Struck By Love

My Perfect Boyfriend

It's almost 10pm and I'm leaning against a tree in the park behind Blaine's house. The minute I found out that he wanted to meet me, I knew that I just had to go and tell him. Tell him that I like him back and that I shouldn't have run away from his room like that.

It's already dark, the only source of light are the high lamps above my head, but Blaine's nowhere to be found. I know that it's not exactly the time yet, but I can't wait to see him. I'm actually excited to see him again and talk to him. Honestly. And that's never happened to me before.

Tomorrow is Homecoming and I should mostly prepare for that because I and Malerie still have to put all those painted pieces together and hopefully get someone to join us before it all starts. But my mind is completely clouded when I see Blaine coming into the park through the main gate.

He doesn't see me yet, but I'm already on my way to him. I have to tell him everything, and most of all that I liked the kiss. That I want to be in a relationship. Tell him how much he's changed me. How much I want to kiss him again.

I walk faster and faster towards him, I'm almost running now. "Kurt?" He says and smiles when he sees me. God it's taking too long, I start to run. "Kurt, what's-"

I don't give him a chance to finish the sentence because I immediately jump at him and kiss him. I can feel how tensed and shocked he is at first, but after a second he relaxes and returns the kiss with just as much force and passion as me. My second kiss and I'm already desperate and can't think of anything else, just my lips on his, his tongue in my mouth and his fingers running through my hair and his hands caressing my back again, just like in his room, only better.

I think I finally know who I am. Yes, I'm gay. And I don't care because nothing matters when I feel Blaine so close to me. If this is what love really feels like, I don't want it to ever end – it's like being enchanted. And I'll admit that I'm scared because I never wanted to be enchanted in the first place, but I think that when I'm enchanted together with Blaine, it doesn't matter anymore because there's two of us against the world, it's not just me alone as it always used to be.

I don't know if it's seconds or minutes, it could be hours. I've lost track of time, when I'm with him and he's kissing me like that, I don't even care if it's already after midnight.

We finally break the kiss and we're both panting, looking into each other's eyes. He grins at me and I can't help but grin back.

"What changed?" He asks me, still holding me close.

"I did," I say. "I lied. I liked our kiss in your room, I guess I just wasn't prepared for that yet."

"For what?"

"For being in a relationship, silly." I laugh. He kisses me again and I put my arms around his shoulders. "You take my breath away." I close my eyes and whisper against his cheek. Then I look into his brown eyes again.

"So you want to be boyfriends?" He asks, a bit unsure. I nod my head.

"Yes, yes I want to!" I smile again and ask, "Do... Do I really make you feel like you're living a teenage dream?" I remember the song he sang to me and how emotional he was when he was singing those words.

This time it's his turn to laugh and he looks at me adoringly. "Kurt, you are my teenage dream." He whispers, tightening his hold on me.

"God, I love how you call me Kurt even when no one else does." I say.

"I know," he smiles, leans forward and kisses me again. That's officially four kisses in one week! I hope it'll be more since we're now actually boyfriends. "I love kissing you." He says and presses his forehead against mine.

"I love kissing you too."

It's been one hour since I saw Kurt running towards me in the park. Eventually we agreed that it was getting really late and I walked him to his car. We kissed a few more times, we were watching the stars too, and talking about everything from how many kids I wanted to have as an adult to which ice-cream flavor he likes.

Then he drove home and I went back home too. It's been a lovely evening. I thought I'd lost Kurt forever, but actually I have him now more than I ever hoped I would. He's not only my crush now, he is my boyfriend. Boyfriend. Gosh that sounds so weird. He's now officially mine and I admit I love that feeling.

I smile and close my eyes. I'm lying in my bed and it's 12:30am, but I can't sleep. The whole evening just keeps playing in my head over and over. His arms around my shoulders, my fingers in his hair, the taste of his lips, all of it.

Suddenly, my phone rings. I look at it and smile when I see Kurt's name on the screen. He gave me his number earlier today.

"Hi," I say when I pick up the phone.

"Hi," I hear him smiling. "I can't sleep."

"Me neither." I say. My parents are already sleeping and I told them that I was hanging out with a friend. I know that they know I'm gay, but I don't want my dad to find out that I have a boyfriend now, I'm still not sure how would he react. He may know about me, but I don't know how would he feel if he saw me actually acting on it.

"Why?" Kurt asks and I chuckle.

"Mostly because I'm thinking about you and how much I already miss you." I smile and roll over in the bed so I'm lying on my stomach now.

"Yeah," Kurt whispers. "Me too." I smile and for a few seconds we're both silent. "Will you go to the Homecoming tomorrow?" He suddenly asks and just by his tone I know that he's worried.

"Of course I'm coming," I answer. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," Kurt says quickly and then sighs. "I just want everyone to know how amazing writing is and most of all I want to inspire them you know? To join my Writers' club and to write for my literary magazine." He admits.

"I know, but don't worry." I say. "This school has over four hundred people in it, someone has to be inspired by you."

"Not if all of them hate me." Kurt says bitterly.

"Hey, it's only 398. I'm sure Malerie doesn't hate you and I don't either because I know how amazing person you are." I say. "And kisser," I add and I don't see his face, but I can tell he's blushing.

"Oh, no I'm not," He protests cheerfully. "That kiss in your room was my first kiss in my life."

"Well, then you can consider yourself quite a good kisser, Kurt Carson Phillips, because I say so and I know more about kissing than you do."

"That's true," he laughs. "Maybe you could write about kissing me in my literary magazine."

"Maybe I could," I laugh. I can hear him yawn and I have to laugh again. "I can see someone's sleepy," I murmur.

"I might be, but I know that you are too." He says.

"No, I'm no-" suddenly I have the biggest urge to yawn so I can't even finish the sentence. I hear Kurt laughing on the other side of the phone.

"See?" He laughs.

"Okay, okay," I admit. "But I want you to know that when I fall asleep, I'll be still thinking about you. About your arms wrapped around me, and your head on my chest."

"I'd love to do that." He says dreamily and yawns again. "Maybe one day I will."

"God, I hope so!" I smile.

"I can't wait to see you in school tomorrow." He whispers.

"Me neither. I know that school starts in a few hours, but it still feels so long without you." I smile and suddenly my eyelids are getting so incredibly heavy, I can't keep them open. I feel my eyes slowly closing not long after.

"See you tomorrow then, Blaine Anderson." I hear Kurt whisper again.

"Hmmm," I mumble sleepily and put my phone back on the table next to my bed when I hear that Kurt hung up. I fall back into my pillows and finally fall asleep, dreaming about my perfect, perfect boyfriend.

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