I'll die before I lose you again

The wait is over.

Amora chuckled to herself. She finally had her answers from the remaining Death Eaters, and many of them had said yes to her. They would join her shortly to begin the attack on the school. And all she had to do was tell them that she would bring back their lord.

"Mortals are such fools. Give them even the slightest idea that you'll give them what they want and they bow to your every whim," She mused

Going through the pile of replies Amora noticed some of the Death Eaters claimed that their children would also aid in the battle.

"More students to throw at them," She pondered.

Wormtail was glad to know so many Death Eaters would soon be there. If things with Amora went bad, he could easily slip away in the confusion. It may be the cowardly thing to do, but he hadn't survived as long as he had by being reckless.


Loki was amazed by the core. It had grown far more then he could ever have imagined and was capable of things he hadn't thought possible. The ivy growing all over the room, the shimmering imagines of those long since gone around them, and the core was standing before them in the form of a young Loki.

"Welcome Loki and Angel," The Core greeted them.

Angel, though shocked by what she was seeing couldn't help but tease her husband, "Aw! Look how cute you were as a teenager."

Loki turned to her, "I seem to recall you with braces and a rat's nest for hair."

Angel glared at him as Loki smirked in victory.

"Two can play that game my dear," He reminded her. Loki then turned back to the Core, "You had us brought here by the Malfoy boy. Why?"

"We know that Amora seeks us. Wants our power for herself. This we cannot allow. We must remain where we are. We know that you can keep us here," The Core answered.

"On that we can agree," Loki nodded, "Thankfully one of the advantages we have over Amora is that she does not know where you are. And with the many halls and hidden passageways it could take her days to find her way to this chamber."

"Until she gets angry enough to start taking down walls," Angel pointed out.

"We will rebuild them faster than she can destroy them," The Core said.

"By the time she gets anywhere near this chamber Amora will have exhausted her magic and we will be upon her," With the core on their side Amora would find it more difficult to move about the castle.

Angel gave a small yawn, "This is good news. One less matter to worry about."

Loki nodded, "Yes it is. And now I think it is best we get you to bed," When Angel tried to argue, he stopped her, "Sleep is important for mothers to be. And I want you to be in the best of health."

"Loki is correct Angel. It is wise for you to go rest," The Core agreed.

Angel frowned, "I should've known. Loki helped to make you so of course you'd gang up on me with him. Alright, I'll go to bed."

Loki chuckled as he led her out of the room.


Draco had slipped away from the Slytherin table that morning after getting a letter from his father. He didn't want anyone at his table to read over his shoulder if the letter had to do with how he hadn't been reporting anything to his father.

Once tucked away in a closet Draco opened the letter and read it. Then reread it in horror. His father was donning his Death Eater robes and banning behind the Asgardain sorceress to attack the school and Draco needed to either stay out of the way or be ready to join him. Leaning against the wall of the closet Draco's hand tighten around the letter, crushing it slightly.

"No. No, no, no, no, no! What is he thinking? I have to warn him," He turned to the door but stopped. If he wrote to his father and warned him of the odds against him then there was a chance that his father would not partake in the battle and would thus be safe and free. But if Draco was to warn Prince Loki then there was a chance his father would be caught and locked up, freeing him and his mother. But his mother might not forgive him for it. Shaking his head Draco steeled himself, "I have to do this. I just give them the letter and that will be it," He took a step to the door before stopping again, "But if father escapes before he can be captured it could be discovered I betrayed him. I can't hand the letter over," But Draco knew he had to warn them. The fact was, he just didn't.


Angel had been enjoying a small break outside in the morning sun. Loki had insisted that she stay inside until the matter with Amora was settled. However she'd convinced him that fresh air and sun shine was just as important to a pregnant woman as sleep, thus Loki relented and let her spend a few hours outside. Placing a hand on her bulging stomach Angel smiled.

"If he's this fussy when I'm carrying you I fear how he's going to be when you are born," She mused before something fluttered to the ground in front of her, "Hmm?" Picking it up Angel noticed it was a letter. She wasn't going to pry anymore then the name of the person it was addressed to. But then she saw mentions of Death Eaters and Amora. Reading through it her eyes widen, "Come on baby. We need to speak to your father," Angel pushed herself to her feet and hurried as fast as she could back inside.


Draco smiled. He had carefully knocked the letter off the edge of a window above Angel in the hopes that she would find it. It had fallen to the ground in front of her and she had read it.

"There. I can't be blamed for losing a letter," Something however told him that Angel would know what he did. But he had nothing to fear from her, "Now, to get to class and wait for what's to come."


Loki looked over the letter Angel had brought him, "So, Lucius Malfoy is joining Amora in the hopes of getting his lord back. Foolish mortal," Loki growled. He then looked up at Angel, "However did you get this?"

"It floated down to me from somewhere above. However I think the owner of this letter wanted it to be found by us."

"You think he passed this to you without being seen?" Loki asked in disbelief.

Angel nodded, "Just because some members of his family are purest jerks doesn't mean he is as well," When Loki went to argue with her she stopped him, "I remember a certain someone who use to look down on me. Am I wrong in my memory that I have a very happy life with that man who is currently my husband?"

Loki sighed, "You always have to be right, don't you?"

"I'm not always right. You're just often wrong," Angel turned and walked off.

Loki chuckled to himself, "So you say Dragon. So you say," He then folded the letter and headed for Dumbledore's office.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the library working on a scroll for potions. End of term was fast approaching and both Harry and Hermione were working hard for their grades. Hermione because she wanted to keep her grades up. Harry because he knew his father would expect good grades from him. Ron however wanted to be anywhere but there, academics were not his thing, as hard as he tried.

"Can't we take a break?" Ron asked.

"We took one an hour ago Ron," Harry reminded him.

"Wasn't enough."

Hermione was about to say something to Ron when a fourth year Gryffindor girl walked over to them with a small box.

"Hi Prince Harry," She greeted before holding out the box, "I saw these while in Hogsmeade and thought your family might like them after dinner tonight," She said sweetly.

Harry had hoped this fascination with him all the girls seemed to have would have died down by now, "You really didn't have to."

"Oh but I wanted to. When your father showed everyone in Transfiguration his shape shifting powers and shared a few stories of his past mistakes I was in awe of him. I really want you to take these and share them with your family."

Knowing she wouldn't go away until he accepted the gift Harry took the box, "Thank you. I'm sure we'll enjoy them."

The girl smiled before walking off.

Hermione stared after the girl in thought, "Did that seem a bit odd to you?" She asked Ron and Harry.

"Girls always seem odd to me," Ron shrugged.

"I don't know anymore. They all act differently to me, since they learned who my father is," Harry shrugged.

Hermione had to admit that was true. And it wasn't just Harry that the girls of Hogwarts acted strange towards now. A few groups had tried to get in good with Ron to get to Harry. But when it came to Hermione she would find herself faced with annoyed looks, spiteful whispers behind her back, and there had been a few letters with hexes on them. There was just something about that one girl and her gift that felt odd to her for some reason. She just couldn't work out why.

"Hermione can I borrow that book?" Harry asked pointing to the one in front of her.

"Oh sure," She past it to him and pulled the one she was working with to her.


Loki went back to the passage to the core and weaved a few spells to keep Amora, or anyone else that might go looking for the core out. On his way back to his room he bumped into Harry.

"You seem to have your hands full," Loki commented as he took a few of the books and scrolls from Harry's arms, "More reading?"

"No dad. Homework," Harry answered as he got a better hold of what he still had.

Loki took a look at the scrolls and nodded, "Keeping a head of the demand from your teachers. Good, good," Loki then brought up something important, "Harry do you know any means to Hogsmeade that would allow one to pass unseen?"

Harry stopped and thought for a moment, "Why?"

"When Amora comes I want to be sure that the younger students can escape the battle, as well as your mother," Loki then fixed Harry with a stern look, "I also do not want you to have any part in the battle," He then sighed, "But as I've been reminded you seem to have a habit of getting involved where you shouldn't. So I shall not believe you will do any different this time. But a passage that is unknown or at least unseen by others will allow those that we need to protect to get away."

"Fred and George have a map, they showed it to me once. It shows every inch of the school, where everyone is, and how to open each passage."

Loki raised a brow, "Shows where everyone is?"

"It didn't show Amora. I looked for her when they showed me their map," Harry had planned to bring up the map sooner but his studies got in the way.

Loki didn't want to go to the twins, least of all Fred. But the map would prove helpful for Angel and the students to get out of harm's way, "What is in that box?" Loki had only just noticed the small box under Harry's arm.

"It's some chocolates. One of the girls from my house gave it to me to share with our family," Harry shrugged.

Loki was tempted to ask to have one right then but Angel would kill him if he did that, "Best keep those away from your mother until dinner. She can have quite the sweet tooth when she wants too."

"Right," Harry nodded, "I think Fred and George are in the common room if you want to get the map now," Harry offered.

"Well since I have half your work I may as well go with you," Loki smiled before falling into step with Harry.


Ghosts, moving staircases, talking paintings. Tony half the time wondered if he was in a school or Disney land. Well if you ignore the snappy teachers who were way too stressed out in his opinion and the threat of a witch from an alien world.

"Why couldn't my life become like Star Wars, why Lord of the Rings?" He asked himself.

"Mr. Stark?" A voice called.

Tony turned and found a fifth year Ravenclaw boy standing behind him.

"Please, Mr. Stark was my father and I didn't get along with him. What's up kid?"

"I was wondering if I might talk to you," At Tony's raised brow he continued, "I've been studying science and technology over the summer since I was eight years old. I've also thought about starting tinkering with some machines to get a feel for them. Maybe you could give me some advice?"

Tony knew he wasn't the best person to give advice to children on anything. After all he wasn't really a role model kind of guy that people went to for advice. What with his drinking, chaotic life style, and long list of lovers. But he did know his tech and how most things work.

Shrugging Tony nodded, "Ok. But first you're gonna have to tell me just how much you really know," He then threw his arm around the kid's shoulders and started walking as the kid talked.


Something was going on. Natasha wasn't sure what it was. Both Clint and she felt something was off, odd, dangerous. It might have had to do with the two Slytherins that suddenly seemed interested in them. The female of the two had even asked Natasha about learning how to fight like a muggle. Were the students apart of another house the both of them could've shrugged it off. But ever since Natasha had first walk through the doors to the school the Slytherin house had made it clear that she didn't belong there. She knew that was a generalized statement, so she decided to be optimistic. But she was a naturally suspicious person.

"You want to learn non magical defense?" Natasha asked the two students.

"Yes. We hear both of you are the best and have often wondered how muggles protect themselves," The male Slytherin shrugged.

"I know of a place we could use for this," The female Slytherin said.

Clint shared a look with Natasha and nodded, "Alright then. Show us where and we'll see what we can teach you."

The two Slytherins lead Clint and Natasha off to the dungeons where they claimed they wouldn't be interrupted.


Bruce and Steve were enjoying some quite with Angel. The school had become very busy with students getting ready for their final tests and both Bruce and Steve felt a little out of place.

"It's been a while since I was last in school but it's nice to see that something's never change," Bruce mused.

Angel smiled and nodded in agreement, "I still remember my last exam in high school. I froze up once it was set on my table," She chuckled.

"Hard to imagine you freezing up," In all the time Steve had known her she had never once froze, fumbled, or stammered. He still remembered the way Angel had stunned Tony when he tried to get a reaction out of her by acting juvenile when she was ordering food. She just questioned him what color he wanted the toy to be as well as the size.

"That's because by the time I'd was hired by Tony I had already learned about my heritage and embraced it. Just knowledge you are stronger than anyone around you does wonders for your confidence," That got chuckles from both Bruce and Steve.

"Has Loki spoken to you about what's going to happen when Amora attacks?" Bruce asked.

Angel sighed, "Yes. He wants me to take the younger students, as well as those that can't fight and hide in Hogsmeade. I believe he's looking for a passage that can be used to sneak everyone out."

Steve frowned at that, "Shouldn't he know all the passages and where they lead?"

"It's been a while since he was last here. He's forgotten much about the school since it was built," Angel explained.

"It's good to know he has a plan for you and the rest of the school. I would rather none of the students be here during the fight, but since we are dealing with magic we have little choice but to allow the older student body to aid us," Bruce sighed. He was afraid of what the Hulk might do once he let it out.

"Don't worry Bruce. Everyone who is staying to fight has been told to give you as much space as they can during the battle. And Loki believes that we will most likely encounter some of the creatures we encountered after the Qudditch game. Trolls, maybe a dragon, possible Inferi," Angel hoped nothing more than trolls show up when Amora and the Death Eaters attack, but she knew that Amora would mostly bring more than that to the battle. After all Draco's letter from his father stating that the Death Eaters are joining Amora to attack the school is proof she knows about the resistance she is going to be facing.

"I still can't believe that you fought a dragon, and won," Bruce said, changing the topic to something a little less worrying.

Angel smiled, "Darcy had just been knocked out, I felt that my family was in danger, and I'm a pregnant half Huldra. That's dragon should've run for the hills the second Darcy went down."

"I hope I never end up on the receiving end of you punches when you're that mad," Steve replied, amused.


Tony was just going into detail about the inner workings of one of his old Stark tablet designs to the Ravenclaw boy, who after a few hours of walking around had started walking behind Tony rather than right next to him.

"At that point I think I was on tenth redesign of the tablet. Might've been the eleventh. I remember Pepper was threatening to set off the fire extinguishers if I didn't get some fresh air. For some reason she didn't think my venting air from outside into the lab as getting fresh air," Tony smiled at the imagine of Pepper standing in front of him with a fire extinguisher in her hand. She'd looked so furious with him but Tony hadn't been able to help himself. He laughed at her because for some reason it just seemed so funny to him.

Behind him the Ravenclaw boy made a noise of interest as he glanced around them, noticing that they've entered one of the rare areas of the castle where there are no portraits on the walls and at that moment they were the only two there.

"She didn't use the extinguisher. Didn't need to, as Jarvis had tracked down an old cache of the weapons I once made. So naturally I got in the suit and headed off to destroy the weapons. Ended up spending the rest of the day out there after I found this old classic muscle car. The guy who owned it just wouldn't stop talking to discuss the price he was willing to sell it for. I tell you I spent a lot of time try to,"


Tony was struck from behind and dropped to the ground, stunned. When his attacker rolled him over he was shocked to find the Ravenclaw boy.

"Pretend to be interested in what he had to say?" He mocked Tony, "Yeah, I know the feeling. This is nothing personal Mr. Stark, but Amora has made some of us a much better offer if we help her then we could ever get going against her," He then turned his attention to some people approaching, "Let's get him out of sight quickly. The others should be dealing with the two muggle spies and my sister is taking care of Prince Loki and his family."

Four male students, Tony couldn't see which house any of them belonged to grabbed his arms and legs. Tony realized them what was happening. There were students working for Amora in the school and he was being kidnapped. He wanted to kick himself for not having seen this coming before but focused on trying to work out how to get out of this mess and warn someone. One good thing about what was happening was that he'd learn Clint and Natasha were going through something similar. There was no way those two wouldn't see what was happening as anything but a trick. They would be ready to deal with the two students before the trap is sprung and there for they will be able to warn everyone. Good, those super spies did stuff.


Though Clint had not been at the castle long he could tell that the two Slytherins were trying to make sure both him and Natasha would have trouble finding their way back. Natasha, despite having spent nearly a whole year at the school had never truly walked around the dungeons at any real length. So she was doing her best to try to remember which turns they took and any little detail that she could use to act as markers.

"This room should work," The female Slytherin said as she opened the door.

The male Slytherin walked in first, followed by Clint then Natasha. And that is when their suspicions were proven. For there where two other students waiting for them in the room.

"Let me guess," Clint said as the female Slytherin stepped into the room and blocked the door, "You guys are working for Amora," It wasn't a question.

"You knew something was wrong and yet you came. Muggles are so stupid," The male Slytherin sneered.

Natasha gave him a sweet smile, the kind she only gives when she has the advantage and her opponent hasn't noticed it yet, "Don't be so sure."

Clint, who had pulled something out of his pocket just before he entered the room threw what was in his hand to the group as he and Natasha shut their eyes. After hearing that tech doesn't work around so much magic Clint had made sure to bring the more basic equipment they had. Like flash bombs that activate upon impact.

A flash blinded nearly all of the students before them. But the Slytherin girl had been standing with Clint blocking more of her site. But Clint and Natasha easily pushed her aside as they bolted from the room. If only they had been able to avoid the two confundus spells cast at them.

Though now confused by the spell the two kept moving, knowing that sooner or later they would find stairs that would take them to the upper floors where they could get someone to remove the confusion before they rush to find Loki. They had to warn every one of Amora's agents with in the school.


When Loki returned to his and Angel's room Bruce and Steve were just leaving. He gave them a friendly hello, as he past them before going over to his chair to examine the map the twins had given him.

"What's that?" Angel asked as she sat in the chair opposite him.

"A map that shows every inch of the school as well as the locations of everyone within it and how to open every hidden path. I got this from the twins," Loki answered as he spread the map out on the table between them, "And this is how you and the others will be escaping the battle," Loki pointed to the passage he had been looking for.

Angel took a good look at where it was located, "So all I need to do is tap the shoulder of the statue guarding the passage and it will open the passage? Good. Nice and simple and I won't need to take anyone away from preparing for the fight to open it," It also looked like the passage was just a simple tunnel that went smoothly down under ground before tilting up wards till it reach the basement of the Three Broomsticks. A perfect place for Angel and the students to hide until Loki sends for them to return.

"You will all be safe at the Inn. Amora has no reason to seek any of you out. Then again she has no way to know that anyone has left the castle," Loki commented. He was very impressed by the map. Whoever these Marauders were they clearly had skill. Loki was planning to speak to Sirius and Remus about the Marauders as that map appeared to have been made during their school years.

Angel looked up to her husband and smiled. She might not have magic like his but even she could see that the magic with in the map was very impressive and there for Loki would very must like to study the map at length to learn how it was made by these four Marauders. The last time she had seen him this interested in something was when her father had let Loki read the notebooks he had filled up over the years of his life, "I take it the twins aren't getting this back any time soon."

Loki gave her a grin, "Doubtful."

Angel leaned back in her chair, "Did you see Harry while you were out? Is he joining us for dinner?"

"He said he would be. However he might be a little late as he has much school work to get through before the evening meal," Loki answered as he looked for more passages to Hogsmeade that could quicken the evacuation of the younger students.

Angel nodded and went to find a book or something to pass the time.


It took what felt like hours for Clint and Natasha, while trying to avoid the students that were trying to capture them to get to the upper floors of the castle. By that time everyone was eating in the Great Hall. However, they could not find it with the confusion enchantment placed on them. They did find their way to the floor that Loki and Angel's room was on. Twenty minutes of searching room after room they finally stumbled into the right one just as the family were about to enjoy the chocolates Harry had been gifted with earlier that day. They had just opened the box the second the spies staggered in.

"Amora's gotten to some of the students," Natasha announced before both her and Clint were forced to sit down on the floor due to exhaustion.

Angel rushed over to the two with Eisa to check on the both of them, Eisa was able to dispel the spell from the two.

Loki frowned. He did not know how Amora had gotten to the students. He was thinking about brushing the announcement off as part of the charm the two had been under, when he noticed a slightly bitter smell in the air. Bringing the piece of chocolate to his nose Loki's eyes widen as he quickly dropped it, "Do not eat any of that chocolate!" He ordered Harry and Fenrir, who had been about to eat their pieces.

"Loki, what's wrong?" Angel asked after her and Eisa helped Clint and Natasha move to a pair of chairs.

"The chocolates are laced with a potion. Something to weaken us with illness," Loki glared down at the box. It was a mortal potion, but it was one of the few that would have an effect on him. Summoning the map to him Loki searched it. Steve, Bruce, and Thor were in the Great Hall eating with the staff and students. But as his eyes drifted to the dungeons Loki noticed the large number of students gathered in one room. His eyes widen when he saw Tony listed as being with them, "The students Amora has serving her have captured Stark," He then turned to Angel, "Amora will strike tomorrow. Of this I am certain of."

"Then it's time to get those not fighting her out of the school," Angel said, agreeing with his unspoken thought, "Eisa and I will go to the Great Hall and alert the staff. Then I will lead the younger students to the passage and to Hogsmeade," With that said Angel and Eisa hurried from the room to do as they had agree to.

"You know what this means Loki," Natasha sighed, trying to recover as quickly as possible in case something else happened.

Loki sighed wearily, "Yes. We will have to take great care during the battle to ensure those fighting for Amora aren't injured in battle," There was a chance that some of them were under Amora's influence. But there was also the chance that those students believed whatever lies and promises Amora had spoken to them. Those students would be dealt with later. Right now Loki had to make sure Angel and those not fighting escaped, he had to save Stark from the students (a fact that did amuse Loki slightly), and if possible Loki would try to capture as many of those working for Amora as he could before they would escape to where ever Amora was hiding to alert her that they had failed to weaken the Avengers. Loki was not happy with this but he knew they had no choice, "Fenrir come with me. We had better get Stark back and see to these students before they can get away."

Fenrir was on his feet and following Loki out the door, feeling just as unhappy as his father but ready for the long battle ahead of them.

"Harry, aren't you going with your mother?" Clint asked.

Harry shook his head, "I'm staying to help fight. Dad and mum have acknowledged that I won't leave. Same goes for Hermione and Ron."

Natasha gave Harry a small smile, "Your parents must hate how you are like them."

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