I'll die before I lose you again

The family returns to Hogwarts

The holidays had finally drawn to a close. It had been an eventful time for the family. Harry and Angel had gotten to meet Slepnier, who'd taken to them the moment Loki introduced them. And they also got to meet Einmyria. That meeting hadn't seemed to go well for Angel, but Harry was welcomed warmly. Harry had been a little saddened to say goodbye to Asgard but excited to return to his friends and siblings. Odin had even seen them off at the Bifrost.

Harry had dragged Angel to the station the moment they had returned to London. He wanted to see his friends and sister, to tell them everything that had happened during his holiday, ask about theirs, and most of all announce that Angel was pregnant. Though Angel was tired for the last few days as well as the trip back she wasn't about to say no to Harry when he was this happy.

Loki had watched the two take off with a smile before turning to Fenrir. "I suppose we best see that these bags get to our compartment."

Fenrir gave a small nod before picking up one of the bags in his mouth and following his father.


Angel held back a laugh as she watched Harry bouncing up and down as they waited for the train. Seeing his friends and siblings again had been all he could talk about the day before. He was just so excited to finally have something to tell his friends after the holidays, as well as siblings to tell things too. It was so funny and cute to see her son like this.

"There it is," Angel said as she spotted it approaching the station.

Harry bolted down the platform so fast Angel wasn't sure if she should stop him or not. "Harry be careful! Don't get too close to the edge."

"I won't mum!" He called back.

Shaking her head Angel wondered about how her step children had been over the holiday. Eisa most likely had a good time, seeing how she was with Fred and his family. Fenrir and Jörmungandr had been together for the first time since they had been separated. So the two oldest sons had to have had a better holiday then they had in the past..

"It still isn't right they are denied the right to be with their family in Asgard," Angel sighed before frowning. "Those people have no right to judge anyone. After all they spent ages cut off from the rest of the realms. They don't even know the first thing about Midgard today," Angel smiled slightly as she remembered when she'd started singing a song from a random Disney movie. She'd gotten the attentions of countless people in Asgard and when they'd asked questions about it she'd ended up having to explain everything from the music to the story and finally just what a movie was. "Maybe this summer we could bring a portable DVD player and some movies. Oh a projector! Yes, that is what we need to do."

Angel jumped as the train, which she hadn't noticed pulling up alongside where she stood, let out some steam. Harry laughed at seeing his mother jump before turning and looking for his friends among the crowd.

"Eisa!" Harry called when he saw his sister step off the train.

"Harry!" She greeted back before running to him.

The two siblings embraced each other in a tight hug before pulling apart. Harry then noticed the gray and blue jumper Elise was wearing. It had clearly been made by Mrs. Weasley and had a large E on the front.

"I see Ron's mum made you one," Harry said as he waved to the jumper.

Eisa smiled down at it. "Yes she did. Oh Harry I had a wonderful time with Fred's family. They're amazing people and so kind. I hope I can stay with them again some time."

"I'm sure they'd love to have you over again. Maybe during the summer we can ask mum and dad if we can stay with them," Harry suggested.

"That would be great."

"Hey Harry," Ron greeted as he and Hermione join them.

"Welcome back. You aren't going to believe what happened while I was away," Harry couldn't wait to tell them the news.

"We can swap stories when we get to the dormitory," Hermione wanted to settle back into the dorm before doing anything else.

"Well I have something I want to tell you that can't wait," Harry started. When he noticed they were waiting he smile. "I'm going to be a big brother."

It took a moment for the news to sink in but when it did Ron's jaw slackened and Hermione and Eisa broke out in huge smiles.

"Harry that's fantastic!" Hermione knew Harry had always wanted siblings. Older or younger didn't matter to him, so to hear he was getting a younger sibling was wonderful news.

"Another baby brother or sister? Oh I can't wait!" Eisa couldn't believe it. She was going to be able to be around for a new sibling. To help raise them, and teach them about the things she and Einmyria were taught.

"You're not joking?" As the youngest boy in his family Ron kind wondered if Harry's parents were crazy for having another child. Even though Prince Loki was royalty, Ron couldn't imagine having seven kids, which was weird because his family had seven kids.

"I'm not. Mum announced it to everyone in Asgard," Harry still got a laugh at that memory. There Sif had been questioning if Loki was a good parent and his mother had turned around and announce that Sif could see for herself once Harry's new sibling was born. He found the situation amusing, that and the stunned looks on everyone's faces.

"Oh I can't wait to help prepare all the things that are necessary for nurturing for a little royal baby," Eisa was looking forward to everything having to do with being a big sister. And this time she was going to be a part of it all. Now if only Einmyria was with them. "Were our parents able to find my sister?"

"Yeah. It was nice to meet Einmyria but I don't think she likes mom," Back on Asgard they had gone to see Einmyria but she was less than satisfied to see them. Harry had seen the way Einmyria had looked at his mother. There was judgment in her eyes and a note of question in her voice whenever she spoke with his mom.

Eisa frowned at that. "Einmyria has always been worried for father's happiness and protective of myself. I'm sure she didn't mean any harm by it" Though Eisa did know her sister well enough to know that she was pushing Angel to make sure their father won't get hurt. She just hoped that Einmyria was satisfied with what she had found in Angel.

"Harry," Angel called as she walked up to them. "Come on, they're probably tired and want to put their things away," Angel then smiled at everyone. "Welcome back everyone."

"Thank you Princess Angel and congratulations on your pregnancy," Hermione greeted.

"Thank you. We're all very excited about it," Angel then lead the way to the school, talking with them about the holiday and what happened while the family had been in Asgard. Harry talked a lot about the training he'd gotten and getting to meet Hela.


Loki, after setting the bags in the right rooms, did a check of the school grounds for Amora and Skurge as well as check with the ghosts if any of them had spotted either of them. But it seemed that she still had yet to be spotted. At least Loki got to enjoy seeing the halls of the school filled with students, many thirsting to learn whatever they could. Loki wished he could see such things in Asgard. Far too many youths in Asgard want only to learn to fight. To find someone who wished to study books rather than how to wield a sword was rare. More often than not the parents of that child would force a sword into their hand and make them attend combat training. All because they wanted their children to grow up to be like the great warriors of Asgard.

"Oh, Prince Loki! A word if I may," Loki turned and smiled at the transfiguration teacher.

"I would be delighted to speak with you," He said before stepping into her office. "What might I do for you?"

"I understand that you are busy with your family and searching for the one who attacked the school. But I was hoping you might attend one of my classes and show the students some of your skills in transfiguration."

Loki's smile grew at that. "I would like that very much. Though you do know that my shape shifting differs greatly from what you teach."

"I understand, but I feel the students would benefit greatly from seeing another kind of transformation magic. Also they might listen more to you about the risks involved in changing something into something else."

Loki could understand that. He did once get stuck half way before being a snake and himself for four days before his mother found him hiding in shame. Had it not been for her he wouldn't be as skilled in magic as he is today. "I understand. When would you like me to join you?"


Draco sighed. He was sitting on his bed in his dorm, having sent Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, Theodore, Daphne and anyone else away. He wanted to be alone. His father had questioned him on the lack of information regarding Prince Loki of Asgard and his muggle wife. Draco had lied and said both of them were staying clear of him as they were not fond of the Malfoy family, and that he hadn't been able to get anything out of Harry because they were mortal enemies. His father had accepted that but ordered Draco to try harder to get answers for him.

"I lied to my father. Why? What had possessed me to lie?" He asked himself quietly, he stood up and paced. He couldn't understand it. He had the letters he hadn't sent his father about the things he learned. He'd even promised himself he would give them to his father and just say he couldn't send them without alerting Prince Loki and Princess Angel. But instead of doing as he should have Draco had lied and hidden the letters Yes he had been warned by Princess Angel and he knew Prince Loki would be angry with him if he learned Draco was acting as a spy. He didn't want to face the Prince's wrath. He had seen what the god had done to Muggle New York years ago. It had driven the wizarding world crazy, they all were worried that it was a breach in national security. They were also worried because the muggles were able to defeat a powerful wizard like Prince Loki.

Laying back down on the bed Draco let out another sigh. A part of him was screaming he was a coward for not telling his father everything. But another part of him, a part that had been too quiet to hear for so long, had spoken up and said it was the right thing to do. Draco had rarely ever heard what that part of him was saying, but lately it had been growing louder. He wasn't sure what that meant or even if it was a good thing.

One thing Draco knew for sure though, if his father ever learned that he lied and withheld information from him he was sure to kill Draco for it.


"Really? You were asked to help teach a class?" Angel was surprise when Loki returned from his walk around the school and told her what happened.

"I was as surprised as you are now, when I was asked. But, since changing forms is one of my strengths, it is understandable that I would be asked of this," Loki then smirked. "Oh, I do hope the class I teach is Harry's."

Angel laughed at that. "Harry will love you for that."

Loki chuckled. "He would never speak to me again, I think."

"That he would. But since you have no way of knowing right now I think we best wait and see," Angel then turned and picked up a wrapped box she had sitting on the bed. "Here. I wasn't able to give this to you before since we were all busy with things."

Loki took the box and opened it, his eyes widening. "Dragon, isn't this the book your father had lost on one of his adventures?" Loki had only every seen pictures of it in the past. It was one of the few books on Norse mythology that was even half correct. It had also been one of the few gifts Angel's mother had ever given her father.

"That's right. I finally managed to track it down a month ago and get it shipped here. I want you to have it."

Loki ran his fingers over the worn leather cover. He wanted to open it and lose himself in the writings. "I can't accept this. It was your mother's, then your father's. By rights it should be yours," He made to hand it back to her but Angel just pushed it back towards him.

"And I have chosen to give it to you," She smiled. "I don't have half the interest in the things my father did. I listened to him tell tales of his journeys not because I wanted to be like him, but because I loved being with him and seeing him smile at me as I sat and listened. This book is better off belonging to someone who will enjoy it," When she noticed Loki still seemed unsure about accepting the book Angel added, "Besides, what use have I for a book on Norse mythology when my husband is from Norse mythology?"

That got a small chuckle out of Loki. "True enough, I suppose," Loki then held the book to his chest. "Thank you for this. I promise to take good care of it," He then leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"I know you will. Now off you go, I know you are dying to start reading it and I feel like taking a nap," Angel then shooed Loki into the sitting room before changing into some comfortable and getting into bed.


Harry didn't know how it happened, but somewhere between the platform and the dormitory word had spread about Prince Loki and Princess Angel's pregnancy. The whole school was in a frenzy over it. People came up to him to congratulate him on a new sibling, others wanted to know if he knew if it was a boy or a girl, and there were even some who questioned if he thought his new siblings would be human in appearance like himself. Harry had done his best to shake off that last question. Fred and George however had made plans to prank the people who asked the last question. They'd even made a list so they didn't miss a single person.

"I still can't help but wonder about your family," Ron said after the last group of students left, having gotten their answers and congratulations out. "Seven kids?"

"Ron you're family has seven kids," Harry reminded him.

Ron sighed. "Please don't remind me," He then turned to Harry. "I'm just saying, even though your dad's a prince don't you worry that it'll be too much?"

"Ron it's not like with your family," Hermione said. "For one thing Harry's siblings are all adults and young adults, where as your siblings only differ by a few years. Also Harry has more people to help his parents raise children with."

"Still, do any of those muggles you live with even know how many siblings you have?" Ron asked.

Harry had to stop and thing on that. "Um, well they know about Fenrir. And Steve and Natasha met Jörmungandr and Eisa. But other than that I don't think so," Harry wondered if he should bring that up the next time he sees his parents. After all the Avengers should get a heads up if they're ever going to have the whole family over.

"Enough about that. Tell us about your magical training Harry. How different is it from what we learn here at Hogwarts?" Hermione was very interested in Asgardian magic.

"Well it's all wandless magic. There's sometimes words you need to chant or say before doing a spell, but those are all ancient spells that I'm not ready to start learning. Sometimes you need to create a circle and stand with in it while doing the spell, it can be made from chalk, oil, fire, blood or magic depending on the spell. Most of what I learned was a few protection spells and a lot of offensive spells. Oh and some illusions," Harry then created a bird illusion and made it fly around him.

"Wow," Both Hermione and Ron were impressed, as they had seen Harry try to make a small beetle illusion in his palm before and that had flickered a lot.

"Dad's really pleased with how much better I've gotten at Illusions. Though I don't think I'll even be as good as him," Harry shrugged as he made the bird disappear.

"Don't be so sure Harry. After all you haven't been at it all that long," Hermione said, trying to assure Harry.

"Hermione's right. The fact that you can do that much after this long is amazing Harry. You'll get to your dad's level one day," Ron agreed.

Harry smiled at both of them. It was nice of them to say that they believe in him, but some part of him still doubted he would ever have half the skill his father has.


Angel had woken from her nap and, after changing out of her nightgown had checked in on Loki. She'd smiled at how wrapped up he was in the book, his eyes slowly scanning each word and memorizing it. She'd always loved that about him. How, no matter the subject Loki always lost himself in a good book. It was also one of the few times Loki truly let his guard down. Though he knew he had nothing to fear from Angel, Loki could never completely drop his guard with her. A habit from his childhood.

Walking up to Loki Angel slid into the spot next to him and rest her head on his shoulder. It disappointed her a little that he didn't jump at the sudden contact, but then again this was the first time since they got together that Angel had done this. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Greatly. When I am finished I think I shall have Harry read through it. It will do him well I think."

Angel could agree with that. After all the two of them did end up getting asked a lot of questions while in Asgard by Harry over something he'd heard and if it was true. To sit Harry down and go through the well know stories of Norse would be necessary at some point in time. "Good, good."

Loki shut the book and wrapped and arm around Angel. "Still tired? You could sleep more if you need to."

Angel shook her head. "No, it's not that. I just wonder where things will go from here. I mean will still have Amora to deal with and a baby on the way."

"We also must address Voldemort at some point and his followers," Loki reminded.

"Right. But what will happen after all that? Do you think we'll get called to stay in Asgard with the kids? Or will we get to spend the rest of our days here on Earth?"

Loki thought on that. "I don't rightly know. But whatever happens we will deal with it when it happens. For now, we should enjoy the present."


"What?" Amora couldn't believe what Peter was telling her.

"Princess Angel is pregnant. It's all over the school," Amora had forced Peter into going to the school as a rat to gather information. He'd hadn't liked it one bit as it put him at risk of being caught. Thankfully no one had noticed him.

Amora had to think carefully about this. Being pregnant meant that Loki's half Huldra wife wouldn't be able to fight as much as she could before. That would mean one less obstacle in her path to Harry. Then again this baby would be every bit Loki's as Harry was. A baby is also more easily twisted then a teenager as it knows nothing else but what it learns as it grows. There was no mistaking that Amora wanted Harry. There was just now something else she wanted as well.

"What do you wish to do, my lady?" Skruge asked from Amora's right.

Shaking her head Amora sighed. "Nothing at the moment. Though the schooling has only just resumed, I doubt Loki will be looking for me any less. And the attack may well still be fresh in his mind. We cannot afford to try anything yet," All Amora knew about Loki's wives' pregnancy was that it was being talked about throughout the school. Which meant it could only be rumor. And yet, two children of Loki to twist at her will was an offer that she could barely withstand. "But later, we will."

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