Only You Can Save Me


This is a teen wolf fan fiction based on the idea of Stiles meeting someone else in Eichen House rather than Malia. Instead he meets my original character Aylee Clarke who has her own mystery

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Chapter 1:back to you

Chapter 1: back to you

As he walked through the halls of Echo House otherwise known as Eichen House the local mental health facility in Beacon Hills, Stiles began to regret his decision of his temporary incarnation. Especially after seeing a patient hang himself using bed sheets in the hallway, he realised that he didn't belong here even if he was possessed by an evil Japanese spirit and had Frontotemporal Dementia. Just before he got to his room he caught a glimpse of long brown curls as a girl turned away from him and the doctor. Not long after that Stiles got into his room which consisted of four blank walls, a bed, no curtains and no lamp.The next morning, he noticed that a note had been slipped under his door during the night while he had been sitting on the bed staring out of the window. Stiles had been trying this new thing of not sleeping anymore since his nightmares had become his reality. He walked over to the door and picked up the note, as he began to read it he noticed that the delicate twisty writing must that of female's or a very feminine guy. The note read:

Dear Stiles

I know why you're here and what's inside of you. These people can't help you, they'll only make him come back faster and more angry. You need to leave like now!

A friend

Stiles couldn't think straight, he didn't know if this was a joke by another patient or someone had somehow worked out what had been going on with him since the sacrifice and in that case the person was seriously trying to warn him. Before he could process yet another mystery in the long line of the already pre-existing supernatural drama that he was dealing with, a male orderly opened his room door

" Mr Stilinski, it's time for breakfast but first you have get changed" said the orderly gesturing to his current outfit

" you know what? I'm actually not that hungry" Stiles said with his usually amount of sarcasm as the warning from the note was still fresh in his mind

" fine, we can't make you eat only advise you to which I do by the way but you still have to get changed" the orderly said nicely while still showing a slightly humorous side to him in an attempt to relate to Stiles

" why?" Stiles said not fully understanding the older man's reasoning

" well you can't stay in your room all day, isolation isn't good for the mind and if you aren't going to eat anything then I can suggest a nice walk around the courtyard. Be ready in ten Mr Stilinski" he said as he was about to walk away

" call me Stiles... I know what my file says but that's what everyone calls me, no one ever calls me by my real name... actually not a lot of people know what it is" Stiles said knowing he was rambling slightly

" ok Stiles as long as you call me Dan" Dan said before leaving the room to allow Stiles to get changed into something more suitable to the Eichen House dress code

Stiles took out a blue t-shirt and a pair of light grey sweats to wear as well as a pair of clean socks and underwear of his bag. Once he was dressed he slipped his slippers back on and pulled a grey hoodie to wear before Dan came back. When he finally did, they began towards the courtyard while Dan filled him in on the other patients

" and that's Mary" Dan said while pointing out another patient as they went passed her

" let me guess Madeline" Stiles said carrying on the religious related insanity problems that had been the latest part of their conversation

" actually no, she also believes she is Jesus you would be surprised by the amount of Jesuses that we get in here" Dan said as they entered the main part of the courtyard

" hey Dan...who is that?" He said as he caught a more detailed glimpse at the long curly haired brunette from the night before in the hallway

" oh that's Aylee Clarke, she's one of our longest residents here. She's been here since she was eight years old" Dan told him as they watched her sketch something into her sketch pad while she sat on a small brick wall with her back against as he realised that she was totally by herself

" what's her deal?" Stiles asked wanting to know more about this mysterious girl, there was something was about her that he couldn't figure out

" she's scared of people, I mean she completely freaks out every time anyone goes near her. At first it was just when someone touched her and the therapists thought it was about spreading germs but they worked out that it was more about the actual touch of the person rather the germs. She complete isolates herself now" Dan explained as Stiles began to notice that he was right about her isolating herself as there was no one near her

" why? What happened to her" he asked knowing by just looking at her sad eyes that she had a story to tell

" no one really knows, she won't say anything other than every time she does touches someone she sees things like that person's memories like visions. One day she was a normal kid then this happened. They suspect it was some kind of a mental breakdown" Dan told him wondering why he wanted to know so much about her

" I'll be right back, Dan" Stiles told him distracted as he began to walk towards the girl that was slowly becoming a human mystery to him.

Aylee must have been 5 foot 1 with skin so pale that it could have the skin of Snow White, her long brown hair was so curly that even when she had it in two plaits he could still tell that it was really curly. Although he could see a little bit of the stress and everything that now made him look crazy almost as if something was torturing her inside like it was him. When he approached her he could she see her physically flinch away from his presence

" Stiles... What do you want?" She asked her voice shaking as she spoke as she stopped drawing although she kept looking at her sketch pad like it was the most interesting thing in the world

" do you know my name? Wait are you the one that sent me this note Aylee?" Stiles asked her as he sat down on the wall in front of her while he pulled out the note to show her

" if you got my note then why are you still here?" She said pointedly, putting her pencil and sketch pad down as she finally forcing herself to look at him but she still avoided making eye contact with him

" I didn't know if it was a joke or not, seeing how you can't possible know the things that you state that you do in the note" he said hoping that if he pushed her hard enough she would tell him whatever deep dark secret that was obviously killing her

"... I see things like flashes of someone's memories usually when I touch someone but with you it happened when I saw you at the gate with your dad and Scott through my bedroom window" she said knowing he would think she was crazy but then again so was he

" I can't believe I'm going to ask this but what did you see?" Stiles asked knowing that there was obviously more supernatural creatures out there than meets the eye

" I saw you and Scott out in the woods looking for a body, Scott trying to kill you while he transformed, you and your friends being trapped in your school by an... Alpha, you being paralysed by the...Kanima, some guy called Gerard coughing up black fluid, a whole pack of big bad Alphas, the three fold sacrifices, you and Scott and Allison switching places with your parents in the sacrifices, your nightmares, the Nogitsune possessing you, the fact that your scans showed you have Frontotemporal Dementia. Want me to continue?"she explained hoping that none of that was common knowledge as she stumbled over unfamiliar words

" no! there's no way you can know any of that, what are you? Another banshee? A psychic maybe?" He said more to himself than to her as he tried to work all of this out in his head without the help of Scott or the others

" I'm not anything Stiles, I'm a human with a slight mental health issue. I've warned you to leave so as far as I'm concerned my part is done" Aylee said as she picked up her things and began to walk away

" wait!" Stiles said trying to get her to stop walking by gently grabbing her arm, however as soon as he touched her arm she screamed out in pain as if his touch actually burned her. Before he knew it there were nurses and orderlies everywhere pushing him away from Aylee and onto the floor where he was able to see the basement from his nightmares through the holes in the grate

After the incident with Aylee, Stiles knew that this was right place to get answers even if they weren't the ones he had expected or wanted to get. So far all he knew was that this girl had some kind of powers that allowed her to see into people's pasts by touching them except when it came to him because she only needed look at him and saw so much. Also that his touch had physically caused her pain. All Stiles knew was that he had see her again if not just to make sure she was ok. Little did he know that he would be placed in the same group therapy with her and Ms Morrell, his old school counsellor and Deaton's sister.

" so last time we were talking about guilt and the effect that it has on us as well as other. Aylee, would you like to continue what you were saying last time about how you felt guilty about the things you did to your friends and family before you came here?" Ms Morrell asked politely while glancing towards Stiles every so often as if trying to tell him something

" actually I said that I hoped they felt guilty for putting me in here and not listening to what I was saying to them. Also that I felt that the stress of everything that I did to them was caused by themselves" Aylee said with a bitter anger while staring at her knees that were pressed against her chest

" Aylee we've discussed this before, your family and friends were concerned about you. You started to write the things that you claimed you had seen from other people's past all over your bedroom walls. They were scared you were going to hurt someone or yourself" Ms Morrell said trying to reason with her while unknowingly giving Stiles more information about Aylee

" but I didn't and now I won't cause the likely hood is that I'll be in here for the rest of my life. Why don't you leave me alone and talk to the new guy cause I know for a fact he must have a lot to feel guilty about?" She told her not caring anymore if she sounded crazy or not

" ok Stiles, any thoughts on guilt? What does it make you feel?" She asked wondering what his answer would be based on

" it makes me feel nervous" Stiles said looking around the room then quickly avoiding the places where he was seeing the Nogitsune while rubbing his neck skittishly

" does anyone know what we call someone who doesn't feel any guilt?" She said reluctantly taking her eyes off Stiles to look at the whole group

" a sociopath" said another patient that Stiles remembered Dan saying his name was Oliver

"That's right Oliver, a sociopath is someone who feels no remorse for what they have done to...others..." She said trailing off the end of her sentence as she noticed the red jagged lines on Stiles neck

" Dr Morrell, are you okay?" A patient asked noticing her strange behaviour

" yes I'm fine thank you Beth, however I am going to have cut this session short for today. Stiles can I see you in my office...NOW!" She said gathering her things and leaving the group abruptly

Stiles didn't know what was going on but something told him since she was Deaton's sister and a Druid emissary that it wasn't about his lack of discussion in group therapy. He knew it must be supernatural related or more specifically Nogitsune related.

"I need you to lift your top up so I can examine your back and neck" she said as soon as he closed the door causing them to be alone

" well that's defiantly a new one" he said trying to lighten the already tense mood while she gently examined his back and neck

" you have what's called a Lichtenberg figure, it's what happens to people who are struck by lightening. I suspect that it's a side effect of the wolf lichen that my brother injected you with which is still in your system. Once those marks fade away and they will, the Nogitsune will come back more angry than before" she informed him with the careful balance of casual and urgency that only she could use

"So what do we do when he comes back?"Stiles asked trying to form a plan in his head while he was still processing this new information

" you need to take these, they're amphetamines which means that they will keep you from sleeping because that's when you are most vulnerable therefore most likely to let him in. However they are only a temporary solution so when the Nogitsune takes control of you again I will use this" she said handing him a bottle filled with the amphetamines pills in them while holding a vial of something in her other hand

" that's Pancuronium Bromide, it causes respiroraty paralysis. It's what they use as the lethal injection, you plan kill me to stop him...why?" He said trying to think of a better solution other than becoming collateral damage

"I'm doing what I have always done Stiles, I am maintaining the balance" she said as if it was the simplest thing in the world

Stiles gave her a look of pure disgust before walking out of the room so he could head to the nearest boys bathroom in order to take the amphetamines so that he could stay awake. He couldn't believe that Ms Morrell, the woman who was willing to kill him in order to destroy the wanted creature inside of him, was related to Dr Deaton, the man who was always keen to help them save themselves and others. He was so lost in thoughts he hadn't noticed the steam coming from one of the showers. Once he took the pills, he looked in the mirror to see a figure with long brown hair looking at him.

" oh my god... I'm ...I'm sorry, I didn't realise that anyone was in here let alone that it was you. I swear I didn't see anything...not that I was looking " Stiles said realising that he was stumbling over his words as he began to wonder if he had walked into the right bathroom while trying not to look at her naked body

" it's fine and don't worry you're in the right bathroom, it's just that showers in the girls bathroom are awful but the ones in here are warmer and have a better water pressure. Plus no one ever comes in here" she said carrying on with her shower as if he weren't there

" I'm sorry, I guess someone forgot to tell the new guy. Wait... How did you know what I was thinking? Can you read my thoughts?" He said as a thought occurred to him once he had processed what she just said

" noI'm not a mind reading and I already told you I'm not psychic... Now you're looking" she said walking towards him as she wrapped a towel around herself

" I actually wanted to talk you about what happened earlier, has anything ever happened like that before? Are you okay? Did you see anything?" He said hoping he hadn't just scared her away with his twenty questions

" its like I told you before Stiles, usually with people there needs to be touching for me to see their memories and once the connection is broken the memories stop. It's never hurt like that before but then again I didn't need to touch you to see your memories, all I did was look at you...and yeah I saw something" she said getting quieter at the end since she was still not used to talking so openly about the things she saw

" what did you see, Aylee?" He asked her softly, knowing this stuff was hard for her to talk about since it was the one thing she feared more than anything else

" I saw you in a basement of some kind tied to a chair while yelling at him, the Nogitsune, to let her go and he was yelling at you let him in. I didn't see who she was... this is all a first for me, I've never seen anything other than the past Stiles" she said walking over to him once she hand put her top on

" no you did good Aylee, thanks. This just means I need to get into the basement down stairs more than before, there's something about this place and the Nogitsune" he said trying to work everything out aloud more for himself than for her

" you can't get down there. I mean it's locked and no one has a key, not even Brunski the head orderly. Believe me I've tried, I thought it might have been a way out of here" she explained once she saw the confused look on his face

" ok, is there any other way down there that you know of? It could lead me to some much needed answers because everything leads back to that basement" he said trying to stress his reasons to her

" theres one and it would means we would have to go through the closed unit. Thats where they keep the really insane ones" she said walking past him and out of the door knowing he would follow her

They went through the closed unit where there was a secret door that led to a hidden passage that Aylee had stated led to the basement. Stiles went first so that he could take the hit if anything happened to them and that she could escape or at least prepare herself for the worse. Once they were in the basement, Stiles noticed the symbol in the wall that was made during his nightmare by the Nogitsune. He went closer to get a better look at it and began to touch it as a way of checking it out some more.

" what does it mean?" Aylee asked getting more and more curious by the minute by this strange boy and the strange things that surrounded him

" it's a Japanese symbol, it means 'self'" he said gently as she crouched lower so she was closer to the symbol and to him

" tell me more" she said already knowing half of the story from his memories, she knew all too well that everyone had a story whether they liked it or not

" you may not like me if you knew more" he said showing the fact he was ashamed of the things the Nogitsune had done while possessing his body, even if it wasn't him who had done those things

" you're forgetting that I'm a girl who has seen people memories, including yours Stiles. I promise I won't judge you" she said trying to reassure him that he could trust her with his secrets

Stiles began to tell her everything that had happened since the sacrifice had occurred including how he had felt which is something that no one knew including Scott. As he told her everything they began to pull over some of the boxes that they had found in the basement over to an old couch so that they could look through them together. Aylee took out some pictures that she had just found in a box in front of her, in one of them was a picture of a man being strapped to a chair while still awake as several doctors surrounded him as they drilled holes into his head

" it's called trephination, they would drill holes into patients heads. It was used to treat depression and other mental ailments, back when they used other unnecessary and extreme treatments" he said taking the picture from her as he could tell that it was upsetting her

" like electro shock therapy, ice baths and what do you know? This place even had the whole padded cell and straight jacket thing going on. They documented everything!" she said showing him the other pictures she had found in horror

" urgghh, there's nothing here" he said in frustration as he threw yet another folder away as he began to show the signs of stress, panic and worry by tapping his leg while he placed his head onto his clasped hands

" Stiles don't worry we'll find something, I promise" she said knowing that she would do anything that would save him, despite the fact she had only him for a day she already felt a strong connection with him

" can you do me a favour and check the lines on my back? Are they fading?" He asked her as he pulled his top up exposing his back and neck to her

" yeah they're almost completely gone... I'm guessing that's a bad thing" she said as he had nodded slightly while she helped him put his top down causing her hand to brush against his skin. Both of them suddenly felt a burst of electricity pulse through their bodies at each other touch which ended once Aylee took her hand away

" ohh my... Did you feel that too?" Stiles asked already knowing by the look on her face that she did, he slowly went to grab her hand as soon as he touched her skin they felt that same burst of electricity

" yeah I defiantly feel that" she said as they watched their hands raise up so that they were finger tip to finger tip and palm to Palm then eventually their hands were clasped together

Stiles and Aylee both looked at each other knowing something was about to happen when Aylee suddenly leaned forward and passionately kissed him. The kiss felt like it was most rightest thing in the world and that it had last hours or days rather than minutes. Aylee eventually pulled away to see his reaction.

" was that your first kiss?" He whispered remembering that Dan had told him that she had been in here since she was eight

" yeah" she whispered back knowing that she didn't need to feel embarrassed about that with Stiles since everything was out in the open when it came to them

" was it okay?" He asked back still whispering suddenly wondering whether or not it was a disappoint to her

" yeah" she said again smiling that smile that was so rare but was able to completely light up her face and expose both the person she had been as well as the person she was slowly becoming

" do you want to try it again?" He asked needing to feel that sense of connection that he had only felt with her and no one else not even when he kissed Lydia

Instead of answering, she just leaned forward slightly as Stiles soon realised her answer and leaned in to meet her lips as they crashed into his. This time the kiss was passionate but there was more of a desperate need that wasn't there before. Stiles's hand wondered all over her body trying to touch every part of her all at once as if she was suddenly going to disappear. Where as Aylee allowed her hands to roam and gently tug at his hair but also then allowing them to trail down to his neck. Stiles gently and slowly pushed Aylee back at the same time that she began to fall backwards pulling him with her, he let his hand trail up from her knee and back again. Aylee gently pushed them up so that they were sitting up again, she pulled away after gently tugging the neckline on his tops. Stiles tried to find her lips again before opening his eyes to what had changed

" there's something else I want to try" she whispered since they were inches away from each other, she decided to go with her gut feeling which was something she never done

" something else?" He repeated while coping her whispered tones since he didn't want to scare her away just yet

he pulled back slightly as she began to take off her top exposing her body as well as her light green lace bra, for a while they just looked at each other. For Aylee, she was trying to work out his reaction hoping that he wouldn't reject her. For Stiles, he was trying to work out what to do as he wanted respect her as much as he wanted to what she was implying. Soon they both forgot about their worries as they leaned into kiss again, this time she let her hand go towards his hair as his went for her leg. They both leaned back so that Aylee was lying on the couch as Stiles hitched her leg up slightly. Soon he pulled back a bit to allow her to get herself comfortable but before long they were back for a short kiss, although they stopped briefly just looked at each other trying to take it all in. Aylee couldn't help but give Stiles a big bright smile while he gave a small smile and bit his bottom lip as he gently stroked her face, not quite believing this was happening. Soon he leaned back then after a kiss or two he began to focus on her neck by gently covering it with kissing overwhelming her with desire. As he went back to kissing her lips, he took both of her hands in his and clasped them together and he lifted them up to lie next to their heads effectually pinning her to the couch.

After they had finished and got dressed again, they settled into each other and began to cuddle on the couch. Stiles was propped up on one elbow behind Aylee so that her back was touching his chest, one of his hands was draped over her waist while the other wrapped over Aylee so that they're hands were once again clasped so that Stiles could gently rub the back of her hand with his thumb. Where as Aylee was lying down holding onto one of his arms while tracing the details of his hand with one of her fingers, she had never been so relaxed and causal while touching someone for so long that it was still all new to her. They looked at each other for a moment with such love and affection, just happy to be close to one other. It was enough to forget all their worries and fears. Once they looked away, they beginning to think back on what just happened between them as Aylee's eyes fall onto the Japanese symbol on the wall when she noticed something weird about it that she hadn't seen before.

" Stiles! Look! you hear that? " She said getting up as Stiles followed where she was looking then went over with her to find out what she had seen as she began to tap on the wall making the discovery that it was hollow

" wait a mintue... Aylee stand back" he said picking up a pipe that was lying around as he began to hit the wall repeatedly till he smashed a big enough of a hole for both of them to see what was inside

" oh my god, these guys should really think about cleaning this place every so often" she said trying to distract herself from the dead body that they had just found

" Aylee, you know who this is right? I mean you recognise him from the flashes you got from me?" He said trying to keep his voice from shaking but so far failing

" yeah it's the Nogitsune, do you think it means that he was a patient here? Do you want me to touch him to see if I can get anything from him?" She said checking all of the pockets on the body as she tried to keep her voice steady as she made her suggestion

" no I don't think it will work, he doesn't have a brain anymore and I don't want you to get hurt. He must have been, otherwise how did he get in here" he said checking if there was anything usefully on the floor

" Stiles, do you recognise anyone in this picture?" She said knowing that he would, as she handed him a picture that she had found in the body's pocket

" yeah one of them, I have to get this to Scott..." He said before he suddenly felt an intense buzzing feeling in his side that cause him to fall against the wall. He turned to the side and saw that the same had happened to Aylee as he heard a small cry coming from her as she went down

" you would be surprised what the orderlies leave lying around the place like Brunski leaving his stun gun carelessly lying around or his haldol" Oliver said before injecting Aylee in the leg with it, knocking her out cold

" Oliver, what are you doing?" Stiles asked his voice matching his body by shaking from the electricity buzzing through his muscles

" I'm going to let all of the evil spirits out Stiles" he said picking up the electric drill and pressing the on button

When Stiles woke up he soon realised that he was strapped to a chair just like Aylee said he would be, only this time he knew exactly who the her he talked about was and why he had said it.

" Oliver stop this... Stop...OLIVER STOP" Stiles repeated as Oliver got closer to his head with the drill after he coughed up blood and a dead dragonfly

" no, start with her" a rough voice that Stiles now knew all too well by now said to Oliver

" you! You did this? You got into his head!" Stiles said now seeing where the Nogitsune was hiding, he wondered how he hadn't seen this coming

" every Dracula needs a Renfield" the Nogitsune told him showing him how little a human life really meant to him, at the same time Stiles saw Oliver beginning to strap Aylee to a chair just as she began to come around

" just let her go" he said since her getting hurt was the last thing he wanted to happen, he knew at that moment he would do anything to prevent that from happening

" let me in...Stiles do you want her to leave here alive? Do you want us to leave here? We can walk out of this place" the Nogitsune said baiting him with something he knew Stiles wanted

" just let her go please" Stiles begged as tears began to form in his eye as he watched Oliver continue to fasten the restrains on to her wrists and ankles

It began to become a shouting match between Stiles and the Nogitsune as Stiles shouted at him to let Aylee go and the Nogitsune shouted at him to let him in as it was the only way to save her. All the while Oliver had pressed the on button to the drill on and began to slowing get closer to Aylee's head. At that moment Stiles knew exactly what he had to do as he relaxed his body and let all the fight out of him as he fell asleep and allowed the Nogitsune to take over.

" Oliver stop" the Nogitsune in Stiles body demanded as he broke free from the restraints and slowly walked towards Oliver and took the drill of him as he firmly hit him with it causing Oliver to pass out

" Stiles, help me!" Aylee weakly said as Stiles turned to walk away from her, leaving her alone in the basement tied to the chair

Aylee had woken up to discover that an orderly had found her in the basement still tied to the chair with Oliver on the floor. They figured that Stiles had tortured them both to discover a way out and had escaped as Oliver couldn't remember what happened. Making Aylee the only one who knew the truth or at least half of it. She return to her room to pack her things as well as to get changed into one of her outfits that there were usually used for going on trips. She then signed herself out against their advice, just as Ms Morrell caught up to her

" do you know where you're going?" She asked losing all pretence of not knowing who she was or that Aylee didn't know what she was

" no but I know who I am looking for" she said without stopping or slowing down

" Scott McCall and I know where you can find him" she told Aylee as she handed her a small piece of paper with an address on it

Soon she was walking out of the gate, more determined than ever to find and save Stiles no matter what it costed her.

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