I'll die before I lose you again

Tension builds

Dudley had proven to be as willing to answer questions regarding Loki as he would be to have his head cut off. Phil was sure if anyone heard Dudley utter the word "freak" again, they would quit. In fact, Phil would be the first to inform Fury they quit. Dudley had tried to break into the labs several times, refused to do anything anyone told him, left messes for everyone else to clean up, he talked back to everyone, and Phil was sure that Dudley had tried to get at the guns but May wouldn't comment on that.

So Phil had turned his mind to Angel Devin, Loki's wife. The only thing he knew about her so far was that she had married Loki fifteen years ago, they had one son and had taken on guardianship of Dudley, and she worked as a personal assistant for the Avengers. He knew nothing more than that. So he set to work looking for any information, as he was curious.

Reading over the basic file he had managed to get his hands on after a short search Phil, noticed that any information on Angel's mother and her mother's side of the family was missing. Her father, Tristan Isaac Devin had been a single father and a renowned European and Nordic history, literature, and theology professor and fanatic. There was also a newspaper clipping of the night the family was separated. The reporter for the story claimed that the house the family had been living in caught fire during the night. However, as Phil looked at the photo of the ruined house, he noticed the damage didn't match the story. At first Phil had thought that maybe SHIELD had done something to cover up what happened that night. But there was no records to support this theory at SHIELD, and it had no records at all of Angel, Loki or Harry until a few years ago. Frowning, Phil knew he'd have to dig deeper into this. Maybe he had to even get ahold of the people that had been on call that night at the fire station, or one of the investigators, any witness, really.

A knock at the door had Phil closing his laptop before inviting that person in, "Skye, what can I do for you?"

Skye gave him a smile, though since meeting Dudley they seemed a little more forced these days, "Is there any other place we could leave Dudley for, like, ever? Somewhere far from here with people who are better trained at handle someone like him?" She asked.

Phil shook his head, "We've been asked to look after. And until one of his listed guardians' returns and is available to take him back we must keep him."

"Well if they don't get back soon I'm pretty sure May's going to strap him to the bottom of the bus and go for a loooong flight."

May did seem to be the one getting stuck with discipline duty when it came to Dudley. FitzSimmons didn't have it in them to be as hard on Dudley as May could be. Triplett was not one to walk away from an assignment, but would most likely run from Dudley if left too long with him. Skye would never be willing to punish Dudley as harshly as need be. And Phil tried to spend no more then he needed around Dudley. Which left only May.

"I'll be sure to have the bus thoroughly check before next take off then. But yes, I understand what you are saying," They had to figure out something. Something that would get through to Dudley that he was no longer with his parents and there for he had to understand that there were rules he had to live by, and that if he didn't follow them then he was going to end up just like his parents. Humiliated, ashamed, and behind bars.

"Well, and I don't really want to suggest subjection anyone to this but what if we gave him a taste of what his parents are facing?" Skye suggested as she took a seat in the chair across from him.

"What do you mean?" He knew what she was suggesting. He just wanted to make sure that Skye knew what that meant.

Skye sighed, "Well, I mean, his parents didn't discipline him, but he still did and does terrible things when being disciplined. Maybe we should, I don't know, charge him like an adult, just for a little bit. So he gets a taste of what it would be like if his behavior continued into adulthood. Like, I was a hacktivist, but I wasn't an asshole. And rougher discipline might be the only way to get through to that kid."

It was a slightly tempting idea. Force Dudley to go through what his parents were going through. But did he really want to give the order to treat a kid like that? "I'll think about it."

Skye nodded, "Okay. Well I better get going. It's my turn to keep Dudley out of trouble. Yay," Skye stood and gave Coulson a wave as she walked out the door.


Fitz stared out of the lab glass walls at Dudley, who was at the moment running from Skye shouting something at her. If he had to guess, it either an insult or building up to one.

"We shouldn't be looking after someone like him. We're not… equipped to look after someone like him," Fitz shook his head and looked back at the screen he had been using.

"Come on Fitz. Dudley isn't always that bad to have around," Simmons still clung to the belief that there was good in Dudley.

Fitz smiled to himself, "That is true. He's nice to be around when he's- uh, he's-"

Simmons sighed, "Asleep? You're as bad as Triplett."

"Someone mention me?" The said person said, as he entered the lab, "Have you heard what he's saying to Skye?" Triplett asked as he waved to what was happening just outside the lab.

"No, but if Dudley scratches Lola, Coulson may kill him," Fitz answered, drawing attention to the fact that Dudley was running way to close to Coulson favorite car.

"I've heard Coulson tell May he take Dudley over his knee if Dudley damaged Lola," Simmons worried for Dudley. From what little she'd learned while with him Dudley had been raised to think that he could bully his way through life. She really didn't want to see him end up on the streets or with some kind of gang, so she had tried to teach him some things that he could use in life. But he had spent the whole time going on about how boring she was and how stupid everything she was saying sounded to him.

"How is it the Avengers and that Loki guy were able to put up with him?" Triplett asked. He really wanted to know since he couldn't really see a guy like Dr. Banner to keep control of his anger with someone as pushy as Dudley around.

"My guess, he stays in the lab and on a different floor," Fitz offered.

"Oh you two are just horrible," Simmons sighed. The trio watched as Skye, while trying to tackle Dudley fell face first to the ground while Dudley raced up the stairs.


May had greeted Dudley at the top of the stairs with an annoyed frown before grabbing him by the back of his shirt and marching him back down the stairs to Skye.

"You can either start behaving yourself or spent more time in your empty room," May warned as she gave him a small push towards Skye.

"You aren't the boss of me!" Dudley snapped.

Skye took hold of Dudley's arm and turned him to her, "Until someone comes to get you, we are the boss of you," Skye then began pulling him towards the room they had set up for Dudley to do his school work in. There were no windows, no TV, no radio, no nothing that could distract him. Plus there was a good lock on the door to keep him from sneaking out and a bathroom connected to the room, "Alright Dudley, you have math homework to finish. And if you get that done before dinner, maybe you'll get dessert," At this point she was trying to find the right bribe just to make him do the work.

However Dudley just stood there with his arms crossed glaring up at her.

"Dudley just get it done and then you won't have to do it again."

Still he just stood and glared.

Skye then crossed her arms, "Unlike you, Dudley, I can play games on my phone while you do nothing and be bored," She was grinning as she said that.

"I'll report you!" Dudley shouted, stomping his foot.

"The only person you could report us to is our boss, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care. Also I doubt anyone back at Stark tower will object to what we've been doing with you."

Dudley's glare darkened at that.


It was late into the evening and the library had closed hours ago. The only reason Thor and the others were still there was because Frigga had explained the importance of their research and thus gotten them permission to remain there after hours.

"I think I've read more today than I have in my whole life." Tony groaned as he leaned back in his chair, rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes.

They had taken breaks for food and rest, but that wasn't enough to keep exhaustion at bay forever. Even Clint and Bruce were nodding off slightly. Thor had fallen asleep hours ago. Though reading and gathering information wasn't his strength Thor had made a good effort for the sake of his family. Frigga however was use to spending a great deal of time going through books and scrolls. Both with Loki and for her own interest.

"Maybe we should stop here and come back in the morning." Clint suggested. The words on the pages before him were swimming across the page.

"We can't. Come morning someone will have put everything we have out away and we'll have to spend hours tracking everything back down and finding where we left off." Bruce pointed out. Bruce normally stayed clear of coffee since it could elevate his heart rate. But at the moment he was really tempted into drinking about four cups just so he could keep searching.

Tony sighed. "What if I just bought this place and sent everyone on vacation?"

"As nice as that would be for everyone employed here I do not think we have the time." Frigga answered. She knew she had the answer somewhere. She just couldn't recall where it was or even what it was. And it was nagging her.

"Reindeer Games is lucky we like Angel and Harry enough to do this." Clint sighed as he pulled another book to him.

Tony got to his feet and stretched. "Alright. I'm going for coffee before I go into withdrawal. Call if you find anything without me." He then turned and left.

"Reindeer Games?" Frigga asked.

"It’s a nickname for Loki." Bruce answered.

Frigga was a little curious as to the name, as well as Loki's feelings towards it. If Loki didn't like it then she was going to have to sit the Avengers down and tell them about how it wasn’t nice to call people names. And she had assumed she would not have to do that now both her sons were adults.

"He does that with everyone. Sometimes it's hard to know if the names means he likes you or hates you." Clint added.

Thor suddenly jolted awake. "Not sleeping!" He mumbled, to which everyone laughed. Thor, still half asleep and confused noticed Tony was missing. "Where's," He waved to where Tony had been sitting as he was too busy yawning to finish asking.

"He went to get coffee." Bruce answered.

Thor nodded in understanding as he rubbed at his eyes. "I hope he bring back some food as well."

"Thor there is no eating in the library." Frigga reminded him. To which Thor groaned like a child being reminded of a rule they really hated.

"Alright. I got move. If I sit any longer my body's going to start getting angry with me." Clint stood and stretched. "I'm going to walk around a bit."

"I would take care then. There are stories this library is haunted." Frigga warned with a small smile.

Clint snorted at that, as he didn't believe in ghosts. "Sure." He then headed off.

"Really? Ghosts?" Bruce asked.

Frigga smiled. "Most ghosts tend to stay close to currents where magical energies converge. Also places of great magical energies tend to allow for ghosts to have forms and voices. I believe the school Loki and his family are at would have many ghosts."

Bruce found that highly interesting. The things a person could learn from a ghost. Now he was really regretting not going to the school.

Frigga smiled brighter. She always enjoying sparking interest in something in someone else. Making them want to learn, to question things and seek answers. But then something clicked in her mind. "Oh no."

"What's wrong mother?" Thor asked.

"I believe I may know why Amora is at the school. We must go. I must see it for myself." Frigga was a slight panic, for if she was right then Amora could become very dangerous if she got her way.


Amora was growing bored. She had toyed with the mortals, attacked the school, watched everyone she could find, and yet it wasn't enough for her. She had searched for a way to steal Loki's son from him but found him too closely watched for her to make much of a move before Loki or Angel would be on her. So she had planned to put that on hold and focus on her main goal. Something even Loki himself would never think of.

"Please, we shouldn't stay any longer." Wormtail was growing desperate. He wanted to get as far from the school, as far from Prince Loki as he could and set trying to find his Lord. But she just wouldn't leave.

Amora gave him a look of disgust. She was repulsed by how cowardly he is. "I won't leave until I have what I want."

"But Prince Loki and Princess Angel will never drop their guard enough for you to take their son." Wormtail protested.

"Foolish mortal! I did not come here for him. I had no idea that Loki had a son on Midgard until I came, my purpose is far greater than the son of my old lover." Amora growled. "I came here for something more than any man."

Wormtail frowned in confusion and looked to Skruge, even though Skruge had never said a word to him. "What more could Hogwarts have that someone like you could want?"

Amora just smiled at him. A smile that told him that this was going to cause him more trouble than good. And the rat was wondering if he could run away from her.


Angel was very glad to be back in Hogwarts. To be around the children, the books, the ghosts, even the house elves again made her feel like she had come home. She now really understood what Harry felt. Hogwarts just like a home away from home and she loved it. It also helped her to picture what her life would be with when her second child is born. And she had a great circle of people to help her look after her family. To help her protect them. She wouldn't lie and say her fight with the dragon hadn't scared her. It was clear Amora had sent it after her. That really hit home that there are people out there that would want to take her family away from her, want to kill she and Loki, and possibly take her children from her. And she couldn't allow that. Not after twelve years of being without them.

"Never again." She whispered to herself.

"Princess Angel?"

Angel turned to the speaker and frowned slightly. "Professor Snape, what can I do for you?"

Snape was clearly uncomfortable talking with her, as he should be as both she and Loki hadn't spoken to him since they first meet at the start of term feast. "I have been giving much thought to something that may benefit your family. However I believe I may need the aid of Prince Loki to prepare it."

"Oh? Well I shall see about bringing Loki to your office later today. However I warn you not to waste his time nor mine. So if you think this will not work or that it will not prove as beneficial as you think it will be then I suggest you say so now."

Snape took a moment to go over what he wanted Loki for. Thinking over every detail in case he missed something. "I am sure it is worth the time it will take."

Angel nodded. "Then we shall be there tonight, after dinner."

Snape gave her a small bow before turning and leaving.

"I wonder what he's found that he thinks will be good for our family." Angel wondered aloud. "I also wonder what Loki and Harry are up to."


"I should have done this months ago." Loki sighed as he got Harry to sit across from him under a tree.

"Do what dad?" Harry was confused as to what Loki had brought him outside for. As well as the barrier he had set up around them to keep students from bothering them.

"There are many things I should have taken care of regarding you Harry. But one of the most worrisome is your encounter with that Voldemort. I have reason enough to believe that you may not have come away from such an encounter unchanged." Loki didn't know if Harry knew of the prophecy or not, and he wasn't about to tell him about it just then.

"You think Voldemort might've done something to me?" Harry was scared what that might mean.

"It might not be something he intended to happen. Magic doesn't always behave as we want it to. So I am going to scan your body with my magic and search for anything that isn't you. And depending on what I find I may or may not remove it right away."

"Why wouldn't you remove it once you find it?" Harry was asking because he wanted to learn and he was slightly confused.

Loki sighed lightly. Sometimes Harry's passion for learning could become a little too much for him. "Not all things can be removed in a moment. Sometimes it can take days to remove something that has attached itself to a person. If what I find will take longer than a day then we will need to prepare ourselves for it, since once we start we will not be able to stop for food, rest, or even to empty our bladders."

Harry gave a nod of understanding.

"Good. Now let's begin." Loki placed his hands on either side of Harry's head and began sending tendrils of his magic into Harry, using it to feel around inside him. For a while nothing felt out of place within Harry. Loki was about to brush off his fear of something being within his son as foolish when he found something. It was like a dark shadow hidden along the edges of Harry's magical core. Something that Loki knew shouldn't be there. Something that had been there for twelve years. Loki withdrew his magic and let his hands drop to his sides.

"Dad?" Harry could tell something was wrong. He had learned how to read some of the signs that something was upsetting his father. And right now his father was worried.

"This is something around your core that should not be there, a parasite, if you will. I would be willing to bet that this thing may be blocking some of your magical power. By getting rid of it you may gain a boost in magic. But it will take time to remove it and I feel it would be best to do so away from the school." When he noticed Harry looked worried he explained, "I want to make sure this cannot attach itself to someone else. Do not worry son. I know a safe area where I can remove this from you."

Harry stilled appeared worried but he since he hadn't heard that it was dangerous for them he was a little at ease about it.

"Now, we should speak about a few other matters that need taking care of." Loki knew he should have Angel there with him for this, but he could always talk to her about it later.

"What matters?" Harry had thought that the scan would be it.

Loki smiled, showing Harry it wasn't anything as bad as what he had just told him. "First of all your poor health. I can fix some potions that will take care of the lack of nutrition you suffered over the years. You'll have to take one every month for the next three years though."

That didn't sound too bad to Harry. "How do they taste?" So far every potion Harry has ever had to take was disgusting and made him want to puke.

Loki laughed, understanding the reason for the question. "It has no taste. And you can put it in any drink you want." He assured him.


"Now you may gain a little weight while taking the potions. But that is to be expect. Your body has been starved for so long of what it needs that you have been unable to gain much weight your whole life. While on the potions your body will start to gain the weight that you should have for your age and diet. You may even begin seeing small changes in your height. For with the added nutrition your body will be able to grow the way it should be. This is nothing that shouldn't be happening naturally."

Harry nodded and tried to picture what he might look like at the end of those three years.

"Now, about your glasses." Loki didn't really like glasses on his son, but until now he didn't have time to sit Harry down and talk about them.

"What about them?" Harry lightly touched his glasses.

"I can imagine how often you've come close to losing them or they've slipped down your nose. Perhaps I could use my magic to correct your vision problem?" Since Harry was the first of his kind Loki had expected some medical problems.

Harry seemed a little uncomfortable with that. "Um, could I just use the muggle way?" Harry trusted his father greatly. But he hadn't really had good experiences with magical mending.

Loki sighed. Being reminded greatly of Angel at that moment. "Very well. I will speak with your mother and we will look into this with you." He wouldn't push Harry into anything he didn't really want to do.

"Thanks dad. I like my glasses but it would be nice not to need them."

"I can imagine. Now then," Loki got to his feet and removed the barrier around them. "Let's head inside. I must inform Angel of what we've spoken of and I'm sure you have things you wish to do." Loki walked with Harry back to the castle then said bye and went to find his wife.


"You did this without me?" As Loki had expected Angel was slightly angry with him that he had spoken to Harry about his health without her.

"I'm sorry, my Dragon. It was something I had mean to do after learning of the prophecy but with everything that happened it got pushed to the back of my mind. I wanted to get it done before I forgot again."

Angel sighed. She understood why he'd gone and done it. After all they were both worried about Harry's health and this "mark" that Voldemort supposedly had left on Harry. But she had really wanted to be there with them.

"This shadow I found within him troubles me greatly. I am sure it is blocking some of his power and it may even be having a toll on his health. By removing it I'm sure there will be a big change to him. And with the potions he will be at his strongest when it comes time for him to face Voldemort again he will be at full strength as well as more than ready."

"Alright. Once school has ended for the year you can take Harry to this location and remove it. But I want to be there." Angel warned.

"Understood. I shall make sure not to leave you behind this time." Loki promised.

"Now about these potions. You are sure there will be no side effects?" That was a big fear for her. She didn't want to take any risks with Harry just to mend the damages the Dursleys had done to him.

"The worst side effect will be Harry being more energetic. And perhaps a little restless. But that can be taken care of by letting him run around outside with his siblings. And given how much he loves being with them I'm sure that will be no trouble."

Angel nodded. Harry did love being with his siblings, there was no doubt the two could send them all outside for a few hours to burn off some energy. "Now what about his glasses?" She asked. Having known that Loki didn't like them.

"I had offered to fix his vision with magic. But he has opted for the mortal vision correction." Loki sighed.

Angel smirked at him. "Oh Loki. Magic can't fix everything for a person. Sometimes we have to use non magical means."

Loki gave her an amused smile. "You are loving this." The two shared a small laugh.

"Oh, speaking of our family. You'll never believe who approached me claiming to have some kind of idea that could benefit our family."

Loki raised a brow. "If it was a Malfoy then you can stop talking."

Angel chuckled. "No. I doubt they would ever offer any kind of aid. No the one who approached me was Severus Snape."

"Snape? Whatever could he have found that would benefit us?" Loki couldn't think of anything that someone like Snape could find.

"I told him to be sure this wouldn't be a waste of time for us. And after a moment’s thought he seemed truly sure about it. So I told him we would see him after dinner about this."

Loki nodded. "Alright. If you believe this will not be a waste of time then we shall see him later tonight and see what he has to say."

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