I'll die before I lose you again

Day 2 at Hogwarts

Harry noticed something odd that morning in the great hall. His mother had on a turtleneck sweater and seemed to be tugging the collar up high on her neck. His father however looked proud of himself; every now and then he would smirk at Angel who in turn would give him a look of annoyance. Harry couldn't figure out why his parents were acting like that till Fred and George were kind enough to tell him what his parents must have been doing either the night before or just before coming down to eat. Needless to say Harry couldn't eat anymore.

"Did you have to give me so many hickies?" Angel asked Loki in annoyance as the two left the great hall.

"You're neck craves my marks. And you shouldn't be ashamed to show them to all," He defended.

"Sorry for not wanting to embarrass Harry by showing the school his parents just happen to-" Angel stopped talking as some of the students walked by. "You know damn well I didn't want to do that here. But you had to push me into it."

"I didn't hear you complaining," Loki smirked but dropped it when she glared at him. "Will you at least wear something else? You're going to overheat in the sweater."

"And wear what? Loki this is the only thing I have that covers my neck as well," Angel really didn't want to be stuck in a sweater all day but there was no way she was going to let Harry's classmates see her neck covered in hickies.

"Then we should find something to cover it that at least doesn't make you feel like a roast," Loki was walking Angel back to their room so that he could look through what she had brought with her for something that would cover her neck yet she could stand to be in all day. "If there is nothing I will take you to find something to wear. It will only take less than an hour."

"Fine, but I get the final say on what I wear. No swapping it out with what you want to see me in with your magic. You so much as change the color I will have you sleeping outside in the forest with no magic at all."

Loki let out a heavy sigh but promised he would leave her clothes alone.

Harry was sitting outside under a tree reading one of the books he had picked up while shopping with his parents on his birthday. Hermione had been pleasantly surprised when she saw his collection of books. Ron had questioned what his parents had bribed him with, but he was ignored. Harry sighed as he heard giggling from the other side of the tree. He knew there were at least four girls behind the tree and he was doing his best to act like they weren't there. They weren't very successful.

"Go talk to him!" One of the girls said.

"No you talk to him; I'm not going to be the one to look foolish in front of a prince," The one the first had clearly been talking too snapped back.

"Well don't look at me!" A third whispered.

"What if we all went over to talk to him?" The fourth asked.

"Don't be stupid. How pathetic will it look all four of us going to talk to Prince Haralder?" The first snapped.

"Not as pathetic as those two, Ron and Hermione," The fourth answered. The girls laughed and Harry shut his book.

"Everyone can see that Ron's just hoping that if he clings to prince Haralder he'll meet a princess or lady that'll marry him and he'll be the first in his family to be someone worthwhile," The second mocked.

"And that Hermione, she only wants to stay with him because she wants to change everything and having someone who happens to be royalty will make her ideas happen," The first pointed out

"You don't think she might be trying to make him her own do you?" The third asked.

"Ha, As if she is anything special, she may have the teachers wrapped around her fingers, but there's no way any prince would want to put up with a know it all like her," The second girl said, rolling her eyes.

Harry stood up and walked around the tree. None of the girls noticed him standing a foot from them.

"Those two are leeches. Someone should remove them from Haralder, for his own good," The third suggested.

"And since when do other people get to decide what's good for me?" Harry demanded.

The girls jumped and whipped around, clinging to each other's hands.

"We, we're sorry. We meant no disrespect," The first girl stuttered.

"What do you even know about my friends? Stay away from me," Harry ordered then stormed off to the castle.

"Well I guess this isn't so bad. The collar covers just enough to hide the marks, but the material is light enough to keep me cool," Angel commented as she looked over the shirt she had tried on.

Loki smiled. "It fits you well my Dragon."

"I just don't know about the color," Loki let out a faint groan. The trip to get her a new shirt was only meant to take an hour. It was now going on the third hour. "This blue looks a little pasty. I need a different one," Angel returned to the change room to remove the one she had on.

Look stood from his chair and slipped into the change room with her.

"Don't you dare get any ideas!" Angel growled.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Please I have more self-control then that," He then shut his eyes to calm himself. "If the marks bother you that much I can hide them with magic."

"No. Last time you wanted to hide a mark on my body I" Loki placed a hand over her mouth.

"It was just a bit of fun then. I changed you right back into a woman," He defended with a smile.

"And it took another week before you turned me back into me! No more magic on my body that involves changing something on my body. Who knows what you'd do to it next."

Loki smirked. "Well I can think of a few things that" He stopped talking as Angel started swinging. "I'm joking!"

"Harry, just ignore them. They can say whatever they want; it doesn't matter since you know we're you friends," Hermione tried to sooth him after hearing what the girls had said.

"They were behind the same tree I was sitting under and thought I wouldn't hear them," Harry pointed out.

"Don't worry mate, Girls are stupid," Ron said, getting hit in the shoulder by Hermione.

"I resent that comment," The trio jumped to their feet and turned to the common room portal where Angel was standing. A black long sleeved high collared shirt had replaced the sweater she had been wearing that morning.

"Princess Angel, we didn't hear you come in," Hermione greeted.

"Hermione you don't have to call me 'Princess.' I may have married a prince but I haven't been recognized by Asgard just yet. So I'm not really a princess."

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, we were going to wait till you were old enough to introduce us to Loki's parents, but things didn't work out as planned."

"What can we do for you?" Hermione asked, changing the subject.

"Well as I recall Harry wanted some lessons from Loki and I was going to help them, Unless you're busy with school or something equally as important, in which case I will come get you later."

"No mum, I'm not busy, just annoyed," Harry answered.

"What are you annoyed at?" Angel asked.

"Just some girls who were talking about Ron and Hermione, and about me," He answered with a sigh.

"Talking about how your friends are using you and how you should be with them? Yeah. You'll get a lot of that," Angel let out a heavy sigh and walked over to Harry, taking him in her arms. "Loki wanted to wait to bring me to Asgard because he feared I would be looked at the same way you are now. Or rather your friends are. He felt that I would be made to prove myself and my love for your father to Asgard before we would be able to marry. So we got married the normal Earth way. And when you came along we knew nothing would prove our love more than the sweet little boy we had just had. Let people talk Harry. Let them say what they will for it doesn't matter in the end. All that matters is what you feel and think. You know your heart and your friends know you," She then kissed his forehead.

"Thanks," Harry was glad to have a mother like Angel. Though he still hated those girls and what they said, he was grateful to have someone who cared about him no matter what. "We better go, can't let dad be by himself for long," Harry joked.

Angel led Harry to an unused classroom that Loki had removed the desks and chairs. In their places were a few training dummies, some runes drawn on the ground and walls, and a few books resting on a lone desk.

"There you two are. I was just thinking about going looking for you," Loki commented as they entered. "Now Harry, let's begin with something simple. A small illusion I think."

Outside Natasha was listening in on some students talking. The subject was, Harry.

"He ordered some girls to stay away from him after they bad mouthed his friends," A Ravenclaw boy said.

"He's been a prince for like a day and already he thinks he's better than the rest of us," A second Ravenclaw rolled his eyes.

"Well if they are going to talk like that when there that close to him they got what was coming to them. What kind of idiot stands on the other side of a tree and thinks they can't be heard?" A Hufflepuff girl joked.

"So who do you think has the best chance at Prince Haralder?" The first Ravenclaw boy asked.

"Hey wait, aren't the Norse stories full of tales of Prince Loki giving birth to children himself? Do you think His son could do that to? Because if he can then that means it won't just be the girls he looks at," A Hufflepuff boy asked

"Wow, I'd forgotten about those stories. I wonder if they're true, Haralder's always around people from his house. Do you think Haralder's going to marry in house?" The Hufflepuff girl asked.

"Well he never seems to spend any time with anyone not a Gryffindor. Maybe he thinks he's too good for the rest of us," The second Ravenclaw boy suggested.

"What do you think of the two Muggles his parents brought with them?" The Hufflepuff girl asked.

"Well my grandfather was alive back when Captain America was fighting that Muggle war. Did you know he use to sell war bonds by singing and dance on stage?" The first Ravenclaw boy asked.

"What kind of hero does something like that?" The Hufflepuff boy asked.

"And then there's that red head in black leather. What's her deal? Who's she trying to impress?" The Hufflepuff girl asked.

"I heard she's a spy for some American organization that tried to blow up New York City during that alien invasion," The second Ravenclaw boy answered.

"The invasion, didn't Prince Loki lead that?" The Hufflepuff boy asked.

"Yeah, but I hear he's scared of his wife," The first Ravenclaw boy asked.

"Do you think she's human?" The second boy from Ravenclaw asked.

"Maybe you should ask her," Natasha suggested as she rounded the corner she had been leaning against. All four students jumped.

"You heard that?" The Hufflepuff girl asked fearfully.

"Yes I did. And I have no problem with telling the royal family every word you said," Natasha held back a smirk as the students freaked out and begged her not to. "But I won't. Now I suggest all of you find something better to do then gossip about other people," The students ran back towards the school. "I hate kids like that," Natasha then turned and headed towards the forest edge. She might not be willing to go in but she was will to walk along the edge.

Steve was standing in the astronomy tower looking over the school from above. He was still overwhelmed by everything. He hadn't even gotten over mail by owl yet. He jumped every time an owl flew past him, and sending a letter back to the tower in New York had felt unbelievable. Attaching the letter to the leg of a barn owl and watching it fly off was amazing. He almost wanted to be at the tower when the owl delivered the letter to the rest of the team. Steve could almost imagine that way Tony would jump as a barn owl lands on the kitchen island and then hear his comment about how he's going to find a way to make texting possible for the wizarding world.

He wondered if Tony would believe the conversion Steve had had with one of the ghost in the school, wondered how long it would be before Tony would try to reach the school. "Good luck trying to find it," Steve had been told by one of the teachers that the school was hidden by magic.

"Come on now Harry you can do better than that," Loki sighed as he looked at the poor excuse for an insect illusion Harry had made.

"Loki, be nice. It's his first time and he's doing a lot better than most would," Angel had been sitting quietly at the table watching the lessons for the last hour.

"He won't learn if he's babied," Loki argued.

"He won't learn at all if you're going to be an ass about it," Angel warned.

Loki let out a sigh. "We both know he is better than this?" He waved towards the insect that was fading in and out.

"He just started learning today Loki. You can't expect perfection after an hour of trying. You didn't learn everything in one day, now did you," That seemed to lighten Loki up a little.

"Perhaps I am being a little hard on him," Loki ran a hand through his hair before smiling at Angel. "Dragon, would be a dear and get my something to drink?"

Angel smiled back at him. "Nice try Loki. We both know you aren't thirsty and that if you were you'd have a drink in your hand already," She knew Loki was just trying to get her out of the room so that he could go on with teaching the way he had been.

"You think I'm lying?" Loki asked.

Harry was watching with interest, the illusion long forgotten as it had vanished from the loss of concentration.

"Shall we ask you mother for a ruling on this?" Angel knew that Loki couldn't lie to his mother.

"That is cold Angel," But Loki was smiling as he said it.

"Lighten up on our son or you will not be sharing a bed with me tonight," Angel smirked in victory as Loki's face fell.

Steve was wandering out in front of the castle when he spotted a large shaggy black dog. It was just sitting there staring at him. Steve looked around to see if the dog's owner was close by but found no one. "Where'd you come from?" The dog stood and took off faster than any dog Steve had ever seen before. "Weird. Maybe I should tell Angel about that. Or maybe I'm just making more out of a dog then there really is."

Harry was waiting out in the hall while Loki and Angel had an argument about the way Loki was pushing Harry. Angel had asked Harry to wait in the hall as she didn't want him to see them fighting. Mind you that didn't stop him from hearing the loud bangs as the two seemed to escalate to some throwing things at the wall. At least he hoped they were throwing them at the walls and not at each other's. Harry had grabbed one of the books that had been on the table. Loki had told him they were the first spell books he had gotten as a child from his mother. He focused on the book, rather than the noises from the room. The book was very old and the pictures were beautifully painted. The first time he went through the book he had focused on the pictures as they were unlike anything he had ever seen before.

After 20 minutes of reading the book Harry had wandered down to the library wanting to learn more about the Huldra. He had left a note pinned to the door so his parents would know where he's gone. The classroom had gone quite by the time he walked away and he wasn't sure he wanted to stick around for what new noises would come out of that room.

Steve had wandered into the library five minutes after Harry had sat down with a couple books about something called a Huldra.

"Hi, Harry. Is everything alright?" Steve asked as he took a seat across from him.

"Yeah, Mum and dad were arguing about how dad should teach me but I think they settled that," Harry answered as he turned the page.

"What are you read about?" Steve asked, looking at the imagines on the page before Harry.

"I'm learning about the Huldra," At Steve's confusion Harry went on. "Mum's half Huldra and I wanted to learn more about them. Didn't you know?"

Steve shook his head. "I had no idea she wasn't completely human. Angel never said anything to us about what she is. Before learning she was married to Loki we didn't think she was anything other than human. We didn't even think she was married or a mother."

Harry found that funny. "I can't imagine what it must have been like to learn that," He chuckled.

"You have no idea. Loki had shown up to kill us and Angel just started yelling at him. All of us just stood there in disbelief as he suddenly looked panicked. And when Angel struck him my jaw hit the floor. I was sure Loki was going to kill Angel. He called her Dragon and before I knew she had moved Angel had taken my shield and knocked him out with one swing to the head," Steve explained.

Harry was wide eyed. He had wondered how his parents had met back up after the years they had been separated, but he hadn't expected anything like what Steve had described to him. Yet oddly he could see something like that happening. He could see his mother being angry at his father for attacking the Avengers and trying to invade the planet.

All Harry had read so far about Huldra suggested that staring down his mother when she was truly angry would be a very scary thing.

"Hey Harry, do you know anything about a large black shaggy look dog on school grounds?" Steve asked.

"The only dogs I know about are Fang and Fluffy. Fang's a boarhound and Fluffy is a large three headed dog," Harry answered.

Steve raised a brow at Fluffy but said nothing about it. "Alright, I saw a shaggy black dog that didn't look like it belonged. Something about it didn't seem right so I'm going to tell your parents about it."

Loki threw Angel a smirk as he pulled on his leather tunic. "Well that was the most pleasant way to end an argument my Dragon."

Angel rolled her eyes. "I swear, leave you alone for nearly 13 years and you want to jump me every time you turn around."

Loki walked up behind her and hugged her from behind, placing kisses to her neck. "What can I say? I've been deprived of perfection."

Though she rolled her eyes again Angel couldn't help the smile and swell of pride. Slowly the smile fade and she face palmed. "We forgot about Harry," She groaned.

Loki quickly looked to the door as a slight blush covered his cheeks. "Oh," Was all he could say before the two walked over to the door and opened it. Angel stepped out hoping that they hadn't scarred Harry for life. Panic bloomed in her chest when she noticed Harry was gone. Loki however was reading the note on the door. "Harry went to the library," Loki handed the note to her so she could read it for herself.

"Thank goodness," She breathed.

"Angel and Loki," Steve called as he walked over to them.

"Hi Steve," Angel greeted.

"Just saw Harry in the library. Why didn't you tell us you were only half human?" Steve asked, confirming in Angel's mind that he had talked to Harry.

"Sorry Steve. Guess I forgot to tell you guys that in all the hurry to get my son back."

"It's ok. Harry explained to me what you told him so don't worry," Steve waved off. "Oh yeah, I noticed something that struck me as odd earlier. Loki do you know anything about a large shaggy black dog?"

Loki thought on it but shook his head. "No. There are no other dogs then what the grounds keeper has and neither of them matches that description."

"Wait I think Remus mentioned something about a dog while I was talking to him about Sirius. Maybe we should talk to him about this," Angel suggested.

"If he knows something about this dog then I believe we should speak to the werewolf," Loki agreed, causing Steve to go wide eyed.

"What?" Steve asked.

"Long story short, the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher is a werewolf. Don't worry though, like Bruce can control the Hulk, Remus takes care to drink a potion to help him control himself every full moon," Angel assured him.

"Thank you for telling us about this dog. With any luck we'll have Sirius with us soon enough," Loki then led Angel away to track down Remus.

Draco was spying on Harry in the library, curious as to why Harry was interested in Huldra.

Harry let out a heavy sigh. "Come out. I know you're there," Harry had caught sight of a shadow on the floor. It hadn't bothered until he noticed the same shadow 20 minutes later. Draco walked out from behind the shelf.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Harry tried to sound like he wasn't annoyed but it was hard to do when the comments of the four girls from earlier were still ringing in his ears.

"Why are you reading about Huldra?" Draco asked. He had been watching Harry for 20 minutes and couldn't figure out why he would be reading about them. Crabbe and Goyle had tried several times to get Draco to just let them drag Harry out of the library and into an empty classroom. Draco told them to wait two isles away since he needed to get answers for his father and not get on Prince Loki's bad side.

"My mum told me about them," That wasn't what Draco had been expecting Harry to say.

"Why would your mother talk about the Huldra?" Draco asked. He knew a little about the Huldra from some of the reading his mother use to get him to do while he was growing up. The fact that Harry's mother was talking about the Huldra made him wonder if there was some connection between her and that race, and if there was then it would mean having to trend more carefully as the Huldra are dangerous when angered.

"What does it matter to you? Why are you even in the library?" Harry asked. It was odd that Draco was standing there talking to him, as well as the fact that he wasn't flanked by his two gorilla like friends. "What are you trying to get out of this?"

Draco frowned. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"Dad told me your parents tried to kill my mother before I was born," Harry answered. "So are you trying to find something you can use against my mum?" Draco was speechless for a moment. He'd had not heard that his family had tried to kill Prince Loki's wife. Finding out about it as well that Harry knows about it meant he would have to change the way he went about gathering information. Harry shut his book. "So what do you want?"

"I learned about your father at an early age from my father. I've read the stories about Prince Loki, heard of his deeds from other families. Tales of his magic, how he built the wizarding world we know. He built this school. But now I learn he married a Muggle," Draco let out a sigh, hoping to use the appearance of confusion to wear Harry down into telling him everything. "Every person I've ever spoke to about him told me that Prince Loki supported keeping the blood lines pure. Now he has a Muggle wife? Either I've been lied to by everyone, or your mother isn't what she seems. Tell me which one it is," Draco crossed his arms and waited to see what Harry would response with.

Harry looked down at the book in thought. He knew what it was like to be lied to. After all he thought for the longest time that his parents were drunks who died in a car crash because that's what he was told his whole life. It wasn't until Hagrid told him that he was a wizard that Harry learned about magic. But on the other hand Harry didn't owe Draco anything. Draco had been a pain for Harry since the day they first met. Harry looked up and made a choice. "Maybe my mother's not what she seems."

Draco's eyes widen slightly. "So does this mean your mother's immortal?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't ask. Would you ask if you were me?"

Draco frowned at the question. But then he thought about it. Thought about what would happen if his mother was dying. There was a twisting in his stomach and he couldn't help but picture his mother's grave. "No, I guess I wouldn't," Draco hadn't meant to say anything, but it came out a whisper.

"Angel, Prince Loki welcome. How might I help you?" Remus asked as he let them in.

"Remus do you know anything about a large shaggy black dog?" Angel asked. Both of them noticed how Remus tensed slightly.

"You saw this dog?" He asked an edge to his voice.

"Steve did about an hour ago now," Angel confirmed.

"What do you know about this animal?" Loki asked.

"I have your word that you mean no harm to Sirius?" Loki looked ready to leave but Angel stopped him with a hand on the shoulder.

"Yes Remus. We know he is innocent and we don't believe he's crazy. We just want to bring him into our protection and ensure nothing happens to him," Angel promised.

Remus nodded his satisfaction. "The dog is Sirius."

Loki had an impressed smile. "He's an animagus? He must be unregistered if I'm not mistaken, really quite clever," Loki praised.

"So we just need to follow that dog back to where ever he could be staying and show him we mean him no harm," Angel thought out loud.

"No need. I know where he will be. The only place no one would think to look for," Remus said as he led them out of the room.

Draco walked out of the library with Crabbe and Goyle, the two giving him odd looks as they had heard some of what was said. Draco had some things to think about. He had learned that Harry's mother might not be Muggle or even human. There might be connection between Prince Loki, Princess Angel, and the Huldra. Problem was it was only a possibility. Harry hadn't said his mother wasn't Muggle or human. And all he knew about the Huldra connection was that Harry's mother had talked about them and Harry had taken an interest. He was going to write to his father about it, but he knew he would have to make clear that it wasn't confirmed.

Steve found Natasha kneeling next to a large black dog outside the groundskeeper's hut. She gave him a nod and continued petting the dog.

"Who's this?" Steve asked as he joined her.

"This is Fang. He came up to me as I was walking along the path there," She waved to the path leading down to the hut.

Steve smiled as Fang began licking his palm. "Good boy."

"So what's going on? You walked down here like something happening," She had notice the business like look he had when she spotted him but it had faded when he saw the dog.

"I spotted a dog that didn't seem to belong. Harry told me it didn't match the two dogs he'd seen here at school, so I went to ask Angel and Loki. It seems like the Defense against the Dark Arts Professor knows something about the dog, so they're asking him about it," Natasha nodded. "Would you believe he's a werewolf?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Really, a werewolf?"

"I know it sounds crazy. But when talking about Professor Lupin, Loki referred to him as a werewolf and Angel said it was true."

Natasha looked thoughtful for a moment then shrugged. "Somehow this doesn't really surprise me. There is something off about that man and I can't place it. What about that dog?"

"Well Angel heard about one like it from professor Lupin while talking about Sirius Black. Maybe it's his dog. If so it could lead to finding him."

Natasha smiled at him. "Looking forward to the freedom to explore?" Steve's grin was her answered.

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