I'll die before I lose you again

Trouble at the qudditch game

After his encounter with Darcy, Snape made sure to stay as far from her as possible. Never in his life had he felt that kind of pain before. Not to mention how after wards he had woken up in a puddle of his own drool with students staring at him. Snape wasn't the only one seemingly avoiding Darcy. Draco was going out of his way to keep his distance as well. It was something that didn't escape Angel or Loki's notice.

"What's with him?" Angel asked as she watched Draco suddenly duck into a classroom after he spotted Darcy down the hall from him.

Loki frowned in thought. "I'm not sure," Slowly a smile spread across his face. "Unless he was the one I sensed in the hallway watching what was happening along with me," Loki chuckled as he recalled what he had seen.

"Well whatever the reason Loki, let's not worry about it. After all today's the big game," Angel was looking forward to seeing her son play for the first time ever. Although, the storm did have her slightly worried.

"Ah yes. The Qudditch game. Harry's been talking nonstop these last few days," Loki mused. Loki was as excited as Harry was. And how couldn't he be? Loki and Angel had heard about each and every game Harry had played since the very start of his schooling at Hogwarts and it filled him with pride. Also the very air of the school was nearly charged with excitement of the students and players.

"Steve, Natasha, Jane and her group will be joining us in the stands along with Thor," Angel told him as she pulled him to the great hall. She wanted them to talk to Harry before the game, since he looked nervous.

Loki nodded. "Good. They should see a Qudditch game at least once in their lives."


Harry was seated at his house's table picking at his plate. The excitement he had been feeling had died down into slight dread. Not only would he be playing in front of his uncle, his uncle's girlfriend and their friends. But also his own parents. His stomach was in a knot and he was worried that he would throw up at any second. His friends were trying to comfort him but it was having little effect.

"Wow. I haven't seen a more nervous person since my wedding day," Harry turned to the speaker and saw his mother.

"Hi mum," He gave her his best smile as she kissed his cheek. "Hi dad."

"Worried about the game?" Loki asked. When Harry nodded Loki have him a reassuring smile. "Everything will be fine. Merely think of it as any other game you've played in the past."

"If you're worried about the game Harry, just think about something else," Angel suggested.

Harry had been trying not to think about. Problem was when you try not to think about something it quickly becomes all you can think about.

"Your parents are right Harry. Today's no different than any other game you've played," Hermione tried.

"You'll feel better once you get on your broom," Angel comforted him.


Amora, through the use of her magic had learned of the Qudditch game as well as that Loki's son would be playing. After getting Peter to tell her all he knows of the game Amora decided that they would watch the game, right under Loki's nose. There was also the fact that Thor and his mortal woman he was wasting his time with would be there too.

"I still do not understand why you want to take this risk," Peter was scared to death of being spotted by Loki. As death was the likely punishment for his actions.

Amora smirked at him. "Whatever your fears are, they mean nothing to me. I want to see more of Loki's son as well as the mortal woman that Thor foolishly devotes himself to," She turned to face him. "You need not worry, seidhr. I will cloak us so that we are not spotted."

Peter didn't doubt her powers. He had seen many of them since joining her. Problem was that he knew that Loki's power was probably even greater. If Loki was given even the slightest hint that something was wrong Peter feared Amora's cloak wouldn't hide them at all.


The cheers of the crowd were almost louder than the thunder roaring overhead. Loki used a bit of his magic to keep himself, Angel, and his children dry. Well, not Harry, who was moving around too much for Loki to be able to keep him dry. Eisa was cheering loudly for both her brother and Fred, much to Loki's annoyance. Fenrir was barking loudly at the opposing team, no one wanted to translate for him given the nature of what he was saying and that there were children around them. Angel was praying to the Norns every time the thunder sounded or a bolt of lightning seemed to appear too close to Harry for her liking.

"Dragon, do not worry so. Thor would not allow any harm to befall our son," Loki assured her as he held her hand.

"He'll protect him from the lightning maybe, but his hands are getting slippery from the rain. And those twist and turns worry me. If he falls," Loki cut her off.

"If that happens I will catch him. You mustn't worry so. Enjoy the first game we get to witness our son play."

Angel sighed and tried to let go of her fears. 'He's right. Harry's played for over two years now and hasn't been hurt any worst then the school can handle.' She thought


Harry wouldn't lie (not when his father would call him on it) the first few seconds on his broom had taken away his nervousness. Then the storm had brought it back along with fear. He'd already seen at least one person almost fall off their broom from the rain as well as a bludger to the shoulder. He'd never played in a storm half as bad as the one he was playing in now. He tried to take comfort in knowing that if something happened to him his father would save him. He dodged players, bludger and the quaffle as best he could. The lightning seemed to be giving both seekers a hard time in spotting the snitch. Every time he thought he spotted it there'd be a flash of lightning and he'd lose sight of it. Didn't help that he was soaked to the bone and freezing, most of the feeling in his fingers had gone a while back. Something gold whizzed past his face and Harry shot after it.


When Harry suddenly shot after the snitch, which Loki had been keeping an eye on since the start of the game Loki couldn't keep the smile off his face. Harry had clear inherited Loki's sharp eyes, though perhaps not as sharp as his own as it had taken a while for Harry to find and lock his eyes on the snitch.

"What's he doing?" Angel asked Loki.

"He spotted the snitch and is now giving chase to it," Loki answered.

Eisa, who was sitting next to her father heard that and got excited. Her brother was about to win the game. She couldn't wait to celebrate with her brother and Fred.

Thor, who was seated behind Loki, smiled brightly. He was looking forward to congratulating his nephew on the game.

The smile Loki had been wearing slowly faded while he felt something strange. There was something in the air that he couldn't place. Something that he knew, but couldn't place.

"Isn't he going too high?" Darcy asked.

Jane squinted at Harry. "Yes and he's going higher. Will he be alright?" She asked Thor.

"He will be fine," He assured her.

Loki narrowed his eyes in thought, trying to place what he feeling. It was magic, which he knew for sure. But he couldn't figure out just what sort of magic it was. Holding back an annoyed sigh Loki shifted his focus to what the magic was targeting. Since his eyes weren't focusing on the game Loki had no idea what was going on until Angel drew his attention back to it.

"Loki!" She shouted over the gasps and screams around them.

Lifting his head Loki's eyes widen. There in the sky with the players was a bird flying from player to player, attacking them. Taking a closer look Loki noticed it had greenish black feathers and appeared vulture-like. "An augurey?" Loki couldn't figure out why the Irish phoenix would attack suddenly.

"Loki, do something!" Angel snapped.

Loki quickly set to work trying to drive the bird away from the pitch while shielding the players closest to it. Its loud mournful cry was not a pleasurable sound, and it snapped at the children even though it usually only ate fairies and insects.


Harry after answering questions from both Loki and Dumbledore sat in the bed he'd been given hating the fact that even with his parents at Hogwarts he still can't avoid the hospital wing. Standing around him was Angel, Loki, Ron, Hermione, Steve, Natasha, Thor, Fenrir, Eisa, Jane, Darcy, Ian, and Erik.

"How did this happen?" Angel asked as she looked around.

Loki gave a small shrug with a troubled look on his face. "The augurey is known to hunt when it rains, but they eat insects, fairies, and flies, and are shy. There is no reason for one to attack like that."

"Also there aren't any augurey nets anywhere near the school," Hermione pointed out.

"Someone must've summoned it then. I'm willing to bet it was those Slytherins," Loki growled.

"I don't think so dad. Despite everything they might've done in the past, I highly doubt they'd do something that could endanger their lives," Harry pointed out.

"Also Loki I think doing anything involving magic and beasts might be too advance for them to do without both wand and some kind of prep work that would stand out," Angel added.

"So who could've done this and why?" Jane asked.

"I don't know. But whoever they are they almost got Harry hurt. Therefore I want them found and punished," Loki's fists were clenched in anger.

"Then we should search the grounds for signs of where this bird came from," Thor suggested.

Angel nodded. "Yes I agree. We figure out where it came from and we can find out who is behind it."

With nods all around it was decided. The group would split up and search for clues. Whatever ones they could find.

"I shall search with you brother," Thor offered. Loki held back a groan at the thought of being stuck with Thor.

Jane turned to Natasha. "I'll go with you," Natasha nodded.

"I call Mrs. God!" Darcy called as she moved over to Angel's side.

Angel chuckled. "Alright Darcy, I'll team up with you."

Eisa stood next to Ian. "I guess that means we get to search together."

Loki turned to the remaining three adults. "Steve, Fenrir, Erik. I think you should stay here with my son and his friends."

"Dad!" Harry protested.

"No Harry. You were almost hurt today. Until we find this person you will remain inside the school where an eye can be kept on you."

Angel turned to Erik. "Please stay with him.

Erik was surprised to be asked that but nodded. "I won't let him out of my sight."

Harry crossed his arms in anger. He couldn't believe his parents were leaving him with a babysitting at school.

"Don't worry you two. Between the three of us we'll make sure they're safe," Steve promised them.

Loki nodded. "Alright then. Let's get to the pitch and start searching."

The small group left the wing and headed down to the pitch. Once there the teams first searched the stands then spread out to the grounds.


"I can't believe your parents did that," Ron sighed from his chair next to Harry's bed.

"Me neither," Harry was trying not to pout about it, but it was just so unfair to him. After everything he went through before them Harry was sure his friends could handle a little trouble while searching for anything to help tell them find who attacked the pitch. They had done much more dangerous things the two previous years.

Hermione rolled her eyes at them. "They are just worried about us. After all the augurey attack scared them."

"Hey look!" Ron pointed towards where Steve and Erik were seated talking about something. Fenrir was out of sight at the moment.

"Let's go," Harry whispered as he got out of the bed. Hermione sighed as she followed the two of them out into the hallway. She needed to make sure they didn't die.


It was Erik who noticed the three kids were gone. Once Steve found Fenrir, who was napping behind one of the screens they quickly tracked down the trio about to go outside.

"What do you three think you are doing?" Steve demanded as he stood in the way of the door.

"We want to help mum and dad," Harry told him.

"Your parents said you stay inside and that is where you will stay," Erik told him.

"But we could help?" Ron argued weakly.

Steve gave Erik and Fenrir a look and saw that like him they understood the want to help.

"And just how could you help?" Steve asked.

Hermione stood straighter. "Well I've read and memorized 'The Monster Book of Monsters' and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them'. So I could help find where the augurey went. By finding it we might be able to learn who brought it."

Fenrir gave a small nod of approval. He agreed with the idea of finding the bird.

"Harry and I know the grounds pretty well. If someone prepared something to make it attack we might be able to find it," Ron suggested.

"Look, we understand how much you want to help them. But we can't let you wander around outside," Steve sighed.

Harry stood up straighter and narrowed his eyes at Steve slightly. "No matter how many times you stop us we're going to keep trying. If you want to keep us safe then come with us."

Erik and Steve were both surprised by this, as Harry had been nothing but friendly and nice during the time they knew him. Fenrir however held back a chuckle. He knew his brother could be as stubborn as their father. It was a trait the family shared. Steve stared into Harry's eyes, hoping that he could talk Harry and his friends back to the hospital wing till Angel and Loki returned with the others to tell them that everything is alright now. With a heavy sigh he realized that he wouldn't be able to do that. "Alright. But all three of you have to stay close to us."

"Promise," Harry, Ron, and Hermione said at once.

Fenrir quickly walked over to Hermione and started nudging her towards the door.

"I guess I'm going with Fenrir," Hermione was glad for that. After all if anyone of them could find the augurey it would be Fenrir.

Harry walked over to Erik. "Mum told you to stay with me. So I guess we better go together."

Erik nodded to him. After all if they were found wandering the grounds, at least he couldn't get in trouble for not doing as Angel had asked him to.

"Then I'm with Ron. Alright everyone, let's try not to let the others see us and be back here before they get back. We'll search for an hour," Steve ordered.

Everyone, who had one, set their watches to go off after an hour. With that settled they headed out the door and went their separate ways.


The first thing Angel noticed when she woke was the sharp pain running from her right shoulder and down her back along with a warm wet substance soaked into the back of her shirt and a cold wetness in the front. Letting out a groan she reached out with her eyes closed and felt something soft next to her.

"Hey, you keep touching that and someone might get ideas." A female voice spoke weakly from slightly above her.

Opening her eyes Angel glanced up and noticed four things. Firstly: was that Darcy was the speaker. Second: Angel's hand was touching her breast, which Angel quickly removed. Third: Darcy was covered with dried blood. And finally Angel was lying on her stomach on the grass. Pushing herself up Angel realized that she had a large gash on her back and shirt was soaked in drying blood, so it was dark and clumpy, while her front was damp from the wet grass she'd been laying on.

"So, you do this kind of thing often?" Darcy asked, sounding like she was in shock.

Angel's mind was more or less blank at the moment, unable to work out what Darcy was talking about. Darcy pointed at something behind Angel. Turning Angel's eyes' widened. "Oh that," She croaked. There was a 30 foot long dead dragon with a broken tree branch impaled through its chest. The dragon's scales were dark and appeared rough, it had ridges running down its back, and its tail was tipped with an arrow-shaped spike. Its lifeless purple eyes were staring right at the two of them. Angel knew what kind of dragon it was, a Hebridean Black. She subconsciously placed a hand over her stomach.

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