The Third Messenger

Chapter 3

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Hawkpaw's fear grew stronger as they padded through the darkness. She could smell disgusting stenches,brambles tugged at her pelt, but she tried to ignore them as she padded forward. Mistyspirit's glow had seemed to disappear from sight and Hawkpaw was beginning to feel more nervous than ever, especially when Mistyspirit's light seemed to vanish completely, and Hawkpaw felt unaware of her presence.

"Why, it's a little kitten!" Hawkpaw felt her fur bush at the voice. There was no way she could win a fight; it was overwhelmingly obvious that she couldn't; otherwise she wouldn't be in the Unknown, wandering here and there to become a messenger or spirit guide.

She looked up to see a brown tabby she-cat leaning over her, her muzzle peeled back in a wasn't the only one either. A ragged gray tabby tom was with felt fear vibrating off of her and knew she should try to hide it, but she couldn't help it. She tried to bush up her fur to scare them, but she could tell it wasn't working, because they just teased her more.

"How many mice did you catch today, kit?" sneered the tomcat, digging his claws deeper into her skin.

"MISTYSPIRIT!" she screamed, suddenly overwhelmed by her fear. Suddenly, a bright light filled the clearing, and she heard the brown tabby she-cat squeal in surprise and fear. The ragged gray tabby tom stood his ground, his eyes narrowed against the light in disgust.

"Snakeheart, don't you think we should leave now?" hissed the brown tabby she-cat nervously. The tom took a look at his "kit-prize" and then glanced back at the she-cat, then towards the light with his eyes narrowed. "Maybe we should, but we'll be back, you mark my words," he snarled.

Hawkpaw stayed where she was, her eyes shut, wishing she had never been killed by the rogue. Then she wouldn't be here training to be in the Unknown. Who cared about the Unknown anyway? "Hawkpaw, get over here," Mistyspirit commanded. Hawkpaw felt her hackles rising as she padded over to the gray she-cat.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she complained. "I could have been prepared. Then I wouldn't have gotten caught like that," she growled angrily.

"I told you not to let them sense your fear," Mistyspirit reminded her. "You either didn't listen or you didn't pay attention when I was talking to you. You will learn more quickly this way." Hawkpaw shrugged.

"So then why did you leave me there?" she challenged. Mistyspirit met her gaze calmly. "I left you only for a few moments and I did come back to fetch you."

Hawkpaw reluctantly allowed her fur to flatten. "Who are Snakeheart and that brown tabby cat?" she asked after a few moments.

"They are cats who betrayed their own Clans to please themselves, and even as we speak they are training cats to train in their pawsteps," Mistyspirit replied without opening her mouth.

"Can you show me or is it not our business?" Hawkpaw asked, allowing curiosity to overcome her anger. Mistyspirit looked amused, even though her mouth didn't open to show it.

"Yes, I can. If you want to." Hawkpaw fought the urge to give her mentor a playful swipe across the muzzle.

"Of course! I want to learn everything there is to know about this place!" she meowed. Mistyspirit nodded.

"Okay, Hawkpaw. But this isn't something we should be proud of, so don't be so..." Hawkpaw sighed and nodded. "Fine. Okay then, now can we go see?"

"See?" Mistyspirit mewed as they left. "I told you this wasn't a duty we should be proud of." Hawkpaw quickly looked the opposite way so her mentor couldn't see the look on her face. Even though Hawkpaw couldn't see it, she was sure it didn't look very inviting, and it certainly wouldn't get her anything she wanted. Still, saying the wrong thing could probably give her the same reply as the look on her face.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard it a million times. Is there anything else you want to show me or can I go play." She hissed. Mistyspirit didn't reply but Hawkpaw saw her face darken for a moment after her ears seemed to stiffen.

"Yes, there is," she meowed. "Come with me."

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