Struck By Love

The Cake of Peace

When I finally get home from the meeting and open the door to my room, I find Blaine inside, lying on my bed, listening to music. His eyes are closed, so I decide to surprise him. I sneak closer to the bed and then I stop.

He's so beautiful. Just lying there, relaxed, slowly breathing in and out, making his chest go up and down. He's already washed the gel out of his hair so his black curls are back. I love his curly hair.

I lean closer and just keep looking at him. His lips form a tiny smile as he listens to a song he likes. He takes a deep breath and that's when I lean in and kiss him.

"Hmpf-" He mumbles surprised, but then he immediately kisses me back and puts his arms around my shoulders. I smile into the kiss and kiss him some more. He laughs.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door.

I growl and pull away, looking at the door. I roll my eyes when I see my mom.

"Do you um- do you want something? To eat or drink?" She simply asks. I really don't know why is she doing this, she knows well enough that I don't want to talk to her. She looks tired and very nervous.

"No-" I start, but Blaine cuts me off.

"Yes please," He says and when I look at him with my eyebrows raised, he looks into my eyes and speaks up again. "Something to eat would be nice." He says, then he sits up and looks at my mom. "Ms. Phillips." I look at mom and she smiles slightly.

"Anything specific?" She asks. Blaine shakes his head.

"No, I'm fine with whatever you find in the fridge, thank you." My mom nods and leaves.

"What was that supposed to mean?" I ask Blaine. He smiles and looks at me.

"Kurt, I know you don't talk to your mom, but you should make amends with her. Seriously, she's your mom." He says.

"Yes, I know that." I reply. "But she's also the woman who has betrayed me."

"I know." He says and suddenly hugs me. "But since I don't have parents anymore, at least you should talk to yours." He whispers to my ear. I roll my eyes again.

"Okay, but only my mom, I'm not talking to my dad." I say. That man hasn't shown here in years. Blaine pulls away and rolls his eyes.

"Just go down to her." He says. When I keep sitting there, he repeats, "go. Come on Kurt, just go." And then I kiss him again and leave the room. I really don't know why I'm doing this, but I guess he's right. I should at least talk to her.

I walk down the stairs and see her in the kitchen. She opens the fridge and takes out a... cake? She bought a cake? Wait, she made it out of the house to the shop? Isn't she drunk again? And if she isn't, did something happen while I was in the school?

"Mom?" I say. She looks up and smiles at me. She smiles at me. "Why do you have a cake, it's not my birthday... or yours." I ask.

"Carson," She says and steps closer to me. "I'm sorry about the letter, I really am. I... I just want my son back." What?

"What?" I say. I don't understand.

"I want you to talk to me. About anything, okay?" She says then. "Anything at all, school, friends, your boyfriend, anything. I just want you to talk to me." She looks down and goes to take the cake. "I know I've been a horrible parent ever since your father left... and it might have seemed like I don't care about you at all, but you're my son and... and I love you." She smiles again and I try to smile too.

"Wow," I let out a breath. "You're right." I say to her. "You've been an awful parent." I laugh then a bit. Blaine was right, she's my mom. And we both made some mistakes. "But thanks mom."

She smiles and looks at the cake then. "Can you take the dishes from the cupboard and take them to the living room please?" She says and leaves the kitchen. I take the dishes and wash them a bit – they're not exactly clean. Then I take them to the living room where mom cleaned out the table and the couch – wow, she really wants me back I guess.

"Why the cake?" I ask her once I put the dishes on the table next to the cake.

"Well, we're celebrating." She replies and goes to the kitchen again for some forks for the cake.

"I don't think I get it... what are we celebrating? You couldn't have found someone, just look at you. And dad isn't here, not that I would want him here anyway, so what is this about?"

She looks at me and smiles again – weird. "Well, you have a boyfriend."

Oh, right. "Guess I'll get him then." I say and run upstairs.

I'm lying on Kurt's bed and listen to my favorite music when suddenly someone shakes my shoulders. I open my eyes and see Kurt's smile above me. I can't help but smile too.

"Hey, what's up?" I say and sit up. "How's your mom?"

"I think she's finally gone full-crazy." He chuckles. I raise my eyebrows. "Well, she bought a cake to celebrate our relationship." He shrugs.

"What? Really?" I ask.

"Yeah, really," He smiles and grabs my hand. "Now come on before she's passed out again." He says and walks me downstairs. When we enter the living room, his mom is already sitting on the couch and cutting the cake into pieces. She looks up at me and Kurt and then looks down at our entwined hands.

She smiles a bit and gestures with her hands for us to sit. We sit on the other side of her couch, still holding hands. She gives us each a piece of cake and then she smiles at us again.

"So," She says after a while. "How did you two meet?"

"What?" Kurt says.

"How did you meet Burt?" She repeats.

"Um... it's Blaine," I correct her.

"-Blaine." She nods at me and looks at Kurt. He's looking at her a long while, suspiciously.

"What's the catch?" He asks suddenly.

"There's no catch." She says. "Can't I just ask how did my son meet his boyfriend or what? I want to know something about you."

"Strange that you've never tried to do that before." Kurt says and looks down.

Ms. Phillips is silent and then she looks at Kurt again. "I know that, but I'm trying to change for your sake, okay? Please don't make it any harder. I know I've made some mistakes and I've also been maybe even the worst parent ever, but I'm trying now."

I smile at her. "I appreciate that Ms. Phillips." I say. She smiles at me.

"Well?" she asks again. "Where was it? School? Writing's club? Where?"

Since Kurt is most likely not going to answer that question, I answer. "Well, I had to transfer, so I was new here." I start and she actually listens. "It was my first day and I was going around the whole school, looking for the right classroom, when I suddenly stepped out of the elevator and saw Kurt yelling at everybody-"

"Yeah, he does that." She laughs. Kurt looks at her as if she was laughing for the first time ever, and maybe she was, so I laugh too.

"-Well," I continue, "and I don't know why, but in that moment I looked at him and thought that Kurt was the most beautiful boy I've ever seen." I say and Kurt looks at me. He smiles and I smile too.

"He was too dumb to find his classroom, so I had to take him there," Kurt adds. "And we found out we share the Algebra class." He shrugs.

"After the class, I kinda made him talk to me and as soon as I found out he has a Writers' Club, I wanted in, and so he took me." I smile and finish the cake. "The cake was amazing by the way, Ms. Phillips."

"Thanks," she says. "I'm actually really proud that I made it out of the house to buy the cake. I didn't even have my bathrobe." She says, clearly amazed by herself.

"Wow," Kurt nods. "That's really amazing mom." He says. "Glad you survived the sun and air out there. Have you noticed the high green things? Those are called the trees."

"Ha ha, funny." She says, not really amused, but as if she had expected his response. And I know that they're not really the best example of mother and son, but it makes me miss my mom a lot. I feel my eyes burn a little, but I look down and I try my best to hold it all inside. I can't cry in front of my boyfriend's mom.

"What's wrong, baby." I suddenly feel Kurt's hand on my shoulder. He makes me look at him, his fingers on my chin and he looks into my eyes.

"Nothing," I say. "I just kinda miss my mom." I whisper. And then he's hugging me and I'm hugging him back.

"I don't understand, what's going on?" His mom asks us. And so we tell her. We tell her everything – about my dad's behavior since I came out, about him kicking me out. And then about the singing and Kurt becoming my boyfriend in the park behind our house. At first she says that she feels like a really bad parent just like my dad is and then, after a while she says that I can stay, mostly because she apparently doesn't want to argue with Kurt again. Besides, it's already been working like this, so why not to continue? Kurt's bed is big enough for both of us to fit there anyway.

After we finish the cake and it's getting dark outside, we eat the dinner that Ms. Phillips cooked. It's not perfect, but it's food and at least it's not ordered again. I've been getting tired of eating pizzas and take outs in Kurt's room. After the dinner, we disappear back upstairs and close the door behind us. Kurt's mom's fallen asleep on the couch, so we didn't want to wake her up. Except for Kurt – he wanted to put her hand into a bowl of water, but I talked him out of it.

So now we're in the bathroom, getting ready for bed – we're not having a bath together, Kurt and I both agree that we're just not there yet. Maybe soon though.

I'm brushing my teeth and after I'm done with it, I wait for Kurt to finish too. After he finishes, he kisses me on the mouth and I don't protest. I put my arms around his shoulders and he pulls me closer by my waist.

I pull away eventually, looking into his blue eyes. "Kurt," I smile up at him.

"Yeah?" He breaths out and then in again, sniffling my freshly washed hair.

"I wanna ask you something." I say. "I know we're already boyfriends, but we haven't really gone to a lot of dates... so my question is... Would you want to go out and maybe grab some coffee tomorrow or something?"

He grins at me and starts nodding enthusiastically . "Yes!" He laughs. "Yes, Blaine! Of course I do!"

I laugh with him and kiss him again, hard.

"Tomorrow then," I whisper as we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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