I'll die before I lose you again

What Amora seeks

No matter how Loki looked at it there was no denying it. He would have to get someone from Asgard to help him remove the parasite from Harry. However, whoever he got to aid him would have to be sworn to secrecy. He could not risk this person telling all of Asgard about it and having someone suggest it was something he did to his own son, or worst try to blame it on Angel. Asgard didn't like him, and those possibilities were possible.

"No," Loki gave his head a good shake to rid himself of the painfully memories of how he had lost Angrboda to such lies, "That will not happen again."

A soft knock at the door was his only warning before Angel entered the bed room, "Loki? Is everything alright?"

Not wanting to worry her he gave her a smile, though it was a slightly tired one, "Just the woes of fatherhood," He assured her.

"I know the feeling. I swear I saw a gray hair in my hair brush this morning," She joked, earning a small chuckle from him.

"And yet you are no less perfect then the day we wed," The compliment was real. They had figured that due to her Huldra blood Angel would live longer than any other human. And given the fact that in the 15 years of the marriage she still looked like a 20 year old woman it was clear she at least aged physically slower than normal humans.

"You're worrying about Harry, are you?" Angel asked as she crossed the room and sat beside him on the bed.

Loki fumbled for something convincing to tell her but was halted when she held her hand up.

"I know because I'm worried too," After everything that had happened to their son in his twelve years of life Angel was dreading what Harry would face in the years to come. At least they could give Harry a normal summer. Or rather, as normal a summer as their family could have.

Knowing he was better off being honest Loki sighed, "I will have to seek aid in Asgard to remove that thing from Harry. There is no possible way I can do it on my own," Part of their reason for that was because, as Harry's father if his son were to be subjected to any pain during the removal Loki may not be able to finish the spell. The other reason was that if he exhausted his magic during it there would be someone to quickly step in and head the removal while he slowly gain back his strength.

"Maybe Odin could help us with this. He must know someone trust worthy."

Loki gave a sad smile, "Magic was never of true interest with him. I fear mother would've been the one we could've turned too."

Angel laid her head on his shoulder, "We'll think of something Loki."

He wrapped his arms around her and for a while they just sat in silence.

"Come now," Angel removed herself from Loki's arms and stood, lightly tugging on his arm, "It is nearly time for dinner. Harry and the others want to eat outside with Jor and afterwards we must go see Snape in his office to learnwhat it is he wants."

Loki gave her a sad smile, "I had finally found myself in a good mood until you spoke of him."


The house elves had been more than happy to set up a family picnic at the lake for Angel and Loki. They even fixed up some large plates for Jormungandr to enjoy. The night sky was clear and the air held a little bit of a chill in it, but that was easily fixed when Loki created a warm zone around the lake. The family spent most of the meal talking about what they had done that day, the things they'd seen and learned. Eisa spoke of the secret passages that Fred had shown her and of how cleverly he had trick Filch with his brother as well as avoid being caught.

"All you ever speak of lately is that boy," Loki commented.

"Oh Loki, don't start. Eisa is a responsible and mature young lady, and as such she is entitled to fancy anyone she wishes," Angel whispered harshly to him.

"It is not Eisa that I have a problem with," Loki argued.

"Loki I have two words for you. Grandma Michelle."

Loki straighten his back and tensed for a moment before remembering that said woman had passed away some time ago. With a sigh Loki hung his head and said, "Point taken."

"Who's Grandma Michelle?" Harry asked, having not heard of her before.

"She was my grandmother on my father's side of the family. She passed away before you were born though," Angel then smirked at Loki, "She never once took any lip from your father. Scolding him whenever he got cheeky with her. It was always fun to watch."

"I'm glad you were always amused," Loki said with a smile, lighting rubbing at the back of his head as he recalled just how hard Michelle had been able to hit him.

"Oh but she was a bad cook," Angel chuckled, "The only person I knew who could burn water."

The family got a good laugh from that.

"And what of your father?" Eisa asked.

"Ah, Tristan," Loki smiled fondly, "He was a fine man. Raised Angel by himself while working as a professor and in his free time he traveled all of Midgard. Unable to simply accept a legend or myth, he searched for the truth behind it all. Always had an interesting theory to talk about or story to tell about his travels. Why, it is because of his travels that Angel was born in the first place."

Eisa smiled. She liked how her father spoke of her step mother and hoped that one day her husband would speak as fondly of her.

"Once my father believed that Loki was who he claimed to be they got along so well. A part of me wondered about what might've happened had I not married him."

Loki turned to Angel with an interested look, "And, what did you think would've happened?"

Angel shrugged while fighting down a smile, "That you and dad would've married each other instead," She then laughed along with the rest of the family while Loki rolled his eyes.

"No offense to Tristan, but he was not my type."

Angel laugh hard at that, "Oh, but they both would've loved each of you greatly."

"That they would've," Loki agreed.

"Wish I could've met great grandma and grandpa."

"Maybe Hela could help with that Harry," Angel said with a glance to Loki.

"We could always ask the next time we visit her," He shrugged.

Harry smiled, already looking forward to visiting his sister again. Then Harry wondered if he could also met his adopted family that way too. He tried to fight back a yawn but they all saw it anyway.

"If everyone has had their fill then we should conclude our meal," Loki could see that each of his children were tired, so he felt it best to send them off to bed now. He also had to go with Angel down to see Snape before the two of them could go to sleep themselves.


Loki and Angel didn't bother knocking on Snape's office door. They wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so that they themselves could get to bed as well. Loki just had a feeling things were about to pick up around the school, and not in any way he really wanted them to.

"Now then, what is this I hear about you having found something that could benefit my family?" Loki asked, bored.

Snape moved quicker than the two had ever seen him move before, at least during the short time they had known him to retrieve a thick, well-worn leather bound book from one of the sleeves and set it on his desk. Flipping through pages in search of the right one.

The couple watched silently and with just a hint of curiosity. Loki also was interested in stealing that book from him for his own reading later.

Finding what he was looking for Snape turned the book to the two of them, "This is why I asked you both to see me," He said while pointing to the page.

The two read over the page, but only Loki seemed to truly understand the importance of it. For his head snapped up and his eyes were wide, "Where did you find this?"

"I had found this during my school years here. However a few of the ingredients are beyond my knowledge as they are not of this world," Snape explained.

"Ok would someone please explain this to me, because I can tell this is a potion but not what kind," Angel sighed. Sometimes she hated not knowing as much about the magical world as Loki.

"If this does work, then Jormungandr and Fenrir may be able to take on a more humanoid form," He answered.

Angel's eyes widen at that. If her two step sons appeared more human than they could go anywhere they wanted, live anywhere they want and not have to suffer with being rejected as much. Jormungandr could even enter the school if he wasn't as large as he is, "How does it work?"

"The potion it's self-mimics an animagus' power and can, over time, grant that power to the potion user permanently. However we not only need these ingredients but also an animagus," Loki explained.

"Sirius is an animagus. And I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help our family with this," There was no doubt in her mind that he would help them, "What exactly would he need to do?"

"According to the book the animagus teaches the consumer of the potion how to change their shape," Snape answered, "However the potion will take a month to prepare and brew."

Loki nodded, "Some of the ingredients need to be picked or gathered at the right moment. This will take time."

"So then maybe we should hold off till the summer months. After all the school is growing slightly busy as we get closer to the end of term," Angel suggested, "it is mid-February now."

"Agreed. Waiting until then would allow us more freedom to focus on the potion," There were so many things that could go wrong with the potion if they didn't pay attention to it and Loki didn't know how quickly his sons would take to the potion or shifting forms. But at the same time Loki needed to take Harry to remove the parasite from him. Which, depending on who he could get to aid him in the removal would affect how long he needed to focus on it. Still having the option for his sons to be able to appear more normal was strongly appealing to him, and from the look in Angel's eyes she wanted that for them too. Loki let out a small sigh, "There is so much to be done," Making a decision Loki looked Snape in the eyes, "Gather what ingredients you can at the time. When the school year ends you had best come with us."

Angel smiled slightly, "This will be good for Harry too. He will be interested to learn more about potion brewing and watching you two work should be a treat for him," Loki nodded in agreement.

Snape raised a brow at that. He had seen that Harry was more willing to learn how to do things, seen him in the library with thick books around him, "Whatever did you say to him to make him more focused on his studies?"

The two gave Snape an amused look, "We merely offered to help him with his schooling," Angel answered.

"Our son has spent many years being unable to feed his hunger for knowledge. Once he knew he was back with us we told him he could learn all he wanted and we would help," Loki added.

Angel chuckled, "He would've cleared out the store had we not limited the number of books he could get that day."

Loki still recalled fondly the site of Harry, surrounded by books in Flourish and Blotts. He couldn't help but wonder if he had looked like that to his mother when she first found him in the library as a child.

Snape was taken aback by the invitation to join them over the summer. However he knew it would give him a chance to see the family outside of Hogwarts and see just what Harry does during the summer months.

"I will gather the ingredients I need to closer to the start of summer," Loki commented.

"And I'll have a word with Sirius about training our sons once the potion is done," Angel was looking forward to this, and knew the kids would enjoy it as well.


The walk back to their room was filled with Angel and Loki talking about the things they could do with the family when the potion is completed and both sons could join the family in more things.

"Oh I would love to take the kids to the park for a family picnic on the 4th of July," Angel could just see them all enjoying themselves and the fireworks.

"I could take them to all the places I've been to in Midgard and teach them what I learned while here," Loki turned Angel to him and wrapped his arms around her, "I am glad we came here."

"As am I," The two leaned in for a kiss but pulled away when they heard, "Brother!"

Turing the two were surprised to see Thor, Clint, Bruce, and Tony running over to them.

"Thor? What are you doing back here?" Loki asked, confused as to why they were there seeing as the last time they'd seen Thor and the others he had told them he was going to search for Amora's reason for being at the school. Loki hadn't put much hope in them finding anything.

"Brother, we hurried over as quickly as we could," Thor was slightly out of breath from searching the school for them.

"Thor what in the name of the Norns are you doing here?" Loki asked.

"Who's that woman you're with?" Angel asked.

Loki walked around Thor to see who she was talking about. And had to do a double take, "Mother?" He gasped.

"Hello Loki. I have missed you so much," Frigga wrapped Loki in a tight hug. Her smile grew when he all but buried his face into her neck.

Loki slowly pulled away from her, trying his best to hold back his tears, "How? How can you be here, alive?"

"Loki there is so much I must tell you but we may not have the time right now," Frigga said, "I know what Amora wants with this school."

"You do? Please tell us." Angel had never been so happy to hear something about Amora in her whole life.

"Loki tell me, when you aided in building this school did you give it a core based off of the magical currents?" Frigga asked.

Loki had to stop and think carefully about that. It had been so very long since that day he and the founders had laid the first stone for Hogwarts. "Yes. Yes, I remember I left behind a small core crafted from the energies of the four founders and myself. I had theorized that over time the magic used by the students here would slowly add to the core, strengthening it, as well as the spells of protection around the school."

"By now the magic within that core would all but rival the power of anything in the weapons vault."

Slowly the piece fell into place in Loki's mind. "Amora is after the school's magical core."

Frigga nodded. "That is what I believe she truly wants. Her attacks were to test the ability of the teachers and students to fend off such things. She may attack again soon, however, this time she will show herself."

"We must tell Dumbledore and ready the staff." The main thing Angel wanted to do was gather her family in one place and protect them. But she knew that they would all insist on helping to protect the school.

"Just so we're clear Ms. Voodoo is after the school's energy so she'll be even strong?" Tony asked.

"Yes Tony, that's what they just said." Bruce confirmed.

"Loki you go make sure the kids are safe, I'll go with Frigga, and explain everything to Dumbledore, Thor you get everyone together, and find Steve and Natasha and fill them in on what is going on." Angel wanted to see to the kids herself but Loki was the better choice as he could place protection spells around them.

With their tasks handed to them the group scattered to do as they were told.


Snape had been on his way to see Professor Sprout about some of the needed ingredients, when he noticed the large crowd heading his way. Once close enough he noticed the one leading the crowd was none other than Prince Thor.

"What is going on?" He demanded.

"No time to talk, Grease Mop." A man with dark brown hair and a goatee said as they passed him.

Wanting to know what was going on, as well as have a few words with the man who had just insult him Snape followed after them.

"Good job Tony, now he's following us." Clint was, to say the least a little weirded out by the man dressed in a robe, now following them. After all he had an idea the kind of things that magic could do, thanks to his time under Loki's control. Who knew what these wizards and witches could do to them?

"Whatever Birdbrain. Just look for Spangles and the Red Murder Lady." Tony said as he just managed to avoid running through a ghost, which he still couldn't believe. Real ghosts? Tony knew he needed to open his mind a little to the things that may or may not really exist around him but this was him, Tony Stark. He was going to continue to deny what was right in front of him.


Even though neither Angel nor Frigga knew the password to Dumbledore's office, the gargoyle jumped out of their way the moment they were close. Racing up the stairs the two entered the office, Frigga having opened the door with a flick of her wrist.

Dumbledore looked up from the letter he had been answering with a look of confusion. "Princess Angel, to what do I owe this visit?"

"Amora is after the school's magical core." Angel said in a rush as she tried to catch her breath.

"Slow down. What has lead you to this conclusion?" Dumbledore asked as he summoned a chair for Angel to sit and rest in.

"The core of this school has been in place since its construction. Both the Founders, and my son Loki, placed their magic with in to serve as power for both the school and the protection around the grounds. Since the days the first students ever began practicing magic within the walls of Hogwarts, their magic has been added to the school's core. Amora has learned of this, and seeks the power of the core for herself. I fear what she will do with such power." Frigga answered.

"Prince Loki is your son? Then you are Queen Frigga." To say Dumbledore was surprised by this, would be to say Voldemort is misunderstood. "You are certain that she is after the core?" Though he didn't doubt Frigga Dumbledore had to be sure.

"I am. We cannot allow her to reach the core." Frigga had a few ideas of how to keep Amora at a distance, but only for a short amount of time. Hopefully, though, it would be long enough for everyone to ready the school's defenses and prepare for anything that Amora may bring with her to serve as a distraction.

Dumbledore gave a nod. "I will summon the staff and ensure they are ready."

"I would also include the older students, especially females. Amora will try to overwhelm the battlefield, and control any man she can find. Both Loki and myself will do what we can to protect them from her influence but everyone must be ready should she gain control over anyone." That was a strong possibility, seeing as controlling men was one of Amora's strengths.

"Also since the older students will know more about defense against the dark arts and will prove useful against anything she summons to aid her in battle. She has shown she doesn't care who she has to hurt when she brought the Inferi." Angel added.


Loki had gone to the Gryffindor dorms and carried a sleeping Harry to his and Angel's room where Eisa and Fenrir were waiting.

"Father, what is going on? Why did you want us in here?" Eisa asked while rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Both Angel and myself would feel better knowing that each of you are sleeping here." Loki answered as he set Harry down on the bed. Turning to his daughter Loki sighed, she was giving him a look that said he had best explain why. "We have learned why Amora is here. Now that we know the reason I believe she will attack soon. Should she do so, I want you all to be together so that you may protect each other. I shall be visiting Jormungandr and informing him as to what is happening as well placing some protection over him. But first I must see to the three of you."

"You believe she will make it this far?" Eisa couldn't help but worry. If her father was going to place protection spells over each of them then Amora must be stronger then she originally thought.

"I do not know if she will. But I would rather know the four of you are protected should she reach you, then to have her find you and have no protection. But I shall do everything in my power to prevent Amora from ever entering this building."

Eisa nodded. "If I can help father, tell me."

Fenrir nodded in agreement with his sister. He would fight tooth and claw to protect his family no matter the odds.

Loki smiled at them. "I know. But for now all I want you four to do is watch over each other. Amora does not yet know that we know what she is seeking. This fact gives us an advantage against her. For when she strikes she will be expecting chaos and confusion." Amora had been one of the few people in Asgard who'd been able to keep up with him, even surprise him sometimes. But this time he would be surprising her. For the moment Amora appears with her forces Loki will be there to greet her with everyone they could get to fight against her.

"I thought I saw Uncle Thor earlier. Has he returned?" Eisa hadn't missed the group with Thor though she hadn't been able to identify them.

"It is thanks to the searching of both Thor and his friends that we know what we do now." A thought crossed Loki's mind then. "Oh, I still have yet to fix the problem of magical overload for the Ironman armor. I had best see to that after I visit Jormungandr."

Eisa frowned in confusion, not understanding why her father was speaking of that armor. "Father?"

"Thor has brought the rest of his friends to aid in the protection of the school." Silently though Loki hoped that there would be no need for the Hulk. Letting such a dangerous creature out around children could lead to someone getting hurt, not to mention the damages that could result to the school itself.

"Is this war, father?" Eisa asked.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Loki said solemnly.

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