge power, its attack is massive as it was maximized by the belly drum tactic. Keith's tactics are interesting.' Thought the spectator.

Brett retrieved his pokemon and sent out the water serpent of beauty, Milotic. The blond heroine looked with gleaming eyes. She immediately knew that she had to capture that kind of pokemon when she would get the chance.

Keith knew that this pokemon would be nearly immune to the aqua jet attack, so he chose a different strategy to go about defeating this pokemon.

"Use play rough." The mouse ran full force towards her opponent. But the opponent used her serpentine body to dodge.

"Melody, use confuse ray." Melody turned back to face her opponent and launched a shining beam to make Azumarill very dizzy and confused.

"Use play rough again." Commanded Keith, but his pokemon unfortunately hit herself in confusion. Now isn't that a bit of a funny picture?

"Ice beam." The Milotic launched the beam of cold energy onto the mouse bunny. Azumarill stumbled back before falling down, defeated.

Erica tilted her head in confusion before snapping her fingers. 'He didn't need a critical hit, belly drum had cut Azumarill's health points in half in exchange for the attack. Along with the hit from confusion and the poisoning defeated Azumarill.'

Keith returned his pokemon and sent his Blissey back out. "Use toxic."

Blissey threw a ball of sludge that poisoned Melody. "Quickly use ice beam."

The water type repeated its previous attack in an attempt to gain a foothold. But sadly, it barely did anything to this pink pocket monster.

"Use softboiled." The pink pokemon picked up its egg and began eating it to regain health before a new egg somehow appeared in place of the old one.

"Use confuse ray." Melody launched the shining beam again, but Blissey used her round body to roll out of the way. Keith decided to finish it.

"Seismic toss." Blissey ran up to Melody and launched her into the air. When the serpent landed back to the ground, she had fainted from the poison attack.

'Damn luck.' Thought Brett as he retrieved his pokemon. His next pokemon was the purple rabbit rhino titan, Nidoking.

"Bud, use ice beam." The purple pokemon shot the cold attack, but this time it was stronger than the other ice beams from before. It knocked the pink pokemon rolling back a few feet.

Erica continued to watch from the side and she got a a little curious about how the attack was stronger than the others. She instantly started thinking of how that was possible.

'And I thought that Nidokings were more physical fighters than special, it must be using an ability that allows it to increase the power. But there must be some kind of price to pay.' Thought the blond as she cupped her chin.

"Use seismic toss." Blissey ran over and surprisingly lifted the 136 pound pokemon with tiny arms, and launched Bud into the air. When he came back, he came down hard. Even without a critical hit it was a lot of damage. Apparently the purple bunny rhino was low on defense.

"Repeat your seismic toss." The pink cutie once again created the miracle of sending a giant flying in the air again. But this time, Brett was ready for this. Both trainer and pokemon shared a smirk despite the situation.

"Use earth power!" The Nidoking reached for the ground as it fell. And suddenly the ground around Blissey sprang up, sending her into the air.

Seconds after being sent a few feet into the air, she collided with Bud as the two impacted into the ground. The blond spectator had to break her composure a little as she looked at the defeated two pocket monsters.

Both champions remained unfazed and both kept serious and determined faces as they readied themselves for the final bout. Brett sent out a the dark dog that predicts , Absol. Keith sent out a pokemon that Erica immediately recognized, Ampharos.

The mega rings on both foreign champions started to glow, they had learned how to activate it by mind. Absol and Ampharos started to glow in unison as they mega evolved.

Absol and Ampharos began to shine brightly, the energy forced them to mega evolve. Absol's appearance was now sharper, more spikes across its body complete with wings. Ampharos was now more of a dragon, decorated with a white tail and mane that contained red pearls.

"Thor, use Dragon pulse!" The dragonic blast launched towards the mega evolved dark type.

"Shugo, dodge and counter with night slash!" The Absol dodged around the blast and used his left paw to slash the Ampharos.

"Attack with focus blast!" Thor launched his bright orange blast.

"Quickly, jump and use play rough." The black and white dog once again jumped up and dived to impact against the electric-dragon type. Keith flinched a little as he realized how much damage that would mean for Thor.

But he missed and hit the ground. The brown haired champion and his pokemon couldn't help but laugh a little, angering the opposing side. However, this gave way for an opening.

"Shugo, use play rough again!" Keith stopped his laughter as Thor took a blow to the gut.

Even though the Ampharos had taken more damage, it would only take one hit from that focus blast to knock out Shugo. Both Keith and Brett gave each other competitive glares. As she stood off to the side, Erica could literally feel the intensity. She was anxious to see how this would fold out. Anxious to see who would win and how.

"And again!"

"Focus blast!"

The orange blast made contact with the Absol, but that didn't completely stop Shugo as he continued through and made contact with his opponent. Thor was caught up in an explosion from his own attack.

The Kalos champion got off of her seat to see who had won, because the smoke from the explosion didn't clear fast enough. What she found was that the Ampharos was standing over the defeated Absol.

"You won, I lost." Admitted Brett as he laid down on his back.

"That was an amazing battle." Commented Erica as she helped Brett up.

The Johto Champion sighed in defeat. But at the same time, he seemed happy. Happy that the battle went on in such a powerful fashion. Erica turned to Keith who petted his pokemon before returning it.

Reaching into her bag, the protagonist pulled out a great ball. Taking a look at it, she could feel her tenacious spirit tugging at her desires. She sighed before turning to face both Brett and Keith.

"I have an important request." Stated Erica.

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