Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 36

In the last chapter, Erica got the chance to reunite with her two friends that she hadn't seen in two months. After meeting back up with them, the blond got the chance to watch a battle of Brett against Keith. Even though that battle had concluded, it was time for the real finale battle.

"I want to battle against both of you." Requested Erica.

Both of her friends took that request nonchalantly. She wondered why they didn't seemed to fazed at the request before she realized why. They more than likely assumed that she wanted to battle them one at a time.

"You guys know that I am asking to battle me at the same time, right?" Now they were surprised at their friend's request. A two-on-one battle didn't seem to fair if it was just for fun.

"I'm not so sure thats a good idea." Asked Brett as he walked over to the blond champion.

"Not a full on battle, I just mean a two-on-one battle against me, using only mega-evolved pokemon." Explained Erica with a determined look. Even though these two are really important to her, she really wanted this one thing.

Brett turned to Keith with a face that was asking for help in this situation. The Kanto champion could only return the same look as his friend. Sighing, the black haired protagonist turned back to Erica.

"Are you really sure about that?" In response she gave a somewhat of an upset look, and looked down to the ground.

"You can call me selfish if you want, but I don't think that I'll satisfied until I can beat both of you."

Erica then remembered all the times that she had challenged them before, and how she was incapable of beating them. Her tenacity had driven her against them before, but it had never succeeded. This would quite possibly be her last chance to defeat the two of them.

Brett scratched the back of his head and Keith cupped his chin. The blond protagonist had no choice but to silently wish that they would say yes. Keith pulled out his holo-caster and took a look at the time.

"Our boats take off in less than an hour's worth of time." She paled a little, an answer like that sounded like she was being denied.

"...I think that we can still make it if we each only use one pokemon." Finished the Kanto champion. Following that statement, the Johto champion nodded to his younger friend.

"I guess that we have enough energy left for just one more battle." Stated Brett. Erica gave a gracious smile before bowing.

"Thank you very much!" Brett and Keith needed a few minutes to heal up their pokemon for the match. As she waited, the blond kept breathing deeply to herself for what was about to happen.

Erica watched as both trainers released their pokemon before mega-evolving them. The blonde protagonist threw out her pokeball.

Her pokemon of choice was Lucario. Both of the foreign champions were a little surprised at the presence of this fighting type.

"Where did you get that guy from?" Asked Brett. The Kalos champion gave a wide smile in return.

"A gift from Korrina." Answered Erica. She then reached her left hand out and closed her eyes. With closed eyes and a calm face, the champion invoked the mega evolution. Lucario gained his intimidating appearance for the battle.

"I, the Tenacious Fighter challenge you." Proclaimed the girl as she pointed to each of her opponents.

"The Golden Fighter accepts." Responded one calmly.

"The Blazing Fighter accepts." Answered the other one with vigor.

A silence overtook the scene. Both sides were waiting for the other to make the first move. All the mega pokemon were awaiting the orders from their trainers, any orders at all.

"Shugo, use pursuit."

"Thor, use thunderbolt."

The dog charged forward while the dragon launched the electric bolts. Even though the threats were fast approaching, the Lucario stood his ground. Erica cleared her mind for the battle, ready to formulate a counter.

"Raio, use bullet punch on Shugo." Without hesitating, the Lucario punched the Absol straight in the face to stop him from coming any closer.

"Now jump high!" Raio jumped just in time to avoid getting hit by the electric attack. The blond watched as the Absol jumped out of the way and she was a little glad. She didn't want to win by collateral damage.

Brett was a little upset at how quickly his pokemon's attack was stopped. Keith was a little surprised at the speed at which Erica was working. He decided to test it even further.

"Thor, use thunder." The Thunder dragon called forth a massive lightning bolt from a darkened cloud.

"Quick, dodge it!" The fighting type pokemon jumped into the air from the thunder attack to avoid being hit by it. The Johto champion saw an opening in midair and took advantage.

"Use pursuit." Shugo ran and jumped into air. With quick speed, he impacted into Raio and knocked the Lucario out of the air.

As the Absol landed onto the ground, the Lucario landed into a boulder. Luckily, the fighting type got back to his trainer. Erica narrowed her eyes as she remembered who her opponents are, and how good they were as well.

'It would be good thing to increase the attack stat.' Thought the Tenacious Fighter.

"Use sucker punch!" Commanded Brett.

"Focus blast." Said Keith.

"Swords dance!" Lucario took the time to increase the attack stat, so the incoming sucker punch couldn't do anything to Raio. Shugo quickly moved out of the way to avoid being hit. The resonance between pokemon and trainer was strong.

"Use your bullet punch!" Raio punched into the incoming focus blast, effectively destroying it in the process. The two champions couldn't help but feel a little proud that they helped in training Erica.

'Her training has started to pay off.' Thought Keith.

'She has gotten so much better.' Thought Brett.

The air started to blow forcing tumbleweed to roll across. The setting started to appear more like a western movie, with pokemon. Erica knew that she was supposed to be serious about this battle, but she couldn't suppress a laugh.

"Heh heh, the last time a battle was this intense was against Diantha." Noted the girl, she turned to her partner. "But I get the feeling that everyone seems to be having fun, what about you Raio?" In response, Raio barked with a smile.

Erica looked over to notice that her opponents and their pokemon were bearing the same faces. The blond girl couldn't help but feel happy that she got the chance to battle against these two again with her pokemon.

Her happiness was even more elated as she wasn't being curb-stomped like before. She looked back to Raio, the same pokemon that fought with her in her first mega battle, and the two shared a spark of understanding. Both pokemon and trainer looked back at their opponents. But the two didn't seem fazed at all, despite the current status.

'What are they planning? Are they even planning?' Thought Erica. Suddenly her narrowed eyes widened as she anticipated the incoming attack.

"Thor, intercept Raio!" The Ampharos ran up close to its enemy.

"Use close combat!" Erica decided that the best counter was to make use of the situation. But as the Lucario was about to hit his opponent, Thor high-jumped out of the way. And behind the electric dragon was a fire stream.

'They were creating an opening for Shugo's fire blast.' Thought the blond.

Raio was forced to take on the inferno, luckily for him his previous attack never hit so he wasn't dealt with the stat reduction. But the fiery pain still hurt to go through. He readied himself for the counterattack.

"Bullet punch the ground." Raio punched his fist into the ground which caused the force to knock him into the air, and towards Thor.

"And now use close combat!" As the mega fighting type ascended, he readied himself for a massive assault.

"Not so fast! Shugo, sucker punch!" With the help of his wings, the dark hound ascended into the air and swiped his left paw into Raio. With his balance off, Raio's close combat was cancelled.

All three pokemon fell back to the ground, Raio on his back. Even though she was surprised at this, Erica hadn't given up yet. The tenacious spirit of hers hadn't given up yet, and her bond with her partner had given her even more confidence to press on.

"All right, Raio use earthquake!" As he heard it loud and clear, the Lucario jumped off of his back and slammed both fists into the ground. The force didn't defeat Thor or Shugo, the bonds that they shared with their trainers pressed them on.

The blond champion looked up and noticed that their was now an opening for both of them. She flash backed to when she first challenged them to determine if they could travel together. And then again to prove herself to either of them. She lost to them both times, but her tenacity and her bonds gave her confidence to push on. Images of her medallion and her gem flashed in her mind as she prepared for the last attack.

"Shugo attack with fire blast!" The dark hound launched the flaring attack.

"Thor fire your focus blast!" The electric dragon released the focused energy.

Erica tensed up at the incoming attacks but she gave a confident grin to Raio, which he reflected back to her. And suddenly, their faces shifted to overwhelming seriousness.

"Use tenacious fist!" Raio jumped up towards the oncoming attack and was coaxed in a mighty aura that tore through both attacks, and slammed into both Thor and Shugo.

Both Brett Tairyoku and Keith Chiyoku were extremely surprised as their pokemon were simultaneously defeated in a single blow by one opponent.

Erica Tamashii stood in the same spot. Her hands trembling, and her face shocked with surprise.

The three mega pokemon fell back to the ground. In seconds, the three reverted back to their basic forms. Suddenly, Erica's face grew into a smile as she ran over to her pokemon.

"We did it!" She hugged Raio and he licked her face, causing her to laugh in the process.

"Good job Shugo." Said Brett as he returned his partner to the pokeball.

"Excellent effort Thor." Commented Keith as he gave his friend some time off.

Erica returned Raio so he could rest up. She then turned to both of her friends and ran over to them. Jumping up, she tackled the two of them into a hug.

"Thank you both so very much!" Thanked Erica.

"You did very well."

"Congratulations Erica."

Erica gave a great smile in return. Not only had she become an incredible pokemon trainer, she had also gotten to meets so many friends and pokemon. After picking her friends up, Erica knew what had to come next.

Saying goodbye.

Luckily for her, she would get a little more time as the boats were in Courmarine city. The time passed easily as they reached the eastern half of the city, and into the tram. On the way there, Erica spent some time talking about a few more things with her friends.

'I can feel it...this feeling of loss.' Thought the girl. But somehow, she felt like she could move past it.

Once arriving on the western half, they dismounted from the tram. Walking further down the docks, a split came infront of them. Brett and Keith faced in opposite directions. Erica then realized that it meant that they were supposed to take different boats.

"You two have to take different paths. Don't you?" Said Erica with a sad smile. The two didn't turn back around to face her.

"Yeah." Answered Brett quickly.

"Will you be alright?" Asked Keith.

Erica smiled with joy and nodded. "I am sad that we'll be seperating. But I feel confident because I met you two."

She reached forward and grabbed Keith's left hand, and Brett's right hand. She turned them around to face her.

"Because I got to travel with both of you, I got to see more of the world. I was able to become more confident in myself and my pokemon. And Being able to defeat you guys shows that I can go out and find my own path."

She drew her hands back and started to tear up. Her face drifted to the ground as she tried to keep her smile.

"I honestly don't want to say goodbye, but I know that we can always be friends. And our bonds will pull us back together anytime."

Erica was met with warmth in her hands she looked up to see that both of her teachers held her hands. Letting go of them, Brett placed his hand on her head, and Keith on her shoulder

"You'll do just fine on your own." Said Keith.

"Never stop believing in yourself." Said Brett.

Erica gave a pause, her face smiled as she reached forward and hugged them both again.

"Thank you both."

The whistle sounded and the hug broke. The two foreign champions ran towards the boats so they could go home. Even with tears streaming down her face, Erica's smile didn't waver at all.

She turned around to walk back to the city. As she got further away from the ocean, her pace grew faster. Before she knew it, she had left the city and traveled into the western route. Before she knew it, Erica was running. Eventually she stopped and fell to the grassy ground. Her hands were raised into the air and laughter spurred from her lips as her hands fell to the ground.

"The adventure never ends!"


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