I'll die before I lose you again

Asgard part one

Since the attack on the pitch Loki had kept his word to Angel. He told Thor that Amora and Skurge had been the ones to come to Midgard. As the couple had expected he had been angry at them for hiding it from him for so long. Thankfully Jane had been there to calm him down and to help him see why they had done it. Harry had heard all about what had happened to the adults, and was glad his mother had made it out of her fight with only a gash on the back to show for it. He had also gotten the lecture he had expected, but it also came with tales of his father's own reckless adventures and the dangers he had faced growing up. Needless to say by the time they got to the common room Harry had a better idea of where his risk taking had come from and was glad he didn't have half the chances his father had growing up to get into trouble. Otherwise Harry was sure that he would've died years ago.


Harry was so excited. Both he and his mum had worn his father down enough to make him agree to take them to Asgard for Christmas holidays. He packed everything he felt he might need while in Asgard. Since his father hadn't told him anything about Asgard, and Thor had only been able to tell him a small amount before his father had told him to stop. So Harry didn't have a clue about things like the weather in Asgard, what was appropriate to wear, or even what personal items he would need.

"Almost ready?" Ron asked as he shut his trunk. He was looking forward to seeing his parents. Though he was glad that no one had told his parents what he had done. He had no wish to have his mother screaming at him through a howler, telling everyone that he had run like a coward from a sudden fire and then be forced by the rest of their house to tell them what had happen after the game.

"I just don't know what I should bring. I wish dad had told me more about Asgard," Harry sighed. He went to put a shirt into his trunk when it closed on him, causing him to jump.

"Just bring any school work you need to finish over the holiday and any books you wish to have with you," Loki answered from the door with a smirk. "Everything you will need can easily be found in Asgard."

"Are you sure I don't need anything dad?" Harry asked.

Loki thought for his moment before shaking his head. "No, you will find Asgard lacks for little in the needs of its royal family."

Harry gave a nod of understanding before grabbing his bag and started to put things in it before Loki stopped him.

Loki sighed. "I knew there was something I should've taught you," He then shrank the scrolls and placed them in the bag. "I'll teach it to you as well as how to restore them to their rightful size once in Asgard."

After staring for a moment Harry realized that he could take more this way and started grabbing the books he hadn't gotten the chance to read just yet while Loki just smiled at him.


"Loki let it go," Angel growled at him as the two stood with Harry on the platform so that Harry could say bye to his friends.

Loki however was glaring daggers at Fred who, after hearing that Eisa and Fenrir couldn't go to Asgard with the rest of their family had offered to let them come home with him and enjoy the holidays with his family. "Look at him. He's almost taking advantage of her being unable to come with us."

Angel rolled her eyes at him and his over protectiveness. "What would you have said if it had been Ron, or his sister Ginny who invited her over?"

"It doesn't matter who invites her. He will still be there to take advantage of her."

Angel sighed and turned him to face her. "Eisa is a big girl Loki. She knows better than to let a boy lead her around by the nose," When Loki didn't look convinced she added, "Plus Natasha has been teaching her how to take care of herself. If Fred, for some unknown reason to everyone else where to try to take advantage of her she could put him down and be miles away before he even begins to recover."

"Dragon," He started before being cut off. "Loki, this is the first holiday we are getting to spend with our son. If you ruin this with you paranoia about Fred's intentions with Eisa I swear you will regret it," She warned. She was not going to let Loki spend the whole time worrying about what Eisa and Fred were doing. Angel had already spoken to Fred about his intentions with Eisa and he gave his word to her that he would be a gentleman while Eisa was with his family. Angel had also written to Fred's mother to ask her to look out for Eisa for her and Loki. So Loki's worries were for nothing.

Loki looked at her before looking to Harry, who was over by the train saying his goodbyes to his friends. "It would mean a lot to Harry if I spent the time with him rather than getting Hemidall to spy on my daughter," He then turned back to her. "Alright Dragon. I'll try to not think about it."


Once the train had left with all the students going home for the holidays Loki lead Angel and Harry down to Hagrid's hut where the met up with Thor, Jane, and Darcy.

"I trust everyone is ready?" Loki asked as he looked to everyone.

"We are," Thor answered.

"Yes dad," Harry answered.

"Let's get going," Angel said as she took Loki's hand and placed her free hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Thor, if you will?" Loki asked.

Thor smiled at Loki before looking to the sky. "Hemidall, open the Bifrost!"

A few seconds later the group was enveloped in a beam of multicolored lights as they were pulled upwards.

Harry clung to his mother as tightly as he could. He'd never experienced anything like this before and he was a little scared. When it all stopped Loki had to grab Harry to keep him from falling over. Harry thanked his father before looking up, spotting the tall man in golden armor with a large sword in his hands.

"Welcome to Asgard princess Angel, prince Haralder," The man greeted them.

"I trust the Allfather is expecting us?" Loki asked.

"He is," Hemidall answered.

Loki gave a small nod; he was dreading this meeting and had been hoping something would come up to delay it for a little while longer.

"We best not keep him waiting," Angel said, trying to get Loki to move. The fact that Odin knew they were coming showed that he knew about her and Harry and most likely had known for a while. Since he'd not done anything about the two of them, it had also meant that he wasn't about to banish them or even put them to death.

Loki gave a short nod and everything followed him and Thor.


The group had stopped long enough to leave Jane and Darcy with Thor's friends before heading for the throne room. Harry walked between his parents with Thor on Loki's right. He was nervous about meeting the Allfather, his grandfather. The man who had banished his siblings and put to death his father's first wife. Thor had assured him that everything would be fine, but his father always seemed to try to avoid talking about the subject while his mother didn't know enough about Odin to comment on it.

Loki tried to think of what to say in any situation that might happen once they reach the Allfather. How he might escape with his family should Odin try to take them from him? Angel may have told him it would alright, and she clearly believed it but he wasn't as naive as that. He'd grown up with Odin and knew how the man worked. Loki just wished his mother was there to help him protect his family. If anyone could get Odin to leave Loki's family alone it would be his mother, queen Frigga. But she was gone, killed during the dark elves attack.

Angel was also nervous about meeting Odin. She figured he would be like any other father out there. Judgmental about who his son had married and her skills as a mother, among other things.

When they entered the throne room Loki was happy to see that it was just the four of them and Odin in the room. He would rather introduce his family to Odin without the eyes of Asgard on them, judging him. Judging his son and wife. When they reached the steps to the throne all four of them knelled.

Odin silently looked over his youngest son, his son's wife, and his grandson. When Hemidall had told him that Loki had been stopped by Loki's wife he had been surprised and ordered for them to be watched closely. Then the news about his grandson Haralder came. He'd taken an interest in him and asked for all information on the boy. Now that both his youngest son's wife and son were in Asgard, and he would have the chance to learn what he could about the both of them. One thing he did know about them, was that the both of them had met some of Loki's other children and they had accepted them.

For a moment no one said anything, unsure what to say or even who should speak first. Angel let out a soft sigh before speaking.

"Thank you Allfather for allowing us to come to Asgard."

For a moment Odin appeared momentarily confused, having been lost in thought over the site of Loki's family, the knowledge that Loki's wife accepted his other children, and all that Loki had done since being reunited with his wife and son. He'd almost forgotten why they were there in the first place.

"I am please to finally be meeting you Angel of Midgard and you as well Haralder," Odin greeted them as he signaled for them to stand. He noticed that Haralder was fidgeting slight, clearly nervous. Angel however appeared calm about the meeting, something that reminded him of Frigga. His eye then turned to Loki. Looking over his youngest son Odin noticed that Loki appeared lighter somehow. As if he had gotten rid of a great deal of weight that had been holding him down. He also noticed that Loki appeared easier to read, his face showed his emotions and thoughts clear enough for him to make a guess at most of them. He also noticed that although Loki was standing to Haralder's right he appeared ready to move in front of his son and wife, as if expecting an attack to happen. "Loki," Odin nodded to his youngest.

"Father, thank you for permitting us to be here," Loki's words surprised Odin, for they sounded genuine and there was no spite.

Odin turned his eye back to Haralder. The boy was about as tall as Loki had been as a child, perhaps a few inches more so, he had the same dark hair as both his parents though he clearly didn't try to tame it as Loki did, he was also very thin, more so then Loki which Odin knew was the fault of the family that had been given Haralder as a baby.

Angel waited a moment, letting Odin appraise Harry before she spoke again. "Allfather, I'm sure there are things you would like to talk about now that Loki has returned to Asgard. However perhaps these things are best spoken of once Harry here is out of the room?" Angel made sure to put a hand on Harry's shoulder to keep from causing any confusion as to who she was talking about.

Odin thought it over before nodding in agreement. It would be best for his grandson not to hear any arguments that may break out when he starts trying to get answers out of Loki.

Angel turned to Thor with a smile. "Thor, why don't you take Harry back to Jane and Darcy? I'm sure he'll love spending some time with your friends."

Thor nodded and took Harry out of the throne room, all the while pointing out things around them and sharing what he knew about them. The first thing being the rebuilt pillars after him and Loki had flown in a Dark Elf craft.

Loki raised a brow at Thor as the doors closed before turning to Angel with a slightly amused smile. "He seems amused with what happened now, compared to how he acted when it happened."

"Loki," Odin began, drawing their eyes to him. "You still have much to answer for. Your crimes against the realms still stand."

Loki turned his eyes to the floor. He knew that his past actions would be brought up at some point. He just wished that his wife wasn't standing in the room with him to hear all this. If she wanted to kill him for trying to enslave Midgard just wait till she hears what he tried to do to Jotunheim.

Angel turned to Loki and crossed her arms. "Come to think of it Loki you haven't explained to me why you tried to take over my realm," Though the smile was still in place Loki didn't miss the ice in her eyes telling him it had better be a good reason.

"It was not my wish to enslave your realm my Dragon," He began. "When I fell from the Bifrost I believed I would not survive. Had I known what would happen to me, I would have never let go," Both Angel and Odin were listening careful, not wanting to miss any details. "I fell for what seemed like an entirety, lost in the void with nothing more than my thoughts. Thoughts of everything I had lost, how I had failed to prove myself to the only family I had left. Were it not for my memories of you and our son I might have truly lost my mind to those dark thoughts. Eventually my body crashing into a large rock that appeared at the time to simply be a drift. I could not move do to the pain, my vision fading in and out. I just lay there wishing for death. But what came to me was far worst," Loki had to stop a moment and take a breath, the memory of what happened between his fall from the Bifrost and his arrive on Midgard still very fresh in his mind. "It was the Chitauri. A large group of them found me and dragged my broken body with them to their master."

"You were not their master then?" Odin asked, getting the evil eye from Angel for interrupting Loki.

"Despite what everyone believes I had no real control over them. I was a broken fallen prince. Someone who had no power at the time. They had no reason to listen to me. I was given command of them. But only after I endure pain far beyond what I had ever experienced before. Their master was Thanos," Both Loki and Angel didn't miss the sudden wide eye look on Odin's face or the way he tensed at the name. "You know of him?"

Odin gave a short nodded. He had heard the stories of Thanos, a monster that seemed to take great pleasure in destroying worlds. What he could not understand though is why Thanos had Loki lead the Chitauri to attack Midgard. The only thing on Midgard at the time that could've interested someone like Thanos would've been the Tesseract, and Thanos wouldn't need Loki's help to get that. 'There must be more.'

"For many days I spend writhing in agony beyond anything you could imagine. I wished for death every second I was able to think clear enough to do so. Then Thanos came to me with an offer. I would be given command of the Chitauri, given power to rule over a realm, and all I had to do was insure that the Tesseract reached Thanos. I agreed without thought. What did I have left to lose? My family was dead as far as I knew. Asgard would never take me back without demanding my head on a pike. I had nothing to lose and much to gain in my mind," Loki took a moment to glance at Angel, seeing her eyes soften and tear up. She understood he'd been though much suffering. "It was not until Thor brought his mortal, Jane Foster here with the Aether inside her that I knew to what end Thanos was working towards. The Infinity gems."

Angel frowned in confusion. "The Infinity gems? What are those?"

"Gems of incredible and terrifying power. There are six in total. To wield them all is to have power over everything. Nothing would be able to stop you. And that is why Thanos wants them," Loki turned back to Odin. "I know I have done much against the nine realms, but I have seen Thanos. I know what to look for in his attacks. If you will let me, Allfather I can share what I know. All I ask is to remain with my wife and children."

Odin had a little trouble believing what he had just heard. But for all Loki's past lies and tricks he had never gone so far as to lie about something that could wipe out everything in the realms. "I shall have to think about what you have told me as well as what we shall do. Until then both you and your family shall remain in Asgard," Odin turned to go to his chambers when Angel spoke up.

"Now hold on their Odin! How long will that take? I want Harry back in school once the Christmas holidays are done. Not to mention the fact that we still have yet to locate Amora and Skruge back on Midgard. Our son's education is important to us as well as finding that bitch and her lackey and sending them back here to be punished. She made Inferi and hid them on school grounds where any child could find them!"

Odin hadn't heard about the Inferi. Naturally he knew what they were and how dangerous they could be. To hear that Amora had not only created some but also left them where the Inferi could harm the young Seidhr of Midgard sent a wave of rage through him. "I shall ensure Haralder returns to Midgard in time for his lessons."

"There is one other thing you should know," Loki said, drawing Odin's attention to him. "Thor wishes to bring his other mortal friends, the ones who aided him against me and the Chitauri to Asgard. I felt it only right to tell you this now so that you can answer him quickly when he comes to ask you."

Odin gave Loki a nod, showing he understood before he left the room.

Loki breathed a sigh of relief. Though he still had to await Odin's ruling on him Loki took some comfort in the fact that Odin had not reacted poorly to Angel and Harry. Even though his wife had all but snapped at Odin before he left the meeting with the Allfather had gone far better then he could've hoped for. Loki jumped as he was brought out of his thoughts by a playful punch from his wife.

"Told you it'd be fine," She laughed a large grin on her lips.

"That you did Dragon," He admitted as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Turning to the doors Thor had taken Harry through Loki couldn't help but wonder just what his son was up to.


Harry noticed that Thor's friends, Sif and the Warriors Three had many qualities and traits similar to the Avengers. Fandral reminded Harry of Tony, a flirt who thinks highly of himself but is a good guy at heart. Sif of Natasha, a strong woman who knew all kinds of ways to kill and fight yet clearly had a kind caring side. Hogan was quite like Bruce but also seemed to observe everything around him like Clint. And Volstagg appeared to be as good hearted as Steve. In short, Harry found himself almost completely at ease around them. Though he wasn't as interested in their stories as he acted.

"It is still hard to believe that you are Loki's son," Sif said after a moment of silence,

"How so?" Harry asked.

"We've known Loki nearly our whole lives. Compared to some of the things he's done over the years you are far better company then him," Sif answered.

Harry frowned, not liking the way she had worded that comment. "Like what?"

"Where to begin?" Fandral asked. "How about when he made our clothes disappear during training when we were young?"

"The snakes at the feast," Volstagg added.

"Cutting off all my hair," Sif added.

Harry was surprised by what he heard as they listed off more things that Loki had done over the years.

"Come now all of you," Everyone turned to see Loki and Angel standing in the door way. "If my son must learn of my past tricks, let me be the one to tell him," Loki said, giving them a grin.

"I wouldn't call those things to be proud of," Angel commented, causing Loki's grin to drop. Angel walked over to Harry and gave him a hug. "Having fun?"

"Yes mum," Harry smiled at her, kind of glad to have his parents in the room with him.

"Well now. Thor you didn't tell us Loki's wife was beautiful," Fandral commented as he walked over to Angel and took her hand. "Fandral, at your service," He went to kiss her hand but Angel pulled it away, giving him a look of annoyance.

"Angel," She said, and then she moved over to sit between Harry and Sif.

Loki smirked to himself. "Oh this will be interesting."


The sun had set on Asgard and everyone was gathered for a fest in honor of Princess Angel and Prince Haralder. The team had been brought to Asgard in time for the fest and, after Angel told him to Loki told them who they were looking for Amora and Skruge as well as that the two were at Hogwarts. When Tony, Clint, and Bruce went to say something on the matter Angel told them to talk about it later. After all Asgard was throwing a feast for her family and the least they could do was hold off such talk till tomorrow. They agreed to wait and enjoy the party.

Harry sat between his father and Odin at the head of the table with Angel next to Loki. Scattered about the table among the Aseir the Avengers sat listening to the stories being told, eating the food, and drinking the mead that was offered. Tony and Clint were even sharing a few of their own stories. Natasha and Sif were talking about a possible sparing match they would have the next day. Bruce asked questions about Asgard and its histories to the people around him and listened carefully to what they answered. All in all everyone was having a great time.

"Having fun son?" Loki asked Harry.

Harry nodded his mouth was too full to speak at the moment. The start of term feast at Hogwarts couldn't compare to the fest being held just for him and his mother. Though Harry hates to be the center of attention he found himself greatly enjoying everything that had happened that night.

From down the table Loki could hear a few people talking about Harry. How he looked a lot like both his parents, how they hoped he took after his mother rather than his father, that Harry was too skinny for a boy his age. And other comments that suggested to him that Harry was being accepted so far. Then a comment came, which he had been expecting, but was still a little hurt by.

"Haralder is lucky, having been raised for a while without you." Sif commented over her mug of mead.

Loki was prepared to brush that off. Angel however wasn't. "And why is that?" She asked.

"Well I wouldn't say Loki is the best person to raise a child. At least with Haralder being of the age he is now there's very little Loki could do to ruin him." Sif answered with a shrug.

Harry frowned at Sif but said nothing to her. He didn't want to talk about his experience with the Dursleys with that many people in the room

Angel smiled at Sif. "So you think Loki can't properly raise a child from a baby to an adult without messing the kid up?" At Sif's smile Angel chuckled. "Well I guess we'll get to see if you are right."

Sif frowned in confusion, as did Loki. "Why do you say that?" Her husband asked.

Angel smirked over at Jane and Darcy, who were grinning at her before she turned to Loki. "I say that, because I'm pregnant."

All noise in the hall stopped as everyone turned to stare at her.

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