I'll die before I lose you again

Unwanted visitor from Asgard

For two months Angel and Harry got to know Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Eisa. Harry balanced his schooling, lessons from his father, spending time with his friends and his siblings. Angel spent her time mothering Harry, keeping Loki from doing things he shouldn't, keeping the teachers from forcing Jörmungandr to leave the school grounds, keeping Loki from doing anything to Fred, (as Eisa seemed to be getting closer to him every day) making sure Harry went to all his classes, that Loki didn't push Harry too hard during their lessons, and trying to get through to Draco. There were moments where Draco seemed to be about to say something to Angel, or tell her something before he would turn away from her and walk away. It drove her crazy since she was sure he wanted what she was offering him.
Loki however spent the two months with his family, trying to get in touch with his other children, trying to make it so Angel could freely communicate with Jörmungandr and Fenrir, teaching Harry his magic, keeping an eye on Fred whenever he got too close to Eisa, trying to play a few simple tricks on the students (when he could get his plans past Angel. She always seemed to know when he was up to something), and trying not to think about what will happen when he takes Angel and Harry to Asgard. He knew Odin was still mad about Loki faking his death and locking him in a cell while Loki impersonated him. It had taken months before Loki was found out and had to escape Asgard. Loki worried that Harry would be no more welcome in Asgard as any of his other children have been and that Angel would be put to death as quickly as his other two wives had been taken from him. Loki had to force himself many times to stop thinking like that.
Angel was of Midgard and that might offer her some protection since Odin wouldn't want to start a war with the realm Thor favors. And as for Harry, well that's why Loki was pushing his magical studies. If he was going to be taking his wife and son to meet the man who would seek to take them away from Loki, then he was going to make sure his family could protect one and other.

In Asgard a woman was pacing in front of a man. The woman was very beautiful with blonde hair, flawless skin, emerald eyes and ruby lips. She wore a skin-tight green tunic that brazenly displayed her breasts, a short green skirt, and green arm-braces with a matching belt and winged diadem. The man was large and muscular with a blue tunic, bronze chest plate and leather pants. His head was shaved except for two dark triangular strips, and he had a well-groomed goatee and moustache. The most interesting thing about him was the giant war axe he held in his right hand.

"I can't believe this! First Thor falls prey to some mortal wench, and now Loki? Tell me again what Heimdall told you," She snapped at the man.

"He claimed that Loki had been reunited with his Midgardian wife and that his children have begun finding their way to him," He repeated.

The woman let out a growl. "Have they both taken leave of their senses?" She blasted a nearby table with magic. "What do these mortal women have that I lack in their eyes?" She couldn't think of anything such a lowly race would have that someone like her would.

"Heimdall said Loki's wife is not mortal," He said. She turned to him. "She is half Huldra."

The woman's eyes widen. "Huldra? Trust Loki to find himself a Huldra," She growled. She then got a thoughtful look on her face before smirking. "I want to see this half breed of his. We make for Midgard."

Angel smiled over at Loki, who was still sleeping peacefully in bed. He had one arm slung over his eyes and his mouth was opened just enough for her to see the tips of his teeth. He looked so cute to her. Walking over to his side Angel gave his forehead a quick kiss before dumping a pitcher of water on his crotch.

Loki woke with a start as he jumped off the bed. His eyes flickered about before spotting Angel and the pitcher in her hand. He glared at her.

"Morning! Your clothes are on the chair over there, and you best hurry if you want to eat anything. Fenrir and Eisa are proving to eat a lot more then what I would've thought them able to," Angel quickly ran from the room as the pillows from the bed rose up and flew at her. She made it out the door in time and slammed it shut. "Get dressed before you come out here!" She yelled to him when she heard him running to the door. She smiled when she hear him stop and go to the chair. Turning she blushed a little at the stares of Eisa and Fenrir. "He was oversleeping," She explained before joining them.

Fenrir turned to Eisa and she giggled a little. When Angel raised a brow Eisa explained. "Fenrir thinks you're a little like father," From the look on Fenrir's face there was more to what he said to her and he didn't understand why she only shared that bit. "Is Haralder not joining us this morning?" Eisa asked to change the subject.

"Loki and I have an understanding with him. He goes to his classes when he has them and spends his free time between his family and friends. This morning he's eating with his house and friends before going to his morning classes. He said he'll be joining us for lunch," Angel explained.

Eisa nodded to her before turning towards the bedroom door as Loki stepped out. "Good morning father," She greeted.

"Good morning Eisa, Fenrir. Dragon, I will be getting you back for that later," Angel just grinned at him."Has anyone gone to visit Jörmungandr this morning?" He took a seat between Angel and Eisa.

"Fenrir and I went before breakfast. Made sure he had plenty to eat and that he was doing alright. He said to ask you and our new mother to come visit him," Eisa answered.

Angel took a drink of juice before nodding. "We can do that after we eat," Loki agreed.

Clint entered Tony's lab with his phone in hand. "Just got a call from agent Hill. Seems there was a large energysignature somewhere in Scotland. And from what SHIELD got from the reading it's a lot like the Bifrost."

"Thor got home sick?" Tony suggested.

Clint shook his head. "Hill checked with Jane and she said he's still with her."

Bruce looked up from the tablet he was looking at. "Doubtful Loki would leave Angel and his kids alone on Earth so it couldn't be him going back to Asgard. So someone came to Earth," He suggested.

"The energy signature is like the Bifrost but she said there were enough differences to suggest it's something else," Clint wondered if the Bifrost really was the only way to travel. After all Loki managed to get out of Asgard and back to Earth without using it.

"Guess we better check it out. Ok! Bird brain can send a letter to the family and tell them while Bruce-y and I go pack."

Jane hadn't believed Thor at first that Loki had changed or that he had a family. Till he showed her the pictures Tony had taken during the party. She still didn't trust Loki, after all he did try to invade the Earth, killed countless people, brainwashed her friend, faked his own death, and then tried to kill Thor and his friends. Luckily his wife stopped him during that last one. Jane wanted to meet Angel and Harry; she just wasn't sure about seeing Loki again.

"Do you really have to go? I'm sure it's nothing," Jane was trying to talk Thor out of going to Scotland.

"My brother said the school Haralder goes to is somewhere in Scotland. I have to be sure that nothing happens to my nephew and my sister," Thor was only going to protect his family. After getting the call from Clint Thor hadn't been able to stop worrying about what could've come through to Earth. As far as he knew Loki was the only one who knew how to travel between worlds without the help of the Bifrost.

"Clint said he was taking Tony and Bruce to see what happened and that he would update us when they find something," Jane would admit to being a little scared by what happened.

"As much as I trust my friends I will not feel calm until I know," Thor took Jane in his arms and gave her a quick kiss. "I will try to return soon," He walked out the door and took to the sky.

Jane let out a sigh. She hated it when he left her like that but could understand his reasons. From what he had told her Loki had changed greatly once he had his wife and son returned to him. Angel also was a great friend to Thor. Still, Jane wished he would let someone else take care of things.

Darcy was looking over the photos of Loki's family. "So do all the guys in Asgard look as hot as them?" She asked Jane.

Jane rolled her eyes and walked over. "I wasn't really paying attention to anyone else when I was in Asgard. I was being targeted by Dark Elves at the time."

Darcy focused on Harry, "This kid is going to be a lady killer when he grows up. Pity I'm too old for him. I would totally date him if I could."

Jane chuckled. "Yeah, I'm sure you would," Jane focused on Angel. "Thor said she's really nice. Wish I could've met her before she went with Haralder to his school."

Darcy frowned. "Haralder? What kind of name is that?"

"It's an Asgardian thing. I understand that most of the team just calls him Harry," Jane flipped through the pictures. She could see a difference between the Loki she'd met in Asgard and the Loki standing with his wife and son in the pictures.

Eric walked over and frowned at the pictures. "A good girl like that shouldn't be with someone like him. Neither should children," Eric was still sore, understandably over what Loki had done to him.

"We should wait till we see Angel and meet Harry. Thor said she's pretty strong and Loki seems to listen to her," Well Thor's real words were that Loki seemed scared when he was facing her for the first time in years as she glared at him.

"He'll corrupt them, just you wait and see," Eric did think that there was a small change in Loki, but not enough for him to be willing to be near the guy.

Harry wanted class to be over. He wanted to go see his siblings and parents, as well as get out of Malfoy's sight. Draco hadn't stop glaring at him since he entered the classroom. Harry guess he was angry over the way Eisa seemed to look down at him, she didn't trust orf like Draco and made sure to let him know he didn't have her trust. And Fenrir had torn three of Draco's robes when he seemed to get too close for Fenrir's liking. Harry figured Draco blamed him for the way his siblings were treating him.

"What is Malfoy's problem?" Ron asked after looking over at Malfoy.

"He's mad about how Eisa and Fenrir have been treating him. He wants to take it out on me but won't because of my dad," Harry explained.

Ron smirked; he remembered the look on Draco's face the last time Fenrir had ripped Draco's robes. "I like your brother."

Hermione turned to them. "Did you go see your brother at the lake before you came to class?"

"No, I didn't get the chance;" Harry had been looking forward to seeing him but had ended up sleeping in. "I'm going to see him at lunch and then I'm eating dinner with my family."

"Well I was at the lake and saw some woman and a man there. They didn't seem to notice me but they didn't look like they belonged on Earth," She knew they also weren't wizard and witch given their clothes as well as the axe she had seen the man holding.

Harry frowned. "Well according to dad and Eisa I have two more sisters to meet. But I don't know who the man could be and Hela can't leave her realm. What did the woman look like?"

"She was blonde, really pretty, and had a revealing green outfit on," That was one thing she didn't like about the woman. "And the man had some kind of battle axe."

"That doesn't sound like Einmyria. I wonder who that could be," Harry didn't like the fact that one of the two had a weapon.

"You can ask Jörmungandr when you go see him. He must've seen them when they were there," Hermione was right. Harry just had to wait for lunch to find out.

Loki was frowning in thought. He and Angel had gone to visit Jörmungandr and learnt some interesting things.

"Do they sound familiar to you?" Angel asked.

"Oh she wouldn't," Loki groaned as he realized who it could be.

"Who? Who's she?"

"Amora and Skurge. But why would they come here? What would make her want to come to Midgard?" Loki answered.

"Who is Amora and how do you know her?" Angel just wanted to know who Amora was. But when she saw the nervous look on his face her eyes narrowed. "Who is she?"

Loki let out a sigh. "She was once a lover of mine. But she left me for Thor centuries ago. She is also a skilled sorceress. Skurge is deeply in love with her and serves as her Executioner."

"So she's an ex-girlfriend? With magic and an executioner? Tell me she doesn't have grudge against you?" That was the only thing that mattered at that moment.

"No, she's the one who left me after she fell in love with Thor. There isn't really any reason I can think of that she would be here. If anything would bring here to Midgard it would be Thor. And he's nowhere near Hogwarts," Loki was glad Angel was taking the news of Amora very well.

"Alright let's see about finding Amora and Skurge. Oh and I will be asking her about your relationship with her," Loki face palmed at that.

Tony set his phone down and picked up his drink. "Jane text that Thor is heading for the site. He's meeting us at the airport."

Clint nodded. Bruce was reading over a file about Asgard Thor had helped build for the team, Loki had added to it during the weeks before leaving for Hogwarts. "So far no names are jumping out at me as to whom this could be. So it might not be someone from Asgard."

"Both Thor and Loki told us that travel to Earth if forbidden unless Odin grants it;" Clint reminded them.

"Forbidden, not impossible. Reindeer game's broken that rule many times in the past already. Hell, him being here is against Daddy's rules," Tony was trying to ease the worry he himself was feeling. After all they remembered Loki's attempt at taking over. All the people that had to be buried by the time they stopped him. The destruction left behind. It had him worried for what someone new from Asgard could do if they wanted to.

"We'll be meeting a team of agents when we land. They'll take us to the site," Clint was trying not to think about what had happened when Loki first showed up. He didn't want to think about what might happen if whoever arrived on Earth has the same plan in mind or the fate of whatever poor sucker was unlucky enough to be there went that person arrived.

Back at Hogwarts Amora and Skurge were watching students from the edge of the forest.

"How could Thor see anything in these simple creatures?" Amora asked herself. "They can't even properly create a protective barrier with what magic they have. Truly a pathetic race."

"That boy," Skurge pointed to a boy with black hair wearing glasses walking along the path toward the lake with a small bag. Accompanying him was a young girl with bushy brown hair and a boy with red hair.

Amora tilted her head in thought. "He looks a lot like Loki. Come Skurge, we'll see where they are going."

When they approached the lake Amora smirked at what she saw.

"The Midgard Serpent, so then the boy really is a son of Loki," The boy they had followed had been greeted by Jörmungandr when he reached the water. Jörmungandr had nuzzled the boy's cheek before the boy took a seat, his back leaning against Jörmungandr side as he pulled out some food from his bag.

"We could use the boy to bring Loki to us," Skurge suggested.

Amora shook her head. "He will show himself in time. Besides, I'm more interested in the half breed wife of his," Amora made sure she was very comfortable and watched the boy, knowing his mother would appear sooner or later.

Natasha seemed almost amused by what Loki had just told her. "Your ex girlfriend is wandering around Hogwarts and she only left you because she fell in love with Thor?" When Loki nodded she smirked. "How mad is Angel?"

Loki sighed. "For the moment she doesn't seem to care about my past relationship with Amora. Though I feel that she is displeased by this information and has every intent to make it known at a later time," And it was true. Even though Angel had made no sign of being angry with him Loki knew better then to believe that she wasn't mad. She could hide her anger well when she wanted to.

"I take it she's telling Steve able this?"

"Yes, she is also asking the other students if they've seen either of them," Loki was a little worried. Amora isn't known for being quite when going after something she wants.

"Do you even know why she's here?"

Loki shook his head. "I haven't the faintest what she could possibly want at this school. She hates Midgard and would never come here if she didn't have to," He had gone through a list of every reason he could think for her to be on Midgard. But then one thought crossed his mind. "Oh dear," He sighed.

Natasha tensed. "What?"

"The only other thing that could bring her here is something she learned about me. Like my wife."

After asking some of the students Angel made her way down to the lake to speak with the kids.

"Hello mum" Harry greeted when he saw her.

"Hi Harry. Listen you're father and I are looking for two people. A man and a woman, the man would be carrying a battle ax. Have any of you seen them?" Angel didn't miss the way Jörmungandr seemed to tense before hissing to Harry.

"Jörmungandr saw them and so did Hermione," Harry translated.

"Who are they? Friends of Prince Loki?" Hermione asked.

"No, the woman is an old flame of his and Loki's worried about what she and her would-be lover is doing here on Earth. So please stay away from her if you see her."

Eisa frowned. "Who is this woman?"

"Loki said that her name is Amora. Do you know her?" Angel was worried what Loki might not have told her.

"She's a master of magic and seduction. Many men are said to have fallen prey to her charms. Why would she be here?"

Angel shrugged. "Neither Loki nor myself know why she's here. Hopefully she'll be easy to make talk when we find her."

Amora snorted. "That is what he chose to marry? A Huldra half breed she might be, but she is no different than any other mortal."

"Do you wish me to bring her to you?" Skurge asked.

"Not yet. I have little desire to speak with her at the moment. However I am interested in the boy. I wonder if he is even half as powerful as his father is," If Loki's son proved skilled Amora was thinking of taking him and training him to serve her.

"As you wish my lady," Skurge nodded.

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