I'll die before I lose you again

More friends at Hogwarts

Loki was not having a very good day. First he had been caught by Angel trying to curse a group of Slytherin boys. "They were plotting against our son!" He had defended. Then he found Eisa being too friendly to Fred for his liking. Harry was busy with his Quidditch practices to spend any time outside of their lessons with him. And Amora and Skurge still had yet to be found. Yes Loki's day was not a very good one.

And then Thor showed up with Jane Foster, a young mortal woman with dark brown hair, a young man, and Erik Selvig.

"Brother!" Thor greeted as he wrapped his arms around Loki and gave him a tight hug, completely missing the shocked look on Loki's face.

Loki pushed Thor away once he got over his shock and glared at him. "What do you think you are doing here with them? This is not a place those without magic are allowed to go to without permission! I told you this before I left the tower."

"Calm yourself brother. I spoke with the Minister of Magic and he gave me his permission to bring them here."

Loki wanted to kill someone. He just wasn't sure if he wanted to kill Thor or the Minister more. "Thor, the Minister of Magic is the one that suppressed the Potter will. It is his fault my son got stuck with that family!" He growled.

"Oh," Thor had forgotten that detail when he went to get permission. Thor's friends exempt for Eric had all asked to see the school. Thor's main reason for being there he was there because he was worried. There were many people in the 9 realms that wish for Loki's head. If any of them had come to Midgard then Loki was in danger and so what Angel and Harry. Either one could be used to hurt Loki, or worst. They could be killed to punish Loki. He was going to let that happen.

"Did you have to bring all of them? The school already is unsure what to do with Steve and Natasha," Loki awkwardly glanced at the herd.

Thor gave a small smile. "Well, Jane asked to come and when I told her yes Darcy asked to come as well and she wished to bring the Intern, Ian, as well. And we did not wish to leave Erik behind so," Thor tailed off with a shrug.

Loki rubbed at the bridge of his nose. His last meeting with Erik had been while said man was under Loki's control, and when he last set eyes on Jane he had been faking his death. With a sigh Loki waved them all towards the doors leading into the school. "At least Angel will have some company now," He sighed to himself as he led them inside.


Angel had been shocked when Loki entered their room with Thor and a group of people, but then she became happy. She missed having normal…ish people to talk to and had been hoping to meet the people Thor called friends, and his girlfriend. After all given all the time Angel had spent listening to Thor talk about Jane and her giving him advice on her, like what to do what she's upset over something he can't really understand without Jane explaining it because it's personal.

"This is a wonderful surprise!" Angel cheered with a large smile.

"Angel it's nice to finally meet you," Jane said as she shook hands with her. "Thor's told us so much about you."

"And I've heard a lot about you and your friends. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to meet all of you. Please sit down," Angel took the small group over to the sitting area and began talking with them.

"Brother, do you yet know who it is that has come to Midgard?" Thor asked Loki.

Loki tensed slightly though Thor doesn't notice. "No. I have been looking into it but as you know I do not wish to leave my family," Not a full lie.

Thor could only nod in understanding. If had been in Loki's place he too would not want to leave. "Fear not brother. We will find whoever they are and ensure that no harm befalls anyone."

Loki held back his urge to roll his eyes at Thor. He was worried. Amora had been on Midgard for a while now and they had yet to see so much as one blonde hair from her head.


Angel was so happy to have normal people around. Not spies, or assassins, or World War II heroes. Ordinary people. Even though they are friends with the God of Thunder.

"So how'd you nail a guy like that?" Darcy asked as she eyed Loki.

Angel smiled. "He just kind of showed up in my home town one day and hung around. At first we didn't get along, but then we slowly started to fall for each other. We married 15 years ago and less than two years after we were married we had Harry,"

"Thor had Tony Stark send the pictures from Harry's birthday to us. Thor also told us about what the family that had him did to him. Is he alright?" Jane asked.

"Amazingly despite everything they did to him he is still a kind, friendly, and smart boy. I can't wait for all of you to meet him," Angel was just about bursting with pride over her son.

"Dragon, I'm going to take a walk. If I see our son I'll send him here if he is not busy," Loki called from the door.

"Ok Loki. Have fun," When the door closed and Thor had joined them Angel turned to Thor and sighed. "Thor, I wanted to ask you some questions about a subject that Loki has mentioned in the past."

"I will answer as best I can," Thor promised.

"Recently I got Loki talking about some of his past lovers. One name that came up was Amora. He told me she left him for you?" Angel knew the answer. She just wanted to hear what he would say about it.

Thor looked uncomfortable as he looked over to Jane who was watching him with interest. "Yes. Amora is a sorceress of Asgard and she and my brother were together for a while before she turned her affection to me. I will admit that I did pretend for a long time to feel the same as her," Thor had been young at the time and enjoyed the attention from every woman of Asgard. It was only after he learned just how strong Amora felt for him that he left her. He did have a small flame for her, but it did not last long. He was young and not looking for anything lasting. Looking back Thor had a long list of things he wished he hadn't done in his youth. Thor tore his eyes away from Jane's frown and looked to Angel. "What about her do you want to know?"

"I was wondering if you could think of anything here on Midgard that she might want. From what little Loki told me she seems like a woman that I should watch out for and know what she might go after might help in case she shows up one day."

Thor thought this over before giving a shrug. "I see little reason for her to come to Midgard other than myself," He then frowned. "Though, after she left Loki for me they did cause a great deal of mischief in Asgard. She could come for him."

Angel gave a small sigh. If it was that simple she wouldn't be hiding still. She wants something else. Just what the hell is she after?


Darcy had slipped away from the others and started wandering around the halls. No way was she staying in one room while there was a school filled with real magic. She had to check the place out and see just what real magic looks like. ... Okay, the truth was she was looking for Harry. After meeting Loki she had to see just what kind of kid Loki and Angel had. Turning a corner she almost ran right into a blonde boy who seemed to be in deep in thought. It was Draco Malfoy.

"Whoa, sorry, kid," Darcy said as the boy looked up at her.

Draco frowned at her. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Darcy and Thor brought me here," She answered.

Draco's eyes slightly widened. "Prince Thor is here now?" He asked.

"Yeah, he's with Angel and them. Hey you wouldn't know where I can find," Darcy had to stop and tried to remember Harry's name. "Haralder Lokason?"

Draco looked her over and realized that she was a muggle. He was about to tell her to get out of his way when he stopped and thought about it. 'This may be my chance to get in good with Prince Loki's family. If I act friendly to a muggle maybe even princess Angel will believe I have changed. Perhaps if I do enough I could even prince Loki to forgive my parents for what they did in the past.' He then gave Darcy a smile. "I believe he is outside. I'll take you to him," Draco then turned and started walking.

"Great," Darcy followed him. "So who are you?"

"Draco Malfoy."

Darcy couldn't help the smile that spread across her face at the odd name.


Harry couldn't believe it when Draco walked over to him with a woman dressed in street clothes.

"This is Prince Haralder," Draco introduced.

"So this is the God-Child? Cool," The woman grinned.

"Um, who are you?" Harry asked her. Choosing for now not to question Draco's actions.

"Darcy. I'm buddies with your uncle Thor," She answered.

Harry nodded his head slightly as he recalled that name. He had heard of everyone Thor was friends with so he knew about Darcy.

"Thor brought us here. Jane, Erik, and Intern are with your mom along with Thor. So God-Child, care to show me around?"

Harry gave a quick thought to visiting his parents' room to meet everyone before giving Darcy a nod. He wasn't going to be rude to a friend of his uncle's. "Sure," He then lead started heading for the lake, figuring he should start there as it was closest and he could also tell Jörmungandr who was now at Hogwarts.

Draco watched them go, following at a distance in case they started talking about Prince Loki and Princess Angel, or anything else that might interest his family.


Thor had left to see where Loki had gone as well as to see how Steve and Natasha were doing.

"Thor can be really sweet when he wants to be. This one time I was having a rough day and Thor just took me away from my work to this little spot up on a hill just as the sun was setting. I forgot all about what had happened," Jane and Angel had been sharing stories about their gods while Erik and Intern talked among themselves.

"That does sound nice. I remember this one time a friend I thought I could trust went a told just about everyone in my town this horrible secret about me, but she had twisted it to sound even worst then it was. I wanted to die as a result. Loki came to my room with these amazing sweets from Asgard and used his magic to show me different places in the realms. Though later I learned he went to see my ex friend and left her with donkey ears. I made him go back and fix her" Angel remembered that day well.

"That does sound nice," Jane nodded. "Not the whole donkey ears part, but the rest sounds nice."

"Same here," Angel smiled brightly. "I've heard Thor talk about the time he spends with you. He cares so much for you."

Jane blushed darkly. "I feel the same for him," She admitted. "The way Thor speaks about Loki around you and your son, it's like he's a different person from the one I met in Asgard and heard from Erik."

Erik turned to the two women when he heard his name.

Angel nodded with a heavy sigh. "He is different with me. If I had been able to reach him that night in Germany I know what happened in New York wouldn't have happened," She then turned to Erik. "I am sorry for what happened to you. I can't imagine what it must've been like for you."

Erik nodded. He was angry with Loki, but not to the point of taking it out on Angel. "You're a good girl from what I've heard. But the thought of you with him," He stopped and shook his head. "Did your family not try to stop you?"

Angel laughed. "Dad thought Loki to be a con artist scamming his little girl. And Grandma Michelle put him through the wringer. By the time Loki and I were to getting married the mere sight of my grandmother would cause him to tense. She doesn't fear him and has no trouble hitting him when he acts up," Angel gave him a smile. "Once it was proven to my father that Loki was real he was shocked to be meeting a figure from Norse mythology as well as worried about my marrying him."

"Because he knew it would mean trouble?" Erik asked, sure that Angel's father had seen the danger.

"No. Because he was afraid of losing me. You see Erik, my mother was a Huldra."

Erik's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. "Your mother is a Huldra?" He asked, checking he heard right. He had studied Norse Mythology after the event in New Mexico, after all.

"Yes. When I was born my mother gave me to my father and then left us. She didn't want to give up her life for a human one. My father loved her so and still does today," Angel stopped to brush some hair out of her eyes before she sighed. "Dad didn't tell me what I am, what my mother is. I learned the truth from another Huldra that happened to know my mother. Dad always feared that I would leave him like mom did."

"What's a Huldra?" Jane asked. The Intern was also confused by it.

"Oh a Huldra is a creature of Scandinavian folklore who appear as humans but with animal tails. Some however have their backs covered in bark instead of having a tail. They are seductresses who are known for sleeping with men and when they have a child they either marry that man or they give the child to the father and leave," Angel answered.

Jane was surprised. "Wow, really?"

Angel nodded.

He slowly started to think about what that meant for the boy Loki and Angel had. 'Part Huldra, part human, and part frost giant? Add to that magic.' Erik just prayed that Harry would take more after his mother.

"Does Thor and the rest of the Avengers know about this?" Jane asked.

"I think Harry might've told Steve, but other than that no one else knows at the moment. Oh but Eisa, Fenrir and Jörmungandr know as well."

Erik sat up straight at that news. "You mean his other children are here?" He asked.

"Just Eisa, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr. I have no idea if Eisa's sister will be joining us here at the school and Hela cannot leave her realm," Angel explained.

As if to show that he was there Fenrir walked over and sat down next to Angel.

"Hello Fenrir, I didn't hear you come in," Angel reached over and patted his head while the others stared at them with wide eyes.

Jane cleared her throat. "How does Harry like his siblings?"

"Oh he loves them. Harry and Fenrir have been together since his birthday and Eisa and Jörmungandr showed up not too long after we came to the school," Angel then turned to Fenrir. "This is Jane, Thor's girlfriend and her friends Erik, and Ian?" When the Intern nodded Angel smiled and turned to introduce Darcy. "And this is," She stopped when she noticed Darcy was gone. "Darcy who isn't here."

Jane and Erik looked around. "Sorry about her," Jane sighed. "She must've left while we were talking."

"It's alright. I'm sure she was just excited to be here," Angel brushed off. "Someone will find her and keep her out of trouble."


"This place is pretty cool," Darcy commented as Harry showed her the lower areas of the castle.

"Yeah it's great," Harry agreed. "And in a few days we're going to have our first Qudditch game of the year."

"What's that?" Darcy asked. Harry explained to Darcy everything about the game. "Oh, so you're a sports guy?"

Harry laughed. "Just Qudditch."

Loki, who had been walking around the dungeon area of the castle to avoid Thor spotted the two from down a hallway and quickly caught up to them. Staying out of sight he listened in on what they were talking about.

"So, you good at that game?" Darcy asked as she tugged her sweater tighter around her body as it was chilly down there.

"Well I guess. I've only been playing for two years now."

Darcy appeared impressed. "Playing since you started? Nice. Bet you're excited, having your mom and dad, and now your uncle are here to see you play."

Harry blushed slightly. "I just hope I do well. Mum might not mind if I don't do so well, but dad?" Loki leaned in to hear his son a bit better. "I worry a little about messing up. When I try to learn from him he pushes me hard to get it right that night. Mum tells him not to but he's sure I can learn it quickly. I worry that if I don't play well or win the game he'll be disappointed in me."

"Come on Harry, your dad seem kind of cool. I mean I didn't get to talk to him or anything but he seems alright."

Loki was surprised to hear what he did. He hadn't thought he was pushing his son too hard with their lesson. He just felt that Angel was babying him because she hadn't been able to do that back when Harry was a baby.

"Maybe," Harry sighed.

"What's going on here?" Harry, Darcy, and Loki jumped as Snape stepped out of his classroom.

"Professor Snape? Um, this is Darcy she's a friend of my uncle Thor," Harry explained.

"Who's this clown?" Darcy raised a brow at Snape who she thought looked way over due for a bath.

Loki bit back a laugh. He could tell Darcy was impressed with Snape as Loki had been when he first set eyes on him.

Snape narrowed his eyes at Darcy. "Another muggle I see."

Darcy raised a brow. "What now?" Her hand had disappeared into her bag and closed around her trusty Taser. When Thor had agreed to take them to the school Darcy had grabbed her Taser, which SHIELD had gotten her special permission to carry in the United Kingdom to ensure one of their assets was protected.

"Muggles are people who don't have magic," Harry explained.

"And just what is she doing here?" Snape asked, it was bad enough when he caught Steve looking through his potion cabinet.

"God-Child here is showing me his school," Darcy answered with a smile at Harry. "And I got to say, it is awesome here."

"Leave," Snape ordered.

"Or what?" Darcy challenged.

Loki was ready to jump in if Harry was in danger.

Snape drew his wand, planning to give a warning. That was when Darcy took out her Taser and fired at Snape. Both Loki and Harry watched with wide eyes as Snape convulsed before dropping to the ground. The electrodes which had grasped his robes slowly returned to the outlet of the Taser.

"What? He was being a jerk," Darcy defended to Harry, whose jaw was slack and eyes bulged.

"Let's get out of here," Harry grabbed Darcy's hand and ran down the hall, right past a laughing Loki.

"So that is why she is a friend of Thor's," Loki chuckled as he walked over to Snape. "I may become friends with that mortal."

Around the corner, another surprised face had watched the exchange. Draco Malfoy, who had followed the pair, was absolutely terrified of Muggles now. They were able to cast a Cruciatus Curse without magic, using as small black device.


"So Loki's had one other wife?" Jane asked after asking about the mother of Loki's other children.

"Yes. His first two children were from a love affair," Angel took a drink of her tea.

Erik, who had taken more an interest in learning what myths were turn and which were false had started to relax a bit. "I believe I did read once about this. But I had read that he'd had two wives before learning of you."

"Yeah, but you must remember that there are myths stating that Loki is Odin's brother rather than Thor's," Angel cast a glance to the door before smiling at them. "Guys, I have something I've been keeping from my family but I'm bursting to tell someone."

"Tell us what Angel?" Jane asked. She was a little worried, but given the smile on Angel's face she figured it had to be good news.

"Promise you won't tell Loki?" When they gave their word she grinned. "Well, Loki's been too busy looking into who came to Earth. So he hasn't noticed that I've been visiting Madam Pomfrey over in the hospital wing,"

"Are you alright?" Jane interrupted.

"Yes I'm fine. Well better then fine," Angel waited a second before sharing her good news. "I'm pregnant."

All eyes widen at the news. "Angel that's great news," Jane got up and sat next to her.

"I know. I haven't told anyone else yet so please don't spoil it for me," Angel begged with a smile.

"When are you going to tell your family?" Erik asked.

"I was thinking the Christmas holidays. Loki's talking about taking us to Asgard around that time, and we'll also be able to go visit Hela so I can tell everyone at once," Angel couldn't wait to share the news with her family. She knew Loki would be over the moon at the news and Harry had once said he wanted a sibling. That just left the rest of the family. Though she knew that she was liked by Fenrir, Eisa, and Jörmungandr she still had to meet Hela and Einmyria.

"Well I'm sure they are going to be so happy," Jane was interrupted when the door flew open and in ran Harry and Darcy laughing.

"What is going on?" Angel asked as she stood.

"Hi mum," Harry ran over and gave her a tight hug before telling her, "Darcy tased Snape."

Everyone in the room just stared for a moment before Jane stood. "What did you do?" She asked, making sure she heard right.

"It's just as God-Child said. I tased that grease ball," Darcy clearly was proud of herself.

"She tased Uncle Thor too," Harry told Angel.

"That was when we first met him," Jane clarified.

Angel pinched the bridge of her nose. "I'll clear this up with Dumbledore later," Angel then placed her hand on Harry's shoulder. "Everyone this is Haralder, my son. He likes to be called Harry. Harry this is Jane, Erik, and Ian," Angel waved to each person as she introduced them.

"It's nice to finally meet you Harry," Jane held out her hand and Harry shook it.

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