I'll die before I lose you again

On the train and at Hogwarts

It had been an hour after Draco left and Harry found himself bursting with questions. "How did you both end up being known in the Wizarding world?" He asked out of the blue. The question caught Angel and Loki off guard.

"Oh? We didn't tell you yet, did we?" Angel seemed a little embarrassed.

"Well Harry I have always had a hand in magic. Since I was a child really. When I began travelling the Nine Realms by myself I would often stay for some time and explore the magic that a realm had to offer. But Midgard, though it had magic lacked many of the skills to wield it. I would find myself cringing whenever some Seidhr would try to use their magic to make something happen," Loki explained.

"Seidhr?" Harry asked.

"It's an Asgardian term Harry. What they call those here who can do magic," Angel explained.

"As a boy I thought to improve the magic of this realm. So I studied them for some time, in secret because I knew I would be stopped as interfering with another realms growth is against the laws of Asgard. I learned that by channeling the magic of a Seidhr through a item containing a piece of one of the strange but wondrous beast of this realm greatly helped them to focus their power and wield it to do as they wish. For the most part that is," Loki sighed.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Though they had means to channel it they still could not control it. It was so annoying. I had to try many things before learning they did better when given words to say. Stupid pointless things," Angel kicked Loki's leg and glared at him. "But in the end they were finally able to use such things to grow magically. I left after that and did not return until I was a young man. By then the magic of this realm had grown to a point where I hardly recognized it. But those who had magic were being hunted by those who did not. And they had no means by which to teach others. Magic was being taught by parents and relatives who could do it to the children. They would have to travel for days to find a safe place to teach, and even then they had to face the wilds of the realm. Many did not survive." Harry had never thought about what learning magic must've been like before Hogwarts was built. "I wasn't about to see all my hard work undone. So, while pretending I was one of their own kind I set up safe areas of land where the beast could not enter and those who were outside them and did not have magic would only see family spending some time among each other, for a while this proved effective. Until the numbers of areas needed grew too great. At the rate things were going the entire realm would have had to been made into a safe area. I knew something had to be done. Just not what."

"So what did you do?" Angel asked as Harry wasn't able to due to him trying to picture life back then.

"I traveled Midgard looking for an idea. And when I found it I was surprised I didn't think of it myself. A school. A place where children could learn all there is to know of magic and those who do not have such power would never reach," Loki said. Harry frowned.

"It wasn't your idea? Then whose?" He asked.

"I came upon four Seidhr arguing about the matter. Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. They all had their own ideas as to what the school should be like, how it should be made. But they also lacked all the skills to make such a safe heaven. I offered to help them. And before long Hogwarts had been built and the first students arrived. I stayed for a few years to watch and at times teach a few small things. But I could not stay in Midgard forever. My stories of where I was going could only buy me so much time from Odin. My mother knew the truth but so long as nothing happened to harm the realms she let me do as I wanted," Loki explained.

"What about Thor?" Loki chuckled at Harry's question.

"Busy training. He knew I did not enjoy the same things as him and by then I was often not seen for days as I practiced my magic or read in the library so he rarely noticed. After reviling who I truly was to them I left the school and Midgard with pride. Thinking one day to revile what I had done and make everyone proud of me. That Harry is how I first became known to them," Loki finished.

"After your father and I began exploring the world we ran into some witches in need of aid. Like anyone else if they had seen what I had I questioned Loki about it. He showed me the wizarding world. All of it. I was so taken with it Loki made me apart of it. Got me an account with the bank, my own money, he even bought me a couple shops that, even after I was believed dead still gave me my share of profits. It was wonderful," Angel answered. Harry smiled at his parents. They hadn't held anything back when answering his questions as he had thought they might and they both seemed happy to share their stories. He settled back in his seat, satisfied for now.

That satisfaction only lasted a while. "You two know the Malfoy's?" He asked suddenly. Angel let out a small groan.

"Wish we didn't." She said.

"We know of two Malfoy's Harry. Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. We met them shortly before you were born. Tried to turn me against your mother because she wasn't born with magic. They felt she was beneath me," Loki explained.

"What happened?" He asked.

"One day they had invited us over claiming they wanted to get to know me better. They tried to poison me and make it look like I realized I was wrong for Loki and our unborn child was a mistake. When we found out we left right away," Angel answered.

"The Malfoy family, along with several other families of old magical blood have always looked up to me. Most of your books seem to have dropped me from history but there are many old books that still tell of my part in building the magical world you have today. I guess you could say I am the father of the magical world. So my name carries much sway with old families like the Malfoy's or the MacMillan's," Loki explained.

The door opened and two people came in. "Harry there you are. We've been looking everywhere for you." A girl with bushy brown hair frowned at Harry.

"Sorry guys. I meant to find you both and tell you everything, I just forgot." He explained lamely.

"Um, who are they?" Asked a red headed boy. "Harry are these the friends you told us about?" Angel asked with a warm smile.

"Yes, that's Ron and Hermione." Loki stood and smiled at the two. "A pleasure to meet you both. I am Loki and this is my wife Angel. We are Harry's real parents."

It took Harry's friends a second or two before they reacted. "What?" They both asked.

Once Harry explained what had happened his friends were buzzing with questions. Most of Hermione's questions were for Loki, as she seemed to know plenty about him. While Ron's were mostly for Harry. Angel happily sat back and watched the four question and answer each other. At least for the first few minutes.

"I know you aren't asleep sir." She whispered to the man who was sitting next to her with his coat over his face. "I know not what you will do once we reach the school but I do get the feeling you are someone to be trusted. But if you bring any harm to Harry, you will find my wrath is worst then any fate you can possible imagine." The man nodded slightly. "Glad we understand one and other." Angel's eyes snapped to Harry when he let out a groan.

"Tell him to stop," He begged Angel. Confused Angel turned to her husband, and quickly saw the reason for Harry's groan.

"I think you would make an excellent bride for my son someday. As well as mother to his children," Loki was telling a slightly uncomfortable Hermione. Angel gave Loki's leg a swift kick. "What?" He asked her.

"Harry gets to pick who he marries. Not you," She growled.

"I wasn't picking his wife. Merely pointing out that she would make for a fine one," Loki defended. "Once she becomes a woman, of course, and her teeth get slightly smaller-"

"Sure you were," Angel rolled her eyes, interrupting her husband. Loki had done that once before while the two were taking a walk with Harry as a baby. He'd even gone up to several people and asked questions about their families and schooling. That night he slept on the couch. "Midgard isn't Asgard, stop arranging marriages."

When the train came to a stop Angel and Loki told Harry they'd see him inside as they were supposed to go to another entrance. There were met at the entrance by a man with greasy black hair and a hooked nose. "Ah, you must be Snape," Loki comment as the two walked up to him.

"And you are Prince Loki. I heard you were coming," Snape replied.

"So you're the one who's been making Harry's life at this school a nightmare," Angel wasn't impressed.

"And you are?" Snape asked her.

"This is my wife Angel," Loki answered for her. Snape at least looked sorry for the tone he had used when speaking to her. That tone that stated that he thought she was beneath him.

"Why do you care how I treat the Potter boy?" Snape asked, trying to change the subject.

"Because he isn't the Potter boy." Loki stated. At the confused look from Snape Loki smirked.

"He's my son." When Loki said that Snape's already pale face seemed to lose what little color was in it.

"Loki we can deal with this later. As much as I want to do it now we have to get to the great hall." Angel reminded, though she kept her eyes on Snape.

"Yes, we did tell Harry we would see him there and I am getting hungry. We shall speak with you later." Loki then lead Angel away from Snape.

"I don't like him. Nor do I like the thought of him being around Harry." Angel said once they were out of hearing.

"I feel the same, but at the moment we have little choice. I'm sure things will change once we talk to him after dinner." Loki assured her.

In the Great hall Loki and Angel were seated next to Dumbledore and were quickly able to spot Harry. Loki gave her a history on the four houses and even shared his opinions on each of the founders, to which Angel just smiled. "Salazar and I got along fine, when he wasn't being so racist on purity. I rather liked Helga; she was from Scandinavia and was a kind woman when she wasn't a fierce one. Rowena was very smart, and I enjoyed our conversations on magical theory, her diadem was interesting. Godric was a lot like Thor, not much else to say about the red-beard.

Dumbledore gave his start of term speech. It seemed to be the normal speech if the slightly board expressions from the students was anything to go by. It wasn't till the end that the students took an interest.

"As all of you have noticed there are two new faces here at the head table that I have yet to introduce. They are Prince Loki of Asgard and his wife, Princess Angel." Dumbledore announced.

Both Angel and Loki stood up and gave the students smiles. "You know officially I'm not a Princess till Asgard recognizes me as one." Angel whispered to Loki.

"Details my Dragon. Details." He whispered back as the two took their seats again.

"I have one final announcement to make. Some of you may have already heard the news that our two royal guests have a son among you. For the longest time he has been known by his adopted family's name, but now that his birth parents are here his name has been changed back to his birth name. Prince Haralder Lokason of Asgard." The hall erupted in chatter and every student was straining to get a look at Harry. Loki quietly thought "And Jotunheim"

Loki looked over at the Slytherin table and wasn't impressed by the dirty look they seemed to be giving Harry. Loki stood up and the whole hall became silent. "Loki?" Angel asked in slight confusion and worry.

"Yes Harry is my son. And if anyone here wishes to say something about this matter I welcome you to stand up and say so now. Because if any of you so much as look as my son in a way that could make me question his safety, I will take matters into my own hands after tonight." He announced with his no nonsense expression. "Do not toy with Asgard, Seidhr."

The hall was so silent it might as well have been empty.

"I am glad we understand each other." Loki gave his charming smirk and sat back down.

Angel leaned over and let out a sigh. "Well, I don't know about Harry but I feel slightly embarrassed." Loki blinked in surprise, but didn't see anything wrong with what he did. He just shrugged and when the food appeared he loaded his plate up. Angel spent some of the feast talking with Loki and the different teachers. But for the most part she found herself talking to the man from the train. Remus Lupin was his name and he had been hired to be the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. More than that, he turned out to have been a close friend of James Potter. Angel asked many questions about Harry's adopted family and he gave her all the answers he could. And in return Angel showed him the copy of the letter stating that Sirius wasn't the secret keeper for the Potters. Remus gave her a kind smile and thanked her for it. After dinner Loki and Angel caught Harry before he fully left the great hall and walked with his house for a little while.
"Did you really have to stand up and say all that?" Harry asked Loki.

"I just wanted the Slytherins to know that I will not tolerate anyone pushing you around. That is nothing to be ashamed of." Loki defended.

Harry and Angel disagreed. "Loki tonight we are going to set some boundaries for you." Angel sighed.

"Thank you mum." Loki looked between his wife and son with a frown.

"Ganging up on me just because I try to protect this family. I'll remember that." Loki then pointed to Snape who was walked down one of the halls there were passing.

"Oh yes. Harry we will see you in the morning. Goodnight." Angel and Loki both kissed Harry's forehead before heading off to speak with Snape.

"One moment Snape." Angel called to him, causing him to stop and turn around.

"Ah yes. You both wished to speak to me." Snape showed them down to his classroom.

"Now then. What did you wish to speak about?" It was clear Snape knew what they wanted to talk about.

"Harry's told us about how you treat your students. More to the point our Harry." Angel answered.

"Most students exaggerate." He states.

"Yes children do that. But when the staff agree with the students we are left with reason to believe them." Loki countered.

"Harry told us that during his first year you grilled him with questions and when he suggested asking the one student in the room who seemed to know you took points from his house. You personally targeted him and for what? Because you have problems with his adopted father?" Angel asked.

Snape appeared surprised and offended. "You believe I would let past problems effect my teaching?" He asked.

"Do you not think we wouldn't check these things before talking about them? James Potter bullied you in school and when the boy you thought was his son turned up you just couldn't resist the chance to take your revenge." Loki growled.

"Now that you know Harry never was a Potter I hope this means you won't be taking your hatred of James Potter out on our son." Angel narrowed her eyes slightly and gave a look that said "I have no problems letting my husband do as he pleases with you if you don't listen".

Snape nodded. "Good. I hope we never have to speak like this again. For the next time I won't be speaking." Loki warned before he and Angel left the classroom.

"I don't know about you but I feel great." Angel joked as they walked from the classroom.

Harry let out a small sigh as yet another kid had called him "Prince Harry" and bowed as he passed. Didn't help Fred and Gorge were ordering people out of his way and acting like body guard. The worst came when he got to his bed.

"So are you going to keep going to Hogwarts or will you change to one of those American schools?" Ron asked.

"Mum and dad said I could stay in Hogwarts." Harry answered, hoping that would be the end of it.

"But there are so many better schools over there. Like Salem's." Dean told him.

"What's so special about that school?" Harry asked.

"The teachers are more easy going and there aren't as many classes. So I've heard." Ron answered.

"I want to stay here. I like Hogwarts and it's my second home." Harry hoped that was the end of it.

"But why?" Harry let out a small sigh. "Why stay when there are better schools in the world?" Dean asked.

"Also your father is a master of magic we could never hope to learn as well as a God and a Prince. Why even stay on Earth?" Ron asked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Because this is my home and my friends are here. Just because my father's an alien god doesn't mean I can't still think of Earth as my home world. My mother's human." Harry, who had been removing his shirt at the time passed. "At least I think she is. She said she met dad while she was in high school and they married 15 years ago." Harry quickly added that to the growing list of questions he would ask his parents later.

"Do you think you'll get to marry a Princess?" Ron asked suddenly.

Harry stopped again in changing into his pajamas. He hadn't thought about who he would end up marrying. He remembered how Loki was trying to talk Hermione into being his wife. "I don't know. Dad didn't have to marry a Princess, but there are the seven daughters of Freya, Queen of Vanaheim. And there's Alfheim and Musspelheim and my half-sister is the Queen of the Underworld."

"Yeah but it sounded like he married her in secret. Does anyone else in his family know he married your mom?" Dean asked.

"Well my uncle Thor knows, but he only found out shortly before mum and dad came to get me." Harry answered.

"What about your grandparents?" One of the other boys asked.

"Dad thinks my grandfather and grandmother know about me but never said anything. Mum's not so sure."

"I wonder what Asgard looks like." Ron thought out loud.

"Uncle Thor said it's a wondrous place with a grand palace that sparkles like gold." Harry answered.

"That's it?" Dean asked.

"Father told him to stop filling my head and that I would see it soon. Maybe I could ask to see it during the holidays." Harry promised himself he'd ask, he really wanted to see the home his father had grown up in.

"Must be nice, being a prince." Ron sighed before climbing into bed.

Harry wasn't sure if Ron had been talking about Loki or Harry himself. And that upset him a little. Harry knew Ron was his friend but sometimes he couldn't help but notice how Ron would look at all of Harry's new things as well as the money Harry would have with him when they bought snacks from the trolley. Harry had always sworn he would trade all his money for a family like Ron's. And even though he loved Angel and Loki, he still wished he could meet his other siblings.

Angel had just settled down into bed next to Loki when she let out a small sigh.

"What'd I do now?" Loki joked.

Angel smiled at him. "I'm glad we have our son back. But you know he needs to meet his other siblings."

Loki gave Angel a wide smile. "You still have to meet my children. But yes. I should try to get them here to meet the both of you. I just have to track them down."

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