Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 8

When we left off, our heroes had come to a beach town and decided to go to a laboratory.

...Yes its crazy.

Upon entering the lab, Brett started frantically looking at different fossils. Erica tried to share a little interest, but she couldn't help but gave an incredibly boring face. Keith gave a quick laugh at this and went over to one of the scientists.

"Can you tell us anything-" The scientist then ran to the other side of the room. Erica saw this too, and noticed that all the scientists were running around. They seemed to be in some kind of rush.

Erica walked over and tapped on the shoulder of one of the female scientist. She turned around in a frantic spin.

"I'm sorry, but we're in a state of emergency right now. Our head scientist is missing." Exclaimed the scientist quickly.

"Where could he be?" Asked Keith. The female scientist picked up a piece of paper that was right behind her.

"The last place that he said he was going to was Glittering Cave, it is to the east of here." Said the girl, a little frantically.

"I see...alright, we are heading to Glittering Cave." Proclaimed Keith as if he was a leader.

"Wait." Erica seemed a little more than frustrated at this. She did want to help out the professor, but she also wanted to go to the beach.

"I'll buy you a swimsuit." Offered Keith.

"Make it five." Countered Erica.


After leaving the laboratory, Erica spotted a route gate. Keith saw it too and suspected that it was in the direction that they should go. The interior wasn't really anything special, but Erica could've sworn that one of the tourists inside was muttering something about nearby Ryhorn.

The trio exited the connecting building, but they came to a road that was they couldn't walk on. It was darted with rocks that even gel soles could give comfort to. Course, Brett was stubborn and attempted to traverse it. Keith and Erica watched it from a viewpoint.

"Sometimes he doesn't use his brain." Noted Keith as he pinched his nose.

Erica looked around and noticed a Rhyhorn. She grew a smile on her face and ran over to it. She tapped its back to get some attention, once it turned around, the protagonist gave it a treat in exchange for a ride. Erica turned around towards her friends.

"Come on guys." Said Erica with a wink.

The two climbed onto it as the rock pokemon traversed through the rough terrain. Brett turned to his blonde friend.

"How do you know how to ride one of these?"

"My mom is famous for being a pokemon racer, she taught me a lot of things." Explained Erica.

Once the got to the other side of the rough terrain the dismounted from the Rhyhorn. Erica gave it another treat as thanks.

They entered into the cave to find it to be a maze. Brett and Keith were about to split up when Erica grabbed both of them by the collars.


"But why?" Asked Brett.

Erica shot him a nasty look, shocking him for a moment. They then navigated throughout the maze of a cave. They fought against many wild pokemon that they ran into. After one battle, Venus evolved. Now, instead of just a bulb, the grass dinosaur had a premature flower petal with leaves around it.

"Wow an Ivysaur!" Cheered Erica.

"Huh, took long enough." Said Brett, petrifying Erica.

They further journeyed through the cave till they came upon a room that was loaded with jewels. Both Erica and Brett were caught in the majesty of such sight. Keith took a moment to look around.

"These are worthless." Said Keith, crushing any dreams that Brett or Erica had of selling the items.

Infront of them was a man who was wearing an orange tux, with orange shades, and had orange hair (not my original character).

"Whats this? A bunch of kids." Asked the man.

'And I thought we could get away from trouble.' Thought Brett and Keith at the same time.

"Scram! Don't you know that if you play with fire, you get burned?"

"Well not always. If you're careful, you'll be fine." Stated Keith as he pushed up his glasses.

That statement really ticked off the guy, he sent out a dog that was black with an orange muzzle and silver lining across the back. His Houndour was ready to pounce. Keith readied to counter, but Brett stepped in the way. He released a pokemon that looked like a Squirtle with fluffy ears, and a fluffy tail.

"Go Tyco!" Yelled Brett. Erica gawked at this. 'When did that happen?'

The battle didn't last long, seeing as how Brett had type and experience advantage.

"It doesn't matter that I lost, Team Flare will conquer everything. We'll make it so that we are the only ones who get happy!" Yelled the man as he ran off.

"Wait, could it be that they captured the professor?" Questioned Keith. Erica grew grim at such a thought, who would do such?

They hurried through to find the enemy. They ran into a female member of team flare. Keith stepped forward to take this one. He sent out a Charmeleon. Erica was once again surprised.

"This doesn't matter. You'll never defeat Team Flare!" Said the female grunt as she ran off.

A pair of grunts then walked forward. "I guess that I'll give you bugs a little credit." Said one of the grunts.

"Then we'll just have to teach you two a lesson." One grunt sent out a Mienfoo and the other sent a Croagunk.

Both Brett and Keith sent out a sword pokemon that had a cloth for a hand.

"Wow, what kind of pokemon is that?" Asked Erica as she held up the pokedex. It listed the pokemon as Honedge.

Erica put her device away and ran down through the cave to find the professor. Once she got further down the cave, she encountered another member of Team Flare.

"So those other two are just a little too busy huh?" This grunt sent out an Houndour. Erica responded by sending out Jirai.

"Use bite." The dark hound jumped forward and chomped down on Erica's starter.

"Crap, use double team." The ninja pokemon managed to dislodge itself from the maw of its captor. Jirai then created clones of himself to make him harder to hit.

"Use odor sleuth." The dog pointed its nose up to find its opponent. "And another bite attack." Houndour leaped forward to attack. Erica anticipated this..

"Use your water gun attack." As his opponent ran up to him, Jirai launched water into Houndour's mouth. Erica got lucky with a critical hit that defeated her opponent.

"Damn you." Cursed the grunt as she retrieved her pokemon and retreated.

Erica ran further into the cave, and she soon came upon the professor. He seemed to be researching really hard.

"Professor! I'm here to save you!" Proclaimed Erica.

"Huh...oh hello there." Greeted the professor as he turned to meet the blond.

"Lets get you out of here and away from Team Flare." Suggested the protagonist.

"Team what now?" Asked the professor.

And then she turned to stone. All that effort for nothing. "You mean that you didn't know that there was an evil gang in here?" Asked Erica hopingly.

"Not in the least." Erica's face was now cracking.

"Well for your efforts, I'll give you these two fossils that I found." He held out two fossils. One of a sail, and one of a jaw. She took both of them and started to walk back to her teachers.

The two ran up to her faster than she was walking towards them. Upon running into their pupil, Keith and Brett bombarded Erica with many questions. Instead of answering though, she just sail fossil to Brett, and the jaw fossil to Keith.

"What happened?" Asked Brett noticing her tired expression.

"Don't want to talk about it." Said Erica quickly.

After that whole fiasco in the cave, the three left for a day at the beach. It goes without saying that Erica was having a great time in her new tropical bikini. However, Keith was pondering what Team Flare was aiming to do. After three and a half hours of sunbathing, watermelon smashing (melon on the veterans, and blindfold on novice), and the ocean, the three continued even further down towards the next city. Keith turned to Erica with a question.

"So do you know anything about this city?" Erica cupped her chin for any answers. "All that comes to mind is that Cyllage city is known for being a place of great sports."

Erica thought a little deeper on that one thought, it seemed exactly like the perfect place to house a gym.

Near the end of the day, the trio came upon Cyllage the city. This is where the second gym was located at. Once they were in the city limits, Erica spotted a clothing and dashed in that direction. She knew that there was a gym here, but she could wait.

Keith and Brett looked around for a sign that could lead them to the gym. Keith then looked up a mountain that stood next to the city. Upon inspection, he could see a pokeball insignia.

"Its up there. Lets go." The two then proceeded to the gym.

Once they got in the gym, the two were amazed by the sight of the interior. Inside was mini mountain that had rock-climbing walls all over it, and behind that was a waterfall complete with a rainbow.

Keith had a small sweatdrop at seeing this obstacle while Brett smacked his fists together to go challenge the gym.

Back at the clothing store, Erica continuously tried on different swimsuits and tropical getups. She looked up and saw a bikini decorated with flames. That made her think back to Team Flare, and what they could possibly be doing in that cave.

'Maybe it is better that I don't think about it.' Thought the heroine as she continued to browse. But despite all the different outfits, Erica couldn't bring her to stop thinking about the team.

Back at the gym, both foreigners were climbing up the wall (of course, Keith was having a little trouble). Once Brett got to the top, he met the gym leader. This man was very tan, and there were some jewels in his hair. He looked like a guy into sports.

"We hereby challenge-Keith?" Brett turned to his right to see his friend struggling to climb up the wall.

"huff..huff...huff..What he said!" Keith pointed to his friend.

"Very well. I, Grant, accept your challenge. However I can only take on one of you at a time. So the other will have to come back later."

Brett stepped forward while Keith tried to catch his breath. Grant sent out his first partner, a tiny fossil pokemon that to closely reminds me of an infamous reptile, Tyrunt. The black-haired veteran sent out his Honedge too combat.

Back outside the gym, Erica was wondering around the shore line. She was observing the ocean's beauty during the setting of the sun. 'Such a beautiful sight really makes me happy.' That last word rang in her head for a bit, happy. Erica then remembered how that first grunt stated that they would make it so that only they could be happy. The protagonist started glancing around, trying to figure out what that could possibly mean.

"Maybe it's some kind of unrealistic goal." Whispered Erica.

Back to the gym battle, Brett's Honedge had succeeded in defeating Grant's Tyrunt. After retrieving his partner, Grant sent out another fossil pokemon, a cute little ice type called Amaura. But Grant was caught off guard to see that Brett also had an Amaura.

"What? You have an Amaura too?"

Keith was also caught off guard, he wondered when that could've happened.

"Yep, but I call him Artic. Start with icy wind." Artic blew wind towards his counterpart.

The other took the hit. "Use thunder wave."

The opponent shot an electric current to his opponent. Artic was now slowing down. "Body slam." Both pokemon tackled against each other.

Brett and Grant were nervous as their pokemon clashed. One of the Amaura fell down, but neither could tell who it belonged to. The victor's neck shivered, confirming that it was Artic.

"Yes I won!" Cheered Brett as Grant gave him a Cliff Badge.

"Well done, I will await the next match tomorrow." Said Grant, looking at a still exasperated Keith.

Brett left the gym carrying Keith, who was still trying to catch his breath. By the end of the day, they ran into Erica. She was very deep in thought about Team Flare.

"You ok?" The blond was brought out of her thoughts by her friends. She then realized that even if they came face to face with Team Flare again, she wouldn't be alone.

"Yeah, I'm good."

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