I'll die before I lose you again

Meeting Sirius and Fury finds out

Remus led Loki and Angel to the Shrieking Shack. An abandon building said to be the most haunted.

"When I was attending Hogwarts I would come here during full moons. This was before they found a potion that would allow me to control myself. James, Sirius, and Peter learned of my coming here and became animagi so that I wouldn't have to hide myself away and hurt myself the way I was. If Sirius was anywhere it will be here," Remus assured them.

"Thank you Remus. Do you want to come with us? Maybe if Sirius sees you he'll stay his hand long enough for us to explain ourselves," Angel asked.

"I think I will. Thank you," Loki walked towards the door to the shack and carefully opened it with his magic.

"I will conceal the sound of our footsteps. With luck he won't discover us until we reach him," Loki whispered.

The three entered the shack and carefully made their way through the house towards the stairs. Loki pointed out the paw prints that slowly changed into human feet in the dust. The climb up the stairs didn't go as silent as the steps creaked.

Since Angel and Loki had hinted that the search might be over Steve had made his way to the library and was now hidden behind countless books. He wanted to know everything, no matter how small about the magical world and those who lived in it. He jumped a little when a rat ran over his foot. On instinct Steve threw the book he had been removing from the shelf at it, he missed. Turning his head Steve checked to make sure no one saw what had happened before picking up the book and making sure it wasn't damaged. Sitting down with the book Steve made a mental note to question someone if the school had a rodent problem.

Natasha on the other hand was wandering the halls, looking at all the paintings. Every now and then she would stop to talk to one of them or greet a ghost that passed her. At her heels was a ginger cat. She had run into it as it walked out of one of the classrooms and it seemed to take a shine to her. The name on the name tag read "Crookshanks" and several students had told her that it was Hermione's cat. One thing Natasha noticed was that Crookshanks seemed to be hunting for something. The look in its eyes told her it was an animal on a mission. Which was slightly odd, but given what she had seen so far she wasn't too worried about it.
With no mission to complete the two found themselves relaxing a little and taking in what the castle now had to offer them.

"Malfoy was asking questions about you?" Hermione asked after listening to Harry talk about what happened after he left the common room with his mother.

"Yeah, he said it was because my father didn't match up with what he had heard about growing up. But I'm not so sure that's what he was doing in the library."

"I wouldn't trust that snake as far as I could throw him," Ron said. "But what was that you were saying about your mum being a Huldra?"

"I wasn't even aware that the Huldra were real. For your mother to be one is incredible Harry," Hermione commented

"My mum told me that my great grandfather met a Huldra once, didn't turn out good for him though," Ron said as he recalled the story.

"Then he must've been rude to that Huldra. You have to show respect to them or they punish you. I've heard they can be cruel when punishing a human," Hermione said.

"What'd you say your father was again?" Ron asked Harry.

"Frost giant, but he was born smaller than the others of his race so he was abandoned by his father who was the king of Jotunheim," Harry answered.

"The Huldra can with stand the cold. Maybe that helped bring your parents together," Hermione pointed out.

Angel, Loki, and Remus stood outside the bedroom door in the shack. Remus had his wand in hand as a precaution, Loki had a hand on one of his daggers, and Angel rolled her eyes at the two of them.

"We're here to talk to him! Going in armed like that is going to send the wrong messaged to him," Angel carefully opened the door and walked in. She was grabbed around the neck and held against a body with a knife at her throat within seconds. Loki and Remus were in the room a second later.

"Let her go," Loki growled a dagger in his hand. Angel knew the Loki she was looking at was just a copy; the real Loki was somewhere else in the room.

"Sirius clam yourself. We are not here to hurt you," Remus said in a clam voice, wand still pointed at Sirius.

"That would sound better if you both weren't holding weapons," Angel growled. "And Loki don't you dare do what you're thinking of doing. You better not do it or I swear you will never get in bed with me ever again," Angel warned.

"Loki? As in Prince Loki?" Sirius asked.

"Yes. And that is my wife you are holding a knife against," Loki growled.

"Loki get a hold of yourself you miserable Bilgesnipe!" Angel snapped before clamming herself. "Sirius we have proof that you didn't betray James and Lily."

For a moment Sirius's hold lessened on her, then he tightened it again. "Do not lie to me," He growled.

Angel brought out the copy of Lily and James's letter and held it for him to see. "This was being held by the goblins by order of the Minister of magic. It was meant to go to Dumbledore in the event of their deaths. When we found this we went ahead and cleared your name. When we went to get you freed we learned you had escaped. Sirius we just want to help you if we can," The knife against her throat was shaking slightly.

"You aren't lying? That's James's writing. But why do you care about what happens to me?" He asked, his voice a whisper.

"Because of Harry," Angel answered.

"Harry? Why is James and Lily Potter's son a part of this?" He asked.

"He isn't their son. Harry is mine and Loki's son. James and Lily adopted him when the world thought Loki and I were gone for good," Angel answered.

"What?" Sirius asked. Remus stepped forward, his wand returned to his pocket.

"It's true my friend. Angel there has shown me the papers that prove Lily and James adopted Harry. We barely saw them because of the war so we easily believe Lily had birthed him herself," Remus told him.

Angel picked up a piece of the ceiling with her foot and tossed it at the copy of Loki, causing it to disappear. "Loki where are you?"

"Right here, being good," Loki answered from the bed. The knife at Angel's throat pressed harder against it.

"Sirius why did you break out?" Angel asked, trying to take his mind off of where Loki was.

Sirius tensed slightly. "He lives. Everyone believes he's dead but I've seen proof he lives."

"Who Sirius? Who lives?" Angel asked.

"Peter Pettigrew!" Remus' eyes widened.

"Sirius that's impossible. Where would he hide if he was alive? And why has no one seen him?"

"He hid like the rat he is. And a rat is how he hid! Living with a family as a pet," Sirius spat.

"You said he's living as a rat among a family?" Loki asked his eyes slightly wide.

"Oh my god, Scabbers," Angel breathed, remember the rat Ron had as a pet. "Loki!" He didn't need to be told twice. Loki quickly teleported himself back to the castle.

When Loki appeared before Harry and Ron the two had jumped a foot in the air.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Harry asked as he noticed the strange look in his father's eyes.

"Where is your rat?" Loki demanded of Ron.

"Scabbers? He disappeared this morning after princess Angel came to get Harry. I haven't been able to find him," Ron answered. "What do you want with him?"

Loki frowned. "He must've known. If you find that rat do not let it get away. Bring it right to me the moment you have your hands on it. Understood?"

Ron nodded in slight fear. "Dad what is going on?" Harry asked. He was a little worried that his father had lost it.

"Find the rat. Once it's captured I'll tell you everything Harry. But for now it's not safe," Loki then teleported back to the shack.

Upon his return Loki found Angel sitting on the bed talking with Sirius and Remus. "Loki did you find him?" She asked once she noticed him.

"He's escaped for now. He must've known it was only a matter of time before we realized he wasn't a normal rat," Loki sighed as he dropped next to his wife.

"Then we must find him," Sirius stood to leave but Angel placed a hand on his wrist.

"Even with magic it will be hard to find one rat in Hogwarts. And we all know if he's on the run as we believe him to be he won't remain on school grounds forever," When Sirius went to argue the matter Angel quickly added. "We know what to look for now. We know how he hid. He tries anything and we'll catch him. Besides, we have something on our side that Peter doesn't know about," Angel smirked.

"What are you talking about?" Sirius asked. Even Loki and Remus were staring at her in confusion.

"We have the guardian of the Bifrost, the one who sees all in the nine realms, Hemidall."

Loki smirked. "Ah yes. Let Peter run. Let him think he got away, because in the end he can't hide from Hemidall's eyes."

Draco was outside turning over the letter he had written his father to tell him of what he had learned. He knew he had to send it, but he was scared of what Loki might do if he learned he was still sending reports to his father. There was no way Angel hadn't told Loki about what he was doing. Letting out a heavy sigh Draco pocketed the letter and headed for the Slytherin common room.

"I'm just going to hold off for now. I will send it," He told himself.

Clint raised a brow when a barn owl landed next to him on the roof of the tower. The brow moved even higher when it stuck its leg out and he noticed there was something attached to it.

"What is this, a letter?" He asked after removing it from the owl's leg. Opening and reading the letter Clint's other brow rose to meet the other near his hair line. "Just what kind of school is this Hogwarts?" He asked as he stood and headed for the elevator, the owl hopping onto his shoulder.

When Clint entered the kitchen three minutes later he found Tony lying on the island and Bruce off to the side, leaning against the counter.

"I never realized how dull it was here without the Capsicle around," Tony groaned.

"You could've gone with them to Hogwarts. I'm surprise you said no, why did you say no?" Bruce asked, giving Clint a nod and an odd look to the owl.

"Can you see me in a school of magic, surrounded by kids? I don't think so," Tony answered. "I don't do kids," Tony suddenly shot up off the island when the owl on Clint's shoulder let out a cry. "Now he's keeping birds? I thought we talked about this bird brain. Only Harry can have a pet. And Reindeer Games, but his is his son."

Clint ignored that. "Letter from Steve," He then pasted it to Bruce.

"He sent a letter? Oh god. How old fashion can you get?" Tony groaned.

"Tony Loki and Harry said no machines work around so much magic. They have to send letters because that's the only way they can communicate outside the school," Bruce reminded as he read the letter. "Seems they arrived safely at the school, Loki's a protective father."

"How so?" Tony asked.

"He stood up during the start of term announcements and warned the school not to mess with his son. Huh? I thought Angel would've been the one to do something like that," Bruce mused.

"So how's hocus pocus school? Anyone turn into a frog yet?" Tony joked.

"Someone care to explain why I none of my calls have been returned?" Fury asked as he entered the kitchen.

"Because we deleted your number on purpose and blocked you?" Tony suggested.

"Where is Romanoff?" Fury then looked around. "And Rogers?"

"Well, that's a little hard to explain," Clint began.

"Any harder than this?" Fury held up a picture he'd pulled from a file he was carrying of the team along with Angel, Harry, and Loki heading for Tony's jet. "Why was I not notified of his return and what is with the kid?"

Clint, Tony, and Bruce looked at each other, hoping the other would have some kind of explanation.

"Angel, look at these," Loki dropped a large bag in front of her on the desk.

Opening the bag Angel raised an amused eyebrow. "Very good, Loki. They're letters."

Loki glared at her. "They are letters from pure blood families inviting us to join them for meals, inviting us into their homes. Some are even requesting our family joins them this summer on vacation," At Angel's shrug Loki rolled his eyes. "These are purebloods, Dragon. The kind of people who believe you are beneath me. And I can assure you that more letters like these will follow."

Angel took a small stack of letters and read through them. As Loki had said they were all invitations. "A whole bag of these invitations? Word must've gotten around about our family then. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to see if any of these purebloods are descent," She shrugged.

"They're purebloods. With the exception of a few families they are all purist who are so inbred it's a wonder their children are able to live at all," Loki slid into a chair next to her. "The two of us, subjecting this family to them, is a crime we should not commit."

Angel chuckled. "Then let's go through these letters and find the ones that aren't purist. Come on Loki, Harry hasn't had the chance to live among others who have magic like him. I think we should take at least one of these families up on their offers."

Loki sighed. "If we must tolerate any of these families then let it be in our own home, back at the tower. That will truly help to prove what their intentions are, as well as weed out the truly purist of the lot of them."

"Alright, Can't leave the others out of our fun after all," Angel agreed. "You can write the invitations to the tower for all the families that want to have us over," Angel laughed at the speed of which his face fell and his head dropped to the desk top.

"So let me see if I heard you correct. Thor's brother not only is married to the girl you hired as PA but they have a son who has shown clear signs of being able to use magic? And not only that, but all three of them are at some hidden school for people who can do magic, along with Romanoff and Rogers that Loki himself built?" Fury asked his eye narrowed.

"You seem to have missed the bit about Loki's direwolf son who's here at the tower as well," Tony offered.

"Correction sir, Fenrir Lokason left the tower three hours ago."

"And he didn't even say thanks for letting him stay here. How typical," Tony sighed.

"So now there are two children of Loki's loose on the world along with their father? Where is Thor?" Fury demanded.

"He went to share the news of his brother's wife and children with Jane," Pepper answered as she entered the kitchen with her tablet.

"So who is watching Loki to ensure he doesn't try to enslave the planet again?"

"Well from the letter Steve sent it would seem he has no interest in anything but his family," Bruce handed Fury the letter.

Fenrir could track his father anywhere. The only reason he didn't when his father came to enslave Midgard was because of the cage he had been locked in. He had no intention of staying in that tower any longer. Loki had only asked him to remain in the tower so that he would stay out of trouble. There was nothing mentioned in that conversation stating he had to stay in the tower. Also he wasn't going to put up with another "time to walk the dog" crack from Tony. The last time Tony had brought a leash out. It had taken Fenrir every little bit of strength not to kill him. He also wanted to learn more about the woman his father married. He could smell she wasn't fully mortal, but he still had a lot of questions about her. One thing he would say he liked about her was that she had given him a great little brother in Haralder. From the moment Fenrir and Harry had seen each other they had clicked. In the short time between Harry's birthday and his going back to school the bond between the two had grown so strong. There was not a thing Fenrir wouldn't do for Harry, and vise verse. Ok, so maybe Fenrir wasn't just tracking his father.

Harry was surprised to see his parents waiting with Hagrid when he arrived for his Care of Magical Creatures class.

"What are you mum and dad doing here?" Ron asked.

"I have no idea. They didn't say anything to me about this," He answered.

The class was led away from Hagrid's hut to a fenced in area. Loki fell back from the conversation Angel and Hagrid had to speak with Harry. "Hello son."

"Dad what are you two doing here?"

"We learned of what your class is going to be learning about and came to ensure this class doesn't get in over its head," Loki answered

Harry frowned, wondering what Hagrid has planned for the class.

The answer to that question was come when Harry saw what was in the fence. The creatures appeared to be half horse, half bird.

"Been too long since I last got to see one of them," Loki mused.

"What is it?" Harry asked him.

"They are known as Hippogriff. Amazing beasts but very proud, under no circumstance should you ever speak ill of them. They will attack if you so much as say one bad thing about a feather on their wings," Loki warned. From the corner of his eyes Loki spotted Angel stopping one of the students from trying to open their book without stroking the spine as he'd been told by Hagrid.

After helping Neville, Angel walked through the crowd of students, making sure they paid attention to what was being said. Angel chalked the years of not being there for her own son as the cause for her treating some of the younger students as if they were hers. When she caught site of Draco standing away from the group with his two large friends and his fellow housemates she narrowed her eyes at him. It was clear none of them were paying attention and when she noticed the whispers she knew they were up to something. However her focus became lost when she saw what Hagrid was doing with Harry.

"Get him off right now!" She yelled just as Hagrid hit the Hippogriff's rear, causing it to take off. Loki had to grab her as she stormed over to Hagrid.

"He will be alright, Dragon," When she glared at him he explained. "When I realized what was about to happen I placed a spell to keep Harry from falling until the Hippogriff has landed. He will not be hurt."

Angel pulled away from him. "Ever hear of low hanging branches?" She snapped before storming off.

Loki let out a sigh. "We should've let him get yelled at."

After yelling at Tony, Clint, and Bruce for over an hour Fury finally left. Bruce had quickly written a letter to Steve about Fury knowing about Loki, Angel, and Harry before getting Clint to send it off with the owl.

"Well that went over better than expected," Tony chuckled while getting himself a drink.

Bruce rolled his eyes. "I'm glad you are alright with this. Given that Angel is going to be mad, Loki annoyed, Harry will hate being under SHIELD's radar, and I have no idea what Fenrir is going to do."

"Hey where do you think the Flea bag went?" Tony had been wondering that since learning Fenrir was gone.

"Best guess would be to join his father and half-brother. That's the only place I can think of," Bruce answered.

Clint entered the kitchen. "Owl's gone now. So, we are going to look for the wolf?"

"Clint it won't kill you to call him by name," Bruce scolded. "I don't think we should. We have no idea what route he took and even if we did find him I doubt he'll return to the tower."

"Alright then, now that pet sitting duty is over for good I'm going to get to work on getting those wizards a phone. We are sending letters, it's unbelievable," Tony grumbled as he left the kitchen.

"He's never going to stop going on about that, is he?" Clint asked.

Bruce chuckled and shook his head before following Tony.

Angel had returned in time to see Harry and the Hippogriff return safely. She held back on rushing to him as she didn't want to startle the animal and cause someone to get hurt. Her heart dropped when she spotted Draco marching up to the Hippogriff. She couldn't hear what he was saying but when the hippogriff suddenly stood on its hind legs she knew he had offended it.

"Run!" She yelled at Draco, but he didn't react quickly enough. Thankfully though Loki did, he shoved Draco out of the way and took the slash that was meant for him across the chest. Angel raced over to him, not noticing Hagrid drawing it away with a dead ferret.

"Dad!" Harry exclaimed. Angel and Harry knelt next to Loki who had stumbled to the ground from the focus of the attack.

"It's not as bad as it looks," He assured Harry.

"You idiot! Don't you ever do a thing like that again! Are you alright?" Had Loki been human he might've been hurt, thankfully only his clothes seemed to have suffered any real damage.

"I'll be ok. Just my pride at being knocked over so easily is wounded," He assured her as he got to his feet.

"Good," Angel then turned to Draco, who was standing a foot away looking like he was in shock. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She snapped at him, causing Draco to jump. "Did you fail to hear the part what Hagrid pretty much said not to offend the hippogriff because they would attack?"

Draco took a step further back and looked over at his friends. This seemed to be the wrong thing to do.

"Look at me when I'm speaking to you!" Angel roared, causing Draco to do as he was told. "You are so lucky Loki was nice and saved you from getting hurt! You are even luckier that he isn't hurt because of it. And I'm going to tell you right now Mr. Malfoy, if you so much as think about telling your father that this was all Hagrid's fault I am going to the Daily Prophet and telling them the whole story. And trust me when I say my word will carry more weight than yours and your father's combined!"

Draco wanted to get back over to his house, or at least have Crabbe and Goyle standing behind him. Staring down a furious Angel was proving to be even more frightening then staring down an angry hippogriff.

"Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Angel demanded.

Knowing he had little choice in the matter, and that it would most likely be worst if he didn't do it, Draco swallowed his pride. "I'm sorry," He whispered.

Angel went to snap at him to say it louder but Loki stopped her. "As much as he needs to be punished for this my dear I think this is a matter best left to a teacher. Now if you'll be kind enough to come with me, I will need a hand choosing a fresh shirt," Angel let out a huff and nodded, following Loki back to the castle.

"Your mum's terrifying mate," Ron whispered to Harry after Harry had joined him by the fence. "Malfoy had it coming, but she's still terrifying."

It was nearing nightfall and Fenrir had covered a lot of ground. He wasn't sure just how much farther he would have to go before reaching the school his father had told him about, but he was sure he was getting closer. He was just entering a forest, promising to stop and rest once he cleared it when he heard the sound of hoofs. Not wanting to risk getting caught by some hunters he hid himself in a bush and waited for them to past.

Loki had changed his shirt, as well as calmed Angel down about what had happened and he was now seated with Angel at the head table enjoying dinner. Just about everyone had heard of what had happened during Hagrid's class, so there were whispers going around the great hall.

"Are you sure it doesn't hurt?" Angel asked Loki, she had been worried about him since they left the class.

"I've been through far worst my love," He answered, giving her a smile to help ease her worries.

"That was such a brave thing you did Loki. Coming to the aid of Draco like that, I'm so proud of you," Loki chuckled a little. Truth was he was embarrassed with the praise he was getting from Angel, having gone so long without anyone saying anything kind about the things he'd done he had grown used to being unappreciated.

"Come now, if you keep saying things like that my head will swell until it matches Thor's," He joked, a very faint blush starting to bloom on his cheeks.

Angel leaned into kiss him when the doors to the great hall burst open suddenly. Everyone at the head table jumped to their feet, while the students turned to get a good look at what had opened the doors.

There panting heavily as they made their way into the great hall was Fenrir. He's fur was matted with mud and twigs and there was a slight limp in his right hid leg.

Loki leaped over the table and rushed to his son, Harry and Angel quickly joined him. Fenrir collapsed into Loki's arms and gave a small happy yelp.

"Fenrir," Loki sighed. He should've known his eldest son would've done something like this. He should've known that leaving him behind was a bad idea. Loki had only done it in the hope of helping Fenrir adjust to the people that he would be living around.

"Will he be ok?" Harry asked, lightly petting his brother's head.

"I think he is more tired than anything else," Loki answered as he lifted Fenrir into his arms. "I'll take him to our room and get him cleaned up, see to his leg. Could you bring some food and drink up for him?" Loki asked Angel.

"I'll be along in as soon as I have them," She promised.

Loki nodded and teleported to the room

Harry returned to his seat while Angel went and explained everything to the teachers as well as grab what she could.

"Harry what's with that wolf?" Dean asked.

"That's not a wolf. That's my half-brother, Fenrir," He answered, hoping everything was alright.

"So then the stories are true? Prince Loki had other children?" Hermione asked.

Harry nodded. "Dad doesn't know where my other brothers and my sisters are, but he said he was looking for them. I just hope Fenrir's okay."

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