Struck By Love

Forget It All And Be Happy

I'm in the journalism classroom with Malerie. I'm helping her with her writing, and preventing her from copying everything. She wants to write, and I think she's the only one at this school besides me. Blaine never really wanted to write, he just wanted to get closer to me. I smile when I think about him.

We're going through piles and piles of "her writing" that could be submitted for the magazine. She's convinced a lot of stories and books were all her ideas, but the authors stole it from her, like for example she thinks Suzanne Collins based The Hunger Games on Malerie's single comment on one website. Last week I told her to choose her favorite story and change every other word. The character's names, genders, even the time period.

And now in front of me is the result and I have to decide what can I put into the magazine.

Suddenly my cell phone starts ringing. The only one who ever calls me is Blaine and sometimes mom, so I expect it's my boyfriend. But it's not him. Honestly, it's the last person in the world I ever expected to hear from.

"I just turn my phone off while I'm at school so I don't hear it not ringing," Malerie says. "Who is it?" She asks then.

"M-my dad." I say. Then I finally answer the phone and put it to my ear. "Hello?" I say tentatively.

"Hey, Carson," he says. "I didn't mean to call you after school, I'm sure you're busy with your homework and so forth. Anyway, I have some really exciting news to tell you."

Oh, really? Let me guess, he's calling just because someone made him and he didn't want to talk to me at all.

"I'm getting married!" He says. "Her name is April and we're expecting a baby! You're going to have a baby brother!"

He's got to be shitting me. "You've got to be shitting me," is all I can say.

"Yes, we're very happy, thank you." Dad says. "Anyway, she wants to meet you, so is there any way you could make it over for dinner sometime soon? Say, eight o'clock tonight?"

"I'd have to think about it," I say. This so absolutely crazy, a fucked up situation. Should I go? I mean, he's my dad, but it feels like I'm talking to a stranger. Just hearing his voice feels like he's a deceased family member communicating to me from the beyond.

"Please do – in fact I'd really appreciate it." Dad answers. "Hope to see you soon!"

"Okay," I say and get off the phone. That was really weird.

"What happened?" Malerie asks and leans forward a bit.

"Um... apparently my dad is getting married." I answer and keep looking in front of me. Should I go there? Should I meet him and his new family? His fiancée? Especially after he left me and mom alone?

"Congratulations!" Malerie says and raises her hand to give a high five. I don't respond.

"I guess," I say. "He wants me to have dinner tonight with his fiancée and, well, baby mama."

"Are you going to go?" Malerie asks and I don't know. I will have to really think about this.

"I'm not sure." I say and look at her. "Things are complicated between me and my dad because there is absolutely nothing between the two of us. Does that make sense?"

"Totally." She says. "Things are awkward between me and my dad too. He doesn't really have a relationship with me, because he doesn't know I exist."

Wait, really?

"Oh, sorry to hear that." I say. Her situation is actually worse, now I feel like I have to go and meet my dad. I hope it won't be that bad. He has a fiancée after all, maybe she'll be fine. And she's pregnant, god! It's so weird to think that the baby she has in her belly actually shares DNA with me.

God, and how am I going to tell my mom about this? She just stopped thinking about dad. At least she made it sound so.

I just got back from what has to have been one of the most uncomfortable and awkward dinners in the history of mankind. My dad is such a dick, seriously! He was lying his ass off in front of his future wife, just so it seemed he was a great dad to me. But he wasn't even there the half of my life! And when he was, he was a terrible dad, he never went to park with me to play football or anything. Not that I like football, but he was telling his fiancée – April – so many stories from my childhood that never happened! Like doesn't he have something better to do than to tell her fake stories about his only kid?

I groan and close my eyes as I enter the living home. "Your ex-husband is such a shithead." I say to my mom and don't even care. Just before I went to the dinner, mom found me sneaking out of the house, so I had to tell her where was I going.

"I know." She answers and when I open my eyes, I notice she's not the only one sitting on the couch.

"Hi," I smile.

"Hi," Blaine says and smiles back.

"What are you doing here?" I ask then.

"Well, I asked my mom, and she let me sleep here again. Just for one night though, but it's better than nothing, don't you think?" He smiles.

"And I agreed." My mom says then. "I thought you'd need some cheering up after the dinner. I knew it couldn't have been anything good."

I nod slowly and Blaine stands up. "Good night, mom." I say as we head to my room.

"Good night Ms. Phillips." Blaine says and my mom nods. Then we finally go upstairs to my room and I close the room behind us. Blaine sits on my bed and I sit right next to him, letting my head fall on his shoulder. Some cheering up would be great.

"So, how was it?" He asks me and I sigh.

"What do you think, horrible." I answer. "He made up stories about how amazing dad he was and that's such a crap." I sigh. "But April, his fiancée was really nice. Honestly, she was beautiful, with red hair and fair skin. Her eyes were big and beautiful, but in a really pleasant way, not in a substance-abuse way. She was like a trademark of the Walt Disney Company." I laugh. "Yeah, they make a horrible couple." I laugh a bit.

"Well, at least we make a great couple." He says and kisses my cheek. I smile and kiss him on the lips lightly.

"Yes, we do." I smile at him. Then I sigh again. "I should not have come to the dinner. Now I feel bad because of April and what did she have to witness." I say then.

Suddenly Blaine hugs me. "Hey," he says and gently grabs my head to make me look at him. "Forget about your dad." He says. "Forget about everything that doesn't make you feel good. Forget about all the trouble you have, and think about everything good that's waiting for you in life."

I smile. "Thank you." I say and lean in to kiss him. He closes his eyes just as our lips meet and then I close my eyes too, just enjoying the feeling. Then I kiss his cheek and ear, before I let my head rest in the crook of his neck, closing my eyes again. "You make me feel good, and I'll remember that forever." I say.

His grip on me tightens. "I love you, Kurt."

"I love you, Blaine." I smile.

And suddenly everything's okay. Everything is alright, just as I wanted it to be. Blaine's right. I can forget about dad and about April. I'm probably never going to see them again anyway. Maybe just once to look at my baby brother. But that's all. I have Blaine, right here in my hug, on my bed, and I know I'm never letting him go.

There are so many good things in life waiting for the both of us.

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