I'll die before I lose you again

Shopping with Harry and heading to Hogwarts

Angel and Loki were pretty angry when they returned to the tower. They had hoped the trip to deal with all those at fault for Harry's suffering would be a quick one. Sadly they ended up away for a whole day. The last person they had to deal with was the Minister of Magic. Angel had wanted to know why Harry was left with Lily's sister, since as far as she and Loki knew Lily would rather become a Death Eater then leave the child with her sister. The two, thanks to the goblins following Loki's orders found out that the Potter will was suppressed by the Minister shortly after their deaths. The will clearly labeled several dozen people Harry was supposed to go to in the event that they could no longer care for him. There was even a letter being held for Albus informing him that they had gone with a different Secret Keep then the one they had talked about. Even gave the guy's name in the event that they were betrayed. Worst part was when they demanded James Potter's best friend to be released they learned he had escaped and was believed to have gone mad. Thankfully one look at Harry playing board games with the team was enough to relax them both.

"So the real traitor's dead and thought of as a hero while the best friend who was blamed is crazy and running around. That right?" Tony asked after listening to Loki and Angel, as they explained what had happened. Harry and Dudley had long since gone to bed.

"Yes." Loki sighed.

"He is believed to be crazy. Since everyone thought him mad before he got locked up we can't know for sure if he truly has gone mad." Angel pointed out.

"We better find him then. If the magical world thinks he's mad then they might try to capture him and if he defends himself we might not be able to get to him before he hurts someone and he is sent back to jail for it." Steve stood, ready to begin looking.

"I don't think we need to look. I think he might come to us." Even Loki was confused by Angel's words.

"How so?" Bruce asked. "From what I heard before breaking out Sirius Black had read a newspaper and began muttering 'He's at Hogwarts' everyone believes he is going after Harry." Loki was now glaring at Angel.

"Are you trying to suggest we use Harry as bait?" Loki asked his wife.

Angel rolled her eyes. "No silly! I'm suggesting we go with him to Hogwarts and look for Sirius there."

Everyone was silent for several seconds. "Oh? Well that does sound like a good idea. It has been some time since I last stepped foot in that castle." Loki commented.

"If we can find him and get him to give himself up we can learn what his plan is and why he's after Harry." Steve said. Angel rolled her eyes at Steve but made no comment as to the fact that there was no proof that Harry was the target.

"I'm for it. I've always wanted to see if witches really wear those pointy hats." Tony joked.

"If you plan to take your armor with you then I had better help you adjust it so that the magical energies of the Wizarding world doesn't cause it to blow up on you." Loki said, Tony appeared to be torn between accusing Loki of lying and believing him.

The following morning Angel and Loki informed Harry that they were going with him to Hogwarts as they sat in the kitchen. "You're coming to my school?" Harry was shocked by the news.

"Harry there's someone making their way to Hogwarts who we need to find and question. However this person has no reason to come forward and speak willing to us or even trust us. The only hope we have of getting to them is to go to your school with you." Angel explained.

"And it won't just be your mother. A few of the Avengers and I will be joining her." Loki added. Harry seemed a little worried for a moment. Then he nodded.

Dudley snorted. "Freaks going to freak school." He mumbled into his bowl, earning a slap upside the head from Natasha.

"Don't forget Dudley that you live with those freaks and will continue to live with us until you get a job and move out only your own." Angel reminded him.

"Just you wait; I'll have more money than him!" Dudley shouted while pointing at Tony.

Tony let out a laugh. "Yeah, sure you will. Hey kid, what is 7 times 23?" Tony asked him.

Dudley opened his mouth to answer then stopped and thought on the questions. Everyone waited for six minutes as Dudley thought on the question. "I don't have to answer that!" He snapped, making everyone laugh.

Later that day Loki and Angel took Harry shopping for school stuff. Harry had warned everyone to stay out of his room as well as to not touch the book bound by a belt. Not three minutes after they arrived outside the leaky cauldron they got a call from Tony shouting about an evil book that was trying to eat him and Thor. Loki had chuckled and told them to stroke the spine, and then rebind the book. Angel was looking forward to watching the footage when she got home.

Entering Diagon Alley Angel could hardly wait to enter the shops and look at how much had changed since her last visit.

"Angel dear, don't forget we need to take turns wandering off to look for you-know-what's." Loki whispered to her. Before leaving the tower Loki and Angel had come up with a plan to buy presents for Harry. Back at the tower they knew everyone was decorating for the surprise party they were going to throw for Harry. Dudley had complained that Harry didn't deserve a party or presents. He was sent to his room to moan to JARVIS who put the cameras on his room on silence.

"Don't worry Loki, I remember. I won't forget something so important." She whispered back.

Angel wasn't as quite as she had hoped she was. "What's important?" He asked looking between the two.

"We have a few things we want to look at while we're here so your mother and I might wander off for a little while. Nothing you need worry about." Loki answered.

To keep Harry from asking questions Angel lead him over to one of the shops while she looked over his list.

Loki slowly fell behind as the two headed for Flourish and Blotts. By the time the door to the shop had closed Loki had disappeared into the crowd. He had half an hour to look for something before he would have to return so Angel could look for a gift idea. Loki's first stop was the Eeylops Owl Emporium. He knew Harry loved Hedwig but he couldn't help but feel his son needed another animal he could have that same closeness with.

He quickly ruled out birds as he didn't want to cause a fight between Hedwig and any birds he bought. Harry had told him that Hedwig seemed to look at other birds at school with something like annoyance from time to time. A cat would be nice for Harry, but Loki didn't want a creature of Freya in the same house of Thor, bad blood. He walked right past the toads. The memory of the toad prank gone wrong still haunted him. It had been funny for the first half of the day when he filled the first floor of the palace, but that night when he had to sleep in a different room on the second floor one of the toads he had missed during cleanup had gotten into his bed as well as into his pajama bottoms. Since that day Loki hasn't been able to look at a toad without squirming. He also lost the willingness to sleep in clothes.

"Can I help you?" The shopkeeper asked as she approached him.

"I want to get my son a gift but it has to be something special. No cats, birds, toads, or rat," Loki answered, still looking around.

The shopkeeper raised a brow. "Special? How old is your son?"

"He's three and ten," Loki answered as he looked into a cage with what looked like a furry turtle.

"Well I'm sure we can find something for him. Perhaps over here sir," Loki was lead further into the shop to some of the more unique animals.

Back in Flourish and Blotts Angel and Harry had grabbed everything he needed for school and were now looking through books that caught their attention. Angel was encouraging Harry to get the books he wanted to read, even for him to study before school starts.

"Will you help me?" Harry asked her.

"Of course, your father and I will be more than happy to help you study. Loki will be most excited to teach you everything he knows and I can help you with reviewing stuff. Anything you want." Angel promised.

Harry grabbed a few slightly advance spell books and added them to his pile before hurrying off for more. Angel chuckled. "His father's love for learning." She mused.

Loki was squatting before a cage at the very back of Eeylops Owl Emporium eyeing a animal. The shopkeeper was standing nervously off to the side.

Loki smiled. "I almost don't believe what I'm seeing, how are you Fenrir?" The animal was a large black wolf with gold color eyes. The large cage appeared slightly small for the large wolf. It was only slightly smaller than a horse. Loki slid a hand through the bars of the cage, causing the shopkeeper to freak.

"Sir don't do that! It'll rip your hand off! It's a living Dire-Wolf!" They stopped talking as the wolf began licking Loki's palm. "How?"

Two-Hundred years ago Loki had an arranged marriage to a witch by the name of Angrboda. Angrboda was beautiful, with hair like spun gold and eyes the color of the summer sky, but unkind. She had experimented on the two sons they had together, trying to get them to have Loki's skin-changing abilities. Fenrir had turned into a Dire-Wolf permanently, Jorgumundr had turned into a great sea serpent, and Odin declared both monsters and banished them to Midgard. Then Angrboda had Hela, a beautiful and deformed girl, in a harried attempt to fix her she deformed Hela even more. Hela now ruled the Underworld, the Queen of death. Half of her body was decayed, gray and skeletal. The other half was shining, healthy and fair. After Hela was born Odin declared Angrboda a demon-witch and executed her. Loki had not seen any of his children in years.

Loki chuckled. "Perhaps he just hasn't found the one he likes." He suggested before removing his hand and standing. "My son will love him. I need him delivered, can you arrange that? I'd rather not send him there now since there was already some amusing trouble with the Monster book of Monsters between my brother and one of his friends as they didn't listen when my son warned them to stay away from it."

Loki easily slipped into step with Angel who was chuckling in the book store. "What's so amusing?" He asked.

"Look at Harry," Was all that she told him.

Loki turned to look at Harry and his eyes widen slightly. Harry was between two large stacks of book grabbing books and adding them to the stacks. "What brought this on?" He asked her.

"I told him we'd help him study. He clearly has your love for learning." Loki nodded in agreement with her.

"We best stop him before we have to buy the shop." He chuckled as he walked over to Harry.

Loki had to send the books homes while they continued shopping. Angel disappeared while Loki took Harry to the apothecary.

"I have no idea what to get him. What do you buy a thirteen year old who you're still learning his likes and dislikes?" Angel asked herself as she walked down the street. Her feet came to a quick stop outside a Quidditch shop; a smile crept onto her face. "Perfect." She headed into the shop and started looking around for the best gift.

"May I help you ma'am?" A young clerk asked.

"My son is having his thirteenth birthday and I want to get him something special. He loves Quidditch and even plays for his house at school." She answered.

"What position does he play?" The clerk asked as he walked with her through the shop.

"He's the seeker. He got on his team during his first year."

The clerk smiled. "You and your husband must be so proud." He commented before showing her some protective wear.

Back at the apothecary shop Loki was showing Harry some ingredients and teaching him the many different potions they can be used to make.

"You really know a lot about potions." Harry commented.

"Well I've had a long time to study and practice potions. Don't worry, Harry, you'll be just as good as me one day. After all I am going to show you everything I know. Oh Harry keep your hands away from that pink leaf there. You'll get a rash that comes with the most unpleasant of scents that will last for several months." He warned when he noticed Harry's hand was drifting too close to said leaves. Harry quickly pulled his hand back.

"Perhaps your son might like a signed piece of equipment? We have many pieces from many teams to choose from." The clerk suggested to Angel. Angel shook her head.

"My son so far seems more interested in playing at school than anything else. I doubt giving him one of those would interest him much." She sighed.

The clerk also sighed. "I see." He looked thoughtful before walking over to a shelf and pulling out a slightly thick book. "How about this? It's for Seekers, written by some of the best detailing their finest moment, strategies for dodging, even some of the best keep fit plans. The perfect book for a young seeker." Angel took the book and flipped through it, smiling at the pictures taken from matches through the ages.

"Oh he will love this." Angel mused. "Perhaps it could be paired with a little something as well. I don't want to seem like I was cheap to my own child." The clerk smiled and led her to another part of the shop.

Angel was amused to find Loki arguing with the shopkeeper over one of the roots. "What is he doing?" Angel asked Harry as she joined him by the slugs.

"Dad's convinced that the roots in that jar are mislabeled. He's been arguing about it for almost an hour now." Harry was clearly uncomfortable as everyone was starting at Loki.

"I'll take care of this." Angel whispered and walked over to Loki, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Not now Dragon." Loki said after casting a look at her then returning to the argument. "I am telling you that" Loki stopped talking when he realized Angel was beside him. "Hello Angel." He greeted her.

"Loki, let it go. There are more important things in the world then correcting people on roots that are deeply connected to Norse magic." Loki's eyebrows rose slightly.

"You surprise me. I hadn't thought you would recognize it. Seems I taught you better than I thought." He mused.

Angel wrapped a hand around Loki's left arm and dragged him away from the counter. "So much for avoiding conflict." She sighed.

The rest of the shopping past by with little issue as Angel stayed with the two throughout the rest of the trip.

When they got home Harry placed all his school stuff away then followed his parents to one of the lower floors.

"Why are we going down?" Harry asked.

Loki and Angel smiled at him. "You'll see soon enough." Loki told him.

When the elevator doors opened the three stepped out into a dark room. Harry became slightly nervous. "Hello?" He called out.

The lights came on and Harry's eyes widen comically.

"Happy Birthday!" Everyone cheered. Thor walked over and lifted Harry into a bear hug.

"I, I get a party?" Harry asked breathlessly as Thor's hug had been a little too tight.

"Yes you get a party. You'll get a party ever year from now on Harry." Angel answered, leading him over to the couch.

Harry's eyes widen again when he saw the pile of gifts for him.

"Before you ask yes those are for you too." Tony informed him.

Harry looked up at Tony and tried to hold back his laugh. Tony hand bandages over most of his visible skin and the skin that wasn't covered with bandages was bruised. A look at Thor showed similar injuries but they weren't as heavily bandaged.

"You two look great." When Harry heard his mother say that he lost the battle with his laugh, as did everyone in the room.

Three times during the party Dudley had to be stopped from taking most of the cake as well as dragged away from Harry's presents. The one time he didn't get caught he made the mistake of trying to take Loki's gift. Dudley had been lucky not to lose a finger from the great wolf but he didn't escape the scolding he got from the team.

When it came time for the gifts Harry got a lot of interesting things. From Tony he got a robot that would keep his room clean for him as well as every game system on the market. Thor had given Harry a finely crafted sword and promised to teach him how to use it along with an Asgardian wardrobe. Steve gave him a camera and large photo album. Natasha gave Harry a small pile of throwing knives, all the Assassin's Creed games to date. Clint gave Harry a year's worth pass for movies, a nice leather jacket, and a laptop. Bruce gave Harry a stack of science text book, a small collection of science equipment, and a small pile of teas with a tea cup. Harry was shocked at the Dire-Wolf, especially when Loki explained that it was his half-brother. Opening Angel's gift Harry was beside himself when he saw the book but he was over the moon at the new broom she'd gotten him. All in all it was a great party. Everyone was happy when the turned in that night. Even Dudley ended up having a some fun once he stopped misbehaving.

When it finally came time for Harry to returned to school Tony flew the team back to England and got the to the station so everyone could say their goodbyes and make sure Harry knew he could easily come back to the tower for the holidays, a point he stressed a little because he really wanted to have him back for Christmas. Harry told him that he would think about it but wasn't going to promise anything. The team hugged Harry before him and the small group with him headed for the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.

There were many stares as Harry walked along the platform towards the train. The reason was that Angel, Loki, Steve, and Natasha who were carrying bags that clearly weren't meant for any child. On the train Harry sat with Loki and Angel and some man who happened to be asleep. Loki was reading over one of Harry's books, Angel was watching out the window, and Harry was wondering what having his parents at school will be like. As well as how everyone will take to him not really being a Potter. One good thing he was hoping would come out of this year was that Snape would get off his back since Harry wasn't related to James Potter after all. "It's getting dark fast. Bad storm by the looks of it." Angel commented, snapping Harry out of his thoughts.

"Pity Thor isn't here. He could put a stop to it." Loki said offhandedly. The door opened and in walked someone Harry was hoping to avoid seeing with his parents.

"So it's true. Potter's brought some people with him this year." The blond boy sneered, swaggering in. Two large, burly boys were behind him

"Harry who is this boy?" Loki asked, setting the book down.

"That's Malfoy." Harry answered. "Crabbe and Goyle."

"My name is Draco," The blond snapped.

"A Malfoy huh?" Angel asked as she looked him over.

"Looks no different to the last ones we saw," Loki sighed.

"And just who are you supposed to be?" Draco demanded. "I am Loki, of Asgard."

Draco's eyes widen. "Prince Loki!? I, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you," Draco swallowed. "What are you doing with that nothing, Potter?

Angel chuckled and Harry bit his lip to hide his smile. "'That nothing, Potter' as you call him is actually my long lost son," Loki said.

Draco paled so fast it wasn't funny, actually it was funny and Angel started laughing. Draco snapped his eyes to her and glared. "Are you a Muggle? What are you doing here? Your kind isn't allowed here. What idiot let you on the train?" Angel leaned over to him.

"My husband got me cleared to be here," She answered.

"What failure would want to marry you?" Draco asked.

Loki let out a laugh. "I married her," He said, smiling.

"W-what?" Draco asked, clearly confused.

"So to clear it up. You're Loki, I'm your wife Angel, and that is our son Harry who was adopted by the Potters when everyone thought we were no longer alive," Angel pointed to each as she spoke. Harry couldn't breathe as he was laughing too hard, Angel was sniggering and Loki smiled. Draco, to keep from saying anything else left quickly, Crabbe and Goyle following.

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