Struck By Love

The Incredible Hulk

When we return home from the beach, it's already 1am and Kurt's mom is asleep on the couch. Kurt doesn't even look at her at first, and when he does, he frowns and quickly goes upstairs to his room. I follow him and close the door. I glance at the table with the chemistry homework still there and then I look at Kurt who's already lying in his bed.

"I still can't believe she did this to me." I hear him whisper.

"Me too," I answer. "But, hey, at least she was okay with the whole gay thing. Not like my parents anyway." I look down for a few seconds and when I look up again, Kurt's already staring at me.

He pats the empty space next to him and smiles. I smile too and lie down, right next to him with my head on his chest. He starts playing with my hair and even when I don't usually like it, I let him. It's Kurt after all.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you." He whispers and sighs.

"You've already told me that," I reply, feeling my eyes burn a little. I don't want to cry because I want to stay strong. "And what happened, happened. There's nothing I can change about it."

Kurt sighs again and covers us with a blanket. It's time to sleep.

It's Friday. Blaine sleeps in my room for almost a week and my mom doesn't even care. But that's probably because I don't talk to her. I don't care why she did what she did, it was wrong and I'm still mad at her.

The good news are that I've successfully confirmed my letter and blackmailed the rest of the people on my list of victims. Today is a meeting after school and if I'm being completely honest, I'm nervous. I'm nervous a lot because what if they won't want to write for me? Well, I know that they don't want to write for me, but what if they refuse to cooperate? Am I really willing to spread the dirt I got on them? Am I capable of ruining someone's life? And what if no one will believe me?

There's a weird feeling in my chest and I still refuse to admit that it might be guilt. I mean, maybe I should feel guilty about what I'm doing, but I don't want to. It's enough that Blaine disagrees with my Clovergate operation, and he's right – I don't have to do this anymore because I've already been accepted to the Northwestern University, but I just feel like I have to prove something to myself.

I want to finish this. I will finish this. It'll be like my final project for the journalism class.

Everything else aside because today is the day – make it or break it. I had horrible pains in my stomach the whole day and even with Blaine next to me, I couldn't sleep well last night. I wasn't able to look anywhere else but the clock in every classroom in the whole school.

The meeting is still getting closer and it's almost time to begin.

I'm in the journalism classroom, waiting for everyone to come. Malerie's here with me and as always, she's watching everything through her camcorder.

Half an hour later and I'm still waiting. The school ended more than twenty minutes ago and the classroom is still empty. Is no one taking me seriously or what?!

Suddenly there is a knock on the door and I'm even more nervous than before. When Blaine's head peeks inside though, I relax and smile slightly. "What are you doing here?" I ask him and go to give him a hug.

"I don't want to go back to your house alone and waiting outside it too boring, so I thought I'd come to see you." He says and kisses my cheek. I quickly glance at Malerie in the corner of the classroom and smile when I see that her camcorder is off and she's not recording us. She might be really slow, but she's a good friend.

I turn back to Blaine. "Well, but I have the meeting here." I say, looking into his brown eyes.

"what meeting?" He asks, frowning.

"The meeting." I answer and then he gets it.

"Oh," He says but doesn't move to leave. "Well, then I'll stay and watch you." I raise my eyebrows. "I really don't want to wait outside." He adds after a while.

"Of course," I say and lead him to an empty chair in the back of the classroom.

"Where's everyone?" He asks, looking around.

"I don't know," I say, glancing at the door again for at least the hundredth time in the last half an hour. "It seems that I'll have to spread my dirt on them around because no one's here and it's already after school."

"Well, what about after-school activities?" He asks. After-school activities! That's why they are all so late!

"I forgot about that!" I say. God, I'm such a moron. I was giving my peers way too much credit.

One by one, Kurt's victims are entering the journalism classroom. Once they're all inside (even couch Walker), I start to think that maybe in this classroom has never been more people. It all looks like a little party with the cool kids and three outsiders. Except that this is not a party and everyone looks like they want to kill my boyfriend.

Kurt looks at them and after the last one shows up – I think that's Emilio – Kurt locks the door to the classroom. Then he finally starts.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the journalism classroom." He says. I glance at Malerie and see that she's filming again. The meeting doesn't go very well. When Kurt finally tells them what he wants from them, they all moan. And when Kurt says that he wants literary submissions from every football player and cheerleader as well, it's even worse. They all start complaining and yelling at Kurt and it's just not good.

A few of them even stand up to leave the room because their Friday afternoon has been wasted, and that's when Kurt snaps.

"Sit down!" He orders and all of them follow his instructions. Even I lean back in my chair and look at him, fearfully. He's scary and furious.

"For years I have been poked and stabbed with your bitchfork, Claire!" He screams. "You have beaten me down to the bottom of high school food chain with the shitty end of the stick for far too long! You don't think they're gonna believe me? I will make them believe! You don't think the people at this school have just been waiting for an excuse to turn against you?"

Everyone is silent and completely still, but he continues. "Sure they all hate me, but that's because I'm the only person in town with an IQ larger than my shoe size and I don't hesitate to remind people of that! So go ahead and play all the mind games you want to with me, sweetheart. I'm not accepting that invitation to intimidation any longer. I have nothing to lose and a whole hell of a lot to gain, and this time none of you are stopping me!"

Even I'm paralyzed after what he just said. Wow, I've never seen him this furious before. Even when he found out about that letter on Tuesday. But even when we're all paler than ever before, Kurt hasn't stopped yet. He goes behind his desk and grabs the first stack of papers he finds.

"Need some examples?" He yells. "Here are some examples!" He starts throwing the paper at us and for the first time in the last ten minutes, I realize that my mouth is wide open. "Poetry, short stories, essays, scripts, novels, anything! Write anything as long as it's in your words and in my hands ASAP! Write about how much you hate me! Write in detail about how much you want to kill me! Okay? NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!"

I quickly stand up and leave. I don't care that Kurt isn't with me, even Malerie ran out of the classroom with wide eyes. Everyone hurriedly left Kurt alone and I think most of them will be praying tonight to not see his furious red face ever again, even coach Walker.

It seems that I'll go home alone after all.

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