I'll die before I lose you again

The Dursley's home

Months of watching and recording the Dursleys family brought no shortage of proof of their cruelty. Everything was cleared up in the magical world so that none could prevent Loki and Angel from claiming their son back. And they would, most definitely retrieve him. Everyone was gathered outside the house holding the poor boy. Angel, Loki, the Avengers, and three lawyers stood staring at the house. Loki adjusted his left shirt cuff, having gone with a suit like the one he had worn in Germany. Thor had on a plain black t shirt, white jacket and a pair of jeans. To ensure they would be able to get into the house and at the same time not draw too much attention everyone had dressed as normal as possible. Tony had to wear a grey suit instead of his logo t shirts and jeans, upon everyone's enforcement.

"Freaky looking place, can't believe anyone would want to live here," Tony commented.

"They pride themselves on being normal. Even go so far as to think all but Tony, Clint, and Natasha should be removed from the Avengers and killed. Anyone with powers not gained through training are nothing but freaks to them. Even heroes like you, "Angel informed him.

"Aren't they sweethearts," Steve sighed. Though Steve wasn't one to enjoy other's suffering he found he had no place in his heart to care for the fate the Dursleys family was about to suffer. After having spent weeks looking at some of the things they did to the boy he just wanted to dish out the family's punishment and get the boy as far as from them as possible.

"Is everything ready?" Natasha asked the lawyers who were doing last minute checks.

"Yes, we have everything needed for what we've been hired to do," The lead lawyer confirmed.

"Good. Tony, get us inside," Angel instructed.

"Happily," Tony replied as he led everyone to the door and rang the bell.

Angel had known that family was going to be having the husband's sister around that night. That was why she had chosen it. The fat woman and her horrid dog had gotten away with her treatment of Angel's son for far too long. It was time she knew the only disgusting thing in that house was her brother and his wife. "You must forgive us, we weren't expecting company," The wife said as they entered the kitchen. Angel had to hold herself and her husband back as they both locked eyes on their son standing in the kitchen like some servant awaiting orders.

"Soon," Angel promised quietly to Loki when he frowned at her.

"Yeah well who wants to call ahead?" Tony asked the wife.

The portly husband was in shock when he realized who was standing in his kitchen. "Mr. Stark, this is an honor," He greeted as he stood and offered his hand "Vernon Dursley, Mr. Stark. I am the CEO of a drill firm called Grunnings, it's quite an impressive enterprise." Tony stared at Mr. Dursley's pudgy and outstretched hand. He walked away, leaving Mr. Dursely awkwardly holding his hand to thin air.

"Strange house you got here," Tony started. The looks on the wife and husband's faces were priceless. "I mean it looks like every other house on the block, stupid and pointless if you ask me. Like some freaky Twilight Zone set." Tony enjoyed annoying the hell out of them by making them seem like freaks and weirdoes. The husband gave a nervous chuckle. "You, however, I am interested in. What's your name kid?" He asked him. Angel and Loki bit back their anger as their son seemed to silently ask for permission from the wife. Tony stepped in front of her, blocking her from the boy's view. "What's your name kiddo?" He asked again.

"Harry, Harry Potter." The boy answered.

Loki let out a huff. "The Potters, I should've known that old fool would give our son to them." He growled under his breath so only Angel would hear. Tony walked over to Harry and slung an arm around his shoulders. "Now you seem like the coolest person in the room. Well if you forget the rags, that is. What'd you do, have an elephant try those on for ten years before wearing them yourself?" Tony asked as he picked at Harry's clothes.

"Hand me downs. Easy to spot the whale those came off of," Clint commented as he looked at the family's own child.

"How dare you talk that way about my nephew! He is better in every way to that brat my brother and his wife had to suffer with," The fat woman snapped. Clint's hand flexed a little, clearly wishing for a gun to shoot her with.

"Well we can fix that," Tony's voice cut in. "The whole, 'suffering' part."

"What do you mean?" asked Mrs. Dursley.

"We're taking this guy with us when we leave," Tony answered.

"Good riddance," Mr. Dursley's female counterpart nodded.

"No you will not," Mr. Dursley said, surprising his sister.

"Vernon let him take the brat away. You don't owe that boy's no-good parents anything Vernon," She insisted.

"Oh I wouldn't talk about his parents if I were you," Tony warned.

"And why can't I, exactly? They were useless drunk who deserved to die," She looked almost like she wanted to spit on the graves of the two she thought were Harry's parents. Harry appeared to be about to snap at her when Angel beat him to it. Her hand lashing out so fast it was a blur as it slammed into the woman's face.

"Marge!" her brother Vernon shouted before freezing at Angel's death glare. Angel then glared down at the woman.

"He warned you to mind what you say about Harry's parents because his real ones are right here," Angel growled. Loki was glad not to be the one getting hit. Angel could throw a punch that would knock the strongest Asgardian off his feet when she wanted to.

"What?" The fat woman, Marge asked. Loki stepped forward then. "Can you not see the resemblance between my dear wife, me, and our son?" Loki asked, snaking an arm around Angel's waist and waving to Harry who was gaping in shock.

"That's- that's not possible." Vernon said. "N-not possible, wha-what?"

"Oh it is, Boys?" Tony's lawyers handed over the DNA test that had been done on some of the hairs Loki had taken from Harry as he slept.

"As you can see we have proof he is our son," Angel waved a hand at the papers. Harry seemed to find his voice.

"Why? Why didn't you come for me before?" He asked.

"Harry, I looked for years for you before finding you with this family. You father thought us both dead so I was alone with no way to prove you were ours. If I could have taken you back then I would've done so the moment I found you. But there were so many laws preventing me from doing so," Angel said sadly.

"This is my fault Harry. If anyone is to blame it's me, as I am the one who believed you and your mother were both dead without searching for proof of your deaths. I abandoned my family and will never be able to forgive myself," Loki explained.

Harry looked between the two, confusion still in eyes. "And now, what will happen now?" He asked.

"You can come with us. Everything has been dealt with. There is no law, Muggle or Magical to stop us from taking you back." Angel answered. Harry slowly moved away from Tony towards Angel and Loki when Vernon seemed to find his bravery.

"Not so fast!" He snapped. Everyone turned to him. "We've had to raise that boy for years now. We are owed payment," He demanded.

Angel let out a laugh. "The balls of this man," She said.

"This is no laughing matter. My brother's had to put up with you son for years. He is owed," Marge snapped.

"Oh I agree he is owed something, but not money, boys," Angel called for the lawyers, who were rather annoyed at being addressed as "Boys" as they all were married and two had kids. The lead lawyer placed a thick stack of papers into Vernon's hands.

"What's all this?" Vernon Dursley asked before reading the first page.

"We are suing you." Angel announced.

"What? On what grounds?" Vernon demanded.

"Keep looking. You'll see soon enough." Loki answered with a smirk. Vernon flipped through the papers till he came to some that made him pale.

"What is it Vernon?" His wife asked before looking over his shoulder. She quickly paled too, but she let out a horrified gasped. Marge grabbed the papers, only the ones causing her brother and wife to look like they'd seen ghosts.

"What could those good-for-nothings have to sue you for?" She asked before looking. The pages she had in her hand were photos taken of the abuse Harry had suffered since returning home from school. Clear pictures of Vernon beating Harry greeted Marge's eyes

"And you should be grateful." Tony said as he came around the kitchen island.

"Grateful for what?" Vernon asked his voice much lower now. "Having people spy on me? Being rudely interrupted and sued?

"Well Harry's father here is Loki, and this is Loki's brother Thor. Thor's daddy is a king, which makes Thor and Loki princes. Angel there, Harry's mother is a princess. And therefor Harry here is a prince. Prince of an alien world if I'm not mistaken and we all know I'm not," Tony's grin was so huge it nearly reached his ears. Harry was gaping in shock at this news.

"I'd forgotten all about that! We should have gotten Asgard in on this. Do they still do beheadings?" Angel asked Loki.

"Will someone kindly explain what is going on?" Marge demanded. Clearly vexed beyond her wits, her piggy eyes glazed over in confusion. "Aliens? Asgard? Princes and Princesses, is this a prank?"

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