I'll die before I lose you again

Answering Harry's questions

Morning came and the very first day of school began. Harry was off attending his classes while Loki showed Angel around the school grounds, starting with the outside.

"The forest, at the start of the very first school year here I would often find myself so angry at everyone I would spend more time here with the beasts then with the students. Here look," Loki had brought Angel over to a large tree. He then passed a hand over it and a section of the trunk pulled away to reveal an opening.

"Go ahead. Reach in," Angel carefully reached inside the tree, knowing that there was a chance this was a prank he had prepared for her earlier. She ended up removing a small chest from it. Judging from the silver trim and the runes around the edges Angel guessed it was made in Asgard.

"I had to return home one particular day, a day that made putting up with Thor for the remainder of the day pleasant. So I gathered some small things to help ease the suffering every day after that. This is what I brought back with me. Open it,"

Opening the chest Angel noticed a few worn looking books first. Loki took those out, a smile on his face. "These were given to me by mother when I first took interest in magic. I would spend many nights reading them by candle light till I learned how to create a ball of light. Reading through them now reminds me of the days when it would just be me and mother sitting in a corner of the palace or in the garden, her teaching me," Loki explained.

Angel looked into the chest again and pulled out a small stack of papers. Loki seemed slightly embarrassed by them. "I'd forgotten those were in there," He mumbled as he tried to take them. Angel moved them out of his reach and took a good look at them.

"You draw?" She then looked more at them and smiled. "These are great," Each picture was of something or someone Loki knew.

"It was just something I started doing to drive away the boredom when mother was away, nothing important," He brushed off as he took the papers and magicked them somewhere else. Angel chuckled and looked into the chest again, wondering if the next object would spark the same reaction from him.

Harry and his friends were just leaving divination class. Harry was wondering if he couldn't pick a different class. "What rubbish! Trelawney is completely potty. My parents took one look at what I had picked for my classes, saw hers and told me that I was wasting my time and no one can see the future. I'm starting to believe them," One of the girls from the class exclaimed as she past Harry.

"My grandmother can," Harry remembered hearing Loki and Thor talking about a vision Frigga once had when they were little.

"And who are-" The girl started as she turned but stopped when she saw who she was talking too. "Oh Harry! I mean Prince Haralder. I'm sorry. I meant no human could see the future. That kind of thing is something only gods could do," The girl was now smiling sweetly at him and fluttering her eyelashes.

Ron rolled his eyes and Hermione grabbed both Harry and Ron's arms. "We're going to be late for our next class," She reminded them before dragging them past the girl who huffed in annoyance.

"Thanks Hermione," Harry whispered to her as he and Ron fell in step beside her.

"Some people are going to try to get in good with you Harry just because of whom you father and your uncle," Hermione pointed out to him.

"Not to mention the girls. You're going to have a lot of them trying to become your princess," Fred added as he and George joined them in the hall.

"Angel, give that here!" Loki shouted as he stretched his arms for the paper in his wife's hand.

Angel had one foot planted in Loki's chest and was leaning as far back on the rock they had been sitting on.

"Aw! You wanted a big family back then. Mostly girls it seems," The paper was a list of wants for the future Loki had written a long time ago. "Do you still want that?" She asked him.

Loki looked thoughtful for a moment. "I'm not sure. Perhaps in time we could see how many we are willing to have," Loki then lunged for the paper, getting Angel's heel in his gut. "Give it!"

Angel laughed and read some more from it. "You have got to be kidding me!" Angel lowered the paper and eyed Loki. "You wanted to have four wives?"

Loki slowly backed away with his hands ups. "I was young and back then it wasn't unheard of, at least among royal families. You must remember this was well before I met you. Besides that just something I wrote up while bored one day. Most of what is on the page means nothing to me now," He assured her.

"Loki we're going to have a long talk about this list later," Angel folded up the paper and tucked it into her pocket, knowing Loki won't go for it.

"Yes, Dragon," He sighed.

Steve couldn't help but marvel at the size of the school's library as he wandered the shelves, his eyes flickering over the book covers. He wanted to read nearly every book his eyes fell on. Learn about all the beast he'd heard about growing up, learn the history of the magical world, and most of all to learn more of the world around him. So much he wanted to know. So absorbed in the book spines he was looking he almost didn't hear Natasha walk up behind him.

"You can't spend all day in here. Don't forget we promised Angel we'd find Sirius Black and we can't do that if you have your head stuck in a book."

"I know. I just can't help it. Don't you wonder?" Steve turned to her. "How much is true? How much we don't really know about the world? Until I met Thor and Loki I didn't believe there were other worlds with life like ours. But look at me now. I'm standing in a school of magic. Kids are learning to cast real spells and mix potions. And did you see what was pulling the carriages full of students to the castle?"

Natasha let a small grin appear on her face at Steve's childlike excitement. "I do wonder about some things. After all Loki's son, who's a dire wolf, is back at the tower after having been found in a pet shop." She then let out a sigh. "We'll have time to learn once we found Sirius Black. Once Angel and Loki have him safely with them we'll have all the time we want to explore the castle. Come on." Natasha took Steve's hand and nodded to the library door. "We best get back to the search." Steve sighed, wishing he could just stay in the library but followed her out without complaint.

Harry was half tempted to leave the great hall and never step foot in it again. His reason was simple. Everyone was eyeing him like a tasty treat. Just about every student was looking from their lunch to him as if expecting him to jump up and say he's marrying someone in the next hour.

"Hey there," Angel greeted him as she walked up to him.

"Hi mum," Harry sighed.

"Alright what's wrong?" Angel asked as she sliding into the seat next to him. Hermione had been kind enough to make some room for her.

"Mum do I have to marry a princess?" Harry asked.

Angel blinked in surprised then chuckled. "Oh so that's what it is! Everyone wants a piece of the Hogwarts' prince. Remember what I told your father on the train? When he was talking to Hermione?"

Harry thought on it then nodded. "Then I get to pick who I marry?" He asked.

"That's right. These girls can stare all they want at you but that doesn't mean you have to be with any of them. You're only 13 years old. You have time to find that one person that makes your life wonderful, that person that you'll do anything for. No one's going to force you to love someone you don't. I promise you that,"

Harry smiled at his mother, finding comfort in her words. But then a thought crossed his mind. "What if you and dad don't approve of who I pick?"

"Harry it doesn't matter if we approve of them. We love you and always will. Even if you find someone we will hate to death, we'll still love you no matter what and we will try to learn to love whoever you chose to marry," Angel then gave Harry a tight hug.

"Thanks mum," Harry then whispered. "I kind of like someone already but I don't know how they'll react. Please don't tell dad,"

Angel chuckled. "I won't tell him. But if you want advice I know how some of the best ways to win a heart. No matter who it is," Harry just nodded against her shoulder.

"Right, well I've left your father alone for long enough. Any longer and he's bound to start causing trouble. After all he invaded the planet with intent to enslave the human race just over two years ago," Angel sighed as she stood. Harry chuckled.

"How are your classes going by the way?" Angel asked.

"Alright, Snape ignored me and paired me with a house mate who did a good job both brewing the potion and teaching me how to do it myself. He didn't even take any potions from us like he always does,"

Angel smiled. "Good to hear that," She then turned.


Angel turned back. "Yes Harry?"

"Why do you still call me Harry when everyone else is calling me by my birth name?" It was something that just started bugging him.

"Haralder? Well Harry if you shorten Haralder you either get Hara, which sounds like a girl's name or Harry. Besides you've spent nearly your whole like being called Harry. I'm not going to force you to change that so quickly," She answered.

Harry opened his mouth to ask more questions but Angel placed a finger over his lips. "Harry dear, you father is alone and well known for causing all kinds of trouble when bored. I'll find you later, when we're both free from school and your father I will answer whatever you want to know that I can answer. Ok?" Harry nodded. "Alright then, I will see you later today," Angel then gave Harry's forehead a quick kiss before turning and walking out the great hall.

Angel entered the library and let out an annoyed huff. "Loki, drop the quill," She ordered.

Loki, looking like a kid caught in the act froze. "I was just making a few corrections," He explained.

Angel walked over to him and pulled the quill out of his hand. "You want corrections made you get the ones printing the books to correct them. Not fill books with your writing and making the school have to throw them out and get new ones that you will most likely fill up with your writing again,"

"I don't want to leave our son and you alone in a building again," Loki admitted.

Angel sighed. "I know the feeling Loki. When Harry and I are alone I flash back to that night I lost you both. It scares me to no end the thought that someone or something might take him away from us again,"

Loki waved Angel towards him and sat her down in his lap, arms around her waist. "I won't ever let you two go again. Not without first giving my life to protect our family," He promised her.

"You won't be giving your life Loki. I won't let this family die," Angel told him.

Loki gave a small chuckle. "My Dragon, Named for your temper, you protectiveness, and how frightening you become when truly anger," Angel laughed at that, giving his shoulder a slap.

"Harry's got some questions. He was asking if would have to marry a princess earlier," Angel told him once she calmed down.

"What'd you tell him?"

"That he can marry whoever he wishes. We'll always love him no matter who he marries," Loki nodded in agreement.

"It would be nice if he married a princess, but all that really matters, is that he is happy and gives us grandchildren," Angel started laughing again. "You know he doesn't know anything about you or your side of the family, or my real parents," Loki added softly.

"Then we need to sit him down and tell him. I know he wonders about me; can see it in his eyes," Angel sighed. She had meant to teach him about his family as she and Loki raised him.

"I won't lie and say I'm not worry about how he will react to what I am," Angel shushed him with a kiss.

"Harry won't think anything different about you Loki. Harry spent so long thinking his only father had died when he was a toddler. Finding out his father's a frost giant won't matter to him. Just as finding out I'm only half human won't matter to him," Loki gave a slow nod.

"Alright, so when is the big reveal?" Loki asked.

"Later tonight, I thought we could abduct him from the common room after dinner and talk to him in our room. After all he's bound to have a lot of questions and I'd rather this be a family time thing," Angel explained.

"Agreed, but this school has a lot of ears. I'll need a few minutes to ensure no one can over hear anything, not even the ghosts,"

Harry was starting to think that time had either stopped or gone into slow motion as he waited out the rest of the day. The questions he had for his parents were killing him and every time he caught sight of them he wanted to drag them away and start questioning them. But he knew he couldn't. His mother had promised him that he would get his answers later. She hadn't lied to him so far nor giving him anything but what he wanted from her. But that wasn't making the wait any easier on him.

Loki was the one to get Harry from the common room and guide him to the room Angel and Loki were staying in. The three sat in front of the fire place on a comfy green couch. Harry sat between his parents enjoying a sweet tea.

"Alright Harry. You've got questions and we're ready to answer them," Angel announced as she set her earl grey tea down onto the table.

Harry set his tea down and suddenly drew a huge blank. He couldn't think of a single question he wanted to ask them.

"Maybe we should get the main family questions out of the way first," Loki suggested.

Harry nodded. "Well then I guess I really want to know more about the both of you then," He then turned to Angel. "Are you really human?" He asked carefully.

Angel smiled. "Well half human Harry. My father came from a human Muggle family. My mother however was a Huldra." At Harry's confusion she went on. "A Huldra is a creature from Scandinavian folklore that looks like humans, but with animal tails. Some however have their backs covered in bark instead of having a tail. They are seductresses who are known for sleeping with men and when they have a child they either marry that man or they give the child to the father and leave. My mother was the type to leave." Loki rested a hand on her shoulder when he noticed her voice tighten at the last word. "I'm fine Loki." She assured him. "My father raised me away from all that. I guess he feared I would if I knew the truth I would one day leave him as my mother had. Anyway, A Huldra has superhuman strength and a high tolerance to heat and cold. Not sure how my father managed to hide the strength part from me but I didn't learn the truth till Loki showed me the magical world. It was during my travels that I met a Huldra named Astrid who knew my mother."

"I couldn't believe what Astrid told us. Your mother was half Huldra. But it did explain a few things. Huldra do not take well to betrayal and when angered they are known to severely punish those that have wronged them." Loki gave Angel a smirk to which she just rolled her eyes. "No I'm not sure what this means for you Harry, as to my knowledge there has never been someone who was one fourth Huldra before you. Guess we'll find out together."

"Loki also isn't what he seems at first glance Harry," Angel gave Loki a look to get him to tell Harry.

Loki swallowed lightly. "Yes Harry. You see I was adopted by the Allfather after he found me abandoned in Jotunheim," Loki stopped to let what he said sink in.

"What is Jotunheim?" Harry asked.

Loki nodded. "You see, I'm actually a Frost Giant. Son of Jotunheim's late king, I only learned of this fact a few years ago while Thor was banished," Loki stopped talking and observed his son who appeared troubled.

"Harry, are you alright?" Angel asked him.

"Just trying to take everything in, I figured I wasn't completely human but I didn't think anything like this," Harry took a breath and sat back. "So I'm part frost giant, huldra, and human?" He asked. Both Loki and Angel nodded. "Wow," Harry breathed.

Angel looked at Loki worriedly, now fearing they had sprung the truth too soon. Loki himself appeared worried about this as he remembered all too clearly how he had reacted when he learned the truth.

"Mum, dad I'm alright. This isn't the biggest surprise of my life," Harry laughed when he realized how worried his parents were.

"Sorry Harry. We were expecting the worst I'm afraid," Angel admitted.

"It's alright mum. I can understand why you thought I'd react badly. And it is a lot to take in. But not as much as learning that the people I thought were my parents weren't my parents and my birth parents just arrived to take me home. That surprise left me speechless for a while," Harry nodded. The rest of the night seemed to go a lot smoother for the family now that the matter of races was cleared up. Harry would ask questions and his parents answered them, explaining details when he didn't understand something.

Outside on the school ground Steve and Natasha were searching the grounds for any sign of Sirius Black. If they did spot him they were only meant to watch him and determine where he might be hiding as well as if he could be reasoned with

"Any luck?" Steve asked Natasha when the two met up.

Natasha shook her head. "Nothing so far, a part of me wants to check the forest but I'm not sure,"

"Why not, exactly?" Steve was looking over to the forest, looking for something to explain why she wouldn't want to go in.

"I was talking to the grounds keeper. He told me of some of the things living in the forest and three of the teachers around us confirmed that the creatures in the forest aren't to be taken lightly," She answered, and then added. "And I have no intention of going into something like that without one of the staff who knows what they're doing,"

Steve nodded in understand. He got a bad feeling from the forest just by looking at it and he made sure to keep his distance from it.

"Let's get back to the search. One more round then we call it a night," Natasha suggested.

Angel was just returning from taking Harry back to his house when she spotted someone wondering the halls that she knew shouldn't.

"Hello Draco," She greeted the blond boy, causing him to jump a foot in the air.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, though not as harshly as he did on the train.

"Harry had some questions for his father and me. We just finished answering the last of them and given how late it was I took him back to his house so that he wouldn't get in trouble. What about yourself?" She asked back.

"I- I was-" Draco stopped to lick his lips.

"Draco, tell me what you are doing out in the halls or else I go to Loki," She warned.

Draco's eyes widen slightly before he let out a sigh. "I sent an owl to my parents. My father wanted to be kept up to date on you and Prince Loki,"

Angel's eyes narrowed slightly. "Tell me Draco, do you agree with your parents that I am beneath Loki and don't deserve to be with him?"

Draco swallowed hard and looked to be sweating. "I don't know," He admitted. At the raised brow Angel gave him Draco continued. "All the stories I've ever heard about Prince Loki say he's brilliant and doesn't get involved with anyone foolishly. So I don't know what to think about you,"

"Then why keep your parents informed about me?"

"Father wanted to hear everything you two do. I don't want to anger him,"

Angel's eyes softened slightly. "You don't want to anger him," She repeated. Angel didn't need to hear anything more to know that Draco had been hurt by his father for going against him. "There's something I want you to remember Draco. Something important, something I want you to think long and hard about."

"What?" Draco asked confused and slightly concerned.

Angel walked up to him and leaned towards his ear, whispering. "There is always help for those who are willing to ask for it," She then walked away like nothing had happened while Draco watched her go with confusion written all over his face.

When Angel got back to the room Loki raised a brow. "Got lost, Dragon?"

"I ran into the Malfoy boy. I want to talk to you about him," Angel answered as she slid into bed.

"What could we possibly talk about involving a Malfoy?" Loki asked as he stripped off his clothes and got in next to her.

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