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To say that Hogwarts wasn't very welcoming to Jörmungandr was an understatement. Though Loki assured them that his son had no intention to harm anyone many of the teachers wanted him gone. Even Dumbledore seemed uncomfortable standing before Jörmungandr as he spoke with Loki about him. That was something Angel found to be very funny as she left Loki, Harry, Fenrir, and Eisa at the lake with Jörmungandr. She had so many questions for Loki about his life before her. But for now she was willing to leave her husband and the children catch up and get to know each other. On her way back to the castle Angel was passed by many students on their way to the lake.

"Hurry up before they make prince Haralder's brother leave," One girl shouted to her friend as they ran by.

"Is it true that a daughter of Prince Loki showed up and that she's beautiful?" A male student asked his friend.

"He's huge!" A first year boy exclaimed.

Angel chuckled. Even though they deal with magic everyday most of the people around her were still kids. A fact she enjoyed greatly.

"Angel!" Turning her head Angel smiled at Steve as he and Natasha ran over to her. "Hey guys. I'm guessing you've heard the news already?"

"About Jörmungandr and a princess we didn't know about?" Natasha asked.

Angel nodded. "Yeah, I've got to get Loki to explain why he didn't tell me about his two daughters from before Hela," Loki had told her that he'd only married once before her. Yet he had two daughters with a woman before Angrboda. "His daughter's name is Eisa. I suggest you get down to the lake and say hello to Jörmungandr quickly because he might not be able to stay very long."

The two nodded and made their way to the lake.

Angel smiled to herself. "This family is a lot bigger than most others. Wonder what Loki would say about bringing another child into it."

Back at the tower Tony was flipping through something on a laptop, Clint was channel surfing, and Bruce was reading over a potion text book Loki had suggested he read. Since Fury's visit things had been fairly quite. Though there had been that Doombot attack that they had struggled with till Spiderman showed up and helped them. There was also the issue with Dudley. He had acted up in school, talking down to teachers and going on about how public schools are rubbish. So he was suspended for a week. Dudley didn't think it was such a big thing, he even figured he'd spend his free time watching TV and playing games on Harry's systems. They were having none of that. All three of them came up with work for Dudley to do. School work that is, and added to the pile of school work he'd been refusing to do Dudley would be lucky to have it all done before he had to go back to school.

"My arm hurts," Dudley whined from the desk Tony had set him up with, a desk that didn't let him see the TV at all.

"Hey you do the crime you do the time," Tony told him, smirking at Clint and Bruce. Clint was smirking as well. Bruce on the other hand rolled his eyes, though at whom Tony couldn't be sure.

"Dudley if you are going to get yourself kicked out of school you're going to have to learn to deal with us teaching you. And this is how we'll be teaching you," Bruce was hoping the pile of work they had given him would motivate Dudley to change his ways, at least in school.

"Why doesn't Harry have to do this?" Dudley's tone was a combination of snapping and whining.

"Because Harry's is at school, doing his work, and behaving, He hasn't done anything to earn a punishment. You can whine, scream, and shout, whatever. You act like a spoiled brat, you get punished. Simple as that," Clint wondered if he could take Dudley and put him through the wringer over at the Shield training facility for a few days.

"Stupid freak. He doesn't deserve to be a prince," Dudley grumbled.

"We heard that," All three of them called. They were so sick of hearing him throw the word freak around like it was nothing. They were trying to come up with something, that one shock that would get through to Dudley that everything his parents taught him is wrong. But so far they had nothing.

Angel was sitting in her and Loki's room at the school reading over the list of things Loki had wanted back when he first started the school. "Four wives. He wanted four wives and so far he's had children with three women, one of them me," It sort of bothered her about the number of women Loki had been with before her, but she tried to reason that because he's been alive a lot longer than her he was bound to have many ex girlfriends. And he had assured her that he'd been with no one since he thought he had lost her.

Still, it made her a little interested in what his exes looked like and if she even came close to matching them. Not that she was worried. After all at the end of the day Loki would still be in her bed, not theirs. But still, it doesn't hurt to check.

Sirius couldn't believe his eyes. There stood Harry speaking with a giant snake that happened to be his half brother. Even though he'd heard all the stories, all the myths surrounding Prince Loki, Sirius still found it hard to believe that it truly was Prince Loki who was at Hogwarts right then and there. And then there was the large wolf at Harry's side and the beautiful red haired woman with them. He wanted to ask someone about the woman but most of the students still thought of him as the mad man their parents warned them about.

"Sirius, I thought that was you," Loki greeted as he walked up to him.

"Prince Loki. I had heard more of your children had arrived. Thought I would come see if it was true," It still felt strange to him to be speaking to the god of mischief.

"She's my daughter Eisa. Most mortals believe that Fenrir is my oldest child. They are only half right. He's my eldest son. Eisa and her sister Einmyria are my first children," Loki explained.

"I was unaware there were children before prince Fenrir. Did Princess Angel know?"

Loki gave a small sigh. "No, she did not. Thankfully she seems to be taking it very well and continues to show the same affection to my other children as she does our son."

Sirius couldn't help a small smile at that. "A kind woman, where is she now?" He had figured Angel would be at the lake with the rest of her family.

"Though she loves my children like they are her own she felt a little overwhelmed by the appearance of two of them at once. It didn't help that I hadn't gotten around to telling her that I had five children before I met my Dragon before Eisa arrived. I was not even aware she could travel between realms," Loki suddenly looked thoughtful. "I wonder what happened to Glut after she left," He made a note to ask Eisa about her mother and where her sister was.

"Glut? Was she your first wife?"

Loki sighed. "Glut was… complicated. I would rather not go into it right at this moment."

Sirius nodded in understanding. If anyone should hear about Glut it should be Angel first. "Harry seems to be very happy. I take it he is taking well to his siblings?"

Loki smiled at Sirius, grateful that he changed the subject to something more pleasant. "That he is. They love him and he loves them. I had little doubt about Fenrir accepting Haralder as family, given his instincts. Eisa I wasn't sure about since she hasn't had much contact with her siblings, yet her eyes show not but love for him. Jörmungandr I thought might enjoy Haralder as he is one of the few people in Midgard who he can speak with. I hope Hela and Einmyria love him as well."

Angel was sprawled out on the bed letting her mind drift. She felt relaxed and was thinking about dozing off when the bed shifted and she felt hands rubbing her shoulders. She smiled. "Did you leave the kids at the lake?"

Loki chuckled. "No. Jörmungandr left the lake and is at the moment taking in some sun along the edge of the forest. Haralder, Fenrir, and Eisa are with him right now."

"What about Fred and George?" Angel didn't want Loki doing anything that could make any of the kids unhappy just because he didn't think the person they were interested in wasn't right for them.

"They went to write home to their mother. Hermione took Ron to finish a scroll he has been putting off," Loki had Angel roll onto her stomach and began rubbing her back. "Are you upset with me?"

Angel rested her head on her arms after crossing them. "No. I know you didn't mean to keep Eisa from me. Will you tell me about your past loves now?"

"As you wish my Dragon," Loki placed a quick kiss to the side of her neck before beginning his story. "Eisa and her sister Einmyria were born from an affair I had with Glut. She was the wife to Halogi, but she wasn't happy. And when she began to long for children he was the last person she wanted fathering them. I had taken an interest in her after hearing all the rumors of her unhappy marriage."

"Tell me about her. What did she look like?" Angel wanted to know everything he could tell her.

"She looks a lot like Eisa, though her eyes were golden and her hair was lighter. She kept her hair down with a single braid she would keep tucked behind her ear. She is known as the goddess of light and it is a title that fit her, for she seemed to brighten any room she walked into. The only thing I didn't like about her was that she was married," Loki carefully moved his hands lower, soothing out the knots in Angel's back. "But that mattered little to me. She welcomed me into her bed and we behaved as if we were married. Before long we had two beautiful girls. But it couldn't last. Just as there had been rumors about Glut's unhappy marriage to Halogi, rumors of our affair spread. And we were forced apart. Halogi took her and our daughters far beyond my reach."

"That's so sad. You didn't get to see them at all after that?" Angel remembered the years she spent without Harry. It had been a nightmare for her.

"Years later I was married to Angrboda, she was a witch. Very skilled but when she wanted something she pushed to have it."

Angel frowned. "I get the feeling you are more referring to something in particular."

"And you would be right. When Fenrir was born she wanted to give him my shape changing ability. But it was a task she could not succeed at. Fenrir became locked in the form you see him in now. Jörmungandr came next and she tried again. Same thing happened, only he became a sea serpent. I made her swear on her life she would not try again," Loki stopped for a moment to summon a bottle of oil and remove Angel's shirt.

"Did she listen when Hela was born?" Angel asked. She wanted to let her eyes close and slip into a dream. But she wanted answers.

"She did listen. She didn't try to give her my ability. She tried to fix Hela. She was born half dead and Angrboda was already being accused by people in whispers as a demon witch. She feared what would happen if our daughter wasn't healthy. So she tried to bring to life that which had none. But it only made things worse for our daughter. Her skin began to decay in some areas; the skin on the left side of her face fell away and would not heal, so she was half a skeleton. When what had happened spread she was branded a demon witch and killed. Our children were taken. Fenrir and Jörmungandr were banished here to Midgard while Hela was sent to Nifilheim. She became queen of that realm, but she does not have the power to leave it."

It was clear to Angel how much Loki missed his daughter. He'd only gotten a short amount of time with his children and the women he loved before they were all taken from him. It was no wonder he was so quick to anger when he learned the truth Odin hid from him. He must've seen what happened to his family as personal.

"I miss both Glut and Angrboda. But my time with them was wonderful regardless how short it was. Now I have you, my Dragon. And when I thought you had been taken from me as they had you survived. And you came back to me, bringing our son with you," Loki leaned in and whispered in her ear. "You and our son defied fate. By the way things have gone for me Haralder should be stranded in another realm and you should either be dead or being kept away from me by your other husband. You are my victorious woman."

Angel laughed. "Not likely," She rolled onto her side and smiled up at him. "Only you are crazy enough to marry a dragon like me."

Loki leaned down and kissed her lips.

Harry had to almost drag Ron and Hermione over to Jörmungandr. They had been scared by his appearance and size; even though Harry assured them his brother wouldn't hurt them. It took a few minutes to get them comfortable but after a while Hermione started asking questions of both Jörmungandr and Eisa while Ron sat next to Fenrir.

"Where are your mum and dad?" Ron asked as he looked around.

"Mum went back to the castle. Dad followed after her over an hour ago," Harry answered.

"Little odd that they would just leave after Jörmungandr arrived. I would've thought they would've been here with you. Prince Loki to catch up with his son and princess Angel to get to know her step son," Hermione couldn't figure out why both of Harry's parents would just leave like that.

"I think she was feeling a little overwhelmed. She did seem to look like she needed time to get her thoughts in order. I think father went to make sure she's alright," Eisa suggested.

Hermione thought on that before nodding. It must've been easy for Angel when Fenrir entered the family since he was only one person. But to suddenly have both Eisa and Jörmungandr appear in the span of an hour must've been a bit of a shock to her.

"Maybe I should go check on mum," Harry looked over at the castle when Eisa placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sure she's fine. Father has most likely eased her troubles by now and they may be taking some time to talk about our family. After all father will want to keep Jörmungandr close by so he may wish to move closer to the water," Eisa pointed out.

Harry frowned for a moment before seeing her reason. "Tony said he had a house in Malibu that's close to the water. Maybe mum and dad can ask for a house next to his."

"That could be nice. And Jörmungandr might enjoy living in warm water," Hermione thought out loud.

"Malfoy," Ron muttered as said blond slowly walked over to them. Jörmungandr raised his head to look at Draco, Fenrir stood and narrowed his eyes, and Eisa removed all emotion from her face.

"Something you want?" Eisa asked. She kept her tone civil but stood tall to show she wasn't going stand by if her family was threaten or insulted.

Draco gave a bow. "I am just here to pay my respects to Prince Loki's children."

Ron scoffed. "Like you showed respect to Princess Angel and Harry?"

Draco glared at Ron. "That was before I knew who they were. Had I known Prince Haralder was Prince Loki's son I would've treated him different from the moment we met."

Harry nearly had to do a double take when Draco called him by his birth name. He was so use to being call Potter by Draco that it caught him off guard.

Ron smirked. "How painful was it for you to call him Prince Loki's son?"

Draco narrowed his eyes at Ron. "Ron, leave it," All eyes snapped to Harry.

"What?" Ron asked.

"Is that the only reason you're here?" Harry asked Draco, ignoring Ron's question.

Draco wondered for a moment if it was a smart thing leaving Crabbe and Goyle back on the path. They could see him but they wouldn't make it if someone attacked him. And the way Fenrir was glaring and Jörmungandr was holding himself ready. One strike from Jörmungandr and there would be nothing left of Draco. "I heard you're princess Eisa. I've never heard of you," Draco tried to sound like he was just looking for answers as to the sudden new princess in Hogwarts.

"And you point is?" Eisa asked him, one eyebrow rose.

"I would like to learn about you, if I may," He answered.

Eisa looked over at her brothers. Fenrir took a seat and shook his head. Jörmungandr hissed his disapproval. And Harry gave her a look that said "no". "I am afraid the answer is no. My brothers and I do not feel that answering your questions is worth the trouble it may bring us. Now I ask that you kindly leave as we have nothing more to say."

Draco wanted to protest but bit his tongue. "As you wish," He bowed again and left, muttering angrily under his breath.

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