I'll die before I lose you again

Amora's army and the Core

The air at Hogwarts was tense for the next three months. Everyone who had been informed about Amora's pending attack had been on alert since being told and watched the grounds carefully. The older students brushed up on their defense against the dark arts, a few teachers even helped a few of the students brush up on dueling. The Avengers took turns walking the halls of the school as well as the grounds. Tony even did rounds above the school in his Iron Man armor, using its systems to scan for anything similar to Loki's magic. But after three months of nothing the tension was starting to get to everyone.

"Okay, if she doesn't show soon I swear I am going to build a sign on the ground announcing we know why she's here and are ready for her," Tony groaned one morning.

"If you do I shall allow Fenrir to gnaw on the legs of your armor," Loki warned. Not that Fenrir would do that or that Loki truly would allow it. The damage it would do to Fenrir's mouth wasn't worth it.

"Why don't you sit in on a class Tony? I found a couple of them to be very interesting," Bruce suggested. He'd gotten to sit in a few history classes, arithmacy, potions, and magical theory. And the conversations he's had with a few of the ghosts were very fascinating.

"Yes Tony, go join the other children," Angel teased.

"Is Harry done with his classes yet?" Tony had been hoping to go flying with Harry, but what with the Amora scare he'd not been able to do that.

"Harry will not be done with his classes for a while now," Steve answered, "Why do you ask?"

Tony shrugged, "When he learned I was here he asked if I could go flying with him. Was looking forward to running some scans on that broom of his while in the air."

Loki smiled, "Still convince you can replicate the magic being used around you without magic?"

"I refuse to accept that word and anything to do with it."

"Magic is science on a more advanced level," Angel said in a sing song tone.

"She's right Tony. If you were to go back in time with your armor do you not think that people would think you were a god?" Bruce asked.

"Please Bruce. Don't inflate that ego anymore then it is," Clint cringed.

"I think Tony would be looked at as a demon," Natasha smirked.

Tony gave her a halfhearted glare, "Gee thanks," He said dryly.

"Loki why don't you take everyone to see Jor?" Angel suggested.

"He is here? I would like that very much, I have not seen him since he was banished from Asgard. I can only imagine how much he has grown," Frigga had gotten to see Fenrir and Eisa a few hours after she and Angel had informed Dumbledore and the staff about Amora's intended target.

Loki smiled at his wife, "I think that is a good idea. And I'm sure he would enjoy the company."

"Jor? Who's Jor?" Tony asked. Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Thor, and Steve smiled. Thor, Steve, and Natasha had already met Jormungandr, Clint and Bruce however have only read up on Loki's children. Tony however had skipped that part.

"Come, I will introduce you to him," Loki was grinning, but had managed to get Tony to willingly follow him out of the room with the others.


Down at the lake Jormungandr was lazing about at the bottom of the lake when he felt his father approaching the edge of the water. Always happy to see him Jormungandr swam up to the surface and greeted his father. And then stared at the mortal with his father that shouted a curse and bolted back towards the castle.

Loki and everyone with him laughed as they watched Tony run away from the lake. Everyone but Frigga that is.

"Loki that was a cruel thing to do."

"I am sorry mother. But I have told him about my children and he has seen Fenrir with his own eyes. It is not my fault he failed to listen or believe," Loki chuckled.

"Still, I hope you will apologize to him later for this trick," Frigga made sure to give Loki a look that said he had no choice in the matter.

Loki let out a sigh, "As you wish mother."

"I have never seen Tony run that fast before," Clint commented, getting everyone laughing again.

Jormungandr, both confused by the new faces and not amused at what just happened questioned his father.


Harry, while heading to his next class had looked out the window in time to see Tony racing back to the school. At first he worried that the school was under attack, but then he saw his brother poking his head out of the lake and the group gathered there. Harry couldn't help a small smile at the scare his father must have given Tony.

"Do you really think anyone would attack the school?" Ron asked. Both he and Hermione had learned about the future attack from Harry, who'd learn about it from Eisa.

"I don't know. Hermione, what do you know about the school's core?" Harry asked her.

Hermione thought for a moment, "Well I did read a very long time ago that the founders of Hogwarts each placed a small portion of their magic into the school to strengthen it, as well that the school has been nearly completely destroyed in the past but the core is able to rebuild the school with in a single day. It is said that Rowena Ravenclaw had a vision that lead her to the very spot the school was built upon."

"Really? What kind of vision?" Though Ron didn't really believe in visions he was a little curious.

"The book didn't really give too many details but it did say that in her vision she followed a rather odd, warty hog. Its eyes shone with intelligent and it refused to let Rowena be unless she followed it. There was also some kind of marking, a rune, perhaps, on its skin but no records of what it looked like survived to this day."

"A vision of a hog lead to here?" Harry asked her. Though he knew he should be more opened minded given his family Harry couldn't really picture what Hermione was saying happened.

"Yes, I think I brought that book with me if you want to read it Harry," Hermione offered.

"No, he's got way too many books to read already," Ron groaned. Just seeing the number of shrunk books in Harry's trunk had been enough to give him a headache.

Harry smiled at his friends.

"Harry," A voice called.

Said person turned and was a little surprised at who had called him, by his first name, "Malfoy?"

Ron and Hermione tensed slightly, expecting a fight or at least an argument.

"Is it true what they are saying? A woman from Asgard is going to attack the school?" Draco didn't really believe the rumors but at the same time he couldn't deny that Loki and the other adults had been on high alert for a long time.

Harry gave a nod, "Yes. She's after something only Hogwarts has."

Draco knew this was something his father would want to know about. But he wasn't sure if he would report it just yet, "What about the rumor that Queen Frigga is also here?"

Harry studied Draco for a moment. He knew that Draco wanted any information he could get out of him, but Draco had been acting unusually atypical. Harry, at first chalked it up to Draco being scared of his father, after all nearly every dark witch and wizard seemed to look up to Loki. But Draco had been acting even more out of character since Christmas holiday ended. It had even been rumored that Draco had kicked everyone out of his house for over two hours, "Yes, my grandmother's here as well."

Draco nodded slightly in thought. Loki and the other adults being on high alert could be brushed off as more or less nothing. But Queen Frigga being a part of this had warning bells going off in his head.

"What are you up to Malfoy?" Ron asked.

Draco glared at him, "None of your business," He snapped as he turned and walked away.

The trio watched him go till he was out of site.

"What was that about?" Hermione asked.

"No idea," Both Ron and Harry answered before they headed to their next class.


Angel was surprised when Tony stormed into the room like a five year old.

"What happened?" After asking the question out loud Angel quickly figured out what happened.

"Why did no one tell me that Jor is an over grown sea snake?"

Angel had to fight back a small smile, "We did suggest that you read up on the myths surrounding Loki after you met Fenrir. You are the one who said you would rather be surprised."

Tony glared at her, "You're fired."

Angel laughed at that, "Have fun at the next board meeting."

Tony stared at here for a moment before holding out his arms, "Angel you know I love you."


"Queen Frigga at Hogwarts, an Asgardain sorceress planning to attack the school, and muggle heroes. Why am I not telling my father about this? This will get back to him and when it does he'll kill me for not telling him. He won't care for my lies of fearing prince Loki learning what I have been doing or even the ones about how the family doesn't trust me and that's preventing me from learning anything. Maybe I could tell him of the rumors? No. He would send a letter back telling me to find out the truth and then he would demand I find out the truth and I won't be able to hide the answers."

Draco growled sightly, "Why is this such a problem for me? I should just send the letter and damn whatever those two do to me," Draco stopped talking as a group of students past him. Once they were gone he started walking, "When the term ends I have to go back and face my father. I can't hide the truth forever. At some point he'll learn the truth or worst find the letters," By now there was a small pile of letters he had to send hidden away in his trunk. If anyone were to look into it. His father, mother, or any of the house elves he would be in so much trouble.

Crabbe and Goyle had been sent away over an hour ago so he could think in peace and not have to worry about them ratting him out. He was sure they were reporting back to their parents and had mentioned his odd behavior. And that worried him slightly. If they were telling their parents then there was a chance their parents were telling his father.

Draco slowed to a stop and hung his head, "Who am I more scared of? My father or Princess Angel?"

"Draco" A voice called.

Draco lifted his head and looked around, "Who's there?" He then caught a glimpse of someone rounding the corner, "Hey!" Draco raced around the corner but some how whoever he was following was far a head of him.


Amora was pacing. She had noticed the change in the air around the school. Something was going on. And when Wormtail had returned from spying and reported that he'd over heard some of the older students going over defense plans Amora knew that Loki had learned of her plan. And then she'd spotted her. Queen Frigga in one of the windows.

"This changes everything! That mortal group that Thor wastes his time with, Loki, Queen Frigga. How am I to get to the core when they are all on guard?" She asked herself.

Skurge said nothing, for he knew she didn't want an answer and he had none to offer. Wormtail however offered an idea.

"Maybe you could reach out to the remaining Death Eaters?"

Amora stared at him.

"They may not have the numbers they once did but there are still many out there who would rally behind you if it meant getting the Dark Lord back," He continued.

Amora thought on the suggestion. He'd told her all about the Death Eaters in the past and she would admit that the thought of using them to her advantage was tempting. Now that she was facing so much resistance she would need more aid. Summoning parchment and a quill she smiled.

"Tell me who they are, my magic will find them without any qualms."


Draco had followed the strange student through the school and then into a hidden passage that seemed to stretch on forever. They were always in the distance, around the corner, in his peripheral vision. For a moment it seemed to look like he'd lost the student. But rather then head back the way he came and spend who knows how long he would be walking back. So Draco pressed on, using his hand against one wall and his lit wand to guide him. He stopped for a moment when his hand came in to contact with something other then stone. Moving his wand toward it Draco frowned in confusion.

"Ivy?" Moving the wand along the wall he found many vines growing along the wall and over the ground and all of them were coming from the direction he was heading towards. Pressing forward Draco had to step carefully as the number of vines on the ground increased. A small light ahead told him that he was close to the end so he sped up as best he could. However when he stepped out of tunnel he found himself in a room with pillars covered in vines and glittering figures that seemed to be like ghosts around the room, "What?"

"Hello Draco."

Draco turned to the center of the room where a young first year girl stood smiling at him, "Who are you?"

The girl giggled, "We don't have a name Draco."

Draco frowned, "What do you mean we and how can you not have a name?"

The girl pointed above her. When he looked up his eyes widen. There above them was this glowing mass.

"What is that?" He asked in shock.

"We are a collection of the magical energies of all who have walked these ground. We are the memories of the stones around you. We are the Core."

Draco's eyebrows shot into his hair line, "The Core? As in the school's core?"

They nodded.

Draco was in shock. The Core was right before him, speaking with him. A frown suddenly broke out over his face, "Why are you speaking with me? What could you gain from having me here?"

The Core frowned, "We did not bring you here to gain. We brought you here to help."

"Help? Help what?"

"You," The simple answer left Draco a little off balance.

"Help me? I don't need help," He cursed the way his voice seem to shake.

"Yes you do. Your thoughts are at war. You wish to do as your father said to do, but you wish to also heed the words of Princess Angel."

Draco knew she was right, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it.

"You fear your father and what he might do if he learns you are withholding information from him. But you are tired of being afraid. Tired of being the child he wants you to be. But it is all you know. To step away from all of that is scary to you. Like entering a whole new world with no knowledge of what you might find."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Draco turned to leave.

"There is always help for those who are willing to ask for it."

Draco spun around, "Princess Angel!" He gasped shocked to see her before him. He was about to question why she was there when he noticed the girl was missing, "You're not her, are you?"

Angel, or rather the Core smiled and shook it's head, "You took these words to heart and hear them whispering to you everyday. You want to ask for help, but fear your father's wrath, and you should do so."

Draco regretted that meeting in the hall, "I shouldn't have said anything to her."

"And yet a part of you does not regret it. From one comment she figured out what was happening at home. She wishes you no ill will and wants to help you. Will you turn down what you have already come to see as your only way out?"

It was odd hearing all that in Angel's voice as the Core remained in her form.

"Even if I take her up on her offer my father has legal right to me. She might be a princess but there is little she can truly do."

The Core smiled brightly, "That is not true. All wizards and witches respect Prince Loki and he will do anything for his wife. They can help you if you ask."

Draco sighed. The offer was very tempting. To get out from under his father's thumb was a dream he had all but given up on. When Angel had hinted at her being able to help him it had hurt him more then anything, for he felt that some higher power was mocking him.

"Go to them. They seek the location of this chamber. Show them how to reach it and let them help you," The Core said as it drew closer to him, "It is what you want. What you have wanted since meeting them both on the train," The Core's figure then disappeared, leaving Draco with the ghostly imagines of people who have gone to the school many years ago.


Draco hadn't even noticed where his feet were taking him until he was standing outside a classroom where Angel and Loki were speaking with a few teachers about a battle plan. Taking a breath he lifted his hand and knocked on the door.

"Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked, surprised to see him there and looking slightly pale, "What are you doing here?"

Draco took another breath and looked anywhere but at Angel and Loki, "I need to speak with prince Loki and princess Angel. It's important."

Loki and Angel shared a puzzled look before walking over to the doorway.

"Alright, we can grant you a moment of our time," Loki was only agreeing because of how scared the boy looked. Clearly whatever he had to say brought a great fear to his heart.

The two walked with Draco down the hall till they were out of ear shot.

"So what is this about Draco?" Angel asked gently.

It took a moment for him to work his throat enough to get the words out, "I know where the school's core is."

That stunned the two of them, for they had not told anyone other then the teachers, the Avengers, and Harry about that.

"How do you know where it is?" Angel questioned.

Draco stared at his feet as he answered, "I know you'll think I'm making this up but it lead me to it. I-I spoke to it."

Angel wasn't sure what to think about that. Loki's eyebrows however nearly disappeared into his hair.

"I had known it would become sentient one day yet I had not thought it would be so by now. This is incredible news! Never before,"

Angel quickly cut off her husband's excited rant, "Loki please save it for a later time," She then turned to Draco, "Please show us the way to the core Draco."

He gave a swift nod and led them down the hallway back to hidden passage.


Amora had finished writing to each Death Eater Wormtail told her about and then sent the letter right to them. But that would not be enough for her. She needed to keep as many people in the school busy as she could while she search for the core. Night had fallen and she would have to wait until morning to learn how many Death Eaters would be behind her. She needed someone inside the castle, someone who she could persuade. Looking up at the castle in thought she spotted a light in one of the windows that should be empty at that time. Using her magic Amora peeked into the window and smiled to herself. Several students from three different houses had gathered in a classroom after curfew. Some were clearly there just be with the person they lusted for but could not openly be seen with while others were there to enjoy snacks and complain about things. People like them were easy to control. Using a bit more magic she listened to what was being said.

"It's just not right," A fifth year Gryffindor boy said, "Potter- or should I say Prince Harry- barely has to do anything and he gets all the attention, all the fame. I work hard and what do I get? Nothing."

A sixth year Ravenclaw girl turned away from her Slytherin partner, "Not to mention he's getting to learn magic well beyond what any of us will ever learn. Imagine what we could do with Asgardain magic? The good the wizarding world would benefit of god-like powers, wandless magic!"

The Slytherin smiled, "That kind of power. No one would be able to push us around. I'm sick of the way the world treats us. Slytherins, clearly we're all evil. We're held by stereotypes, all of us. And no one does anything about it!"

A fifth year Ravenclaw boy sighed, "Who are you guys kidding? Prince Loki will never share that knowledge with anyone but his son and Prince Harry will always get everything. Nothing's every going to change that."

Amora's smile grew. "They are unhappy with things and seek that which they can not have. I can use that." She then used her magic to project her imagine into the classroom, "Perhaps I might be able to help you."

Each of the students jumped to their feet and pointed their wands at her.

"Calm yourselves. I only wish to speak to you," She said with her hands up to show she meant no harm.

The sixth year Ravenclaw girl spoke first, "You're the one Prince Loki is after. What's to stop us from reporting you?"

Amora put on a sad look, "But if you do that then how can I teach you Asgardain magic?"

That made the sixth year Ravenclaw girl blink in surprise, along with a few other students.

"What?" Asked the fifth year Ravenclaw boy.

"I have heard your pain. Your wishes for that which has been denied to you. Fame, knowledge, power. Such simple things and yet they slip through your fingers and end up with those who are not worthy. But I can make them yours," As she spoke Amora carefully used her voice to influence the male students who did not seem to be buying into her lies.

"You could really give us what we want?" The fifth year Gryffindor boy asked, "You could make it so that we are more famous then Harry?"

Amora chuckled, "I can make it so everyone stops caring completely about him and focuses all their attention on all of you."

"But Prince Loki said you are to be captured because you threaten the school. You sent the augury during the game," A fourth year Slytherin girl pointed out.

"I will not deny the augury. But as you may recall no one was harmed by it. I had only wanted to scare Loki. For you see he has betrayed me," Not a complete lie and would no doubt help her cause.

Each of the students looked to each other, slowly lowering their wands.

"You'll really do the things you promised?" A seventh year Gryffindor girl asked.

Amora smiled at her, "My dear child, I will deliver all that I have promised and more if you only do as I ask. And do not fear. No harm will befall you," She had them. Each and every one of them were now willing to do everything she would need of them. She thought to herself how she looked forward to seeing Loki's face when he sees students on the battle field.

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