I'll die before I lose you again

What happened part two

"That's all I remember," Darcy said "I must have been knocked out," Ending her part of the Dragon story. Angel was asleep and could not continue until she was awake. With everyone who needed medical help taken care of and Angel resting comfortably in the hospital bed Loki excused himself to check on the children. Just as when he looked in on them on the way in none of the children would meet his eyes.

"I want to know what happened to each of you and who you were with," Loki said as he took a seat on the bed Harry was sitting in.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at each before Harry sighed. "I'm sorry dad," He started before Loki stopped him. "Just tell me what happened."

"Well after convincing Erik, Steve, and Fenrir to go with us, we all split up to search," Hermione began.


For the most part Hermione followed Fenrir as they walked about the ground of the school. They kept away from areas they figured the adults would check, sticking mainly to the area around the castle where few would think to look right away.

"Since we only have an hour to look, we better make the most of it," Hermione said as she thought over the layout of the school grounds. "I wonder if whoever brought the augurey kept it in a cage or if they had a nest ready for it and kept it there."

Fenrir gave a small noise to show he heard her as he searched for a trace of the bird on the ground. Unlike his father, Fenrir had an idea as to who might have been behind it. He just couldn't figure out why Amora would use an augurey and have it attack the ones playing Quidditch.

"Maybe they kept it in one of the towers. I should suggest that if no one finds it," Hermione thought aloud.

A scrap of a scent had Fenrir rushing a head of Hermione. He couldn't be sure what it was from the small piece he got but it seemed to be something he was familiar with. It was something that made him a little edgy.

"Fenrir wait!" Hermione was clearly following him. He wasn't stupid enough to think that she wouldn't. He just hoped she had learned enough defensive magic to protect herself if something bad happened.

Fenrir ran to the front of the school where the scent he'd been following disappeared. Fenrir moved back and forth around the area the scent vanished trying to find it again. Hermione was watching him carefully, wanting to be ready if he suddenly started running again. With a heavy sigh Fenrir sat down.

"You'll find the scent again Fenrir. I know you will," Hermione started walking over to him when she suddenly tripped. Catching herself Hermione looked at the ground to see what she tripped on. "That's weird. It looks like someone dug up the ground here."

Fenrir took a look at the ground as he got to his paws. There were patches of missing grass and the earth had clearly been dug up by something. Walking over to the closet spot Fenrir carefully sniffed at the ground. At first there was nothing but the smell of the grass that had once been there and the earth. Then he caught it. The smell of slightly decayed flesh and bones. It reminded him off a cemetery he'd once past before being caught. He was about to start digging when the loose soil started shifting before him and a hand slowly emerged.

"Oh my god," Hermione rushed forward to help but stopped when Fenrir barked at her as he backed away from the hole. Hermione slowly backed up from the hole, as a body slowly followed the hand. A skeletal like corpse had emerged, and Hermione knew full well just what it was. "An Inferi?" Around them the other patches of earth shifted as many more of them crawled out. Before long there were at least thirty of them.

Fenrir jumped at the closet one, sinking his fangs into its throat and ripping it out in an attempt at removing the head. Meanwhile, Hermione was rapidly attempting to remember all that she knew about the undead creatures.

Hermione drew her wand and pointed it at three Inferi and shouted, "Incendio!" a jet of flames erupting from her wand and setting them alight. "Fenrir! Grab that branch!" Hermione pointed to a dead branch on the ground.

Catching on to what she had in mind Fenrir grabbed the branch and held it so that she could light it. Once the branch was on fire Fenrir raced between the Inferi, setting as many on fire as he could.

As the both of them worked on reducing the Inferi to ashes neither noticed one of the burning Inferi was heading off to the other side of the school, trying to put its self out.

The smell of charred flesh hung in the air as the remains of the Inferi burned away. Both Fenrir and Hermione were panting, sweaty, and covered with ashes as they sat on the remaining grass.

"There's no way those were here by accident Fenrir. Someone planted them here to kill," Hermione couldn't believe anyone would use such dark magic on school grounds. "How could someone like that get through the barrier?"

Fenrir looked at her, wondering just what her reaction be if he was able to tell her who it was that was behind what was going on. A sudden whiff of smoke blew past his nose. Turning his head Fenrir gave a small barked in surprise.

Hermione turned to see what had caused him to bark and her eyes widen as she saw the glow of fire around the pitch. "Um, I think we should get back to the hospital wing."

Fenrir got to his paws and the together the two of them headed for the doors.


"So it was you two who set the pitch on fire?" Ron asked.

Hermione gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry Ron."

"What happened to you Ron?" Loki questioned. He was really worried now as someone willing to create Inferi was clearly a dark magic user and there for aiming to kill.

"Well I went with Steve," Ron began.


Ron and Steve had gone back to the pitch after deciding that the pitch would be the best place to start their search as there would be no real reason for anyone else to be there unless they had found something.

"Just when I thought things were finally settling down," Steve sighed as he and Ron searched the ground beneath the stands.

Ron nodded in agreement. After learning that prince Loki would be staying at Hogwarts that year Ron had expected a mostly quite year. Kicking away a half-eaten sandwich Ron walked over to Steve. "I'm not really seeing anything so far?"

"Neither am I," Steve was about to suggest going someplace else when an odd sound reached his ears. "What is that?" He asked. It was almost a cross between a groan and a scream of some kind before it went silent.

"I don't hear anything," Ron said as he strained his ears for whatever Steve had heard.

Shaking his head Steve gave Ron a reassuring smile. "Must be my imagination then," The two went back to searching the grounds.

"Is it me or is it getting hot all of sudden?" Ron asked as sweat started to bead on his forehead.

Steve had noticed the rise in temperature and was just as confused by it as Ron appeared to be. He was about question if it normally got warm under the stands when the smell of smoke reached Steve's nose. Turning Steve looked for the source of the smoke. The stands were on fire, and it was spreading fast.

"Captain- Steve- America!" Ron had spotted the fire and was starting to panic.

"Run!" Steve ordered.

Ron quickly turned and started running to the closest exit with Steve close behind him. When Ron tripped Steve quickly grabbed him and put Ron on his back before running as fast as he could till they were safely out of the fire's reach.

"What happened?" Ron asked, referring to how the fire could've started.

"I've no idea. But we're lucky we got out in time. Come on, we should get back inside before someone notice us," Steve then carried Ron back to the hospital wing.


Loki ran a hand down his face. Suddenly feeling as though he'd aged greatly because of them. "Harry? What happened to you and Erik?"

From behind a screen Angel let out a heavy sigh. She had woken up and, when Darcy told her that Loki was waiting for the rest of the story about what happened to them she'd gone looking for him. Angel had overheard half of Ron's story and hid to hear what she could. Now that it was Harry's turned to tell what happened to him Angel's hand slipped to her stomach as she wondered if anyone in her and Loki's family would ever have a normal and somewhat happy life.

"Well, we arrived at the pitch before Ron and Steve did. At first we found nothing," Harry started.


Harry was glad to be out of the hospital wing and helping his parents. Even if he had to go behind their backs to do it.

"You don't seem bothered by this. Are you not worried we'll be caught?" Erik asked.

Harry smiled at him. "Well, this isn't the first time my friends and I have gone behind everyone's back," He admitted.

Erik frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

Harry explained his last two years at Hogwarts, down playing some parts so as not to worry Erik too much.

"My god. That's the sort of thing that happens here?" Erik couldn't believe it. Giant three headed dogs, possessed teachers, and a basilisk?

"It's not that bad," Harry lied, trying to reassure Erik. He kind of liked Erik and didn't want him to worry about him.

"Not bad? No child should have gone through any of that," Erik was going to have a talk with the head of the school as well as Angel about all this. He wanted to know if she knew about everything that happened to her son as well as what she was planning to do about it.

Harry went to say something but stopped when he caught site of something in the corner of his eyes. Turning his head Harry saw what appeared to be a cloak disappearing behind a stone. "Hello?"

Erik turned to see who Harry was talking to. "Did you see something?"

"I'm not sure," Harry took a step forward but was stopped by Erik.

Erik had placed a hand on Harry's shoulder as soon as he saw him moving. The only people that should be wandering the grounds were the ones searching for clues and possibly whoever had unleashed the augurey. "Let's keep moving," Erik turned Harry around and the two started walking away from where the cloak had disappeared.

Harry glanced back after a few steps and spotted a hand on the rock the cloak had disappeared behind covered in greenish skin. "Um, I think we should get out of sight."

Erik looked back at the rock and saw the hand. "What is that?"

Slowly from behind the rock a figure emerged. Floor length black hair swayed in the light breeze, a black dress on their female body, greenish skin, and the thing that stood out the most was the skeletal face.

"Good god no," Erik didn't need to be a wizard to recognize that figure. Erik, after his encounter with Loki had studied up on all the myths and lore so that the next time he encountered something from mythology he would be ready. A banshee. That was what he and Harry were now facing.

"Run!" Harry shouted before turning and running. Erik was right behind him and the banshee was behind him. The two ran, not caring where they were going and ended up at the pitch. They managed to duck out of sight and stopped to catch their breath. "If she screams we're dead," Harry panted.

"Then we need to keep her from screaming. Any ideas?" Erik asked. When Harry shook his head Erik looked around to see if there was anything they might be able to use to keep the banshee's mouth shut. Spotting a door Erik made a tough call. "Harry, in there," The two tried the door to the storage room, and it miraculously opened. They went into the storage room and looked around.

"What now? Do you think she'll find us in here?" Harry asked as he looked at the brooms. Harry knew he could easily fly away from the banshee, but he didn't know if he could take Erik with him. All the brooms were worn and clearly out dated. Chances were they were snap if too much weight was put on them.

"I don't know Harry," Erik sighed as he looked around for something they could use. He spotted the beater clubs but had no intentions of getting close enough to the banshee to try hitting her with them. Then he spotted the chest. "What is in there?"

Harry looked where Erik was. "Just the Quidditch balls."

"Why is it shaking though?"

"The bludgers. They never stop trying to hit people," Harry explained.

"So they are always moving?" A plan was slowly forming in Erik's mind as he recalled how the bludgers had seemed to shoot straight upwards the moment they were freed from the chest during the game.

"Yes, why?" Harry was slowly piecing together what Erik was thinking.

"Help me get it into position," Erik ordered as he grabbed the chest.

Together Erik and Harry moved the chest to the center of the room and turned it so the lid fell open onto the floor.

"We only have two shots," Harry pointed out.

"We'll make them count," Erik assured him as the doorknob started shaking. Both Erik and Harry took a deep breath as it turned and the door swung open. The banshee entered the room and both males tensed as they waited for the right moment. The banshee's mouth slowly began to open as she prepared to scream. "Now!"

Harry hit the button on the strap holding the bludger next to him down and the two watched as it flew straight at the Banshee. The two cheered as it slammed into her mouth and the Banshee was sent flying backwards.

"Come on, let's get out of here before she gets her mouth free," Erik righted the chest.

"I think she's dead," Harry admitted, looking at the Banshee whose jaw looked to be at an odd angle.

"We shouldn't wait around to find out," Eric said. The two broke into a run and alienated themselves from the banshee.

The two were panting as they walked back to the hospital wing, knowing that they would be safe from the banshee inside. "We are lucky," Erik sighed.

"How could a banshee get on school grounds?" Harry asked.

Erik shook his head. "I don't know," From the corner of his eye Erik spotted something at the pitch. Turning he gasped in shock as he saw the pitch burning.

Harry had turned to see what Erik was gasping at and his eyes widen. "Did the banshee cause that?"

Erik shook his head. "I doubt it. But all the same we better get back to the hospital before the others do."


"A banshee?" Loki asked, hoping he'd heard wrong.

"Yeah. I don't know where it came from but it came after us."

Loki heard something hit the ground behind him before Angel rushed past him and sat next to Harry, wrapping her arms around him. "Are you alright? Where you hurt?"

"Mum I'm alright," Harry had hoped that his mother wouldn't hear about what happened to him.

"Dragon," Loki gently removed Angel's hands from around Harry and pulled her to her feet. "I will speak with him later about this. But you are wounded and both our son and I need you to rest. Also, I wish to hear the rest of what happened to you and Darcy."

Harry grabbed Angel's hand at that. "Wait, what happened to mum?"

"I will tell you in the morning Haralder," Harry flinch a little at his father's use of his name, knowing he was in trouble. "But for now the three of you will STAY right where you are until I am finished making sure everything is alright and then I will take all of you right to your house where you will go to bed. Understood?" Loki waited till all three said yes before taking Angel back to her bed. "Thor you should've kept her in bed," Loki sighed as he past him.

"Loki I'm fine," Angel assured him as she sat down on the bed, a hand going up to her shoulder while the other went to her stomach. Thankfully Loki focused on the one on her shoulder.

"You are not fine. You were attacked by a dragon on Hogwarts' grounds. There is nothing right about that, nor anything that happened to any of us," Loki took a moment to get himself under control before asking Angel to finish telling them what happened with the dragon.

After taking a drink from the cup Madam Pomfrey had given her, a potion to ensure nothing happens to her baby Angel nodded. "Well when Darcy went down I panicked for a moment. Thought she might've been dead or at least hurt. After that, it's like something in me snapped."


Time seemed to stand still as Angel stared at Darcy's unmoving form. Panic and worry rushing through her before seeing the dragon turn towards her. Angel stared into the eyes of the dragon as her eyes narrowed at it. A cross between a growl and a yell left her as she ran at the dragon. It rushed towards her, thrusting out its head to try to grab at her with its mouth. Angel swung her right fist at the dragon, sending its head snapping to the left with the force of the blow, its body went off balance and it slowly fell on its side. Angel didn't have time to marvel at her strength in application.

For a moment the dragon just lay there before slowly getting to its feet. It shook its head before turning to Angel. One could see in the dragon's eyes that it recognized that she was strong.

Angel clenched her fists as her blood raced through her, along with adrenaline. In her mind Angel had stopped thinking about herself. All she could think at the moment was how the dragon had hurt Darcy and would most likely hurt the students. Hurt her son. Take away her family. "Over my dead body," The dragon started flapping its wings, slowly lifting off the ground. Angel's eyes whipped around before seeing what she needed. It was a large jagged looking boulder. As the dragon took to the sky Angel ran over to the boulder and lifted it. "You're not going anywhere," She then threw the rock at the dragon. The boulder missed its body but struck one of its wings, ripping it and causing the dragon to fall to the ground with a loud crash.

The dragon twisted it body till it was on its feet again before checking its wounded wing. When it saw the rip, its head snapped to Angel and bore it's fangs before letting out a loud roar.

"Come on then ugly," Angel taunted.

The dragon charged at her and all Angel could do was roll out of the way. The great trees that seemed to reach the sky splintered with a snap of the dragon's jaws. Once clear of the body Angel aimed a kick at the dragon's hind leg's knee before rolling out of the way in case it fell over on her. The dragon turned as fast as it could and attempted to catch her with its fangs. Its mouth closed on empty air and Angel swung at its jaw, causing its head to sail to the right as it let out a cry of pain and surprise. However, the surprise quickly vanished, as the dragon adapted to its opponent. The dragon swung its tail at her, hoping that with her facing it she would be caught off guard.

Angel saw the movement of the dragon, and caught on to what it was doing. With a quick roll she was out of harm's way. Her hand closed on some small rocks and sticks, and she threw them at the dragon, a few hitting it in the eyes. The dragon cried out in pain and shook its head with its eyes shut. Taking advantage of the momentary blindness Angel ran at the dragon and trying to overpower it by throwing anything available at its chest. It didn't take long for the dragon to recover from the twigs and with a swipe from its clawed foot Angel was sent flying. When she hit the ground Angel could feel that she had a gash on her back and that it was rather bleeding badly. Pushing herself up Angel winced. Then she turned to see what the dragon was doing, she barely had enough time to roll onto her back before the dragon was on top of her. It was incredibly painful to roll on her now injured shoulder.

The dragon snapped repeatedly at her with its large muzzle. Angel was able to dodge out of the way each time it snapped at her, but her movement was limited by the dragon's feet. Each time she rolled onto her wounded shoulder it would throb and send waves of pain through her that kept her from being able to think of a plan to escape or even a counter attack. On one roll Angel spotted a large fallen tree branch with a pointed end close to her and she quickly snatched it. As she rolled back onto her back Angel looked up at the dragon as it began to dive at her again. Thrusting what she grabbed at the dragon she impaled the tree branch into the dragon, piecing its heart in one go. The dragon let out a final pained roar before falling over, fresh black blood squirted out of the chest, and rained all over the clearing. Angel crawled away from the dragon and got back to her feet. She took a moment to make sure it was truly dead before rushing over to check on Darcy. Darcy had a few cuts and scrapes over her body and she was bleeding lightly. Angel sighed in relief as her body began to feel heavy and drained as the adrenaline rush faded. She collapsed beside the girl in a small patch of damp grass.


"At that point I think I passed out from exhaustion since I woke up with Darcy lying next to me," Angel finished.

Loki gently held his wife, being mindful of her injury. "You did well against that dragon," He praised.

"But why was it here? Why were any of them here?" Jane asked.

"I can think of no reason for Skruge to be in Midgard. His place is by Amora's side and he does not leave it," Thor explained.

Angel looked to Loki, giving him a look to tell him they couldn't keep the truth from him any longer. "Please."

Loki sighed. He knew she was right. It wouldn't take Thor long to piece together the truth. Or for one of his friends to tell him what must be going on. "Alright, I'll tell him," He promised her. "Just not now," When she went to argue he placed a finger to her lips. "Harry and his friends need to go back to their house and rest. And as I am one of the few of us that isn't tired or in pain I am the best choice to take them back. And I will speak to Harry about what he did."

Angel gave a weak nod. She was tired and had been told to rest by Madam Pomfrey for the sake of the baby. "Alright, I'll get some sleep while you take the kids to bed," She gave him a quick kiss before lying down on her uninjured shoulder.

Loki covered her up with a blanket before telling the group what he was doing. He then walked back to the kids and told them to follow him. Harry sighed as he got off the bed, knowing he was going to get lectured from the moment they stepped out of the hospital wing all the way until they get to the common room.

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