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Star Wars: The Jedi Wars - Struggle Of The Sith

By Jeff Walker

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 1

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….



As the Sith continually battle for survival against the Jedi, they begin to use stronger attack methods on various Jedi training centers and ships hoping to dwindle their numbers. But each battle has resulted in a major loss of their numbers and therefore lowering their chances at becoming the dominant rule of the force. Now the few clans of Sith try to band together and lure new members into their order, all the while they continue to become extinguished in the galaxy.

Jedi Master Jin Wan So’bal has been sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to pick up a newly discovered recruit that has been identified with a high meta-chlorine count. Trained since birth from a wise old Jedi retiree who found him, Jin Wan has come to bring the young Padwan learner to the temple on Coruscant where he can complete his training. Unknown to Jin Wan, a Sith group has been sent to slaughter the Jedi cruiser and take the young Padawan for their own….

Deep in the dark recesses of space, where the stars twinkle faintly in the black empty void of space, sits a lone world with a fairly distant sun. The world is a lush green and orange with a streak of white clouds surrounding the planet. Orbiting the world is a fairly large ship, big enough to hold several thousand beings and even carry some smaller crafts within its sizable bulk. The windows show various movements inside as people pass by the many various sized windows that shine out of the ship like mini-lights. The back of the ship is large and almost looks built with the intent to keep it’s massive glowing blue engines separate from the normal section of the design. Perhaps as a means of detaching them incase of an emergency situation or an ingenious way to repair them more efficiently. As it hovers over the planet, a faint, crackling transmission is sent out to the planet below. A deep, but gentle voice talks as it is sent towards the world.

“Master Jin Wan, this is The Cu’Nothal…I repeat this is The Cu’Nothal. Transport to Coruscant is now boarding, awaiting your signal for rendezvous….”

“Jin Wan So’bal here.” The male voice responds back firmly. “Sorry about the wait…my Padawan was insistent we stroll through the gardens one last time.”

Down on the planet’s surface, in a lush field of orange colored grass and growing weeds, a dark haired Caucasian man can been seen walking at a steady pace through the thick grass. His dark short crop hair and clean-shaven look gave him a young appearance, obviously a human male in species, but looking very un-Jedi like in traditional appearance. Jedi Masters always tend to wear their hair long, a symbol of age and experience, and grow proud mustaches and beards; yet another symbol of age and wisdom. Jin Wan was not what some would consider being a “traditional” Jedi, for he looked nothing like the usual Masters and was mistaken many times as being a simple Padawan learner. But now as he walks swiftly through the flowing orange fields in his Jedi brown issue cloak and dull cream-colored pants and vest; he speaks to the vessel high above on his small communicator like a pro.

Quickly following behind him, a pair of green ears and a mop of dusty brown hair, keeps close to his steps and bobs up and down as it runs to catch up. Looking behind him, So’bal smiles and laughingly jokes to the small hidden creature that is breathing heavily as it runs.

“Come on young Padawan. Pick up the pace, we need to get to the shuttle before we’re left behind for another solar day!”

Panting and trying to speak with each new breath, the Padawan fights to say his words.

“Much running I have done Master, trying I am to keep up…*huff*…Sit, may we for awhile?”

“No, no…come on Yoda, you can rest when we get on the shuttle. Remember my young Padawan, Do or Do not…there is no try.”

The creature’s voice sighs, “Yes, yes…coming Master.”

Set out in the not so distant between them is the small sleek designed shuttle with it’s two side wings folded up to the fairly large fin poised on the back of it. As it sits with it’s back to them, the light coming from inside shines out as the back ramp sits out waiting for them to enter. The two continue to walk briskly as they get closer to the shuttle with each step.

Out in space, a small flat looking black ship folds out of space. The ship once speeding along into the same system now slows down, the green-lit engines die down as it approaches the planet slowly. Every inch of the craft is black as night, the windows tinted, and the markings of the craft are not visible at all. The short wings on either side slowly drop down like a hawk coming closer to its prey. Inside the dark craft, a black-cloaked figure sits in front of the multi-screened console that steers the vehicle. The shadowy figure touches a button on the computer in front of him and an image appears of yet another cloaked individual hunched over and holding a crooked cane. A grainy hologram, blue in hue and fluttering as if it cannot stay stable.

“I have reached the co-ordinates Master.”, the dark pilot says to the hologram in a deep male voice.

“Excellent Lord Vargos…as soon as they are aboard, begin the attack at once.”, the hologram figure says back.

“Yes my Master.”, the cloaked figure answers back with a slight bow to the disappearing image.

The black ship now hangs in space as it watches the large Republic transport orbiting the orange and green planet. Suddenly, the small shuttle Jin Wan and Padawan Yoda were running too rises out of the atmosphere and heads towards the awaiting large ship. Inside of the shuttle, Jin Wan So’bal steers as he moves his hands about the computer console and clutches a couple of silvery stick switches that are part of the steering process. Yoda sits next to him, a small green young looking creature, big brown eyes and looking too small to fit in the chair.

“Miss I will, Jedi Master Dalarkin. And this world as well.” The young Padawan sighs out.

Jin Wan looks over with sympathy, “I know you will Yoda. Dalarkin was the finest Jedi ever known, you should be honored that you had the best teacher to train you.”

Yoda looks up at him, “Grateful, I am. But…more of a Father was he to me. Found me he did…an orphan child, with no memory of who or where I come from. Feel deeply for him I do…”

“He is with the Force now my young Padawan. Take comfort in that, now his life force shall guide you and all other Jedi. His old age got the best of him, but it is a universal truth that all Jedi must face…we are mortal in this life.”

Yoda sighs again, “Hmm, wonder I do…live as long as he did shall I?”

Jin Wan laughs slightly, “If you live to be nearly a thousand years old my young one, then I will think the Force is stronger in you then anyone I’ve ever known.”

As the Shuttle boards inside the Republic ship, The Cu’Nothal, Jin Wan sets it down inside the landing bay and opens the back ramp. Together young Yoda and he step out of the shuttle and walk into the shuttle bay area. A large bug eyed alien with pale skin and human-like features greets them both as they walk up and bow.

“Welcome aboard Master Jedi. It is an honor to take you home aboard my vessel.”, the creature says in his native tongue.

The Jedi know all forms of languages of the galaxy, and are trained regularly on any new species brought into the Republic. The captain being from the world of Kulthar, is one of several thousands of species recently made new members of the Republic of the Galaxy. The Jedi liberated their world from an oppressive warlord who dominated them for hundreds of years. Using the standard Jedi “Negotiations”, they freed his people and gave them all the freedom none had ever had before. Jin Wan was proud to be one of those Jedi who helped to free his world and was even the one who gave the captain a job in the Republic Intergalactic Transport.

“Thank you my friend.”, So’bal says back to him. “This is young Padwan Yoda. He’s never been on a space ship before…and I thought you could give him a tour later.”

The captain bowed to the small green child, “It would be a pleasure.”

All of a sudden, an explosion hit the side of the ship. The impact shook everyone inside and caused all the warning sirens to blare away. Outside the ship, the small black craft continued to fire and struck major populated areas of the vessel. As it flew under and made it’s way to the underside shuttle bay entry, it shot another energy bolt that caused a big fiery explosion inside where Jin Wan and Yoda were. The black ship punched its way into the shuttle bay and landed very quickly. The underside of the front of the craft opened up and three cloaked individuals came rushing out with lightsabers activated. Varied in height and weight, the black dressed attackers began attacking the guards rushing to stop them from boarding. The guards of various species fired their weapons in vein and found themselves becoming helpless victims in the shadowy threesome’s destructive wake.

Jin Wan So’bal got up from the floor as he shakes off the stun from the explosion and looks down at young Yoda who also rises back to his feet. Taking out his lightsaber, Jin Wan shouts at the green creature with a serious look.

“Go find a place to hide! NOW!”

Yoda looks scared and confused, “But…but…”

Jin Wan runs over to the three figures and activates his sword as well. The cloaked beings see him coming and take off their hoods to reveal their faces. The first one is large in size, scaly and looking more like a cross between a dinosaur and a horned demon. The middle cloaked figure was a humanoid woman; her eyes were pale yellow with no pupils and had blue skin. Her hair was short, red as blood and had two long strands that came past either side of her head. The last one looked like a squid, its face had dark eyes on either side, tentacles for it’s mouth and its head came to a point to the back.

“Jedi!”, the dino-creature hissed. “Death to you and all your kind!”

The three rushed to him and all clashed their swords at the same time. The bright spark of their weapons shone through the entire shuttle bay, it was like witnessing a flash of lightning as the four swords touched. Jin Wan skillfully managed to handle all three at once, as each sith tried to beat him down with their weapon. As they continued to thrash their lightsabers down on him, one quickly broke away and headed towards the young Yoda. The small green creature was too stricken with fear to move, but his eyes grew wide as he saw the horned Dino-creature heading for him. Yoda panicked and called out to Jin Wan So’bal.

“M-m-master! Help Me!”

Jin Wan tried to aid his young Padwan but was too busy with the other two Sith blocking his every move. So’bal looked back at his frightened student and called to him over the sound of the lightsabers clashing.

“Don’t give in to fear Yoda! Let the Force guide you!”

Yoda was trying his best to remain calm, but as a helpless small child, he’s no match for someone twice his size. The massive Sith warrior continued to approach him, withdrawing his sword and placing it at his side, the horned devil calmly walked up and began to reach for the Padwan. The smirk on his face suggested that this was an easy assignment; he wasn’t there to hurt the small child, but rather collect him and take him back to his master. Yoda looked at this large being reaching out for him slowly, and in a desperate attempt to shield himself, he quickly forced out both hands at the creature and screamed.


Squinting in fear, Yoda did not look as he tried to protect himself. But as he pushed out his hands in a defensive posture, the Dino-Sith suddenly was flung backwards across the shuttle bay. The Sith landed hard against one of the smaller shuttles that was not being used, after hitting the shuttle and landing to the ground, he could feel the very pain of such a blow to his back. Yoda opened his eyes and saw what he did, it was amazing to him that he was the one that did that. Jin Wan had seen it as well, even though he was fighting with two others, the corner of his eye caught the impressive use of the Force from his Padwan. The female and squid-like Sith continued to battle the Jedi relentlessly, nothing was going to break their concentration as they tried to overpower the Jedi master. Jin Wan had had enough of this dual attack and flipped into the air and quickly spun around behind the squid looking Sith. With one massive swing, he managed to take the creature’s head off as it tried to turn around to fight him. The female was shocked by the deadly attack and quickly kicked her friends still standing body out of the way and continued to attack the Jedi.

“Jedi scum!”, she roared.

So’bal and the Sith woman clashed their swords over and over again, her moves where quick and graceful, but so too was Jin Wan’s. The two flipped into the air, spun around and tried to strike one another from behind. A stalemate in tactics, they both found one another to be a challenge, Jin Wan almost looked worried about this woman’s skill. As Yoda continued to watch his teacher battle, he failed to notice that the Dino-Sith had gotten up and begun to walk back over to him again. Looking very pissed, the creature took out his sword and turned it on. The bright red glow and the sound of it activating made Yoda take notice. Now he was worried again, this Sith was plenty angry at him and didn’t seem to care if he hurt him or not.

“No one does that to me and live little one. My master will have to have you in two pieces instead of the one whole!”

Yoda gulped at looked to his Jedi instructor again. Jin Wan breaking away from the woman fighter finally got a moment to see what was happening, he could see his young Padwan was in trouble and tried to think of some way to help him. Down on the ground, next to the dead Squid-Sith, was the creature’s lightsaber. The Jedi master used the Force and flung the sword over to Yoda.

“Catch it Yoda!”, He screamed out loud.

Yoda’s small hand reached out and caught it with little effort. The Force managed to bring it to him with quick speed. Yoda looked at the device and wondered how he was supposed to operate it. His old master, Dalarkin, never got around to teaching him to use the Jedi weapon. Dalarkin was too busy focusing on Yoda’s mind and the skills to discipline it, as he taught him the very meaning of what the Force was. The lightsaber training was yet to come for the small Padwan learner, but Dalarkin died before he could instruct his small student on how to weld one. As the Sith warrior came closer and closer, Yoda frantically looked for the “on” switch. The Dino-devil finally reached Yoda and brought his sword up in a striking position.

“Death to all Jedi!”, he hissed deeply at the small child.

Yoda closed his eyes, and thought of Jin Wan’s instructions, to let the Force guide him in his actions. As soon as the creature struck down at him, Yoda’s sword activated and blocked the Sith’s deadly attack. The creature was stunned at the sight, he took his sword up again and tired to hit the child at another angle, but he was met with yet another block by Yoda’s weapon. The Sith warrior couldn’t believe this mere child was blocking his actions and then repeatedly tried to attack him as he would any Jedi knight. Each time, his sword was met with Yoda’s, each time the creature became angrier. Yoda had still not opened his eyes, he continued to let the Force flow through him and protect him from this enemy. As Jin Wan and the woman Sith broke away, they both saw what the small boy was doing and gazed with amazement. The creature was going ballistic on the small Padwan and not even making a dent.

“It can’t be. That’s impossible…”, the woman uttered under her breath.

Jin Wan took the moment to act while she stood there stunned and raised his sword at her.

“No…that’s the Force.”

The Jedi swung at her and managed to slice her arm off, the lightsaber was still clutched in her hand as it was cut off and she yelped in pain from the burning chop. Jin Wan held the tip of his sword at her throat as she lay on the ground writhing in pain.

“Call off your friend…Do it!”, he shouted at her.

The woman’s frown of pain soon turned into a smile, the woman looked up at the victorious Jedi and laughed.

“No Sith shall be taken…not even in defeat.”

She took out another sword hidden in her sleeve, pressed it against her forehead and activated the lightsaber. Jin Wan looked away in disgust as the beam sliced into brain and killed her instantly. Hearing the sword switch on, the Sith battling Yoda turned to see his female companion die. So’bal stood over the body of the now dead female and looked up at the Dino-creature as he glared at the Jedi warrior with furious anger. The Sith realizing he would get nowhere with Yoda, then focused his attention on Jin Wan. The creature howled as it ran across the bay and held his sword up for a strong attack. So’bal couldn’t help but pity the creature rushing across the room and rather then engaging him in a futile sword battle again, he used his Jedi powers and quickly sprinted towards the Sith at full force. His sword managed to move the creature’s lightsaber out of his hands and sliced his head clean off. By the time the body finally collapsed on the floor, the Jedi Master now stood in front of Yoda who finally opened his eyes to witness the creature’s fall. Unsure how to feel about the entire situation, Yoda looked up at the dark haired Jedi with sorrowful eyes.

“Die, must they have Master?”

Jin Wan breathed heavily trying to catch his wind again and looked at his young Padwan.

“Sith don’t believe in saving their own lives my young Padwan. As you can see by that woman over there…they dare not be captured alive.”

“Unfortunate…”, Yoda says shaking his head.

“It is the way of things my young one. If they didn’t kill themselves, their masters surly would have upon their return. I felt for that creature and gave him the only option left to him. Killing is not a pleasant feeling…remember, taking joy in another’s death is the way to the Darkside.”

Yoda looked around at the bodies strewn about the bay, guards, Sith, and even the captain of the ship that So’bal was friends with. The explosion in the bay killed the being instantly as shrapnel embedded into the creature’s back. Jin Wan knelt down and said a passing prayer for his friend.

“Be at peace my friend and join the others in the Force.”

Yoda sighed and looked down at the lightsaber still clutched in his hands. Jin Wan also gazed at the young Padwan’s hand holding the saber and gave a look of deep concern. In his mind he whispered to himself.

No wonder the council sent me to get him. This is no mere Padwan…perhaps…perhaps this is the prophecy that was foretold.

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