I'll die before I lose you again


Harry's third year is about to begin but before it does a long standing wish of Harry's is granted. Written by myself and RoseyPoseyPie.

Adventure / Other
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It had only been two and half years since the invasion of New York at the hands of Loki. Most of the damages done to the city had been repaired; monuments to those who had lost their lives that day dotted a few locations around the newly renamed Avengers Tower. The Avengers themselves had become very famous as a result of the press coverage from that day. Shield couldn't hide they involvement of the Avengers, even with all the connections it had. Too many people had seen the truth and flooded the internet with videos clearly showing what had happened. So, with little option Fury had to let two of his best agent move into the tower with the other Avengers.

There was a basic routine for the team. Wake up, eat, do their own things, fight the bad guys when they showed up, game night every Friday, movie night on Saturday, press meetings, lawsuits for damages done while they were fighting. They did all the normal things in the lives of well-known heroes. So when Loki showed up at the tower to seek revenge it caught them all off guard. But nothing caught them more off guard then when their PA shouted at Loki and he actually froze, looking like he'd seen a ghost.

"Loki if you so much as take one more step towards them I swear it will be your last!"

There were very few things in life Loki feared, even fewer on Midgard. But as he stood in the home of his enemies he couldn't stop the trembling in his limbs. His tongue darted out to wet suddenly dry lips as he kept his eyes locked on his enemies. "Not real. It's just another memory. You are only in my head," He muttered to himself as he shut his eyes before something slammed into his jaw.

"You sorry excuse for a man, face me when I'm talking to you!" Steadying himself on his feet Loki slowly brought his eyes up to face the speaker. First thing he saw was their legs. They had long, slim legs that carried them effortlessly with all the grace of a cat. Their hips were just the right curve there that advertised they were perfect for having children. The waist, even with the fear running through him all Loki wanted to do was hold that waist that was clearly made for his hands alone. The chest, that perfect bosom that was of modest size, long arms crossed over it. There was an emerald ring visible on their left hand. A swanlike neck he used to spend hours covering in kisses. They had those soft, petal-like lips, that cute nose. Finally he reached the eyes. Loki held back a small yelp of fear at the fire blazing in those jade green eyes framed by raven locks of hair. "My Dragon," He breathed. Those jade eyes narrowed in pure anger and Loki barely had time to regret his words before she swung at his head with Captain America's shield, knocking him to the floor as well as out.
Loki awoke with a bolt of pain shooting through his body. He had clearly been moved from the tower's living area to what he guessed was they medical room, if the overly clean smell was anything to go by. "Does that hurt? Good!" Snapped a voice he knew well. Pain forgotten through fear Loki jumped to his feet and locked eyes with the woman who was glaring at him. She was standing before the Avengers, clearly having been explaining something to them before he woke. "My Dragon, you're alive?" He had to be sure it was her. "You dare 'Dragon' me?!" She yelled making him jump back

"Would someone explain what is going on?" Captain America asked clearly worried.

"Oh I'll tell you what's going on. I'm about to kill my husband!" The woman growled before glaring daggers at Loki.

"Hu-husband?!" All of the Avengers were clearly surprised by this news.

"Brother?" Thor was looking to Loki for answers. Loki was about to snap at Thor, but one look at the woman halted that.

"We were married in secret a while ago. About 15 years now I believe. I had thought her dead," He answered.

"Why didn't you say anything about this sooner Angel?" Captain America asked. He felt a little hurt that Angel hadn't mentioned being married to any of them.

Tony had hired Angel four months after the invasion as Personal Assistant to the Avengers. And in the time that followed she had grown close to each of them in her own way. To Clint and Natasha she was the sister they never had, as well as someone they could train that wasn't a Shield agent. To Cap she was a best friend who shared some of his interest and didn't laugh when he couldn't understand something. Tony someone he could prank and mess with who would return the favor. Bruce found someone he could open up to without fear of judgment or scaring away. And Thor enjoyed going to her for help when he didn't understand something Midgardian or when he needed advice on Jane.

"Because every single time I tried to reach this idiot, I always end up missing him! Do you have any idea what it was like to suddenly see him standing there in Germany before all hell broke loose? I was dragged out of the building by some guy who managed to get away before he forced everyone to kneel." The woman, Angel turned to Loki. "You never found my damned body yet you figured I was dead? What the hell is wrong with you?" She demanded. "No forget that. Because it'll just be some lame excuse and I for one don't have the time, nor do care for it right now. What I do care about?" At that she walked over and grabbed his throat. "I care that you tried to enslave my world!" She growled at him.

"I can explain," He tried weakly. Angel pushed him back against the bed he had been resting on moments before and crossed her arms. Not even bothering to right himself, as it would only make her madder at him Loki began his explanation, "I thought I had lost everything on Midgard that mattered to me. I returned to our home and found it destroyed. You were both nowhere to be found. I thought the destruction of our home had claimed all that I cared about. In my grief I turned my back on this realm and swore to not step foot here again. But after Thor was banished I found myself caught up in things I should have left alone. Secrets kept from me were revealed and I was driven to anger and madness by them. I did many things I should not have. Attacking your world was the greatest of those things. I swear to you my love I will do whatever you wish of me. I shall not rest until I have repented for all I have wronged. I will make things right," Loki swore.

"Wow. I didn't think he would be that scared of her." Iron Man whispered. Angel ran a hand through her short raven hair.

"I have been looking for you for years. Do you hear me? Years!" She yelled at him.

"I know my love. And I know I will pay for that." He whispered.

"Not to mention you have to make it up to our son." Loki nodded and opened his mouth to talk, but froze. "Our son? He- he lives as well?" Loki couldn't believe it. Some of Angel's anger left her and a heavy sorrow set in. "Yes Loki, our little boy." Tears were now falling from her eyes.

She began explaining to everyone. "Loki and I met a long time ago. I was just some High School girl then, he the stranger who appeared out of nowhere. We didn't think much of each other yet always ended up in the same places. Before I knew what was happening, we were a couple after three months. His interest in literature fascinated me at that same time his lack of skills with technology made me laugh. We married two months after I finished school. Loki and I explored the world; we went all over the globe. Then one morning, I realized I was pregnant. We were both so happy and settled down in England to begin life as parents. Loki swore he was going to tell his family about us after our child was old enough to survive the trip. He even had been returning to Asgard from time to time to prepare a place for the two of us in the palace. We were blessed with a son," Here Angel's eyes flashed between anger and pain. "One night our home was attacked, never learned who by while Loki was back in Asgard tending to an important matter I was knocked out at some point and when I awoke I found our son had been stolen from us and I couldn't find Loki anywhere. I spent years looking for them both, but never found my husband," Angel stopped there to wipe tears from her eyes.

"You said you never found Loki. What about your son? You said he was still alive," Captain Rogers asked.

"A person we called a friend took him. He thought us dead so he gave our son to another family to adopt. They had him for 6 months before death took them. By the time I learned where my son was it was too late to go to his adopted parents and beg for him back." Here the pain was replaced by, not only anger but also a deep hatred that none in the room had ever seen from her. "My baby was left with his adopted mother's sister, that horrible hag!

"That Horrible Hag?" Tony asked.

"The things they did to my son! They-" Angel exclaimed, launching into details of all she knew her son's guardians had done to him.

"My God! How could no one notice?" Bruce asked, looking a little green.

"They lie and claim he's a lair, a delinquent. Tell people he's troubled, breaks things for fun. They make sure no one listens to him or even go near him," Angel was wiping her eyes again. "Every time I sent Child Services to help him they would just pay them off and he would be left to suffer more at their hands," Angel started to sob more, Loki held her, hoping to comfort her.

"My love if I had known I would have… we will get him back. This I promise you," He said to her softly.

"Don't worry Angel, we'll help too," Steve promised. The team nodded in agreement. Even Clint, he might not have any love for Loki, but he wasn't about to let the son of the girl that was like a sister to him stay in hell any longer.

"Thank you, but before we can take him from that house we need to cover all the bases so no one can try to take him from us or claim our entitlement on him isn't true," This confused everyone but Loki and Thor.

"I take it then that the child a Seidhr?" Thor asked.

"Yes he is. He is powerful but the years suffering with those people have made him suppress his power," Angel answered

"We shall deal with the suppression once he is ours again. For now we need to reclaim him," Loki waved a hand over the coffee table, several papers appearing. Based on the aging of the papers and the symbols at the tops of the ones she could see Angel guessed they were his copies of documents pertaining to their life before they lost one and other, copies he kept in a desk in Asgard. "We will need to move quickly to reclaim him. I want him back before his third year of school begins. Picking up the first sheet Loki looked it over.

"I shall have to go to that bank to restore our accounts. Also if I take some of his hairs I can begin to prove he is our son with the aid of those goblins there. They still own me their loyalties." Loki then picked up another sheet, muttering to himself what needed done.

"What can we do to help?" Steve asked. Angel sniffled a little before speaking.

"Loki and I can handle the magical world part of it. But the everyday world will be more problematic. If you could possibly gather evidence against that family we can at least get him out of that house." She explained.

"Spy on the family and get proof he's being harmed. You got it." Tony nodded.

Angel herself couldn't hold back a malicious smirk. "Soon you will learn your mistake Dursleys." She muttered harshly.

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