Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 7

In the last chapter, Erica and Shauna took up a job to go to Parfum Palace, retrieve a pokeflute, and wake up a Snorlax. You know, like how it goes whenever a Snorlax is present.

They walked through a forest where they had to battle several trainers to get through, Erica was happy with how she was doing. At the moment, she had Jirai battling against a tourist's pokemon.

"Alright, use your water gun attack." The frog launched the stream of water that knocked out the Pikachu.

"Wow, it looks like all the things that Brett and Keith taught me were true." Stated Erica with as she recalled her pokect monster.

"I've been meaning to ask you, why didn't you ask them to do this?" Asked Shauna, forgetting that it was her idea to come here.

"Because I can't seem to reach them, and even if I did they'd probably destroy the bridge on accident." Said Erica as she tried to use her holo-caster to reach either Keith or Brett.

Once they made it out of the forest, they were greeted with a view of the Parfum Palace. Well, it was more of a mansion than a palace. Its decoration seemed to match up more closely to ones that were owned by wealthy French people. The gates were golden, probably gold plated. Once they were close enough, the girls met with a butler.

"Welcome, entry is 1000 poke per person." It goes without saying that both girls were shocked by this news

"What!? It costs money to get in?" Said Erica in an shocked manner.

"My apologies, but the master is a very boastful." Erica sighed and paid him the fee. Shauna, with her head down, also paid the fee.

Upon entering, Erica gawked at the sight of the interior. Sure the outside was good, but the interior was fabulous. There were so many gold statues and red carpets that made Erica think she was in heaven. Sparkles were in her eyes and around her head as Erica imagined herself living in this kind of place.

'With a red dress and golden earings.' She was having such a nice daydream.

Right in front of the Milotic statue was a man who was moving around quite frantically.

"Oh my Furfrou, where is my Furfou?" Asked the man worryingly.

The blond couldn't help but ask what was going on. "Uh, excuse me sir?" The man frantically turned to her.

"Oh my dear Fufrou, have you seen it anywhere!?" Erica became nervous again, this guy seemed very strange. Plus, she didn't even know what a Furfrou was.

Shauna pulled out her pokedex as it scanned for what that pokemon was. Furfrou's looked like poodles. And as such, they could be groomed in various ways. Shauna approached the man. She held the device in front of the man. "Is this the pokemon?"

Man nodded frantically. "Oh yes, that's what my dear Fufrou looks like!" He started to run around frantically, calling out to his pokemon. Erica tapped on Shauna's shoulder.

"I think that we should help him look around." Suggested our heroine.

"Yeah, who wouldn't be sad if their pokemon was missing." Erica couldn't help but feel sad about the thought of having lost any of her friends. Like how it was for her childhood.

They started searching around the house, looking in nearly every room. They soon found themselves on the second floor's balcony, outside. Erica couldn't help but be amazed at the great view of statues and well cut hedges. While they were looking on the outside balcony, our protagonist spotted the dog pokemon in the small hedge-path maze.

"Erica, it's in the maze behind the house." Said Erica as they ran down to the area.

Once they got close to Furfrou, it instantly ran away from them. They chased it around for about five minutes before they stopped to catch their breath. Erica was more than frustrated.

"Why..'huff'..is it..'huff'.. so fast?" Said Erica as she attempted to catch her breath.

"Maybe...'huff'...we need to...'huff'..trap it." Suggested Shauna.

"How?" Erica then looked around the maze and noticed how it was cut. "Oh."

Erica then ran around the maze to chase the pokemon. The Furfrou kept running till it saw Shauna. The dog pokemon turned around and ran right into Erica. Erica grabbed the pokemon as it struggled around dragging Erica with it. And she was struggling to keep on. In a desperate attempt, the blond threw out Venus to help her out. "Use vine whip to hold it down." The grass dinosaur extended its whips to tie its legs together.

In accordance with physics, as the Furfrou was stopped Erica was launched forward.

"Hooray!" Cheered Shauna as she ran over and helped her friend up. The owner came over to see.

"Oh you have found my Furfrou. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you." Said the man frantically as he shook both their hands.

"Yeah, no problem." Grunted Erica.

"And I know how to reward you. With fireworks." Suggested the owner. Erica and Shauna perked up at this. They then ran to the outdoor balcony to see the spectacle.

As the wonderful spectacle enused, Shauna and Erica watched with amazement. Shauna started become emotional.

"You know Erica, I went on this adventure to find a dream. But in the end, I want to make many memories to look back on. And I know that this will be one of them." Said Shauna with deep thought and emotion. Erica was a little surprised at how deep this was, but Shauna was one of her best friends.

She turned to her friend with a smile. Erica returned the smile.

A large amount of a fireworks flew up at once. The two gawked at the sight with surprise and happiness.

"That was the best!" Squealed Shauna. The owner with his butler and Furfrou came up.

"Did you enjoy the fireworks?" Asked the owner.

Shauna nodded frantically. Erica gave a small nod in return, then something clicked inside her head.

"Not to ask for too much, can you tell us about Mega Evolution?" Asked Erica. The butler stepped forward to answer her question. "All that I can tell you about it is that the process can be achieved with a certain bond."

Erica tilted her head to the right. Even though he was trying to help, it didn't really do much. Oh well, something was better than nothing. But something else was bothering our protagonist, like she was forgetting something.

"Oh yeah! Can we borrow the pokeflute?" Asked Erica as she remembered what she came for.

"Oh that thing." He turned to the butler, who presented the item to the two girls. It looked like a flute shoved through a pokeball. Both Erica and her friend bowed in thanks.

The two quickly ran back to the bridge to find the two men. But the Snorlax was nowhere to be seen. Needless to say, both girls were very curious as to how this happened. "What happened to the pokemon?" Asked Erica quickly.

The owner of the chateau turned to our surprised protagonist. "Well, actually a boy with his own pokeflute came by earlier and captured the Snorlax." Said the man as he scratched the back of his head.

"Nani!?" Screamed Erica and Shauna in unision.

"Yeah a boy with a battle lust and short black hair." Erica took a moment to put two and two together.

"When I find Brett..." I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Before leaving, Erica gave the pokeflute back to its owner.

The two girls were forced to leave empty-handed. Shauna decided that she would continue down the road. Erica decided that she would go back and confront Brett, oh this is gonna be good. Upon entering the three person suite, Erica met up with her two companions.

"Erica, we were wondering where you were." Stated Keith, a little worried about his friend.

"...Brett." Said Erica in a haunting manner.

"Yeah?" Asked Brett, not aware of the fear that is an angry teenage girl.

"Did you catch the Snorlax that was on the bridge?"

"Oh that was a good battle, and Laxer is one powerful member to the team." Said our black-haired protagonist.

Erica showed an angry face. She was about to start yelling at Brett, but she fell down onto her bed. Brett walked over and poked her, Erica had fallen asleep. After all, these last few hours had been tiring.

The next day, our trio continued along the now open path. As they walked along, they came past another chateau.

"What is this place?" Asked Erica. Keith turned around and noticed the place as well.

"Oh, this is the Battle Chateau." Stated Keith.

"Rich people come here to battle with their pokemon." Explained Brett.

Erica thought that over for a moment. Rich people equal big cash prize. But then another thought hit her, those people could possibly be rude. She then showed a face of disgust and turned to the other direction.

"Pass." She waved it off.

So instead of that, they continued till they reached connecting cave. As they ventured further through the cave, they found it to grow darker. Keith reached out and grabbed Erica's hand, so they wouldn't get lost.

"Am I holding onto you Erica?" Asked Keith.

"No." She continued to reach behind her to see if she could feel Brett's hand, but got no such response. She turned around to see Brett's creepy smile illuminated by a flashlight. Erica's scream echoed throughout the elongated cave, and then the sound of somebody's face impacting the ground reverberated along the cave walls.

Keith took the flashlight from his friend's hand and found that the exit wasn't too far away.

Once they reached the other side, they could see a the ocean. Apparently the cave led to a rock ledge. Erica suddenly had sparkles around her eyes.

"A beach thats so great!" Exclaimed the blonde protagonist.

Brett looked over his left and noticed a horde of Sevipers coming their way. "I think that I'll battle the-"

Erica suddenly rushed in as she released Psyedge, Jirai, and Venus all at once.

"Use your dazzling gleam, water gun, and razor leaf!" Yelled Erica.

Her pokemon launched epic attacks that defeated the entire horde in a single blow. Brett and Keith looked at their friend a little nervously.

"Nobody is stopping me from that beach." Proclaimed Erica, pumping her fist.

Suddenly a bright light was surrounding her pokemon as it grew taller and took on the form similar to a ballet dancer. Psyedge evolved into a Kirlia. Erica was about to cheer, but she then remembered that it's a boy.

So Brett and Keith didn't have to lend a finger as Erica demolished anything that stood in their path. As they arrived at Ambrette town, Erica started to run around at the great view of the surrounding ocean. Keith looked around and noticed a nearby laboratory.

Keith took a moment to put two and two together. "We need to go there first."

Erica was about to protest, but Keith gave a look that teacher's usually give to slacker students. And it goes without saying that Erica couldn't really combat that. And so she reluctantly followed him and Brett to the laboratory.

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