Struck By Love

The First Meeting

What the hell am I even doing? I can't write, I don't know anything about writing and this club, let alone about Kurt, and today after school... is my first meeting with them. God, I hope I won't screw up, I really want to get to know him more.

Before I even realize it, the bell is ringing and with it ends the last lesson for me today. It's time.

I breath in and out and try to imagine what it might be like – meeting those few kids that are in Kurt's club, but don't care about writing. I don't want to be like them. I want to be useful for him, so he wants me in his club and then we can be friends...

But that's the problem. I can't write.

I quickly pack my stuff into my bag and head outside of the classroom. I'm the last one to come out. I look at the map of the school that I printed yesterday and look for the... Hell, I don't even know where that meeting is supposed to be. Shit.

I got an idea – I run to the wall where Kurt pinned that paper earlier today and I smile when I see the exact number of the classroom I need to find. Now all I need to do is find it in my map and go there.

Kurt slash Carson, I'm coming for you.

The classroom is empty when I come in. Well, that's until I see Kurt's hair behind the desk, it looks like he's looking for something in his bag... wait, does this mean that we're alone? No, nope, I'm not excited at all, I'm perfectly fine, just keep calm...

"Hi," I say when I come closer. Within a second I hear a loud gasp and Kurt's head is suddenly looking at me.

"Geez!" He says loudly, "You scared me!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," I quickly apologize. After a few seconds, he returns his attention back on some papers that he's probably put out of his bag.

"You're early," he says, still looking at those papers. "No one is ever here on time, they all come late, or not at all."

"Yeah, that's bad," I reply, not sure what to say next. "What are those?" I ask, pointing at the papers he's holding.

"My articles that I wrote yesterday. As I said, those shitheads don't do anything but complain that I care too much, I have to write everything on my own." He then puts them aside and sits on the chair. He lays his torso on the desk and stops talking. I know he's waiting for the other members to arrive and he's probably sad that I'm the only one who showed up, but he looks so adorable in this position, seriously.

"Hey, Carson," Someone says from the door. Kurt and I look up. It's a blonde girl with a really high ponytail on the top of her head. She's wearing a pink t-shirt and has a bag over her shoulder. She's also holding a camera.

"Hey, Malerie," Kurt says and he smiles. This time I can see that his smile is genuine, the girl's probably his good friend.

She looks at me and goes closer with the camera. She points it on my head and looks through it. I smile slightly. "Who... is that?" She asks and points the camera lower... and lower.

"Are you shooting my butt?" I ask a bit uncomfortably. I hear Kurt chuckle.

"Maybe," she smiles. "I'm Malerie."


She finally turns to Kurt and says, "I wrote another short story for the chronicle." Kurt nods and stands up.

"Great, let's hear it," he says and sits on the desk.

"It's um... this one," she smiles slightly and points on a journal on the table. "I think you're gonna like it. It's probably my best one." From Kurt's face I can see that he doesn't expect, well... anything. Malerie puts the camera down and starts. "Call me Ishmael. Some years ago-" Kurt's expression changes into a bored and a bit annoyed one. It's clear that he doesn't really want her to continue. She does, nevertheless, "- Never mind how long precisely-"

"Malerie," Kurt stops her and rolls his eyes. Malerie looks up."Did you really write this?"

"No," She says and sighs. "You saw right through me. I'm a complete disappointment."

"I'm sure you're not," I say. I kinda feel bad for her. Kurt looks at me, then back at her.

"And don't be so hard on yourself." He says. "I mean, writing takes time. Your own words would help too."

"But I can't think of any ideas myself." She says sadly. She's exactly like me, she wants to write, but she just can't. "Like, I have no imagination." She adds. "All God blessed me with was this flawless complexion and really good table tennis skills. I'm like... asian good." Kurt smirks. "How do you do it?" She asks finally. Great, I have the same question. I really don't want to disappoint him.

I look at Kurt. "I... uh, well," he hesitates, trying to think of what to tell her, "d-don't try to find the ideas." He looks at Malerie again. "Let the ideas find you." He smiles slightly.

Suddenly the intercom says across the whole building, "Attention student council members. There's a meeting in the activities office." Kurt seems annoyed again.

"God," he utters. "They only have these meetings when they think I've gone home." He takes his bag and puts it over his shoulder. "The joke's on them. I never go home."

"Yeah," Malerie laughs. "either do I, 'cause home's overrated. So is m&m's world. Seriously," she mumbles.

Kurt opens the door and suddenly he's gone. And then it hits me. No one came to the meeting, the meeting's over. I quickly grab my stuff, say bye to Malerie and run out of the room. As soon as I catch up with Kurt I say, "Wait, so that's it?" I ask, "The meeting's over?"

He doesn't stop walking, he just looks at me. "Yes, that was it. See? No one came, everybody hates this club, because everybody hates me."

I don't.

"Okay," I say sadly. "Um, so when is the next meeting?" He stops and looks at me.

"Well, it should be tomorrow, but you never know who'll come. Or rather who won't come."

"That's awful, I mean, you said that writing takes time, that it's hard. It can't be easy to see everyone else's disinterest." I smile at him briefly, sad. It's just not fair, I want him to have at least someone who cares about him apart from Malerie. I care about him. I won't be a disappointment.

"Yeah, that's just the way it is." He sighs. "Look, I'd rather be tortured than go to that meeting, but I have to go there. And at least I can laugh in their faces when they see me there, so... bye." He says and quickly walks away.

"Yeah, bye!" I call after him, but in that moment he disappears behind a corner.

Well, that meeting really didn't go the way I thought it would. But, hey, at least I saw Kurt's smile for the first time. And I'm willing to do anything to see that lovely smile again, so I'm going to try harder than ever before and I'm going to write him the best story that he has ever read.

With that, I go home.

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