Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 6

When we left off, our gang was preparing to head along the next route. But suddenly, Erica challenged Keith to a battle. Popcorn anyone?

"You want to battle me?" Asked Keith. Brett was also caught off guard by his student's request. He knew Erica had potential, but not enough training as he or Keith possessed. Keith was more caught off guard than anyone else at the time.

The brown haired veteran looked to his friend for a suggestion of how to respond. He really couldn't come up with a good response, all Brett could do was shrug his shoulders. Keith turned back to his eager apprentice. "Why exactly?"

"I want to test myself. And of the two of you, your the more sane one." Said Erica as she irritated Brett.

"Alright then." Said Keith as he drew out a pokeball and sent out Pikachu. Erica became curious of where he got that from. The only place that she could think of was Santalune Forest. But, none-the-less she took up the challenge.

She sent out Venus since grass types were a little resistant to electric types."Venus, vine whip!"

The grass dinosaur launched two whips at the electric mouse, who apparently took the hit.

"Tackle." Pikachu charged forth and impacted Venus. "Thundershock." At close range, the electric attack did more damage than usual. Venus fainted.

Surprised, Erica called back her grass pokemon to send out her next one, Psyedge.

"Double team." Psyedge produced multiple copies of itself to prevent himself from being hit.

"Now start teleporting rapidly." Psyedge teleported from one spot to the next. Suddenly, he was right behind Pikachu, ready to strike.

"Pikachu, reach behind you and hold on." The mouse pokemon did as it was told and grabbed onto the Ralts.

Psyedge twitched for a moment before falling down, paralyzed by Pikachu's static ability.

"Thundershock." Pikachu proceeded to shock the pokemon like the last one till it fainted.

Erica called back her pokemon and sent out her Fletchinder.

"Phoenix, start with agility." The bird flew around to gain more speed. "Now ember from random spots."

The bird shot tiny flares at random points to prevent the mouse from moving around. "Thundershock." Pikachu aimed its electricity around to hit the bird. But it didn't work because this time it was more evasive.

"Jump and thundershock." Pikachu jumped into the air and used its deadly thundershock to catch the bird off guard.

"Land on Phoenix and thundershock." Pikachu perfectly landed on Phoenix as it fell and performed a knockout attack.

The challenger's face grew worried at where this was going. Erica called back her pokemon and sent out her last, Jirai. 'She is done for.' Thought Brett.

"Jirai growl." The frog let out a croak that lowered the mouse's attack.

"Now quick attack." With lightning speed, Pikachu was attacked.

"Bubbles all around." The frogadier released large amounts of bubbles. "And bubble bump." The pokemon jumped into one of the bubbles to impact Pikachu hard.

"Jump into another bubble and thundershock." Pikachu did so, which created an entire field of electricity. And because of the electricity being magnified by the water in the bubbles, Jirai fainted.

"Unbelievable." Gasped Trevor.

"Awesome." Shauna couldn't believe this, Keith beat Erica without switching out at all.

Erica also had a look of pure shock at this, how was Keith this good? She knew that the battle would be a difficult one, but this was beyond belief. He walked over and patted her on the shoulder.

"You did good." Said Keith with a smile as he and Brett moved towards the gate. Erica looked over to him with a face that was mixed with question and depression. "We'll wait for you at this gate."

Erica looked down at the ground for a moment before a look of seriousness appeared on her face. She got up and retrieved her partner. Turning around, our protagonist ran to the nearby Pokémon Center.

"Erica?" Trevor reached out to his friend.

"Where are you going?" Asked Shauna, a little worried about her friend.

"To get my pokemon healed of course." Said Erica, surprisingly with a smile.

Afterwards, Erica rejoined with her companions. The three were about to continue, but Erica grew curious about her friends. She felt the immediate need to ask. "Hey I have question." Keith and Brett turned around, giving her attention. "How long have you two been trainers?"

Keith cupped his chin, trying to remember what day he had started. "February 27th, about 5 years ago."

Brett scratched the back of his head. "Uh, lets see. I think 4 years ago, April 6th."

Erica wasn't to surprised at this, those did seem like good dates to start. She looked over at a nearby calendar which read, August 23rd. So that means that Erica had started on the 21st of August. She was brought back to reality when she heard her friends talking.

"Oh sorry, what was that?"

"Why did you want to know when we started?" Asked Brett. Erica just shrugged her shoulders with a passive face. Brett ended up just shrugging it off as well, but Keith couldn't get it off his mind.

'I guess that is a good reason as to why they are so strong.' Thought Erica.

After that the trio went out to the next route. Upon entering, a pokemon ran up to Erica and circled around her several times. It then cheered happily. The pokemon was a blue bipedal dog. Erica was nervous but ended up laughing anyways. She pulled out her pokedex and scanned the pokemon. It was then identified as Lucario.

"Lucario wait!" A blond girl in roller skates gear with another Lucario came up.

"Sorry, I was just trying out new trick when he got away from me. I'm Korrina, nice to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Erica. This is Brett, and this is Keith." Said Erica, introducing her friends.

Lucario continued to circle around Erica. Something about this pokemon was catching Brett's eye.

"Wow, there must be something about your aura that makes Lucario like you." Stated Korrina.

"Aura?" Asked Erica with a dumbstruck face.

"You don't know what aura is? Well its-!" Korrina turned around to see her Lucario running in a different direction. She and her other pokemon turned around and chased after it.

Our trio just stood there for a second, trying to comprehend this strange event. But despite that, Erica was still left questioned about what aura was. "Hey Keith, can you explain what aura is?"

Keith just shook his head and turned to Brett, who was thinking critically about the pokemon. "I do understand it, but Brett can explain it better."

Said trainer was brought out of his trance when he heard his name. "Aura? Well, it's hard to comprehend. You could say that aura is a sign of your soul that others can detect."

If Erica's face didn't look dumbfounded before, it most certainly did now. Keith couldn't help but chuckle a little at how this looked.

The three continued through the route. They did have to battle many pokemon. After getting further through the route Erica saw a boy running through a tall grass patch. She couldn't help but notice that he was wearing shorts. The boy looked over and noticed her staring.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Asked the kid. Erica could feel him acting rudely.

"I'm just wondering why you're wearing shorts." And here it comes.

"Because they're comfy and easy to wear, you old woman." That sent Erica over the edge.

She would've challenged the boy to a battle, but Brett grabbed her shirt collar and dragged her away. Her arms were flailing as she was being dragged through the route. I'm just gonna let that image settle in our minds...heh heh.

The three then approached Camphrier town. It was a pretty small town, it consisted of houses. There was a large building nearby near the edge of the town. And of course, a Pokémon Center was located in town. However, in this town there was a hotel. It seemed like the best place to rest up, especially since it was dusk.

After the three checked in, Brett and Keith left to venture around. Erica spent a few minutes inside the room before-

"Ok, now I see why they choose to battle so much." She left the room to go explore a little. Upon exiting the center, Erica looked around for a place to explore. She found that the best place to look into was the Chateau nearby.

Once she got in she ran into Shauna and some guy. "Hey Erica, we just meeting up at the strangest of times, don't we?"

Erica laughed a little. "Yeah, I guess we do." She turned to the other guy in the room. "So what were you talking about?"

Shauna turned around to the resident of the chateau. "This man is the owner of the chateau. He was talking to me about mega evolution." Erica's interest just skyrocketed.

"No, I was talking about how this place was great and majestic." Said the man with an irritated look. Now Erica's interest was below 20 percent.

Another man ran into the room. Quite frantically, actually.

"Sir it's back!"

"Again? Alright, lets go take care of it." The men left the chateau.

Erica turned to Shauna. What was this unknown thing that came back? "I guess we should follow them." Suggested Shauna.

"Ok I guess. I did leave the hotel to find something to do."

They followed the guys outside, down Route 7 till they came to a bridge. And on said bridge, there was a pokemon. This one was obese and greatly resembled Totoro,. The classical Snorlax. Like the average Snorlax that blocks paths, this one was sleeping.

"Do you know how to wake it up sir?"

"Yes but I need the pokeflute. And thats at Parfum Palace." The man turned in the direction of the palace.

"We can go get it." Said Shauna cheerfully. Erica was surprised at her friend's suggestion. She grabbed Shauna's shoulders and they turned around.

"Shauna, are you really sure about this?" Whispered Erica.

"I don't see why not. Besides, didn't you say that you needed to get out of the hotel?" Whispered Shauna with a most innocent face. It's blinding! The blond trainer couldn't say no because it was true.

"Alright, we will go get it." Sighed Erica turning back around.

"Oh thank you." The owner pointed back to an alternate route that was just outside of Camphrier. "If you take that route, should find Parfum Palace."

They turned to the route to go get the pokeflute. But because of what they were about to go through, Erica should've just asked Brett and Keith to move it.

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