I'll die before I lose you again

The Dursley's home part 2

Tony let out a disbelieving chuckle. "Have you been living under a rock or something?" He asked with a raised brow. "You really don't remember the battle of New York over two years ago?" At Marge's annoyed look Tony turned to the team. "Just when you think this family can't get any weirder," Marge looked ready to explode.

"You'd best start explaining what is going on here or I will call the police!" Marge barked. Her dog, Ripper was snapping at Loki.

"Call off that beast or I will deal with it myself," Loki warned.

"You will not touch him," Marge growled. Loki narrowed his eyes at Ripper, who then whimpered, turned and ran over to Marge.

"Do you wish to know what is going on? I'll tell you," Angel brushed some hair from her face and removed Loki's arm from around her. "About twelve years ago I gave birth to Harry over there." Angel waved towards Harry, a warm smile on her face. "To my horror however when he was a month old our home was attacked. My husband was back in Asgard, tending to some matters. Alone I was unable to protect our son. I have no idea who it was that attacked but I was knocked out and when I awoke our home was almost completely gone, Harry was missing, and Loki didn't return to me." At Marge's confused and unimpressed expression Angel let out a huff of annoyance. "You don't know Asgard? The home realm of the gods in Norse stories of old?"

"Don't be absurd. There are no such things," Angel wanted to strangle the woman.

"Yeah and that guy doesn't turn into a large green rage monster who smashes stuff," Angel snapped waving over to Bruce who stared at Angel in disbelief. Tony however gave a loud laugh. Marge however looks about the room looking like she's considering calling the nearest asylum.

"Haven't you ever heard of the Avengers?" Angel asked in desperation.

"Oh them," Marge said is disgust. "Disgraces to society and humanity," Just about everyone erupted in outrage.

"No one's more a disgrace to society then people who abuse children," Clint growled.

"From the sounds of things my brother was well with in his right to beat that freak!" Marge appeared oblivious of the dark looks Loki, Angel, and Thor were giving her. However she did notice the gathering of magic around Loki's hands.

"What were told about watching what you say?" Loki asked before pinning Marge to her chair with his magic. She squealed like a pig.

"Vernon! Do something!" Marge demanded.

Angel glanced over at Harry and quickly placed a hand on Loki's arm. "Maybe we should take Harry to pack his things and let the team take care of things here," She suggested. Loki looked over to Harry and noticed the slightly scared expression on his face.

"Yes. I believe you are right. I have had my fill of the people in this room. Come along Harry. We best get your things ready," Harry was slow to leave the kitchen, but once out in the hall he lead the way to his room.

"Alright then, I'll take big girl here and tell her everything. You guys deal with these morons," Tony declared as he grabbed Marge's arm and escorted her into the living room.

Angel and Loki were standing in Harry's room helping him pack his things."Could there be a room worse than this?" Loki asked himself.

"He did live in that little cupboard under the stairs for years before he got his first letter and those people moved him up here," Angel informed him. Loki looked ready to storm downstairs and murder the two people who hurt his son. "Loki, they will be dealt with in time. For now we should focus on getting his stuff and getting him out of here," Angel reminded him.

"This is really happening?" Harry asked after picking up a couple books. "Yes Harry. After today you will never have to think of those people down there," Angel promised.

Harry couldn't help but smile at Angel. He didn't know if anything they had told him was true but Angel seemed like a good person. "Are you really a god?" Harry asked Loki.

Loki gave Harry a smirk while Angel let out a groan. "Please don't inflate that ego anymore than it already is," She whined. Loki laughed and Harry smiled.

Setting his books in his trunk Harry stopped to look at a broken plane, His mind going to his cousin. "What's going to happen to Dudley?" He asked.

Loki let out a sigh. "Your mother is having us take him with us. We are to become his guardians." Angel raised a brow at Loki's behavior.

"Forgive me for having a heart," She scoffed before turning to Harry. "I believe he can change if given a chance and the right people. He is spoiled and raised to hate those who are different. We can help break those teachings." At Harry's unsure look Angel sighed. "I won't see him sent to an orphanage just because his parents are heartless bastards," Angel quickly folded Harry's robe, smiling at the patch showing his house. "Loki, look, Gryffindor," She held it up for him to see.

Loki smiled. "A fine house for the brave at heart," He commented. "I wonder what else he inherited from us," He whispered to himself.

"Loki don't mumble," Angel scolded. Loki just chuckled, knowing she was teasing him.

"I'm going to grab Dudley and inform him of the change in home." Angel gave Harry's forehead a quick kiss as she pasted him.

"Don't I get one?" Loki asked. Angel smiled at him. "Maybe next time," She laughed as she dodged his arms and ran out of the room.

Angel could hear the shouts from both the kitchen and the living room as she walked down the stairs. She couldn't hear much from living room. However she did hear Marge shouting something she believed was, "How dare you, you no good bloody drunk!" Entering the kitchen she found Vernon Dursley pinned to a wall by Thor. The lawyers were talking with Natasha and Clint, clearly going out of their way not to see anything happening around them. Steve was trying to get Mrs. Dursley to see that what she had done to Harry was wrong. Dudley was sitting in the corner of the room on the floor, closest to her looking scared, his arms somehow wrapped around his flabby knees so he looked even more like a ball.

"QUIET!" She yelled, making everyone stop and look at her. Angel walked over to the lawyers and took from them a paper. She then walked over to Dudley. "Since your parents are going to jail and you are underage guardianship of you is going to fall upon my husband and myself. What this means is that you are going to be coming with us." At Angel's words both of Dudley's parents freaked out.

"You will not be taking him! I won't have him living with freaks!" Mrs. Dursley screamed at Angel.

"I would sooner die then let him go with you." Vernon growled.

"That could be arranged." Thor growled out between clenched teeth.

"Thor killing him will just make things worse for us. Best to let the law handle them." Angel sighed and turned back to Dudley.

"I don't want to live with you." Dudley had tried to go for brave but it came out a whisper.

Angel approached him, "Either we take you in or you go to an orphanage." She said to him. "And take my word for it; you would be ten times more miserable in an orphanage."

"I need to pack my stuff, all of it," He said.

"You can have two cases for clothes, toys and books," Angel said.

"That's not fair," Dudley said.

"Life isn't fair," She replied. "Go on now."

Loki could see Harry straining his ears to hear what was being said down stairs. With a flick of his wrist the door shut, cutting off the noise. Harry gaped at Loki. "You can do magic without a wand?" Loki smirked at Harry.

"Would you care to learn?" At Harry's shocked look Loki chuckled. "Most mortals believe they cannot do magic without a wand, most are correct. But there are those with enough magic to do so without a wand." Loki raised a brow at the size of a pair of sweatpants he'd just picked up before throwing them away. "Now even if you weren't one of those people you are still my son and there for able to use magic without a wand, or even those silly words."

"Really?" Harry asked, not fully believing it. "So everything I've learned at Hogwarts can be thrown out the window?"

"Well it will take some time for you to learn it all, but yes. I'll teach you all I know." Loki had always planned to teach Harry his magic. From the moment Harry had been born he was showing signs of magic, a fact that made Loki and Angel very proud.

Both Harry and Loki looked to the door as the sound of heavy footsteps race past the room before the door opened and Angel stepped in. "Dudley decided that living with us was better than in an orphanage." She explained at their strange looks.

"You really know how to talk someone into something." Loki joked. Angel threw a pillow at him, hitting him right in the face. Harry laughed at the two, feeling a sense of family he hadn't felt since Hogwarts "Hurry up you two. I want to get out of this house before someone downstairs kills a Durlsey." It took 15 minutes and a threat from Loki to Dudley but finally they were all back in the kitchen.

"I refuse to allow you to take my son!" Vernon roared, there was a clear black eye forming over his left one.

Angel went to say something but was shoved aside as Marge entered the room. "Vernon can you believe what they are say?" She cried.

"It's the truth. Your belief means nothing to us." Loki informed her, earning a death glare from her.

"Aliens, gods, magic. Nothing but freaks, weirdoes, and abominations what all of you are." Marge glared at each Avenger, Loki, Angel, and Harry. "And now you seek to corrupt my nephew. I will see each one of you shot."

"Shut up." Harry snapped at her. Loki put a hand on his son's shoulder.

"How dare you speak to me like that? When I am through with all of you, you will be lucky if you land on the street." Marge snapped back.

Loki tightened his hold on Harry's shoulder slightly. He could sense the buildup of magic and was unsure if he should put a stop to it. "No one is going to listen to a word you say by the time we get through exposing this family, you little" Angel was cut off when Marge slapped her, unsteadying the woman and making her land on her bottom.
Loki quickly moved to his wife's side, helping her sit back up and resting his cool hand against her sore cheek. "Are you alright, Love?"

"Loki I'm fine." Angel assured him before turning to glare at Marge. Her eyes widen at what she saw. "Loki!"

Said person turned and bit back a laugh as he noticed Marge was swelling up like a balloon. "We'd best get out of here." He quickly whispered before grabbing Angel and Harry and racing for the door. One thing was certain; Loki didn't think he could be any prouder of Harry at that moment.

It had taken several hours to get everyone loaded up into Tony's jet, fly back to America, get to New York, and finally to the tower but finally they were home. And Harry was show his room

"Wow." Harry breathed as he entered his room. it was easily three times the size of the his old room at the Dursley's with cream color walls, dark wood floor, a window that took up a whole wall, and a large queen size bed.

"Now we can get this decorated the way you want it. In fact if you have an idea how you want the room then we can get it done while we take you shopping tomorrow," Angel said.

Harry turned to Angel with wide eyes. "You mean this is all for me?" He asked.

Loki chuckled. "Yes. This is your own room. No one will share with you unless you want them to." Harry still didn't seem to believe it.

"Now Harry that door is your bathroom." Angel pointed to the far door on the left of the room. "And the one over there is a walk in closet." She pointed to the door on the right.

"I have a walk in closet and a bathroom?" Harry asked in shock before going to check them out, Loki spoke when his son was out of earshot.

"Oh I have missed being a father." Loki wrapped his arm around Angel and kissed her. Angel smiled into his lips and gently pushed away.

"Loki we still need to come out publicly before someone starts spinning tales about Harry and us. Also we need to speak with a certain someone to inform him we are alive." She reminded him.

Loki sighed. "So we're not reliving our wedding night then?" He asked, getting a swat "Alright. After we take Harry shopping we can go and deal with all that. I promise."

The following day Angel and Loki took Harry shopping while decorators decorated his room the way he had asked for it. Dudley was left with Clint and Natasha to begin breaking him of all that his parents had taught him in a very non-violent way. There were a few colorful phone calls from the two complaining how much whining Dudley was doing and how badly they wanted to kill him. When Angel and Loki retuned they found Dudley sweeping up the remains of a vase he tried to throw at Natasha who had dodged it.

"Harry your mother and I need to go take care of a few errands. We're going to leave you with" Loki paused and looked at the team. "The Captain. will be in charge of you."

"Hey I can look after your mini-me." Tony shouted from the bar.

"I barely believe you can look after yourself." Loki turned to Angel as she joined him in the living room. "Who are we leaving Harry with?" He asked her. "Tony or Steve, I do not wish to start conflict."

"Steve." She answered without missing a beat. Tony pouted. "However, this not wanting to start conflict bit is new," She smirked. He smiled.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked them.

"We are going to let the man that took you to the Potters know that we didn't die and that you are now safe and sound with us." Angel answered and kissed his forehead. "We'll be back as soon as we can. I promise." Harry gave her a tight hug then ran over and gave one to Loki.

"We'll see you when we return." He promised before turning to Steve. "Do not leave him with Stark." He ordered to which Steve nodded.

It had taken two hours to track down but when Loki found him he teleported them both right to him the tension in the room when Loki and Angel appeared couldn't have been thicker as the two sat down in the chairs Loki summoned mere seconds after arriving. They stared at the man across from them for a moment as he stared between the two. "Angel? Loki? I do not understand?" He asked.

"You should check people are dead before you take their children Albus," Angel said angrily, crossing her arms.

The old man swallowed. "Please. I meant no harm. I thought you were both lost to us. When I found your son I only did what I thought best for the boy," He defended.

"And when the Potters died you left him with the monsters that Lily Potter was forced to call family. Do you have any idea what they put him through?" Angel demanded.

"I know he faced the hardships of a child without family." Albus began.

"Try again," Loki tossed the stack of photos used against the Dursleys on to the desk. Albus looked at each one in shock.

"And that was just in the months after he returned from his second year," Angel's voice was low in warning.

"Tell me. Did you bother sending anyone to check on the boy at all?" Loki asked.

"There was a squib I place not far from him. They would leave him with her. Why would she not report this to me?" Albus asked himself.

"That is because she did not know. She only saw him once in a while. And they most likely made sure he hid the marks and pain from her." Loki answered.

Albus set the photos down and let out a heavy sigh. "I swear to you, if I had known. Harry never said anything."

Angel leaned forward. "Victims, who have suffered for years in this way, rarely talk. They accept it because there has been no one to tell them it's wrong. No one is there to stop it. Harry didn't say anything, because he figured no one would do anything." She answered.

Albus nodded sadly. "We best get him away from that family then and back with you two."

Loki chuckled. "Already done Albus. Did you really think we wouldn't go after our child?" Loki asked. "He's safe with Midgard's most powerful Muggles in the nine realms and Thor himself. And while my dear brother may be an oaf he has plowed his way through entire armies with a hammer."

"Bye Albus," Angel said, and the two teleported away.

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