Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 5

Sycamore had given six pokedexes to six children of different natures. His main goal, to unlock the secret of the new process called Mega Evolution. But unfortunately for him, it looks like only three of his candidates actually seem interested in it. The unshaven man walked over to his desk and pulled out two boxes. One which looked like a classic container, but the other one only had a hole on top of it.

Turning around, he faced our blond heroine. "Are you going to further seek out Mega Evolution?"

Erica pondered at that thought, she was already going to try to become a stronger trainer. Why not take it even further? A confident grin spread across her face as the protagonist nodded. Sycamore gave a laid back smile as he turned to Erica's neighbors. "You don't have to stay anymore if you don't want to."

"Good, because it is a little hard to focus with all the damage." Said Shauna.

Sycamore was stunned, he was left sulking as the three excused themselves. The unshaven professor made a mental note to get Brett and Keith to pay him back for the damages. But he regained his composure, none-the-less. "Anyways, I have something that can help you uncover the mysteries mega evolution."

"What is it?" Asked Erica with gleaming eyes. But instead of answering, Sycamore held out three thin sheets.

'I really don't like this idea.' Thought Erica sourly. "Remind again, why we are blindfolded?"

"So that we each get a fair chance of course." Stated Brett.

There is an explanation for this. Professor Sycamore offered the trio of choice of a new pokemon. They would either get Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. But since the first person that got to choose would be at a disadvantage, Sycamore blindfolded them for a fair chance.

First went Erica as she stuck her hand into a box to get a pokeball, then Keith, and finally Brett.

"Alright, lets see what I got." Erica popped open the pokeball to reveal Bulbasur. "Ah cute, I think that I'll name you Venus."

Keith released his pokeball to show his new Charmander. "Thats pretty cool...wait that means-"

"Hey I got a Squirtle, I'll name you Tyco." Cheered Brett as he high-fived his pokemon.

Erica smiled at the scene cheerfully, Keith just looked mortified before-


Brett gave a confident smirk which Keith caught on too. Erica looked at the two for a moment before she stepped in between the two and pinched their ears.

"Not in here, or for the rest of the day." Said Erica who was a little more than angry.

Sycamore took the other container and opened it. Inside were three round gems that had different color patterns. Sycamore gave the turquoise, black, and blue to Keith. The one that was gray with blue and brown was given to Keith. And the last one, which had shades of turquoise green and purple, was given to Erica. The heroine turned to the professor with a questioned look, and he caught on to it.

"Those are mega stones." Said Sycamore as he pointed to them. "From what we have deduced so far, they are necessary for invoking a mega evolution. The ones I just gave you correspond with the pokemon that you just got."

With her eye brows raised, Erica looked at the stone with a surprised face. 'So this is part of the path of becoming stronger.' She moved it around as light bounced off it. 'But it is so pretty.'

The trio took the elevator down to the first floor where they encountered a man in a leather jacket. Erica felt some kind of nostalgia, this man seemed familiar.

"You're some of the trainers who Sycamore entrusted with the pokedex?" Asked the man.

"Yes, thats us." Said Keith, keeping his usual, calm composure.

"Its good to see that new beauty is arising in this world. With all the filth that has been left behind by previous generations." Erica looked over to Brett to see if he would say something completely absurd in return. But she was shocked with what she had found.

For once, Brett had said nothing. He just stood there silently. The entire atmosphere seemed so tense.

"Thats a very philosophical viewpoint. Who exactly are you?" It was as if Keith was digging into the conversation for a hidden answer.

"My name is Lysandre. I am the head of Lysandre Labs." Stated the man in introduction.

A light bulb went off in Erica's head as she made the connection. Lysandre Labs developed a lot of the technological gear that Kalos used daily. They were the ones who distributed the holo-casters. It was then that Erica noticed the stare-off between her friends and Lysandre.

A beeping sound emerged from Lysandre's pocket as he pulled out his holo-caster. The current time was flashing. The orange haired man turned around to exit. "Although this as been pleasant, I must take my leave."

Erica shook at how ominous and tense the conversation turned out to be. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Brett.

"Don't worry, he is nothing to be afraid of." His usual grin appeared.

Erica smiled and reflected said grin. Shauna ran into the building frantically.

"Erica! C'mon, lets explore the city!" Shauna grabbed Erica by the wrist and they both ran out the door.

Brett started to walk out before Keith put his hand on his shoulder.

"There is a sliver of ice in his heart."

"I know." He turned around to face his companion. "But hopefully, it isn't anything to worry about." Said the hot-blooded trainer.

Keith reluctantly nodded in return. On the way out, they ran into Trevor.

"Excuse me. I'd like to talk to you two about some things." Said Trevor, a little nervously.

On the edge of Southern Boulevard, Shauna and Erica were denied access to Northern Boulevard.

"But why not?" Asked Shauna as she put up her cutest face.

"I told you miss, there is a blackout and we don't need children running around where they shouldn't." The construction worker ushered them away.

"Wow, they were stingy." Pouted Shauna with a sour face. Erica smiled at how funny her friend was. It seemed that Shauna was always like this, ever since they were kids.

"Hey Erica, those two guys that you are with, what are they like?"

Erica was a little surprised at that question. She had been travelling with them for some time, but there was so much that she didn't know about them.

"Well they're both from the Kanto-Johto region."

"Woah, so they're foreign. Which one of them is smarter?" Erica laughed at that question. "Keith, by a long shot."

In one of the random office buildings, Trevor was getting tips from Keith. Brett was just with them so he could see the view of a tall building.

"Make sure that you always have time for-" Suddenly the lights went out. The three moved around to find each other.

"Darry, we have a problem."

"But my name is Trevor."

"And that only works with space exploration." Said Keith as he elbowed his partner.

Outside, Shauna and Erica were battling against each other.

"Go Kinnekins!"

"Lets do it, Phoenix!"

"Use double team." The tiny bird created several clones of itself to avoid getting hit.

"Use howl." The fire starter let loose a wolf howl to increase its attack. "Now use flame charge!"

Kinnekins jumped up into the air and impacted against the center clone, which was the original. Phoenix started to fall down, Erica recalled the pokemon before it could impact. She reached behind and released Jirai..

"Kinnekins, use ember." The fox cub launched tiny little fires towards Jirai.

"Jump up and use bubble bump!" Erica's pokemon jumped up in the air and invoked its original move. The impact, was strong enough to knock out the Fennekin.

Of course, since Shauna was inexperienced, Erica won.

"No fair, I wanted to see more of Kinnekins." Whined Shauna.

Erica smiled at how funny her friend was. Suddenly, Phoenix's and Jirai's pokeballs shook. She released both, the two pokemon started glowing.

"What the-?" Erica was not used to the process of evolution. Jirai attained longer limbs, and horns on his head. His bubble froth was now longer and his head now was dark blue. Now Jirai was a Frogadier.

Phoenix acquired thicker legs and a larger body. Her feathers had not only grown longer, but now had yellow mixed in. The evolved form of Fletching, Flecthinder.

"Cool they evolved." Brett and Keith walked over to greet the pair.

Erica turned over to face her teachers with a cheery face. "What'd you think of that?" She was a little overconfident.

Brett and Keith turned towards each other, and then towards their pupil. They both shrugged their shoulders. Erica was left petrified.

But in her petrified state, Erica began to think and wonder the same question. Just how good were these two? She looked down to the gem that was given to her earlier. She gripped it with a serious look.

They were about to leave when Erica tapped Keith on the shoulder and held out a pokeball.

"Battle me." Everyone gave her an incredulous look at this.

Little did she know how good her glasses-wearing teacher was.

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