I'll die before I lose you again

The visit

Loki was a little surprised to see Harry holding a sword and striking one of the training dummies with a fair amountof skill behind it. He'd known Thor had given Harry a few lessons with some sticks during one of the trips to the park that the family had taken before school started, but this suggested that Harry had used a sword before. Seeing Harry using a sword brought a little pride to him. Harry was a magic user like himself, and yet here he was showing some promise as a warrior.

"With some work he could combine the two easily," Loki mused.

Steve, who had been wandering around the area, joined Loki at the fence, "Harry's doing well. I've past by every now and then to check on him. He's stronger then he looks."

Loki smiled, "That is a good thing," at Steve's confused look Loki explained, "My childhood was filled with mockery and being shunned for my magic. Most magic users in Asgard tend to be women. For me to not only use magic but to be good enough to use it rather than the skills of a warrior is viewed as a sign of weakness, as well as the mark of a coward. Haralder being skilled in both means that few in Asgard will be inclined to view him as they once viewed me. In fact he could change the views of Asgard on the matter if he proves himself enough in their eyes."

"Given how sure you seem of yourself most days I never would've pegged you for the guy that was bullied growing up. Guess there's still a lot left for us to learn about you," Steve had learned a fair amount about Loki during his and Natasha's time with the family at Hogwarts, but most of what he had learned came from Angel.

Loki turned to Steve and patted his shoulder, "Very well then, after the holidays we'll sit down and talk. Though do not count on my answering every question you have."

Steve smiled, "Alright then. Deal," The two shook hands before a voice called out to them, "Dad! Steve!" The two turned and found Harry waving to them with Sif.

Loki hoped the fence and walked over to Harry, "I've come to save you from Sif's teaching," He joked. Harry laughed and Sif gave him an amused look.

"Harry is proving to be as good a warrior as he is with magic. With time he could be among the best," Sif commented.

"As nice as that sounds I also want to continue his magical studies. So I trust you will not keep him the entire time we are here. After all where best to learn what I have to teach then here in Asgard, where the mortal Seidhr laws do not apply?" At Harry's slightly uneasy look Loki smiled at him, "I also plan to ask some of the other magic users of Asgard to aid in your teachings," That seemed to put Harry at ease.

"I will try not to keep him long," Sif smirked, "But I do think Harry would benefit to learn more of the ways of a warrior then of magic."

Loki glared at her slightly and opened his mouth, "Well we think differently," He spun around and found Angel glaring at Sif, "Harry is gifted in magic like his father," She joined her family and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, "IF Harry wishes to learn how to be a warrior then that is his choice. But I know he will continue to learn magic," She turned to him, "Right?"

"Yes mum. I kind of like using a sword, but I feel better with magic," Harry said with a nod.

Loki smirked at Sif, "So it is settled. My son will study both magic and combat."

"I said I would not keep him long. But I do need space to teach him what I can in the time I have."

Angel took hold of Loki's arm, "Then we'll give you space. Just be sure to have him back to Loki by lunch time. He's going to eat with the family and then do some magical training," When Sif nodded her agreement Angel pulled Loki away, "Also you need to talk to Odin about going to visit Hela so that Harry and I can meet her and tell her she has another sibling on the way."

Loki gave a slow nod, "Right. Wait, why must I ask him?"

"Because he's your father," When Loki went to argue the point she cut him off, "Don't start. You know deep down you still see him as your dad. Also, for the sake of the family you have to show him how far you've changed from how you were. Now go talk to him," Angel shoved him forward, "I want to meet more of my step children and you're holding it up."

Loki chuckled, "As you wish my Dragon. Just keep an eye on our son. Sif can be a harsh teacher sometimes," He then headed for the throne room, where he knew Odin would be at that moment.


"Father," Loki greeted as he walked up to Odin.

Odin quickly dismissed the people he was speaking with before turning to Loki, "Loki."

"I was hoping to speak with you on a matter of family."

"What matter?" Odin asked, interested in what Loki wanted.

"I promised both my son and wife that they would get to meet my other children. Such as Sleipnir, Hela, and if I could possibly find her, Einmyria. But as you know Hela cannot leave her realm. I've come to ask your permission to take them to Niflheim to meet her as well as have someone locate Einmyria and bring her to us," Loki was praying internally to the Norns that Odin would say yes.

Odin said nothing, merely watched Loki as he thought on the request. By rights he should deny his youngest son what he wanted. But the request was not only Loki's. Odin's daughter in law and his grandson were also asking for this. They wanted to meet the rest of their family. That was the whole reason they had come to Asgard to begin with. To meet him and let him see the family he never knew about. Then again Loki still had to answer for his crimes against the realms. What was to stop Loki from cloaking his family and slipping back to Midgard? But then Odin thought about Angel, Loki's wife. She clearly wanted Loki to repent for his crimes and be able to freely be with her and her children. She was Loki's voice of reason. As long as it meant Loki could be with her and his children Loki would do whatever he must, "Very well. I will allow this. But you will leave for Niflheim tomorrow."

Loki gave a grateful smile, "Thank you. They will be so happen to hear that you've agreed," Loki bowed before almost running and skipping out of the throne room.

Odin gave a small chuckle, "Some children never truly grow up."


Loki nearly knocked Natasha over when he ran into her.

"Sorry," Loki blushed faintly in embarrassment, realizing how childish he had been acting as he looked for Angel to tell her that Odin had given his permission.

"Where are you going in such a rush?" She asked.

"Odin has agreed to allow me to take Angel and Harry to meet my daughter Hela and my son Sleipnir. With luck they may even meet Einmyria."

Natasha gave a nod of understanding. After all she knew, through Angel that Loki had not seen his two daughters in a very long time. As for Sleipnir, well he was the only one of Loki's children allowed to stay in Asgard and all she really had to go on was the myths surrounding both Loki and his children, "I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that. Though you should try to contain your excitement."

Loki chuckled. He knew she was right; after all he was getting odd looks from the people around them, as well as a few worried ones by those who had only seen him close to this happy when he was getting away with a large prank.

"I saw Harry training with Sif. He's doing well for a beginner. I might start teaching him a few things when we get back."

"Why is it everyone wants to teach my son suddenly?" Loki hadn't every gotten half way with his lessons yet and Thor had been teaching him some things too, Then Sif picked up where Thor had left off when he left to rejoin the team. Now Natasha wants to teach him some things. Add to the list Harry's lessons at school and it left very little time for much else.

"Guess you are not the only one that wants him to be safe," At Loki's confused look she explained, "Angel told us about the prophecy," By us Natasha meant the team. Each one of them had been angry that such a burden had been placed on Harry before he had even been born. Each one of the team knew the pressures of the fate of the world hanging on them. But to place that pressure on a child was an outrage to them, "We're all looking into ways we can help Harry with this."

Loki gave her a grateful smile, "I guess I best find time to help with the study of Seidhr magic. After all Tony's armor won't last long against their magic," Loki then said farewell and went back to looking for Angel.


Tony. Clint and Bruce all looked at Thor in confusion. However the confusion turned to shock as Freda, after recovering from her surprise greeted Thor spoke.

"Hello dear son," She was smiling at Thor.

Thor got to his feet and pulled her into a tight hug, tears in his eyes, "I don't understand," Thor pulled away but didn't let go of her, "I saw your body. How are you here?"

Freda, who was truly Frigga, sat Thor down before taking a seat next to him, "The lines between life and death become blurred during the convergence, as the soul cannot take the path to Valhalla or Niflheim that the rest have taken. Though I died in Asgard I awoke here in Midgard sometime later, as my soul had lost its way. I chose to stay away from Asgard, and cast spells upon myself to hide from Heimdall. Your father rarely listened to my council, and I could no longer bear to stand by and witness as he drove Loki further away from us, how he took out his anger on the citizens of Asgard by creating harsher laws. I could see the damage being done but he refused to listen to my warnings. It hurt me greatly to leave you and your brother thinking I was dead but I did not want to return to your father."

"You have been on Midgard since?" Thor couldn't believe that his mother was truly alive. But here she was before him now.

"I have. I wanted to tell you Thor but could not risk your father learning I was here. He would force me back to Asgard."

"So wait," Tony interrupted, "You're Thor's mother and an Asgardian?"

Frigga gave him a friendly smile, "I am Thor and Loki's mother. But I am Vanir."

"I guess it makes sense, the Norse mythology expert is from Norse mythology," Bruce couldn't help but find some amusement in this.

"Least we'll be sure what we learn is true," Clint pointed out.

"Thor, what is it all of you are looking for?" Frigga asked.

For a moment Thor couldn't remember why they had gone to that library in the first place, "Amora is on Midgard but we cannot find her. She has attacked Seidhr in their school with Inferi, a dragon, and other creatures. We are trying to learn what could have brought her here and why she would hide for so long."

Frigga frowned in thought. She knew all about Amora's obsession with Thor but couldn't for the life of her think of a reason for Amora to both come to Midgard and stay, never mind her hiding while there, "You said she attacked a Seidhr school? Was there anything of importance there?"

"Oh I'd say there was," Tony commented.

"Loki was there," Thor answered.

"Loki? Why would he have been there?"

Thor's face broke into a smile, "I forgot, I have not told you yet. Loki has been married for the last 15 years. He also has a son who is gifted in magic just like him and a second child coming."

Frigga gave a soft smile. She had known about the marriage to Angel Devin as well as their first child. Despite Loki's great ability to hide, she was the one who taught him all he knew. To hear of a second was wonderful news, even though she had a feeling there was a second child coming before Thor even told her about it.

"Problem is the school their son goes to is being attack by Amora and no one can figure out why," Clint pointed out. He didn't like ruining the good family mood Thor and his mother had going on but they needed answers before Harry goes back to school.

Frigga put her feelings aside for the time, "Has Amora contacted you in anyway Thor?"

Thor thought about the time before shaking his head, "I have not been contacted by her. I was not even aware she had arrived until I was told someone had arrived on Midgard. And it was not until after the attack during Harry's game that Loki told us it was Amora and Skurge who had come to Midgard."

"I would think Amora would have come looking for you the moment her feet touched the ground. Has she been at this Seidhr School this whole time?" Frigga wondered if perhaps there was something at the school that Amora wanted.

"We're spoken with the headmaster of the school, he claims that nothing has been brought to the school of any importance that he could think of," Bruce explained.

"Though if it makes any difference Loki appears to have had a hand in building the school," Clint offered with a shrug, his eyes back on the book he had been reading before Tony brought Frigga to them. He was reading about Loki's other children. If he had not seen Fenrir in person Clint was sure he wouldn't believe they were real.

Frigga thought carefully over this. Loki helping to build the school could mean that he used something that Amora could want. Then again if she was after something that had been used in the school Amora would've just taken it. It had to be something more, "What about Loki? What does he think her reason is for being here?"

"He does not know. Both he and Angel have been trying to work out her reasons. They have both been looking for her at the school," Thor answered.

"At the school? How long have they been there?" Frigga asked.

"Since Harry returned for the school year. They went with him and two of our group to look for Sirius Black. They were there when some of the students spotted Amora and Skurge for the first time," Bruce answered.

Frigga took this information in and considered it. 'Amora has no reason to be here in Midgard if she is not after Thor. Then again she and Loki had once been close and even when Amora left him for Thor they remained close to each other. Could she be here for Loki?' Frigga pushed that thought aside. 'No. No that can't be it. It must be something else. Something more important to her but only at that school.'

"Since being spotted by the students no one's seen a trace of her. Even Fenrir can't seem to find her," Clint added, remembering what Angel had told him while they had been in Asgard.

"Fenrir? Loki has been reunited with his eldest son?" Frigga had never approved of what Odin had done to Loki's children. She had voiced many times that banishing them was not the answer and would only make matters worse.

"Not just Fenrir. He has also been reunited with Jörmungandr and Eisa," Thor had been happy to see the two of them at the school, knowing how happy it made Loki to be reunited with his children.

Frigga smiled, "I am happy to hear this. Loki needs his family," A thought slowly hit Frigga, "Other than their son's magic, is there anything that sets Loki's wife and son apart from the rest of Midgard?"

Tony, Bruce, and Clint shrugged since they couldn't think of anything other the Harry's magic. Thor however nodded.

"Angel is half Huldra," Thor answered.

Frigga's eyes widen, "Half Huldra?" while the rest of the group merely looked at each other in confusion, having no idea what a Huldra was as well that Angel was one, "That could be something of interest to Amora."

"You think she's here for Angel?" Clint asked in surprise.

"It is possible. A Huldra possesses great strength and can with strand greater degrees of heat and cold then most other races. I feel like I am forgetting something," Frigga said. She laughed, "But we are in a library! I am sure the rest of you will help research?"

The men nodded and said various terms of agreement.


Angel held back an annoyed huff as Loki made Harry change for the fourth time. They were going to meet Hela today and Loki seemed to have an issue with everything Harry had to wear.

"Dad, why don't you tell me what you think I should wear?" Harry was clearly getting just as annoyed with his father and Angel was.

"Come now Harry. You are more than old enough to dress yourself," Loki replied with a roll of his eyes before yelping as Angel kicked him in the butt.

Angel crossed Harry's bedroom to the wardrobe, pulled out a few things and handed them to Harry, "Put these one. And that is the end of it!" She snapped when Loki went to comment on what she had picked.

Harry ran to his private bathroom to change and get away from whatever was about to happen.

Angel ran a hand through her hair before giving Loki a slightly annoyed look, "Are you trying to delay this meeting too?"

Loki sighed, "I am not trying to delay this. If anything I am overjoyed at the chance to introduce you both to Hela, which is why I want this to be perfect. I want her to like both of you. Haralder I'm sure she'll like. You however I cannot be sure of. I want to think she will love you as my other children have, but given her life," Loki trailed off as he took a seat on Harry's bed.

"Loki it doesn't matter if she likes me right away. I'm going to be new to her and there for it could take time for her to warm up to me," Angel joined him on the bed and wrapped her arms around him, "What's this really all about?"

Loki gave her a small smile, "It's been so long since I last saw Hela. I can't help but wonder what she will think when she sees me. What will she say? Does she hate me for the life she has lived? She was just a child when I last saw her."

"I understand that Loki. But you did promise Harry that he could meet her. Also, she will want to hear about the baby we are having."

"I know Dragon. Once Harry's changed we'll go," Loki promised.

When Harry finished dressing the family headed for the Bifrost.


Harry wasn't sure what he expected of his sister's realm. But he wasn't expecting a cave to greet him. And from the way his mother was looking around he could tell she hadn't been expecting that either.

"So this is Hela's realm?" Angel asked as the three of them walking into the cave.

"I know it isn't as lovely to look at as Asgard but I assure you it is better once inside her palace," Loki always hated how his daughter was banished to such a horrid place.

Harry noticed suddenly that the walls around them were moving further away from them but the ground beneath their feet wasn't getting any wider. Glancing over the sudden edge Harry gulped as he spotted what appeared to be magma beneath the walkway, however the air around them was cold, "Dad?" Harry called as he looked to his father in confusion.

Loki raised a brow in confusion before he realized just what Harry was asking about, "Ah, the realms work differently when compared to each other. What is normal in one realm is not in another. In Midgard such a cave would be too hot to enter. But here, the heat cannot reach us up here. Still, it would be best not to wander so close to the edge," Loki quickly pulled Harry away from the edge and the family continued along the path way till they reach a large cavern within the cave that housed a palace made of dark stones that towered over them.

"Whoa," Harry breathed as they reached the large doors of the palace. The palace was by far bigger then Hogwarts was and it gave Harry a slight chill down his spine.

"Should we knock?" Angel asked Loki.

Before he could answer her the doors swung open.

"Ok. That answers that," Angel said as they entered the palace.

Waiting inside was a person, a servant of Hela who beckoned them to follow them. The servant looked like a man, but his skin was an eerie green and his eyes were sunken into his head. His hair was white and clung to his wrinkled flesh.

The family climbed multiple steps as they followed the servant to where Loki told them Hela must be.

Harry wrung his hands a little as they entered Hela's room. He was caught off guard when he found several dark green plants growing around the room. The room it's self was decorated with silks of black and gray. There was a large desk up against the far left wall with bookshelves filled with old tomes and books, a large fur rug of some kind lay before a roaring fireplace with three armchairs in front of it, there were several doors on both sides of them, and in the middle of the room was a large four poster bed covered in furs and silk. And seated in the middle of the bed was a teenage girl.

She appeared to have almost an invisible line down her body that separated it into two halves. The right side of her body had near flawless, faintly bronzed skin, while the left side had patches of grey, decayed skin in places here and there while the rest was pale bones. She appeared to be wearing a dress made of different shades of gray silks and lace. Her hair was even divided into two parts. The right half was pure black and the left half was pure white, both sides hung loose and reached the middle of her back. On the top of her head was a dark crown that looked almost like it was metal that had been burned and twisted, with a few small dark emeralds, rubies and jets. Her eyes were a deep jade that filled with joy when she looked up from the leather-bound book she had been reading.

"Father!" She cried as she set the book down and tossed the covers. Her left leg was skeletal like the rest of her and Harry noticed that the servant who had shown them to Hela had brought a cane over to her and helped her to stand.

Loki rushed over to his daughter and threw his arms around her in a tight embrace, "Hela, Norns how I have missed you," His voice cracked slightly with emotion as he spoke. Loki pulled away and looked his daughter over, "Are you well? Have you been eating alright?"

Hela laughed a little, "Father I am alright. Though this realm would not be my choice to call home I am doing well here," Her eyes then drifted over to Harry and Angel, "Who are they, father?"

The smile Loki had been wearing nearly doubled at that question as he helped her over to them, "Hela, this is my wife, Angel Devin. And this young man is your younger brother, Haralder."

Hela's eyes widened at the news, and Harry wondered for a moment if her left eye was about to pop out of its black socket, "You remarried and had another child?" She asked in surprise.

"We married 15 years ago but were forcibly separated for nearly 12 of those years," Angel explained.

Hela looked Angel over a few times before turning to her father, "And are you happy with your new wife? Do my siblings know about her?" She asked critically.

"I am very happy with Angel. And yes, Fenrir, Eisa and Jörmungandr know about her and have met her. I plan to introduce them to Sleipnir when we returned to Asgard and I have asked for Heimdall to find Einmyria so that she may meet them as well."

Hela slowly nodded, "Well if she makes you happy then I won't stand in the way, father," She then turned to Angel, "It's a pleasure to meet you, step-mother. And you as well, little brother."

"It's nice to meet you too," Harry greeted. Though Harry hadn't been sure what to expect from his sister when she got off the bed he had thought that she might reject him. That the years alone in her realm might've left her bitter to everything. But she seemed to be accepting everything just as well as his other siblings have.

"Loki, let's not forget the other reason we came to see Hela," Angel prodded.

Loki's smile turned into a smirk, "Ah yes. Do you wish to do the honor, Dragon?" Loki noticed that Hela had tried to hide her giggle at the nickname.

"I think Harry should tell her," Angel gave Harry a small push forward.

Harry looked between his parents before nodded and turning to face his sister, who was waiting and wondering just what else brought them here, "I'm going to be a big brother."

Hela was confused for a moment by this. Her thoughts trailed off as her wide eyes snapped to Angel, "Do you mean-?" She couldn't finish, too shocked and perhaps, in higher spirits, at the news.

"Yes. This family is about to grow by one child," Angel beamed. She could see that Hela had joyful anticipation.

"This is wonderful!" In her excitement, Hela staggered a little on her bad leg, and Loki had to help her stay up right.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked her.

"I am fine, little brother. I don't often get living guests, you see. So I spend far more time then I should sitting in bed reading just to pass the time," Hela answered as Loki guided her to one of the chairs and sat her down, "I shall trying to get out of bed more often, just so I can be stronger for visits such as this," She promised.

"Don't overdo it though. None of us want to see you hurt because you push yourself too far," Angel warned.

Hela smiled at her, "You fit the role of a mother well. I am glad father and Haralder have you."


After a few hours talking and laughing with Hela, the family said their goodbyes and promised to come see her again as soon as they could and returned to Asgard. Hela had even seen them to the spot the Bifrost would open at just to spend that little extra bit of time with them.

"I still can't believe your daughter has a casino back on Earth." Angel commented as the family made their way over the bridge. "What was it called again?"

Loki chuckled. "Eludiner. I'm willing to bet Stark has been to it at least once in his life."

"And likely kicked out of." Angel laughed.

Loki turned to Harry. "And how did you enjoy your visit with Hela?"

"I like her. She's really nice and told me some amazing stories she heard from some witches and wizards who ended up in her realm. Also she had me show her some magic and said that I've come a long way from not knowing real magic." Harry couldn't wait for the day he could go back to see her again. "What did you and mum talk to her about?"

Angel and Loki had a hushed conversation with Hela while Harry was looking over a book she had given him to read.

"We spoke with her about Voldemort. Seems she is very annoyed with his cheating death. As well as more than happy to lead her aid against him should we have need of it?" Loki answered.

"Really? Hela wants to help me fight Voldemort?" Harry was ecstatic. It was shocking all those months ago to learn that his parents were going to be by his side the moment of his eventual final showdown. But to know that his sister, the queen of death herself, was going to be there too nearly made his head spin.

"Harry did you really think that your siblings wouldn't want to help you?" Angel asked him with a smile. "This family has been apart for far too long and now that we are together nothing is going to force up apart again."

"Not even some silly mortal magic user who thinks himself a god." Loki added.

Harry couldn't help but smile a little. Getting over the shock at learning his family would join him against Voldemort when the time comes he couldn't help but feel a little cocky about it. After all how many people can say they are going to be fighting alongside such powerful figures from mythology as well as modern day superheroes.

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