The Third Messenger

Chapter 1

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Okay, now, read away…

Hawkpaw blinked, shifting her paws uncomfortably. Not that there was anything strange or scary about the she-cat who now stood in front of her but she had no idea who the cat was.

"Welcome to the Unknown, Hawkpaw. I am sorry to tell you that your life has been short-lived," the gray she-cat meowed, once again her mouth not moving. Hawkpaw stared at her. A faint white fog surrounded her and Hawkpaw could see nothing but darkness beyond. The scents were different, though. Hawkpaw's paws itched to flee, but her paws seemed planted firmly in the ground.

"Am I dead?" she whispered, her voice quivering. The gray she-cat looked at her for a moment, then gave a slight jerk of her head. It was small, but enough to reveal the horrifying truth. She thought of her parents: Lightningstrike and Foxfire. She would miss her parents more than anything, but regardless she would see them one day. The gray she-cat's meow snapped her from her thoughts.

"Little one, you will see them again, but only for a brief moment," rumbled the gray tabby. Hawkpaw's claws dug into the earth as she thought again of the tom who had killed her; then cocked her head in slight confusion as the she-cat spoke again, without opening her mouth.

"You have been chosen, Hawkpaw. Even though you have only lived for a short time, your life here has only just begun. You will train to be the next Messenger."

Hawkpaw kept her mouth shut as the fear grew stronger. The gray tabby she-cat's tail brushed her spine, coaxing her to follow her. Hawkpaw took a step forward, confused. What was she talking about?

"I am the current Messenger, Hawkpaw," meowed the she-cat, and once again her mouth did not move. "This is a rare opportunity and you have been chosen to train in my pawsteps. If you choose to fall.." Hawkpaw's mind whirled and she struggled to overcome her fear, "..then you shall fall into darkness," she finished as they padded forward.

Hawkpaw gaped as the fear grew stronger. After a short time of walking, she realized they were surrounded by cats that smelled of ancient rock and water that seemed neither fresh nor stale. "Now, Mistyspirit, don't be so harsh on the young one," another voice echoed through the darkness. The gray tabby known as Mistyspirit turned to face the cat who had spoken.

"Firespirit, she must learn fast before she finds it difficult," she growled. The ginger she-cat nodded respectfully before disappearing into the darkness.

"Who are they?" Hawkpaw mewed to the gray tabby she-cat.

Her blue eyes locked with Hawkpaw's for a moment, and Hawkpaw spotted pain in her gaze. "They are the former Messengers of The Unknown," she said plainly. Hawkpaw didn't understand why, but she nodded.

"So what do I do?" she meowed, flicking her tail, ignoring the urge to rush off and explore by herself. That was how she had lost her life.

"I will take you to meet cats to their afterlives," Mistyspirit murmured softly. "You believe in StarClan, yes?" Hawkpaw nodded uncertainly before she went on.

"StarClan is not the only after-life. There is the Dark Forest, where cats whose hearts have fallen to darkness go. And the Spirit Isle, where rogues, kittypets, and loners go. And the Tribe of Endless Hunting, where tribes go. Our very first Messenger came from there. She was known as Spirit.." Mistyspirit trailed off for a moment. "That is where our names descend from."

Hawkpaw's jaws gaped open at how much sacred evidence was being fed to her. She blinked slowly, silently begging her new mentor to continue. "You are not a messenger yet, Hawkpaw, you must train," she added. "There are still many things you have not learned yet, and it is vital for you to learn them." Hawkpaw raised her tail eagerly.

"Tell me more!" she begged. Mistyspirit's gaze darkened. "Wait, Hawkpaw, I cannot teach you everything by talking. There are things you must experience as well. And you will experience one very soon." Her blue gaze darted around the clearing, as if sensing when and where the things Hawkpaw was to experience was going to take place.

"PineClan, SeaClan, and WillowClan are not the only Clans who exist, Hawkpaw," Mistyspirit murmured. "There are many other Clans. The Southern Clans are the youngest of them all. The Forest Clans are the oldest existing Clans. And there are tribes, too."

"All together, twelve Clans exist. ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, IceClan, TreeClan, OceanClan, RockClan, PineClan, WillowClan, and SeaClan all live on different parts of the earth, and we are here to help pass them on," all the Messengers chorused.

"Come, I will show you how it is done," Mistyspirit meowed plainly. Hawkpaw's tail lifted excitedly. "There is a silver cat ready to join StarClan. She is among the six cats who were chosen to save the Forest Clans." The gray tabby stood up and began to walk away. Hawkpaw bounded after her, tail swaying. The darkness of the Unknown had disappeared now, to be replaced with rocks and crags of mountains.

Hawkpaw's fur bristled with unease as the cries of kits and cats filled the air. A ginger she-cat- about Hawkpaw's own size- jumpedd at the monster cat but he was too big for her and she was forced to jump onto a nearby ledge. The massive tabby beside her shoved her against the wall, as far away from the monster cat as possible.

The cats shrieked as the monster cat swatted the baited rabbit aside with one massive paw and scattered. The ginger apprentice cursed as every cats scattered, then fled from the monster cat's reach.

"Can they see us?" Hawkpaw asked quietly. Mistyspirit shook her head. "Who are they?"

"The ginger cat,Squirrelpaw. The tomcat who saved her is Brambleclaw. The two dark gray ones are Crowpaw and Stormfur. And the tortoiseshell is Tawnypelt. And the silver one is the cat we are going to bring to StarClan, as you will see in a moment." Mistyspirit's eyes glimmered with pain.

Stormfur and Feathertail were crouched on a ledge near some spikes on the ceiling. Hawkpaw could see Tawnypelt herding the kit-mothers down the entrance to a den and Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw were arguing. But...Crowpaw?

Then Hawkpaw saw him.

Right below them he crouched in a shallow dip that couldn't protect him. Sharptooth was very close to getting him.

Stormfur gasped. Hawkpaw didn't know what he was thinking but it wasn't going to help. They needed a miracle. Stormfur looked at Feathertail and tried to speak but she cut him off, "I hear the voices clearly now. This is for me to do." He looked puzzled and his expression faded into horror as she took a leap, hit a spike and plunged downwards. A shriek escaped from Feathertail. She hit bottom and flew of the rock. There was nothing but pain and she blacked out for a couple of heartbeats.

Feathertail looked as if she wanted to assure the five cats everything would be alright. But it wasn't. Hawkpaw knew what was happening.

"Stormfur, save the Clan." Hawkpaw could tell the silver she-cat loved her brother but she couldn't fight anymore. She was dying.

Feathertail looked at Crowpaw and he smiled faintly, finding some ironic humor in the situation. "Do you think you have nine lives? I saved you once. Don't make me save you again." But he couldn't save her again and he knew that.

"Feathertail, don't leave me!" he cried. The he whispered in a broken sort of way, "Please."

"I won't. I will always be with you," Feathertail whispered and Hawkpaw's heart twisted. Then the silver cat let go.

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