I'll die before I lose you again

The Battle part 1

Amora stood at the edge of the forest staring at the castle. The night before half of the students she had tricked into helping her had run to the forest and reported that their attempt to capture and weaken Loki and the others had failed. Disappointing, but Amora knew better then to believe that a bunch of mortal children could fool Loki for long. Turning she looked at the nervous students who had escaped the school and teachers to join her. They clearly were not comfortable working with Death Eaters but wanted what was promised to them. The Death Eaters were also nervous. It seemed just about all of them had worshiped Loki for many generation of their families. Further into the forest were the beast that Amora had collected but not used yet.

"Princess Angel may have bested one dragon but with her current state she will be unable to aid against the remaining dragon." Amora planned to keep as many as possible busy with the dragon as it would pose the greatest threat to everyone. Of course with the Hulk on the field a dragon might not be able to stay standing under that monsters brute strength. There was also the Inferi Amora still had waiting to be used. She had a few other things to call upon once the battle began. She just needed Loki and all those fighting alongside him kept busy till she reached the core.

"The last of the Death Eaters have arrived and are awaiting your order." Skurge informed her as he came to stand behind her.

Amora turned to him with a smirk. "Good. I grow bored waiting." She then headed for the small clearing where the Death Eaters and students were gathered in.


Tony let out a loud yawn as he stretched. With Amora bound to attack shortly Tony had been forced to get up far earlier then he normal would've and since he hadn't been able to get much sleep the night before due to slight paranoia he hadn't gotten much sleep. Looking over at Harry and his friends Tony let out a small sigh. He'd argued over Harry and them being there but in the end it was clear that Harry and his friends would find a way to be there with or without their permission. He wasn't happy about it but there was little he could do.

"What is he doing here?" Loki asked as he walked over to Tony, his eye focused on a male third year Slytherin.

"Who?" Tony looked but couldn't place the face.

"The Malfoy boy. I would've thought that boy would've taking the chance to slip away with Angel and the younger students. And yet there he sits as if he truly plans to join us in battle."

Tony spotted the boy in question before shrugging. "Well he did give us the heads up about those Death guys. Maybe he is on our side after all."

"Or he is simply is hoping that he can save himself this way." Loki shook his head. "I suppose we will know his heart after the battle." Loki then lead Tony, who was starting to doze off on his feet over to the staff table were a couple pots of coffee were waiting for those who need it.


Angel glanced out the window of her room at the Three Broomstick at Hogwarts. She could tell that the battle had yet to start and that both worried and relived her. For it meant her family was safe but that at any moment the battle could begin. Turning from the window Angel left the room and headed down to the tavern part of the building, where the students she had been giving charge of were attempting to eat. Attempting being the right word as many were too worried about what was going on at the school and how if it fell they could be attacked before they know what had happened.

Knowing she couldn't leave them focusing on the battle so she clapped her hands together to draw attention to her.

"Alright everyone, we are going to be here for a while. So we cannot just sit around worrying ourselves into Grey hairs. The days before we left the castle I took some time to gather a bunch of challenging questions and puzzles for everyone to try their hands at. The topics of each are varies subjects from school. You can team up with each other but I expect each team to at least have one person from each house." There were groans at that. "No, no groaning. This whole thing about how it's every house more or less against the others needs to stop right now. Do you think Amora would care whose houses you are in at school? Or which houses you do not have anything to do with? She won't. And neither will anyone else out there, other than the fact that they will see that you don't get along with certain people. You are all allowing the problems of people who lived long before any of you were born dictate who you are and who you befriend."

"But this is how it's always been." A Ravenclaw girl said.

"That doesn't make it right. After all how many of you have been raised to believe that Loki would never be with someone like me?" Angel watched as many hands slowly were raised. "And yet he could not be happier. We have one child and another on the way because we chose to ignore the people saying we shouldn't be together. There was even a family that tried to kill me just so Loki wouldn't be with me, the 'wrong woman'. And we are happy together. Yes, admittedly we had a lot of bad luck in the past but since we found each other again things have been great." Angel looked at each of them. "The person who could make you happiest could be in the house you have been ignoring. Your future best friend could be there. And so, you will all be teaming up and working together with members of each house. And just so you guys know, yes you all have to agree on the answer before submitting it and the games will not advance until you have handed in a paper in which each of you have sign your name stating the answer on the paper is what you all agree on. So, build your teams and no you cannot have more people from other houses and only a few of others. Balance it out people."

Slowly the students started to get up and ask if other people wanted to join their team. Though most of them clearly weren't happy with it Angel was sure they would thank her one day.


Loki stood outside the castle, facing the Dark Forest. Behind him the Avengers, the Hogwarts Staff, and of course the students that were fighting with them were waiting for the battle to begin. Loki was glad that some people had formed teams. Harry would be fighting alongside Loki, after being made to promise to both his parents that he would stay with his father; Ron would be fighting alongside Eisa and Darcy, who Loki still couldn't believe that he had forgotten that she was still at the school with Jane. Bruce was going to try to work alongside Natasha. Jane would be working with Neville and Jormungandr. Hermione would be paired with Draco. Tony and Steve had teamed up with each other. And Thor would be fighting by himself. The teams had been easy to put together, more or less. Harry and his friends needed to stay with someone who could protect them. But since Hermione had a better understanding of defensive and offensive spells she was allow to team up with one of the other students. She'd picked Draco and told him,

"When this is over I plan to punch you."

And Draco had merely nodded his acceptance of that. Loki figured that Draco didn't believe that she'd really hit him. Loki knew better then to believe that. Loki also asked Fenrir to join up with them since Fenrir had seemed to work well with Hermione against the Inferi. Loki had questioned Hermione why she chose to pair with Draco she told him that she was doing it to make sure he wasn't going to betray them during the battle. For since Malfoy's is a Death Eater and there for Draco being with them could be part of Amora's plans. Loki could see the wisdom in her choice, and with Fenrir at her side if Draco turned out to be there to stab them in the back then at least she wouldn't be alone.

Natasha had developed a way to help calm the Hulk after a battle that everyone called a "lullaby" and the Hulk seemed to react well to her so she was paired with Bruce to ensure the Hulk only attacked those that were acceptable targets.

Ron had opted to join up with Eisa and Darcy because he knew of Eisa's powerful magic and he'd heard of Darcy's taser and what it did to Snape. So he figured the safest place to be in the fight would be with them.

Jane was paired with Neville when he joined the list of students battling and Loki asked Jormungandr to fight along side them to ensure nothing happened to either of them. Thor would kill Loki if anything happened to Jane and both Angel and himself liked Neville.

Tony and Steve decided to work together for some reason Loki couldn't work out because as far as Loki knew the two still fought with each other. Yet oddly they could work perfectly while in the mist of battle as if they didn't argue the rest of the time.

"It's not too late Harry. I can still transport you to you mother." Loki offered.

Harry gave him a nervous smile. "I'm not going anywhere dad."

Loki chuckled. "Are we sure a little of Thor didn't get into you?" He joked before looking to the forest, where Amora was standing. "It would seem she is ready."

From the forest behind Amora came the students she had tricked and bewitched. Then came the Death Eaters and Skruge. A large number of Inferi were next along with trolls. Loki's heart almost stopped when a Hebridean Black dragon rose from some where in the forest and let out a loud roar. The one Angel had killed had been female, this one was clearly male and unless Amora was being unusually kind in battle this had to be the mate. Loki cast a look to Bruce who gave him a nod once their eyes met. Bruce would fight the dragon and keep it from reaching the others.

Everything would be alright as long as that dragon was kept away from everyone else. Loki was going to personally deal with Amora while Harry watched his back.

"This doesn't have to be this way Loki." Amora was using her magic to project her voice. "I care not for your mortal wife. What I want is in the castle and you will not stop me. So why fight me? We could share the power."

Loki gave her a smile that didn't meet his eyes. "Your puppets attacked my family, attacked my friends." Loki ignored the surprised looks he got from calling the Avengers friends. "If you take the core then Hogwarts will fall. I will not allow you to destroy everything I have created and gained. If you want the core then you will have to go through me."

Amora's look turned dark. "Gladly."

With that said Amora's army charged and in turn Hogwarts' army charged. Bruce transformed into the Hulk with a roar and jumped at the dragon, dragging it down to the ground as it whipped it's tail against Hulk's back. Ron, Eisa, and Darcy targeted the trolls along with Thor. Jane, Neville, and Jormungandr attacked the infer along with Fenrir, Hermione, and Draco. Tony and Steve went after the Death Eaters while the staff and students went after the students that had joined Amora. And Clint would hit whatever creatures and Death Eaters he could from one of the castle's towers, his arrows having been enchanted to reappear in his quiver thanks to Loki.


The Hulk's roar was loud enough to reach Angel and the students in Hogsmead and the students were terrified.

"What was that?" One girl asked.

"Could that have been a troll? What if the battle comes here?" A boy asked.

"Everyone settle down. I know that sound well enough to place it even from this distance. That is the Hulk. One of the muggle heroes who fought against Loki when he invaded New York and the Hulk is on our side. I should know, I've made sure he and Tony eat after all day science binges." Angel assured them.

"The Hulk?" As a guy who clearly came from an all magical family.

Angel took a moment to think how to explained it. "The Hulk can be described as being similar to a troll, but not as stupid or smelly. The Hulk can tell friend from foe to a point." When she noticed the students were getting scared Angel gave them a gentle smile. "How many of you remember the red haired woman Natasha who came with my family to Hogwarts?" When just about everyone raised their hands Angel continued. "Well she has grown close to the Hulk and in turned developed a way to calm him. Once calm, the Hulk transforms back into the man that he truly is."

"You mean one of those muggles is a werewolf?" One girl asked in shock.

Angel shook her head. "No. Though the change can be view as similar what happens to Bruce Banner is not the same as a werewolf. For starters the Hulk can not infect anyone with what he is."

"Wait Banner? As in the quiet man with glasses?" Asked Ginny.

Angel smiled at her. "You would never know he had something like the Hulk inside of him. Bruce is a quiet man who keeps his head down because stress and anger are what can cause the Hulk to appear without Bruce's wishes. But don't worry, Bruce has spent much time learning how to control when he changes." She assured them.


The dragon roared as the weight of the Hulk dragged it down to the ground, it's arrow tipped tail slamming into Hulk's side in an attempt to force him to let go.

A few feet from the dragon and Hulk Ron, Darcy, and Eisa were doing battle with the trolls. Ron clumsily dodging between their legs and clubs. Darcy was a little more graceful then Ron but not by much as she swung a magical sword Loki had given her before the battle. Eisa did what she could to keep the trolls focused on her as she blasted tongues of fire into each trolls' face. Thor was happy to be fighting with one of his nieces at his side as he smashed trolls with his hammer and the occasional lightning strike when he was sure no one else was in range of it. He didn't even mind when Skruge pelt at him in an attempt to capture him.

Jane was using her electric baton against the Inferi while Neville, Hermione, and Draco used the incendiary spell to ignite as many as they could while Jormungandr batted them away with his head and tail, every now and then snapping some in half with his mouth.

Steve and Tony where bashing and blasted Death Eaters away from the students while also dodging spells throw at them. The two were making sure to simply knock each Death Eater out so that they could be arrested later. For that reason Tony's replusors were set to 'stun' and Steve had quickly learned that his shield was able to block against spells so he made sure to block as much as he could to reduce the chance of a student, or a teammate, getting hit with them.

Loki and Harry were locked in battle with Amora. Loki kept most of her focus on him while Harry kept a fair distance back, just enough to give him time to dodge but close enough that he could aim his spells easily enough. All the spells Harry was using were wandless ones that Loki had taught him over the Christmas holiday seeing how there would be little chance he would be able to hold onto his wand in the current battle.

"This is pure foolishness Loki. One way or another I will get that core!" Amora growled.

Loki gave her a smirk. "Your army is already failing to do as you had hoped it would Amora." He dodged a ball of fire. "You still have a long way to go before you can best me with magic." Loki sent a blast of magic, knocking Amora back a few feet.

"Brother, do you and your son require any aid?" Thor called as he wrestled with Skruge.

"No uncle Thor! I think we can manage on our own." Harry called as he tried to stun Amora but missed and hit a Death Eater that was about to attack Steve.

Steve, who turned when the spell hit turned to glance at Harry and gave him a quick nod of thanks before punching one Death Eater in the face. That Death Eater had been heading towards Draco, and when that Death Eater was punched their hood fell back and Steve noticed unusually long, platinum blond hair. Shrugging it off Steve made sure that Death Eater wasn't about to get back up any time soon before turning back to the fight.

Draco had noticed a Death Eater coming towards him. When that Death Eater's hood fell off Draco knew it had been his father, knew his father had spotted him and was trying to get his son away from the battle to be dealt with later. He had thought he would be scared and upset with himself when this happened, but now that it had happened Draco found he felt nothing. He just turned and went back to the fight.

Hermione had noticed the Death Eater that had been heading for Draco. She'd heard the stories about the Malfoy being connected to Death Eaters as well as seen the Death Eater's blond hair. She put two and two together easy enough. Mr. Malfoy had been that Death Eater and was coming to force Draco to stop helping protect Hogwarts. She also took note that Draco hadn't really reacted much when he saw his father go down. Did this mean he had truly sided with them? Or was it a trick? Hermione would be sure to look into this later, not in the middle of a battle.

Tony had to blast an Inferi away from him when it broke away from the others and wandered too close to him and Steve.

"So, I think we can chalk this up to the wildest battle to date." Tony called to Steve.

Steve shook his head. "I don't know. I'm pretty sure this might only be second wildest. After all how can this beat the Chitauri?"

Tony shrugged. "Ok. You may have a point. After all there are no Mega Whales flying about. Or should I count a dragon in the same category?"

Steve rolled his eyes. "I've stopped trying to categorize the nonhumans we fight." Steve tossed his shield at the legs of one of the students working for Amora, causing them to fall backwards, likely with some fracturing, before a teacher used magic to bind that student.

"Think Big Brother would love this?" Tony asked, picturing Fury trying to keep order among a bunch of wizards and witches.

"Tony I think that would be cruel and torture for him." Steve said before realizing what Tony was thinking. "No Tony. I'm pretty sure there are rules to this world that will come back to haunt you if you tell people about this world."

Tony shrugged. After all it wouldn't be the first time something he did haunted him. After all there were those overly clinging twins from Russia he had spent a few weeks with. They had been great in bed and smarter then most models he had ever been with. But after a week or so they started to talk about moving in with him and how he'd need a bigger bed. He'd gone along with it for the most part since he was enjoying himself, but the second he had heard them talking about where people could marry more then one person legally and who would marry him if they both couldn't he had ended it. No way was he gonna be tied to a pair of Russian models. But then the two had gone all crazy and started telling everyone they were pregnant with his children. Tony had gone into hiding for six months before confronting them, in front of cameras and asking why, if they were pregnant didn't they look it after six months. After that and a restraining order the two were out of his life forever.

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