The Third Messenger

Chapter 2

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Hawkpaw gaped. The silver she-cat met Crowpaw's dead gaze, before she took her last breath and her life ended.

"Come,Hawkpaw," Mistyspirit meowed. "We must bring her to StarClan now." Hawkpaw stared at the silver-gray she-cat. Now came confusion. How?

The gray tabby sat calmly beside Feathertail. After a few moments, Hawkpaw saw a silver shape slide out of her. The other Forest Clan cats seemed blind to her spirit, however.

"Hello,Feathertail," Mistyspirit said. "I am Mistyspirit, and this is Hawkpaw. We have come to take you to StarClan."

Feathertail looked at Crowpaw. His eyes looked dead, as he might have been. Stormfur looked like he couldn't believe what had just happened, as well as the other three.

"What about Crowpaw and Stormfur? Will they be all right?"

"They will be fine,"Mistyspirit assured her. "Crowpaw will find a mate that will make him happy. Stormfur will survive."

"But..what about the others?"

"They will too," Mistyspirit mewed. "Follow me. You can ask later." Hawkpaw tipped her head to one side. Wouldn't Feathertail want to ask any family she had in StarClan?

"Come,we will lead you to the StarClan camp." Mistyspirit said. Hawkpaw glanced at her. She nodded.

"Although you have left your friends in the living world,you will continue to watch over them in StarClan," Hawkpaw looked at her mentor, who nodded approvingly.

"Come with us. We will bring you to your afterlife," Mistyspirit said. Feathertail cast a long gaze over Crowpaw who had his face buried in her fur. Mistyspirit and Hawkpaw led the silvery she-cat forward. Soon, they entered the StarClan camp.

"Can I go and explore their camp? I'll need to know where every cat is when I become a full Messenger," Hawkpaw mewed. Mistyspirit glanced at her.

"Good idea. But first we will bring Feathertail to her place in the StarClan camp," Mistyspirit meowed. Hawkpaw nodded, contented, and followed her mentor into the bright clearing.

"Silverstream!" Feathertail yowled as they approached the camp. An almost-identical silver she-cat bounded over to her. "Feathertail! I didn't expect to see you here so soon."

"Neither did I," Feathertail admitted. "But I heard the voices. They said that it was for me to do." Silverstream shook her head. "You followed your heart, and it told you to save the Tribe. Come with me," she added, gesturing to Mistyspirit and Hawkpaw. They followed Silverstream, and they ended up with a group of cats.

"-The five remaining cats will live great lives, it is said that they will save the Clans from destruction- hello, Mistyspirit," meowed a blue gray she-cat. "What brings you to StarClan?"

Mistyspirit glanced at Silverstream and Feathertail. "I had to bring Feathertail to StarClan- and show m new apprentice how it is done," she meowed. "Hello, Bluestar."

"Mistyspirit," nodded Bluestar. "It's about time you had an apprentice." The bracken-colored tom beside her glanced up at Mistyspirit.

"Now, Mosskit, this she-cat, is as old as dirt itself," he purred. Mistyspirit glanced back at Hawkpaw, who was sniffing the undergrowth curiously in search for prey.

"True. I'm sorry, Oakheart, but Hawkpaw and I should be moving on now," she meowed without opening her mouth.

"Now, Mistyspirit, you were a curious apprentice as I recall from your visit as an apprentice," Bluestar observed. "She's not the first curious messenger."

"I suppose," Mistyspirit said without changing her mind. "However, it doesn't mean she therefore should take forever to learn her task. Hawkpaw!" she called. Hawkpaw wriggled out from the bushes.

Hawkpaw flashed her curious blue gaze to her mentor. "Yeah?" she mewed.

"It is time we visited the Dark Forest. You have seen enough of StarClan for today, and you must learn more if you wish to continue 'climbing'. We will visit these places many more times," Mistyspirit meowed. "But you must visit each one of them first."

"Okay," Hawkpaw meowed. it couldn't be that bad if they were going to visit another place. It didn't sound as tempting to visit as the other places they had visited so far, though she supposed it was just a forest that was dark.

She followed her mentor, and they moved out of the bright clearing, which soon became no more than a bright forest. They approached a border. On one side was thebright forest they were leaving- StarClan's hunting grounds- and the other side was filled with darkness. Dead, decayed trees, slimy brambles, and tendrils. Hawkpaw wrinkled her nose at the stench of the decay."Is that the Dark Forest?" She had assumed it was just a place where another group of noble cats who had died lived in their afterlife, but her instinct told her the exact opposite, especially when several narrowed eyes snapped open with hostility.

"Yes, it is." Mistyspirit paused. "Do not let them sense your fear. If you do, they will see it as a weakness and use it to torture you," she hissed. Her eyes suddenly glowed with a guarded emotion. "Do you understand me, Hawkpaw?"

Hawkpaw nodded. "Yes," she meowed. Mistyspirit nodded and padded over the border between good and evil. Hawkpaw glanced at her paws which were beginning to give off a faint light.


Hawkpaw stuck close to her mentor as they padded deeper and deeper into the Dark Forest. The smells were disgusting and she couldn't help feeling nervous as the darkness grew.

"What are we going to do here?" she asked her mentor. The gray tabby bristled with obvious anxiety as they moved onward through the Dark Forest, "It is our job as the Messengers to make sure the cats of the Dark Forest stay here," she meowed. "You'll see very soon."

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