I'll die before I lose you again

What happened part one

Were it not for the gash on her back, Loki would've carried Angel into the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey waved the group over to the private section of the wing and had each of them sit down so she could tend to the injuries most of them had. Loki hung back for a moment to check in on the ones left behind. He saw the bandages and forming bruises on Harry, Hermione and Erik. There were guilty looks on each of the kids and even Fenrir wasn't willing to look Loki in the eyes. With a sigh and a small glare at the adults Loki turned and rejoined the main group. With a few exceptions, every one who had gone out to search was injured in some way or another.

"So, who wishes to start?" Loki asked as he took a seat next to Angel, who was having her back looked at by Madam Pomfrey.

"I think we should begin brother," Thor suggested.

Angel looked up at Loki. "Yes please tell us what happened to you," After her brush with the dragon Angel wanted to make sure Loki was unharmed.

Loki gave a small nod. "Alright."


Thor had been glad for the chance to spend time with Loki. Since he'd arrived at the school it seemed to Thor that Loki had been actively avoiding him. Thor only wished that this moment hadn't been born from an attack that nearly got his nephew hurt.

"What sort of person would attack children, I wonder?" Thor asked himself, wanting to break the silence that had settled between them.

"I've no idea. But when we find them I assure you it will be the last time they do," Loki answered as he scanned the area with his eyes.

Thor had little doubt that Loki would do just that and more. Looking to the forest Thor thought about suggesting they search it but was stopped as Loki turned and headed for the forest. With a shrug Thor followed him into the forest. "Have you been able to work out the magic from earlier?"

Loki shook his head. "I've not yet. It is strange though," Loki turned to him. "I know the magic from some place, but where eludes me," It was frustrating for him, not to be able to recognize something like magic, since he'd study it his whole life.

"You'll find the answer brother. You always do when it comes to magic," Thor stopped when he noticed Loki had a tension in his shoulders. "What's wrong?"

"Do you smell that?" Loki asked him. A sniff of the air brought the stink of rotting wood, moss, and a few other disgusting things.

Thor covered his mouth and nose from the smell. "What is that?" Then he heard the crunch of trees breaking.

"It would seem Thor; we have trolls coming our way," Loki sighed. He really hated dealing with trolls. The smell alone was repulsing enough without having to look at them.

Thor gave a small chuckle. "Remember when we first met Angrboda?" He'd only brought it up since she had been living among trolls when the two of them first laid eyes on her.

"You wish to speak of my former wife now?" Loki asked as he effortlessly dodged a tree trunk one of the trolls had tossed at him.

Thor batted the trunk back at the troll who'd thrown it with his hammer, smacking the troll in the face with it. "Why not speak of something? After all it's not like this will take long."

Loki rolled his eyes but agreed with Thor on the last bit. Trolls were among the easiest beasts in the 9 realms for anyone not of Midgard to fight. "Yes I remember that day. It was so strange to see such beauty among such repulsive creatures," Loki smiled, throwing several daggers into the throats of two trolls.

Thor charged one troll, ramming his shoulder into its gut and pushing it back into two others. "That she was, brother. She was a fine wife for you. I was greatly saddened for you when she was taken from you."

Loki rolled out of the way of one of the trolls clubs before sending it flying with a wave of his hand. "And yet you did little to stop the lies being told about her."

"I tried brother. But after seeing what she did to your two sons and then what happened with you daughter, what was I to do?" Thor asked as he threw Mjolnir into the face of one troll, knocking it to the ground.

Loki blasted several trolls, killing the five closest to him. "You could've stood with me! What happened with Hela was an attempt to fix her. Angrboda had no idea what she was doing would only make things worse," He snapped.

"I know. But it wouldn't have made any difference," Thor struck multiple trolls with a wave of lightning. "Father had already made up his mind about her. Mother and I both tried to talk him out of it for your sake, but he wouldn't hear of it."

Loki let out a heavy sigh as the final troll fell over dead after tripping and landing on a small tree, impaling itself on the tree after trying to attack one of Loki's clones.

"Brother I am deeply sorry for what happened to her as well as the children you had with her. If there had been something I could've done then I would've. Despite what you believe about me I have always cared about you."

Loki said nothing for several seconds. "Bit odd for so many trolls to just be wandering around the forest right where we are," He then turned to Thor, with an expression of interest. "Don't you think?"

Thor sighed, knowing Loki didn't want to talk anymore on the matter. "Yes it is. Perhaps the one who summoned the augurey is behind this," A loud, painful roar cut through the air, surprising the two gods. "What was that?" Loki frowned in thought. He knew it was a dragon, he just couldn't be sure how close or far it was from them.


Jane's hands were bandaged, and Thor sat beside her protectively, one arm around her. "Who was it you said, who attacked you and Natasha again?"

Jane started, "I don't know his name, but he had an ax-"

"He was Skurge," Natasha interrupted her. "Heard of him? He's from Asgard, which is why I couldn't protect her."


Jane and Natasha made their way along the edge of the forest, looking for signs of a greenish black bird.

"So," Jane started, making Natasha look at her. "Thor's told me a little about you. I mean he really didn't say a lot but he told me what he knew."

"Yeah," Natasha acknowledged.

"Care to tell me a bit about yourself that Thor doesn't know?" Jane asked.

Natasha turned to her. "Why?"

"Because I'd like to know a little more about the people in Thor's life and you're the only one who I don't really know anything about," She shrugged. "I'll tell you about me."

"No need. I've read your file," Natasha responded and continued searching.

Jane let out a sigh. She'd asked to pair with Natasha so that she could learn more about her. To be stonewalled like this upset her a little. Steve had been more than happy to answer her questions when she'd asked him.

When the sky was light up with lightning both women turned to the spot it came from. Jane, with a look of concern and Natasha with slight interest.

"What's Thor doing?" Jane asked.

"Can't you figure it out?" Natasha asked as she looked over at her. "They're under attack."

Jane's eyes' widened. "We better get over there," She took off towards the forest before Natasha could stop her, causing the red head to chase after the scientist.

From the corner of her eye Natasha spotted something glinting in the shadows of the trees before seeing it move quickly. "Watch out!" Natasha shouted as she grabbed Jane by the collar of her jacket and pulled her back. The ax that had been flying at Jane barely missed her and the two women stumbled back.

"What the-?" Jane asked in shock before a large muscular man stepped out of the forest and picked up the ax.

Natasha quickly placed herself between the man and Jane. She'd heard from Loki about the man that serves Amora. So she knew that the man before them was Skurge.

"Are you out of your mind? You could've killed me!" Jane snapped at him.

Skurge narrowed his eyes slightly. "That is one of the options my mistress gave me," He said, referring to the talk that Amora had with him before sending him to his place to await the moment to strike.

"What?" Jane asked.

Natasha rolled her eyes. "It doesn't matter. He came here for a fight and that is what he's getting," Natasha spaced her legs, squared her shoulders and raised her arms. "Jane I suggest you try to keep out of the way."

"This can't be happening," Jane backed away from Natasha preparing to run.

"She won't be going anywhere," Skurge said before charging right at the two of them.

Both women dodged out of his way, but Jane was now within reach of Skurge. "Natasha!" She yelled, trying to run away as Skurge swung at her head with the ax. Luckily for Jane her foot slipped in the mud, causing her to fall and narrowly miss getting her head taken off. She tried to catch herself, and winced in pain as she slammed her palms into the mud, which had gravel mixed into it. She tried scrambling up nonetheless to get away. Natasha quickly charged at Skurge while his attention was on Jane. She struck him in the side with her small throwing stars, causing him to cry out. Though, to her annoyance, the cry was more one of surprise rather than pain.

Skurge swung his arm at Natasha, catching her in the stomach and knocking her away into a tree. There was a sickening crushing sound as she bounced off of the tree face-first into the mud.

Jane grabbed a branch and swung at Skurge's back. The branch broke easily while doing seemingly no damage to him. Jane gave a nervous laugh when he looked at her before he grabbed her by the shirt and lifted her in the air. Jane flailed and kicked at him, but it was like he didn't feel a thing. Natasha slammed the side of her hand into the back of his right knee, causing Skurge to drop down to one knee and drop Jane in surprise. Jane crawled away as quickly as she could. She then followed it up with a round house kick to his head that knocked him over.

Jane got to her feet and ran over to Natasha just in time, as Skurge got to his feet. He appeared very annoyed with both of them. "Alright, then. Was hoping not to use this," Jane pulled out what looked like a flash light, only instead of a bulb it had a speaker. After having both SHIELD, Thor and Darcy telling her over and over again she needed some form of protection, and her not willing to learn to use a gun Jane had let SHIELD get her a screamer. However before she could use it, Skurge swung his arms at them and Natasha grabbed her to dodge. Jane lost hold of the weapon and it fell uselessly to the ground. The two women rolled out of the way as Skurge swung down at them with his ax, and the ax embedded itself into the ground between them

Skurge struggled to pull the ax out of the ground. He was clearly annoyed with the both of them. Jane ran a distance away, grabbed some rocks and threw them at Skurge's head, trying to keep him from getting the ax free by distracting him while Natasha with her stars and knives attempted to make him bleed the slightest bit by aiming them at the soft areas of his flesh. But for a man with no shirt on, he was oddly resilient. Skurge finally pulled the ax free with a yell and turned to Jane, focusing solely on her.

"Natasha!" Jane called as she backed towards the forest, wondering if she could lose him in it.

Just as he started lifting the ax to cut her in two Skurge suddenly flung the ax high into a tree, where it embedded itself and placed his hands to his ears, his body rocking slightly. Natasha had been right behind Skurge when she fired Jane's screamer at him, blasting infrasound at the executioner. Knowing the effects wouldn't last very long, Jane pulled out her back-up weapon. A collapsible baton that Thor had specially made for her by the blacksmiths in Asgard. One quick strike to the thigh sent a wave of electricity through his body, knocking him out. Jane had to dash out of the way as he fell forward, to make sure she wasn't crushed.

Natasha looked over the screamer. "Not bad. Might get one of these for myself," She smirked before waving Jane towards her. "Though you should have started with that Baton."

"I was hoping I didn't have to use it, it was made the same way Thor's hammer was," Jane said, collapsing it back and sliding it into her back pocket.
"Come on, No way to know how long he'll stay down," Natasha glanced at Skurge while checking her torso for broken ribs. Jane didn't need to be told twice. She ran over to Natasha and the two of them put distance between them and Skurge.


"I'm rather glad now that Ian and I did not find anything, after the fate that had befallen all of you," Eisa said.

"You didn't do nothing," Erik said. "Your inability to lock doors helped Harry and myself greatly."


Eisa and Ian had a pleasant chat as they searched the grounds around the pitch about their lives and family. "I was so glad to learn that my father was here on Midgard at the same time I was. Even if it was tricky for me to find my way here," Eisa said as she tried to open a door. "Hmm, it's locked."

"Let me. Someone left the key over there," Ian said as he pointed to a shelf. He then unlocked the door and opened it. "Looks like storage."

Lining the walls were brooms, spare equipment, and a small trunk that was shaking. "What's in there?" Eisa asked as she pulled the trunk towards her and opened it. "Oh! These are the Qudditch balls. So this is what they look like up close."

Ian knelt next to her and checked them out. "Wow," Ian reached out to touch them but Eisa stopped him.

"Best not. After all if the bludgers get lose we could get hurt," She then shut the trunk and stood.

Ian nodded. "Right. And we're supposed to be looking for clues about that bird," The two left the storage room and went back to the hunt. "So, where to next?" A flash of lightning ruled out the forest, though Eisa knew better then to go there.

Eisa was about to suggest an area when they heard a loud pain filled roar. "Let's look closer to the school," She suggested. Ian was quick to agree with her as the two of them headed back towards the school.


"I want to know what happened to Angel, Darcy," Loki told the woman in spare robes as her clothing was soiled with blood.

"Sure, I remember most of it… I think. Some parts might be sketchy," Darcy said.

"Or exaggerated," Jane replied. "You are known to be a bit hyperbolic?"

"A bit hyperbolic? The only person more hyperbolic than I is Hyperbole McHyper- oh I see what you mean," Darcy said. "Anyway, we were in the woods… walking… and talking… in the woods…"


"So what's it like being married to Thor's baby brother?" Darcy asked Angel as the two searched through some tall hedges.

Angel smiled at her. "Well if you overlook the nearly 13 years he was gone, thinking me and Harry were dead, it's been really nice. Loki's a good father to the kids as well as a wonderful husband to me."

Darcy nodded. Though she had no real idea what being married to Loki could be like she did witness enough to make a guess. "So, what are we looking for anyway?"

Angel shrugged. "From what I know the augurey tend to make their nets in places with thorns or in brambles. So if you hit thorns you might find it," She joked.

"Yeah, sounds like fun," Darcy joked back before hearing a branch snap not too far away. "You hear that?"

Angel stood from where she was looking and listened. She could hear a slightly growling noise that was growing closer. "What is that?" She asked as the two of them looked for the source of the noise.

"Um," Angel turned Darcy and saw her pointing behind her. Whipping around Angel's eyes widen at the sight before her. A Hebridean Black dragon was approaching them. "Not good," Angel breathed before turning to Darcy. "Run!"

Darcy didn't need to be told twice, she turned and bolted with Angel right behind her. "My Taser wouldn't happen to work on it, would it?" She asked, she could heard the dragon chasing after them.

"Not a chance," Angel quickly used her strength to knock Darcy out of the path of the dragon before rolling the opposite direction, making the dragon rush right past the two. "Darcy I suggest you find some kind of cover," Angel quickly rolled up her sleeves.

"Are you crazy? You can't fight a dragon. Also you're pregnant!" Darcy couldn't believe anyone would want to willing fight with a dragon.

"You got a better idea?" Angel demanded. "At least I have some upper-body strength!" The dragon had turned and was making its way back to them. Angel ran at it, turning at the last second, so she ran around it, to try to draw attention off Darcy. It worked. The dragon followed her movements with its eyes as it turned its head slowly. Problem was that Angel had forgotten about the tail. She almost didn't catch sight of it as it swung at her, Dragons waggle their tails like cats when they're hunting. Thankfully the muddy ground made it easy for Angel to drop down on her knees and slide, yet keep moving forward. Once clear of the tail Angel rolled forward to her feet, and continued trying to lead the dragon away from Darcy. Too bad for her Darcy had other ideas.

"Over here scale face!" Darcy yelled as she flung rocks at the dragon. The dragon quickly rounded on her. "Oh shit," Darcy started run but was caught off guard by the dragon's spurred tail, which she ran right into.

"Darcy!" Angel screamed.

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