Our Future


"Papa!" The baby giggled and hugged the young mafioso's face with his little hands. Note to self: never get hit by the ten years bazooka while taking care of your son.

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Our Future

Tsuna couldn't help but keep silent as the nervousness was eating at him mercilessly. Here he was, alone with his long-time crush as they were both heading to the Sasagawa residence. It had just been a couple of minutes ago since her extreme brother told him to accompany his sister home. Looks like he was busy with his boxing club. Now, the brunet is stuck in between cheering inwardly and thanking the gods for letting him be with his crush or to curse himself for not being able to even speak to her.

Curse the stupid butterflies in his stomach.


Kyoko started hesitantly.


Tsuna blurted out and slapped himself inwardly at his almost expectant reply. The ginger blinked in return, she could see the shyness written all over his face as he scolds himself.

"Tsuna-kun, you're really funny."

Kyoko giggled lightly at the brunet who brightened up as he heard her melodious laugh.

(I-I made Kyoko-chan laughed!)

The brunet was thankful that the awkwardness between them seemed to be gone in an instant. Still, it was weird Kyoko had acted nervously from the start. He wondered why she seemed to be more aware of him today.

"By the way, what were you trying to say, Kyoko-chan?"

Tsuna asked and the young mafia boss swore that he saw tints of redness creeping up to her cheeks almost immediately as she bit on her bottom lip

"T-That is…"

Kyoko hesitated as she stuttered slightly.

"Hana-chan said something to me today a-about you…"

Tsuna raised a brow, he knew that her friend would sometimes speak badly of him but she was still part of the family. More importantly, her comments about how 'no-good' he is would usually be laughed off by Kyoko.

So what exactly is bothering her?

"She said that you…"

Kyoko trailed off as her voice became barely audible to the brunet.


Chocolate brown hues blinked as he couldn't hear her mumbling.

"She said that Tsuna-kun l-likes me!"

Kyoko spoke, louder than she intended as she panicked. The ginger slapped a hand over her mouth as she couldn't believe that she had really said it.

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if what Hana said wasn't true?

Still, she couldn't help the clenching feeling in her gut at the possibility of the brunet waving it off as a misunderstanding or something of the sort. Tsuna widened his eyes at her words. Undoubtedly, the brunet loves her so all he needed to do was to voice out his feelings right?

But he is the soon-to-be mafia boss of an infamous family and that could only mean that she won't be safe with him if she was to ever say 'yes' to his confession.

He tilted his head to look at her and he could see that she was waiting for an answer. He didn't have the time to think. Tsuna was clueless on what he should do.

"I-I, about you, Kyoko-chan…"

Tsuna stuttered out incoherent words as his mind swirled. Suddenly, the brunet heard a 'poof' sound as the ginger was gone from his sight.


Tsuna screamed, surprised by the pink smoke that suddenly engulfed him. As the smoke dissipates, he could feel himself sitting on a comfortable leather office chair. The young mafia boss opened his eyes cautiously as he surveyed his surroundings; book, files and papers towering the antique mahogany table before him.

"I'm sorry, Tsuna!"

He could hear his older thunder guardian cry out from the corridors, probably running away so he won't get scolded. Tsuna sighed as he could already guess what had happened to him. It seems that Lambo still likes to play with his bazooka even in the future. The worst part is that he didn't know if the bazooka had been improvised in the future.

Now that he thought of it, he might be here for a longer time or maybe shorter, he didn't know. Tsuna's eyes trailed off to the signature on one of the paper written neatly with the fountain pen.

'Neo Vongola Primo, Sawada Tsunayoshi.'

One of the brunet's eye twitched as he smacked a hand over his face, not wanting to believe that he is really going to be a mafia boss in the future. He only thought of it as a possibility but now that he knew of it it was unspeakable.

"What should I do…?"

Tsuna muttered out as his lips tugged into a frown. Since he is the Neo Vongola Primo it only became harder for him to answer the ginger once he returned to his own time.

The brunet almost jumped when he heard a high-pitched squeal from the object on his lap, breaking him out of his thoughts. His chocolate eyes stayed still as he saw something curled up in a ball with a mane and tail fumbling to get on its feet on his lap. It was trying to get on its feet, using its hands to use the edge of the table as support.


Tsuna called as he reached his hand at the little being hesitantly. It seemed to really be struggling to stand up and he couldn't help but want to help.

But it can't be his box weapon, Natsu.

Whatever it is sitting on his lap was warm and seemed quite odd for a box animal.

Wait a minute.

Tsuna sighed in relief as he noticed that it was only a lion costume which greatly resembled Natsu for some reason.


Although he was only looking at its back, Tsuna could finally recognized it as a baby. The mafia boss wondered if he was taking care of one of the Vongola staffs' child. As much as he hated to admit, he guessed that the work of a mafia boss included working on those hellish paperwork for hours. The brunet watched as the little infant struggled to stand up and ended up holding on his table, attempting to climb up on it but failed and slipped back to his lap. The young mafioso could see a small pout on its lips from the corners of the hooded mane, his cheeks reddened as he sulked.

Tsuna chuckled, the little guy is just so adorable.

"I wonder who your papa and mama is...? "

The brunet said as he held up the infant, the hood of its clothes falling off from his hold.


Tsuna blurted out dumbfounded as his chocolate browns met with messy light brown locks and very familiar honey brown eyes.

A few seconds passed as the little brunet tilted its head at the stranger before him. Various questions popped out in the teen's mind as he blanked.

'But it can't be...right?'

Tsuna thought and tried to brush the idea aside, but his intuition just had to tell him otherwise. The mafia boss stayed frozen and gaping like a fish as his hands started to quiver at the little bundle of life in his hands.


Tsuna broke from his little panic and blinked as the little brunet hiccuped, tears forming in the corners of his sweet caramel hues.

That was definitely not a good sign.

Tsuna knew all too well how hard it was for an infant to stop crying once they started. Lambo and I-Pin stayed in his current home so he would know.


Tsuna almost jumped at the ear splitting wail of the baby and his eyes darted around his office, wondering what he was supposed to do. Should he wait for his older self to return?

But he doesn't even know when they'd switch back!

Besides, if his intuition was telling him the truth, then this child is his responsibility too.


Tsuna whispered, he never really learnt on the proper way to take care of kids since his mother would usually care for Lambo and I-pin. But for now, he should probably trust his intuition.

"Don't cry, I'm here..."

The little brunet slowly stopped crying as it merely sniffed and squirm in its place. Tsuna smiled as he patted his head.

"Good boy!"

The baby blinked as he finally had a clear look at the older brunet. It was a little different but he recognized that warm smile and voice.


Tsuna saw the infant reaching out for him and he couldn't help but leaned in, not sure of what it wants anyway.

"Eh? What is it…?"

The neo vongola primo asked curiously as he must admit that he was starting to get attached to this little boy with chubby cheeks and his caramel eyes which twinkled in excitement as it stared back at him. Its small hands touched both of the older brunet's cheeks and he chirped a happy squeal.


The baby giggled and hugged the young mafioso's face with his little hands, making his soft cheek brushed with his. However, all the dumfounded older brunet could do at this point was to let the infant nuzzle against him without a word.

The brunet slowly held the baby with one hand and rubbed his temple with the other.

He might have just heard it wrong.

Yeah, that's right, he must have.

'Must not jump to conclusions.'

Tsuna spoke in his mind as he tried taking a deep breath to hopefully calm himself down.


The baby tugged.


And it tugged again.


The infant chirped happily as he started playing with his sleeves with a bright grin on his small lips.


Tsuna cooed as he felt the urge to hug the baby and just take it away with him back to his time.

But he knew that wasn't necessary.

Tsuna poked at his chubby cheek and a smile formed on his lips as the infant started pouting at him cutely while saying, "Papa! No!"

This baby boy is soon to be his afterall.

Suddenly, the young mafia boss didn't feel like the future wouldn't be so bad afterall.

The Neo Vongola Primo had to do a mind slap as he couldn't believe he had thought of a future where he becomes a mafia boss as something close to nice. Still, there was another thing that he'd been wondering about.

"S-Say..." Tsuna trailed off as his son looked up at him, blinking his honey brown eyes. "W-Who's your mama…?"

As if on cue, the door slammed open and there stood a woman with flowing orange locks who looked like she just ran through the seemingly never ending halls of the Vongola mansion. Tsuna merely stared dumbly as his eyes fell on the orange haired beauty before him.

"I heard Tsu-chan crying, is he okay?"

Kyoko asked worriedly as she walked up to the mafia boss's mahogany desk.


The young mafioso choked as he feels the little guy moving again, this time to reach out for her. The ginger let out a breath of relief as she noticed that the baby was fine and took him in her arms. The little brunet switched to playing with her orange locks instead as he took in her comforting warmth.

"Tsu-kun, I thought you wanted to take care of him since you had less work today while I—"

Kyoko blinked as she realized that there was something different about the brunet she knew.

"Tsu-kun...you look younger somehow."


Tsuna couldn't find any words to reply her with as he is too shocked at the fact that the ten-year-self of his crush was calling him with such a cute and precious nickname.

"And cuter too!"

Kyoko added as she flashed her typical smile at the young mafioso.

Did she just said that he was cute?

"Oh, but the you at this time..." Kyoko said as a faint blush crept up her cheeks before she shyly muttered out, "You always look cool too."

"K-Kyoko-chan? W-What?"

Tsuna couldn't take all the sudden rush of reality of his future and he most definitely was never prepared to handle a situation like this.


The little baby pouted as he rubbed his tired light brown hue and tugged on her orange locks lightly.

"Tsu-chan, do you want to sleep?"

Kyoko asked and he nodded before holding on her sleeve.

"With Mama..." The boy mumbled his words before pointing to Tsuna who flinched in return "And papa!"

'Mama? Papa?'

Tsuna felt an eye twitch as he couldn't take everything that'd happened, he couldn't process it in his mind. If he is the little boy's papa and Kyoko is the mama, that means that he and Kyoko is already married.

All the brunet could hear was the ginger's worried call as darkness overcame him and his head fell on the desk with a loud



Tsuna stirred as he slowly sat up and cared for his aching forehead which previously hit against his desk. He started to scan the room he was in as his sight became less blurry.


The brunet mumbled as he snapped his head around and noticed that he was in an unfamiliar room. The place he was in looked like a pretty luxurious bedroom with a few furniture such as a sofa, wardrobe, the comfy and huge bed he was on as well as the other essential furniture which seemed old, yet expensive. Tsuna sighed as he finally accepted the fact that he was still in the future and that this room is probably his soon-to-be future bedroom. The mafia boss almost let out in his signature, high-pitched screech as he felt something moving and pulling on his hand.

It was just the little infant curling up against him and holding on the material of his favorite jacket. The young mafioso felt heat creeping up his cheeks as his eyes lands on the other person beside the baby.

Kyoko Sasagawa's eyes were closed as her hand was holding across the baby protectively. Tsuna couldn't help but stare lovingly with both mother and son sleeping so peacefully. He immediately shook his head as he scolded himself for staring at her sleeping face for so long and admiring her features.

Even if they were married, he still felt it was rude.


Her eyelids fluttered open, revealing pools of clear honey brown hues as she held herself up on the bed. Tsuna felt disappointed as he couldn't stare at her peaceful face any longer but pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind as her lips moved to whisper at him.

"Tsu-kun, are you okay now?"

Kyoko said with a tone of sincere worry. The ginger had to admit that she was really concerned when he suddenly passed out. She had to ask for help to bring him back to his room.

"I am, Kyoko-chan."

The young mafioso replied as he scratched his cheek sheepishly.

"The future just kind of surprised me."

Well, surprise was an understatement for him but still, he didn't know what to say. Her lips tugged into a frown as she avoided his eyes.

"Do you regret knowing that you will be with me and also…Tsu-chan?"

The ginger muttered under her breath with a cracked voice. Chocolate eyes widened as he quickly waved his hand in front of him and sat up straight on the soft mattress.

"No! It's not that, Kyoko-chan!" Tsuna blurted out, "I might be stupid but he is the most adorable boy I've ever seen and I'd be an idiot if I regret being with a girl whom I've loved for years!"

Caramel eyes widened slightly at his sudden outburst and Tsuna slapped a hand over his mouth as he realized what he'd just declared for the whole world to know. Honestly, this had to be the most embarrassing moment he'd ever had in his whole life.

A soft giggle filled the air as the brunet's face was beet red and overwhelmed with embarrassment.

"Tsu-kun, thank you."

Kyoko whispered with her typical smile and a faint blush decorating her features. Turning her sight at the little infant, she patted its back gently, soothing it in its sleep.

"I'm sure Tsu-chan is happy to hear his papa saying how much he loves him and his mama."

Tsuna tilted his head down, trying very hard to hide the obvious blush on his cheeks that was stubbornly refusing to die down. He still couldn't believe how lucky he would be to have her and the little brunet with him in the future. Then, the latter started to cuddle against him and the brunet couldn't help but hesitantly place a hand on the mop of light brown hair, patting the boy's head softly.

"Kyoko-chan, what's his name?"

Tsuna asked curiously and a happy smile graced her lips in return.

"He's Tsuyo Sawada. We named him after your 'Tsu' in Tsuna and 'Yo' in Kyoko."

The brunet felt his mouth stretching into a grin as he knew yet another thing about the boy.


As if on cue, Tsu-chan mumbled in his sleep and a little hand gripped on the older brunet's jacket. The mafia boss held a breath as he realized that this innocent child really is his. Tsuna hadn't even known the little infant for long but he already known that he could never feel as blessed as this second whence he accepted that fact wholeheartedly. It was even more unbelievable for the no good mafioso with the ginger smiling at the image of the two brunets together.

But all this, it doesn't change the fact that he was the next-in-line boss of Vongola and Kyoko as the future wife of a mafia boss.


He trailed off as the ginger looked at him questioningly, indicating that he had her attention she was listening to his every word. It only seemed to made him nervous, but he pressed his voice out to speak.

"I was actually going to ask you the same thing you asked me earlier."

She'd only suffer if she chose him.

Kyoko was silent and the brunet took it as a cue to continue, "I…don't deserve half the things I will be having."

He whispered as his hands clenched to fist.

"Least of all you and this boy."

Tsuna trailed off as he didn't dare to look at the ginger. She'd probably be disappointed, that the man she chose was a hopeless guy like him.

"I'd be lying if I were to say that it wasn't hard for me Tsu-kun…"

Kyoko breathed out as she shifted in her place. It wasn't easy to wait and pray for his return almost every day, wishing that he'd return safely without having a bruise or cut that he tried always tried so hard to hide from her. He was never aware that she knew. All of it, it pained her to see him struggling to survive in the mafia world that he never seem to belong in with his kind disposition.

Tsuna couldn't even choke out a word. He felt horrible to know that he'd dragged her into the mafia world.

What was he thinking?


Kyoko suddenly muttered as she gently let her hand stroke the sleeping infant's mop of brown hair.

"I'm happy."

Tsuna snapped his head up at her words and he was even more surprised when she had a genuine smile adorning her lips.

"It's true that when we started dating, I was a little worried about the future."

Kyoko closed her eyes as she recalled the times they struggled through all those painful moments together with the rest of the famiy.

Yet, that wasn't all.

They were still the same lively bunch as they were ten years ago and it was the brunet who allowed them to hold onto their hopes and self in this cruel and dark mafia world.

"You always found a way to remind me and everyone that you'll always be there to protect us no matter what. I believed in you, all of us did, and we still do, Tsu-kun."

The ginger spoke as if she'd never said anything so true in her life.

"I don't mind how long you left me behind because I know you only wanted me to be safe and I..."

Though her eyes seemed sad, a small smile still formed on her lips.

"I feel the same way as long as you return back to me—safe and unharmed—I'll wait for you, Tsu-kun, for as long as it takes."

Remembering the past, she recalled the first time he'd carried out a proper task as a boss of a mafia family. His hands were stained in blood. The blood of his enemies, and his eyes were blank and he refused to be close to her, fearing for her safety around him. All she could do was be there for him, telling him he was not a monster.

"It doesn't matter if you taint your hands during your 'missions' or even me by involving me with the mafia."

Kyoko muttered as she took his hand and hold it in hers. It pains her ever more as she knew that none of them could do anything to avoid it. But she will never let him suffer alone. The ginger had wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace, refusing to let him go even after his stutters that she was holding a murderer.

('I don't care.')

She simply said to him, ignoring his complaints and it might have surprised him how cold her words seemed. Kyoko shut her eyes, knowing it was not like her to say such things about his sin of taking lives. Still, she would take up the burden with him if that is what it takes for her to love this man.

('Tsu-kun will always be Tsu-kun and we're all a part of your family. Everyone is here for you so, please…don't suffer alone.')

The ginger saw the surprise in his tired hues before he slowly returned her hold and muttered an apology for worrying everyone and forgetting that he was never alone all those times.

Her eyes half-lidded, Kyoko smiled at the memory as she now looked up at the younger brunet.

"We all know how much you care for all of us and we will always supports the sky whenever he falls. That's what a family is for, right?"

Kyoko chirped happily as she gave him her brightest smile. Tsuna opened his mouth, but could find no words to describe what he felt.

All this time, he was worrying about her not being happy, avoiding the possibility of her feelings being true to him.

But had he ever asked her what she wanted?


The brunet muttered as he felt his chocolate browns brimming with tears. No one had ever trusted him so much. Everyone thought he was just a slow, no good guy. He couldn't believe how much she'd gone through and yet, in the end she still accepted and supported him more than anyone ever could.

"That's why, Tsu-kun..."

The ginger whispered as she wrapped her arms around the brunet's shoulders, letting his tears soak the material over her shoulder.

"Please, don't give up on me when you return back to your time, okay?"

The brunet merely nodded his head as he couldn't even trust his own voice anymore. Kyoko smiled at his response and pulled back, ruffling the brunet's hair lovingly which earned herself a blush from him.

"Tsu-kun, the effect of the ten-years-later bazooka is probably going to wear off soon but don't worry. The hours you spent here will only be a couple of minutes in your time thanks to Giannini's alterations."

Kyoko explained before a thought crossed her mind.

Around this time ten year ago, she and Tsuna should be right about that time.


The ginger called and Tsuna switched his sight from the sleeping little brunet to her.

He is going to miss the little guy….

"Do your best, okay?"

Kyoko said to him with a wave of her hand before she uttered happily.

"Tsu-chan and I will be waiting for you in the future!"

That was all he heard from the older version of his crush before pink smoke enveloped him again.

The brunet squeaked as he snapped his eyes shut.


Her soft voice called out hesitantly as he cracked an eye open and saw the usual younger version of his crush. He glanced around and noticed that they were somehow already in front of her house.

What exactly happened in this timeline?


The brunet exclaimed as he was finally snapped back to reality.

"Tsuna-kun, I was so worried about you!"

Kyoko said as her lips formed a frown.

"You just suddenly disappeared in that pink smoke and your older cousin, Yoshi-san, appeared out of nowhere!"

The brunet almost did a facepalm at the lame name his ten-years-later self came up with. Though he could imagine just how panicked he must've been when he suddenly popped in before the younger version of his wife.

"O-Oh, right." Tsuna said as he tried to laugh it off. "Sorry for worrying you, Kyoko-chan."

Kyoko shook her head as a warm smile graced her lips.

"I'm just glad you're back and safe, Tsuna-kun."

("Please...don't give up on me when you return back to your time, okay?")

Those words rang in his mind as his heart started racing even faster than it already was. He had promised her in the future that he will never give up on her.

"Kyoko-chan, there's something I want to tell you…"

Tsuna whispered, almost barely inaudible but honey brown eyes blinked as she waited for him to continue. The young mafioso bit his bottom lip as he tried to calm himself down.

He won't run away anymore.

He will protect her and their future, always.

Because she believed in him.

"I love you, Kyoko-chan."


The Neo Vongola Primo sighed as he patted his son's back gently.

"That was even more nerve-wrecking than I thought."

The corner of his lips turned into a frown as he remembered how he was suddenly standing before the younger version of his wife who was surprised at her friend's sudden disappearance. She was even more surprised thought that the stranger who replaced her friend looked very much like him.

("I-I'm Tsuna's cousin, Y-Y-Yoshi Sawada and I accidentally switched places with him while practicing my magic performance. But don't worry, he'll be back soon! Ahahaha!")

The brunet felt the urge to slap himself for coming up with the most stupid excuse he could think of. Still, it was a good thing that his wife could be pretty dense at times. He'd tried hard to distract her from worrying over his missing younger self by assuring her and also spending the rest of his time showing how his ring oh-so-magically lighted up in flames. The various stuffs that popped out of his box weapon seemed to really amuse her as she clapped her hands at his 'magic tricks'.

Kyoko giggled when her husband told her of his little adventure back in time.

"Geez, my younger self had better not kept you waiting or I might just tell Lambo to disturb him the next time he return back in time."

The brunet complained and a smile formed on her lips before she wrapped her hands around him. Tsuna was surprised and his voice came out with a hint of worry.


The mafia boss muttered.

"Tsu-kun, I really love you."

The ginger laughed lightly once again as she could feel him shifted shyly in her hold. Soon, his lips brushing the top of her head and she knew the blush was indefinitely present on his cheeks even after all this years.

"And I love you too, my sun."

He whispered softly and unknowingly to the couple, the little brunet in between them had a smile spreading over his small lips from the warmth of his papa and mama.

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