I'll die before I lose you again

The prophecy and qudditch practice

On the edge of Hogwarts' boundaries a man was pacing back and forth, muttering to himself. He was a short man with a rat like face and was missing a finger. He appeared to be panicking. "What do I do now?" He asked himself. "That Loki will find me for sure." He wrung his hands together in an attempt to stop them from shaking in fear.

"I must find the lord, but I don't know where to he may be." A bush shook from the right of him, making him jump.

"Calm yourself mortal. I have yet to have reason to want you dead." Amora said as she and Skruge stepped out into the moonlight.

"W-who are you?" The man asked.

"I am know as Amora, a sorceress of Asgard. I heard you speaking of Loki?" Amora knew who the man Pettigrew, the man who betrayed his friends to gain the favour of a powerful seidhr.

"I have nothing to say to you." Peter didn't want to be found by Loki just because he said something to this woman. Skruge took a few steps toward him before Amora held up her hand, stopping him.

"If I wanted you dead I would take you to Loki." She smiled.

"T-then what do you want?" Peter couldn't think of anything he would have that someone like the two before him would want.

"Tell me about this Lord of your's. If I like what I hear, I may help you find him." She could tell she had Peter the moment his eyes lit up.


Angel raised a brow at the mess on the floor. Or rather the bodies on the floor. There was Loki and Harry as she had expected. But Fenrir, and Eisa were also laying sound asleep on the floor with them. It seemed the late night lessons that Loki thought he was hiding from her had gone too late into the night and Fenrir and Eisa had joined the lesson. In the end all four of them had fallen asleep on the floor.

"As cute as this is." Angel smiled. "Good morning!" She shout, making them jump and her giggle.

"What? What time is it?" Loki asked as he got to his feet yawning.

"Just early enough for Harry to eat and get his school stuff before running to class." Angel kissed Loki then gave Harry and Eisa a kiss on the cheek and Fenrir one on the head.

Harry gave a loud yawn as he fixed his glasses.

"Come on." Angel lead the family over to the table where plates of food waited for them.

"I was having such a nice dream about Fred." Eisa sighed happily.

Loki gave a small groan. "What you see in that boy I will never know."

Angel kicked Loki's shin and smiled at Eisa. "I know those dreams. I use to have them all the time before I married your father. Pity they were never about him." Angel and Eisa laughed as Loki looked offended. "I'm joking." Angel gave Loki a kiss to say sorry. Harry hid his smile behind his juice and Fenrir seemed too interested in his food.

"You shouldn't tease me so, Dragon. I am known for getting revenge." Loki warned playfully.

Angel rolled her eyes at him before looking at her plate. "I would love to make a meal for the family myself one day." She thought out loud.

"Maybe once the holidays come you can mum." Harry suggested.

"I would love to help you cook. I need to learn for myself after all." Eisa added.

"I could ask the house elves that work in the school to let you use the kitchen." Loki offered.

"No, I would rather cook outside the school. I just feel that the elves would want to help too much." And it was the truth. So far every time the elves have been around while Angel was doing something they would either offer to help or they would just start helping. It annoyed her a little, after all they seemed to think of her as a real princess when she wasn't as far she was concerned.


"Hey Harry, did you stay with your mum and dad last night?" Ron asked as they took their seats.

"I hadn't meant to. Dad was teaching me some magic last night and we fell asleep." Harry rolled his shoulders to get out the stiffness that had settle in as a result of sleeping on the floor.

"You must be learning a lot from your father." Harry could only nodded at Hermione as he was still trying to force himself to wake up. If there was one thing he felt sure Snape wouldn't let slide it would be if he fell asleep during his classes.


Thor had looked over everything that had been gathered regarding the person who had come to Midgard yet he couldn't piece it all together. Someone had come to Midgard, but from where, why, and who he couldn't figure out. Nor where they had gone.

"So do we know anything about this ET?" Tony asked while looking over some readings.

Clint walked over to the small group and perched himself on the edge of a desk. "Finally found someone who saw something. An elderly couple who were in the area at the time claim to have seen two people exiting the beam of light.. They couldn't see them clearly but one was large and the other was slim and appeared to reach only the shoulders of the large one. But that was all they really could tell me." He shrugged.

"So we're looking for a pair of aliens? Even better. Shouldn't the Lord of the Rings get-ups give them away?" Tony asked.

"Shields checking every camera for them but so far they've managed to avoid being seen by them. There are agents all over the world looking for anyone that could be from off world but unless we give them something to go on the odds of finding them aren't good." Clint sighed.

"Too bad the rain washed away their footprints. They might've told us something about these two." Bruce was looking over the readings taken from when the portal opened and the two arrived. "These really do look similar to when you travel between worlds Thor. They might've come from Asgard."

Thor frowned in thought. "Why would any come to this realm and not make themselves known to me?"

"Maybe they are here on some kind of mission that they don't at the time have any time to pay you a visit." Bruce suggested. But he was sure that wasn't true. He had a bad feeling about this whole thing. Since hearing about this arrival the Other Guy had been restless.

"Hey, fellow super-guys, relax. Whoever these two are we can handle them. Don't forget for the first time since people started coming in on moonbeams we got our own Voodoo guy and he has lots of reasons to fight with us this time." Tony reminded them, though in truth he didn't like this any more than the rest of them.

"What could the two that came here be after? Why hide? If they are from Asgard then why are they hiding? Last I checked people from Asgard aren't the type to sneak around. They make a lot of noise and draw a lot of attention in the shortest amount of time. Even Loki wasn't half as silent as these two seem to be acting." Clint pointed out.

Bruce had to agree with that. There was no reason for these two to be so quiet. A thought suddenly came to Bruce. "What if where they went there are no cameras that Shield could check?"

"What place doesn't have cameras?" Tony asked.

"A Wizarding one?" Bruce suggested.

They all look at each other as it slowly dawned on them. "Anyone know how to contact the Wizarding world to warn them about aliens?" Tony asked.

"Yeah Tony. Write a letter and find yourself an owl." Clint found some amusement in this.


Steve had managed to get permission to sit in on the history class, which to his delight was taught by a ghost. While the students were drifting off to sleep Steve was leaning closer to hear everything. He'd asked Natasha to join him but she refused, saying she had other places to check out. Steve did wonder what Natasha did with her free time. Other than walking around the school grounds as he often saw her do from the windows. He'd stopped and asked a pair of Ravenclaw boys but they seemed to get scared before making something up and running away.

"I should talk to her about that. Something must've happened." Steve took a look at the teacher to see if he had interrupted the lesson was, only to see that no one had noticed it. "So that's what they meant by professor Binns doesn't notice anything." Steve had heard that from several students when he sat down but hadn't believed it.


Natasha was sitting up in the astronomy tower letting her mind wander to what Clint and the others were doing. They hadn't heard much since Amora and Skruge arrived from them and what they had told her that they were going to check the site where the two appeared to have arrived at. Steve and Natasha had asked Angel and Loki if they shouldn't tell the others, but the two had warned against it. Seeing as Thor had history with the two and they didn't want to worry him. Natasha wondered just what kind of people Amora and Skruge are and how bad they could be. From what Loki had told them it seemed that Amora is highly skilled in magic and Skruge is not only strong and deadly but also beyond loyal to Amora because of his love for her.

"I never thought I would be surrounded by magic. Hm?" Natasha spotted and owl flying towards her with a letter. "News from the others?" She asked as the owl landed before her and offered the letter.


"Our son is learning nicely. But I do wish he would learn more quickly." Loki sighed as he helped to clean up the mess from last night.

"Why do you want him to learn so quickly?" Angel asked, she could understand him wanting Harry to master everything he could teach him. But why the rush.

Loki sighed. "Because I would rather he be better schooled in my magic then to be unprepared when we go to Asgard."

"So that's the problem." Angel realized. "You fear the same fate awaits us in Asgard as it did all your other wives and children."

"Do you think little of me for doing so? I know you are strong enough to fight for your life against any who dare to try to take it, but our son has yet to show such strength of body. If his magic is strong enough I will know he will be able to protect himself long enough for me to get to him."

Angel walked over to Loki and pulled him to her. "You are a great father to all your children Loki. You care so much for their safety and for that I love you all the more. But Loki you must have more faith in people. Most of all, more faith in the fact that if any one dares to lay a hand on our son," Here Angel's voice dropped and her expression hardened into one of ice. "I will rip down the walls of Asgard and the streets will run red for the rest of time."

Loki for a moment looked scared, before his lips tilted up in a smile. "My Dragon I do believe I just got chills at the thought of you doing just that."

Angel chuckled. "I mean it. I will not let anyone harm my son, nor my husband."

The two leaned in for a kiss when a knock sounded at the door. "Prince Loki, Princess Angel?" The voice was that of Sirius.

"Come in Sirius." Angel called.

Sirius entered the room and gave a slight bow of his head. "I was hoping to speak with the both of you. It is about Harry."

"Please have a seat then." Loki offered, waving over to the chairs and couch. The three of them take seats and Sirius doesn't appear to know where to start.

"Sirius what was it you wished to talk to us about?" Angel gently prodded.

Sirius looked thoughtful then sighed. "Do you know James and Lily were killed?"

"From what we learned they stood against that Dark Lord." Angel answered. "I take it there is more to the story?"

Sirius nodded. "There is. Voldemort learned of a prophecy that he believed was about Harry. Voldemort attacked and killed Lily and James to get to Harry to end the prophecy before it could come to pass."

Angel and Loki stared at him for a moment before looking to each other. "Our son was was targeted, because of a prophecy?" Loki asked, his eyes back on Sirius.

"Yes. I do not know what Dumbledore has told you about what happened that night, but when Lily and James learned of it they shared it with me. That was before the letters stopped and they had to hide." Sirius could tell they had no idea about the prophecy and that troubled him. "I don't know all the details of the prophecy, but I know that Dumbledore was there when the prophecy was spoken. He can tell you about it."

Angel's pleasant expression that she had worn when he entered had fallen into one of displeasure. "And tell us he will. If this prophecy truly is about our son then we have a right to know."

"More than a right to know. As Harry has already told us that Voldemort is trying to come back he will need more training, learn more spells to use against any who dare to raise hand against him, and we shall have to ensure that nothing this foolish Seidhr tries comes to bare fruit." Loki stood and began going through his books, looking for anything to help Harry.

"We thank you for bringing this to our attention Sirius. We never would've learned of it were it not for you." Angel stood and showed Sirius to the door. "We have much to do now. I hope though we can speak of more pleasant things soon."

"Of course, Princess," Sirius nodded.


Harry was glad to be out on the Quidditch pitch. He had made a few mistakes during Potions and he was sure Snape was going to explode on him, regardless of what his parents might do. But now he was in his Quidditch gear with his new broom ready to take to the sky for training.

"Hey there Harry. Or should I call you Haralder now?" Oliver asked as the two walked out on to the pitch.

"I like Harry." Oliver had so far not changed his behavior towards Harry and Harry was glad for that. Too many people were being nice to him just because he's a prince.

"Good to know. New broom?" Oliver nodded to it.

"Yeah, my mum gave it to me for my birthday." Harry couldn't help but to relive pieces of his birthday.

"That was good of her. And unless I'm mistaken that broom will give you a good edge this year against the other seekers." Harry quickly joined Fred and George in line with the rest of the team and spotted Eisa sitting in the stands. "How are things with you and Eisa?" Harry asked Fred. Fred just gave him a grin.


"Dumbledore!" Angel growled as she and Loki stormed into his office causing said person to jump and think about Floo-ing away.

"Prince Loki, Princess Angel. To what do I owe this visit?" He asked, trying not let their angry expressions get to him. After all he knew if he didn't answer them within a set time limit while they were mad it would only make things worse for him.

"We just learned that there is a prophecy that people believe is about our son." Angel answered. "When were you planning to share this information with us?" Loki finished.

Dumbledore gave a small sigh. He knew he should've stepped out of his office. "I fear I had not given the prophecy much thought since the both of you were returned to us."

Neither were impressed with that answer. "I suggest you tell us everything to do with the prophecy." Angel and Loki took seats in front of his desk.

Dumbledore gave another small sigh before beginning the tale of the prophecy and the night he heard it.


Eisa watched the Quidditch practice was wide eyes. Though she had looked through Harry's book she hadn't imagined the game to be so exciting. And the fact that both her brother and Fred played made it all the more better. Eisa wondered if her sister Einmyria would enjoy watching them as much as she was.

"I wonder why father and mother are not here? Perhaps something has come up." Glancing to her brother Eisa couldn't wait to see how he was in a real game. "In merely a few weeks they will be playing their first true game. Oh I'm sure they will be great!"


Finally Dumbledore was at the point of his story where they got to hear the prophecy. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies." Dumbledore recited.

For several seconds seconds Angel and Loki merely stared at him in silence. Then Loki slowly stood, giving the appearance of being calm. That didn't last long.

"What!?" He growled as he sent the desk between him and Dumbledore flying into the far wall.

Angel quickly place a hand on Loki's arm and ordered him to try to control himself. Once Loki had taken his seat again along with a few deep breaths, took her seat and narrowed her eyes at Dumbledore. "Our son is to die killing Voldemort and you did not at all think to tell us?" She growled.

"I have never been sure if the prophecy is truly about your son. So little about the prophecy seems to fit Haralder and yet Voldemort went after him."

Angel rolled her eyes. "'Born to those who have thrice defied him.' One, I'm half muggle and therefore something that goes against his beliefs and wishes as well as the wife of the god that those like Voldemort believe would side with them. Two, Loki and I have always stood against what he stands for. And finally, Loki and I did at one point cross paths with a large group of Death Eaters. Needless to say they did not walk away to complete their mission."

"'Marked as his equal?'" Angel asked. "That could mean his scar."

"When we see Harry next time I shall have to search for this mark. I worry what might come with it." Loki told Angel.

"You fear this mark might come with extra bits?" Angel asked.

"I merely wish to be sure." He assured her.

"'Will have power the other knows not.' Well there's a list of options there as to what that could be. After all he's part huldra and frost giant. Then there's his human half which for all we know could entitle him to become a mutant, and I highly doubt Voldemort knows anything about mutants. There's you magic, not to mention the magic he himself has always had locked away inside of him due to suppression. And who knows what else could be in there." Angel sighed.

"So then, our son is the one of this prophecy?" Loki asked with concerned.

Angel let out a sigh. "I fear so. I do not like this anymore than you but too much fits."

"Then we will be ready when it happens. When Voldemort and his foolish followers come for our son they will be met with an army." Loki swore.


Amora was smiling. She liked what she had learned of the seidhr and was interested in leaning her support.

"Well mortal your words have pleased me. This Lord you serve sounds just like the seidhr I need."

Peter couldn't keep the smile from his face. Since she had mentioned that she might help him return to his lord he had been hoping she would say just that.

"Then you will help me in aiding the Dark Lord?" He asked.

Amora smirked at him. "Yes I shall. And I trust you will tell me more of this boy who bested your lord?"

Peter snorted but then looked fearful. "It was prince Loki's youngest son."

Amora's eyes widen at that before a smile slowly stretched across her face. "Is that so?" At Peter's nod Amora felt a stronger desire to make Harry hers.

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