Fairies, wolves and scales


Their is a guild called fairy tail and their is other guilds called the darkened light wolves and Lamia scale what happens when they crose paths and the guild master to the darkened light wolves falls for a certain ice mage in lamia scale and finds her family in fairy tail??? {Also i don't own Fairy Tail that belongs to Hiro Mashima but i own my ocs and my plot thank you.}

Fantasy / Adventure
Lunar Eclipse
Age Rating:

Introducing the darkened light wolves

Hi the name's Lunar Dreyar and this is how i found out who i was and found love. Lets start from the begining when i was younger i was abandoned and found in the woods by a family who had 1 daughter called Artemis. But sadly all good things come to an end.

"Hello lunar you listening?" A girl with long black hair exclaimed "huh oh what were you saying" the silver haired girl replied "are you ok" the black haired girl asked "yeah Artemis i'm fine i was just thinking" Lunar replied Artemis nodded and walked out of the room only to be greeted by the rest of the guild. She nodded at them and the all went their s

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