Struck By Love

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The end of the class comes sooner than I ever thought was possible and I realize that I've been thinking about him the whole time. Hell, I still am. I sigh. The mysterious handsome boy with an unusually high voice and great hair... I have to find out what his name is before it drives me completely insane.

As soon as the bell rings and the door opens I quickly grab my books and bag and run out of the classroom. I look around and when I spot him in the crowd of kids I go to him. He may not like me, but I just have to talk to him.

"Hi," I start and immediately regret it. Seriously, that was the lamest way to start a conversation with him. He looks at me quickly and sighs.

"Look," he says and looks at me. "If you want to have at least some reputation at this school, you better not follow me. Everyone hates me here, so don't bother being nice."

"I want to be nice," I smile slightly, "and I don't care about reputation. I just wanted to ask your name since you helped me before."

He looks at me and suddenly his expression changes into something a bit kinder, softer. "Well, I'm Kurt," he says and his previously bored and annoyed face returns. "Everyone calls me Carson here though. Or dick."

I look at him. "Why does everyone hate you? You seem like a nice guy," I point out, trying not to sound like I actually like him. He doesn't even look at me, he just laughs sarcastically.

"Please," he says and looks at me. "You don't know me at all."

But I really want to.

"Well, then tell me why do people hate you so much." I say. We turn the corner and I stop walking when I realize that the next classroom that I have to get into is here. And for the first time, he stops walking because I stopped too.

"I don't even know," he starts and looks at the ground. "I suppose they just hate me, my personality and the fact that I care so much about something that they give a shit about and they hate me because I'm willing to do absolutely anything to get what I want and because I run my own club, and so I hate them too."

"Wow," I whisper and then clear my throat. That was the longest speech I have ever heard from him without acting like he was annoyed all the time. It was actually really honest. "I don't hate you," I smile a bit.

He looks back at me. "Give it a few days," he says. "you'll start to, don't worry."

"No," I say firmly. "I'm not that kind of a person, I don't want to hate you just because you care about..."


"Yeah, writing. If you love it, then why should I hate you, I love singing and writing my own songs. Everyone loves something." I finish. I look at his lips for a second and I can't believe it. He's smiling at me. Well, not really smiling, just slightly, but it is something, right? "You said you have... a club?" I ask.

"Um, yeah, it's the Writers Club, but as usual, everyone thinks it sucks and no one ever wants to join. Except a few people, but they don't do anything. I suppose they just joined because their parents made them to join something and they thought that they wouldn't have to do anything. And they don't, so I have to write everything on my own."

I can't stop smiling when I'm looking at him. "Well, sign me up." I say cheerfully.

"What?" He asks and looks at me as if I just grew a second head.

"Sign me up, I want to be in your club." I say again.

"Stop screwing with me, okay?" He says and scowls. "I don't-"

"I'm not," I say and put my hand on his shoulder. He looks at my hand as if he wanted to burn it and so I carefully put it away. "Um, I'm not making fun of you, I'm serious Kurt. I want to be in your club, so when is the next meeting?" I ask.

"Today, after school." He says matter of factly, still looking at me.

"After school then," I smile at him and walk away, heading towards my classroom. I stop when I'm near the door and look back at him. He's still standing there, but soon he shakes his head slightly and without looking back, he continues on his way down the hall. A few people bumps into him in the crowd and all I hear is, "cattle, cattle, cattle!"

I smile again and go inside the classroom. I do believe I found myself a new friend.

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