Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 4

"Oh, I'm so happy right now." Said Erica as she plopped down onto a bed.

After the test of courage that Erica went through, Keith went to challenge Viola and curb-stomped her. And after that the three checked in at the local Pokémon Center. But despite she had avoided an embarrassing battle, she could feel some kind of loss. However she quickly dismissed it.

"Wow, after last night this is what I need." Erica was over exaggerating. Camping isn't that bad, right?

After about thirty minutes of watching TV, Brett and Keith came into the room. Both looked like they had been in a gang fight. Erica didn't know what to expect, probably because she hadn't known the two until yesterday.

"Alright, next time we should examine that a little more thoroughly." Said Keith as he adjusted his now cracked glasses.

"Fine. But you gotta admit, that was one heck of a battle." Laughed Brett, despite how beat up he looked.

Erica just looked at the two, flabbergasted. 'I don't get these guys. They look like they just got caught up in a gang fight, and their taking it?'

Erica coughed which got the attention of the two.

"Mind filling me in boys?" Asked Erica with an impatient face.

"Oh sorry Erica, we usually battle hard, so we can get carried away really easy." Explained Keith.

Brett laughed at the memory of such a battle. "And I almost beat you."

Erica was once again caught off guard, the two were this good at a pokemon battle. The blond thought back to what had happened yesterday. If she had really challenged them to a double battle, she would've surely lost. After trying to imagine how such a battle would've gone, Erica caught the scent of something horrible.

Sweat, and a lot of it.

On reflex, Erica cupped her face while trying to stay conscious. Brett looked at her with a dumbfounded face.

"Something wrong?" Instead of verbally answering, Erica pointed to the door.

"Please, go take a shower! You both stink!" Yelled Erica with a pinched nose.

The two veteran's would've told her she was wrong like most guys do, but she couldn't be anymore right.

While her two teachers were busy, the blond was left with many questions about the two. Erica sighed, maybe it could wait till another time. She changed into a green t-shirt and pink shorts that she bought for sleeping. And thus, she fell to sleep.

The next day, the trio continued along the journey. This time their next stop was Lumoise city, the place where Professor Sycamore did his research.

"I'm eager to meet the professor, I want to know what he is researching." Said Keith with gleaming eyes, and breaking character.

Erica turned to Brett for an answer. He just shrugged his shoulders.

On their way to the city, they started to walk through flower fields. This was being done to run into wild pokemon. They started to see many pokemon on the way. Erica ran into a Ralts and challenged it. She sent out Phoenix to battle.

The Ralts tried to attack back by using a confusion attack on Erica's pokemon. However, it did little damage. The novice smirked at her advantage.

"Phoenix use your somersault-peck attack!" The tiny pokemon flew into the sky and soared down for a devastating impact. This left the tiny psychic type with little health left. Erica took advantage of this and pulled out a pokeball.

The blond closed her right eye to take aim. And she launched the round projectile and caught the Ralts. Congrats to Erica, her first real capture.

"Wow a girl. I think that I'll name you Julia." Said the protagonist upon picking up the pokeball.

Keith pulled out his pokedex, which scanned the pokeball that Erica was holding. "Its a boy."

"...Then I'll name you Psyedge." Said Erica with a few tears of a tiny broken dream.

A small glint of light appeared that was almost invisible. Keith saw it and instantly threw a pokeball. The pokeball bounced back to him, confirming that he caught a pokemon. Upon inspection, it was a Flabebe. A tiny fairy type that carried a flower with it.

"A fairy type? Perhaps this could bring out some new methods." Said Keith in an analytical way.

Approaching the city gate, they ran into Sycamore's assistants. Both bore white suits. One was a tanned girl that had a red scarf, the other was a boy with brown hair and blue scarf.

"Hello, are you three of the people selected by the professor?" Asked the girl assistant.

"Yes, I'm Brett. He is Keith, and she is Erica." Said Brett pointing around to his friends.

"The professor is eager to meet you in person." Said the boy assistant.

Keith instantly bore a smile that resembled a child in a candy store (take a moment to let that sink in).

Even though Erica didn't really show it, she was also excited about meeting the famous professor.

Our trio followed the assistants to the giant city. Upon entering said city, Erica had sparkles in her eyes at how big and magnificent the place was. Honestly, she was like a newborn puppy. Brett and Keith followed the two assistants to the lab. Erica caught sight of this and ran towards the building. Once inside, they went into the elevator to reach the third floor.

Once inside, they met the unshaven man.

"Bonjour." Greeted the professor in French.

"Bonjour." Said Keith.

"Bonjour professor." Erica could easily speak French.

"Hey sir." Said Brett. Just for the record, everyone was staring at him for breaking the chain.

"Anyways, the others should be here soon." Said Sycamore. Right on cue, Erica's friends entered the room.

"We're all here." Cheered Shauna.

"Now that we're here lets battle. Trevor vs. Tierno, Shauna vs. Erica, and Brett vs. Keith. " Suggested Sycamore.

"Uh, are you sure about that?" Asked Keith nervously. Sycamore nodded anyways, not fully aware of their skills.

The other two battles ended fast. But like Keith knew, his battle with Brett was too intense.

"Flabebe!" Keith threw out his new pokemon after his pikachu was defeated.

"Kyu, ember the flower." The bipedal fire fox blew fire on the flower which caused the pokemon to jump off.


Keith recalled it and threw out a spiky ball pokemon, Quallidin. For those of you who don't know, Quallidin evolves from Chespin.

"Use tackle." The spiky pokemon charged towards the fire fox. The impact left more than a mark.

"Psybeam!" Kyu used the stick on its tail to launch it back, the impact broke Sycamore's desk.

"Charge forth with take down!" Yelled Keith.

"Ember!" Commanded Brett.

"OK THAT IS ENOUGH!" Yelled Sycamore, stopping the match.

Brett and Keith stopped their battle and looked around at the damaged office, it was their fault of course. Keith turned to professor Sycamore.

"I warned you." Said Keith in a haunting manner.

'If I'd known how good these two were, I would've met them in person.' Thought Sycamore despondently.

But just between you and me, that wouldn't've changed anything.

"Well I know now that I made a good choice, giving all of you your pokedexes. Now I'm sure you're all eager to learn what I research."

"Not really, just Keith." Said Brett, further irritating the professor and receiving an elbow from Erica.

"Anyways, I research the magnificent process called Mega Evolution." Now he got everybody's attention.

"Its a process that is so powerful, only pokemon that can no longer evolve can do it." Erica was starting to get interested

"But don't get to excited." Surprise and worry overtook Erica. The unshaven man turned towards one of his still standing windows. "There is still so much about this process that we still need to know."

Sycamore turned around with his laid back smile. "What I really need you to do is go out into the world and discover yourselves and your pokemon."

"Never the less, I will find out more about this." Proudly proclaimed Keith.

"Count me in!" Said Brett, pumping his fist.

"I don't really care about mega evolution. But I really want to fill out the pokedex." Said Trevor with a smile.

"I just want to fulfill my dream of a pokemon dance team." You guys get three guesses and the last two don't count.

"I want to make great memories on this adventure." Said Shauna. She turned to Erica. "What about you Erica?"

Erica was caught off guard by this question, what exactly did she want to do on this journey? She tilted her head to the right to come up with an answer.

"I guess that I'll continue training to become a stronger trainer."

Both foreign trainers were caught off guard by that answer. Erica had come to practically reflect themselves.

Unknown to them, an orange haired man in a leather jacket approached the laboratory.

"Are they here?"

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