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Fenrir's leg was cut in some places but other then that there were no other injuries to him. A fact Loki was grateful for.

"I asked Dumbledore to send a letter to the others back at the tower, inform them that Fenrir is here." Angel said as she set a plate of food and water on the nightstand next to Fenrir, who looked up at her with gratitude.

"That's good. By now they must know he's left. Fenrir though I am glad you are here I wish you had done something to contact me before you left. I would've come get you if I had known you didn't like it back there." Loki finished wrapping his son's wound and moved to removing the twigs and mud from his fur.

"Maybe he tried but no one would pay attention when he showed his dislike for it. Or maybe they miss read the signs." Angel suggested. She had yet to figure out just how it was Loki and Fenrir communicated, so she didn't know how Fenrir could've gotten anyone to understand him.

"I should've known better then to leave him with Stark. That man can not respect anyone's feelings. He also made it clear when we offered him the chance to come with us that he doesn't like children." Loki growled.

"It not that he doesn't like children. After all he gets along with Harry. It's just a matter of him not knowing how to handle them. Children are very different from adults." Loki snorted at that. "Alright children can be more mature then adults some times, but still they are different."

"He treated my son like a dog!" Loki snapped.

"Who told you that?" Fenrir lifted his head and looked at her. "Oh I see. I'm sorry Fenrir; Tony's going to get it when we see him again. Now here, you best eat up and get some rest. You've had a long enough day."

Fenrir happily tucked into the food and water. Glad to finally be able to put his paws up and relax. He'd been chased by housewives, honked at by all kinds of cars, had rocks thrown at him by kids, was hunted by animal control, and then he had to run from centaurs in the forest.

"Mum, dad?" Harry called from the bedroom door.

"Come on in Harry." Angel waved him over.

Harry joined them at the bed. "Is he going to be ok?"

"He's more tired then anything. Some food and rest and Fenrir will be back to himself in no time." Loki promised.

Harry gave his brother a scratch behind the ears. "I'm glad you're here Fenrir. I missed you."

"Harry would you like to stay here with Fenrir tonight?" Angel asked. She could see he was still worried about him.

"Can I?" Harry asked Loki, who nodded. Fenrir even seemed to want Harry to share the bed with him. Harry Carefully got onto the bed. "Where are you and mum going to sleep?"

"We figured there might come some nights when you would want to stay with us at night. So we got a room that happens to come with another bedroom. We'll just be across from you two." Angel answered.

"If either of you need us do not be afraid to knock on the door and get one of us." Loki then kissed both his sons forehead. "Goodnight boys." He and Angel then left the room and headed for the other bedroom.

Remus and Sirius were seated in the DADA classroom. The two had been talking since Remus, Loki, and Angel brought him back to the castle. As Angel had told him Sirius had been cleared of all charges. It had been posted in the daily prophet two days ago.

"What do you make of Angel and Prince Loki?" Sirius was grateful to them for clearing his name, but he was also wary of them. He had heard the stories of Prince Loki growing up and he had heard of the anger Angel had displayed after Draco Malfoy had caused the Hippogriff to attack and Prince Loki had been knocked down.

"They are different. Prince Loki has proven to be a very calm and intelligent person. Protective of his son and deeply in love with his wife, Angel has shown to be a very kind woman, yet has a temper to fear. She also seems to look at each student with close to the same care she shows Harry. However I'm sure if either is pushed, or Harry is harmed they will tear this school down and do whatever they feel they must to have revenge." Remus answered.

"What do you know about Angel? Who is she? Where did she come from? What is she?" Sirius wanted to know everything he could about her. For years he had view Harry as James' son. Learning Harry never was the son of his best friend was hard to believe. So he was going to make it his mission to learn everything about the woman claim to be Harry's true mother, as well as they truth behind Prince Loki. After all so far all the stories about his seem to be wrong so far.

"I'm afraid I haven't learned much about her. Apart from her marriage to Prince Loki fifteen years ago and that prince Loki left Earth after believing her and Harry died, there isn't much known. From what Angel herself told me she was only reunited with him a few months before the school year started when he attacked the people she was working for." Remus smiled. "That was the reason she took the job when she was offered it."

"So she trusts you?" Sirius was looking over the daily prophet that held the story of Angel and Loki. Seemed the two had gone to the prophet themselves and given a full interview.

"Angel is very open with people. I'm sure she'll answer your questions too if you ask her. As for Prince Loki? Well you may have to ask Angel to help you with him."

The following morning Harry ate with his family in his parents' room. Fenrir had recovered enough strength to get out of bed and walk around the room, though he still limped a little.

"Harry I'm not going to argue with you. You are going to class. You can visit Fenrir during lunch and after your classes have ended." Angel crossed her arms over her chest as she stood before Harry.

"Mum please, I want to stay, Dad!" Harry turned to Loki, who was reading the morning paper.

"Do not ask me Haralder. I agree with your mother. Even though the things you learn here make little difference in the end you still need to learn them." Loki responded.

"If I don't need to know it why should I learn it in the first place?" Harry asked.

Loki let out a sigh and set the paper down. "The same reason myself and Thor learned about the customs of others realms that Asgard rarely visits. The same reason I came to Midgard in the first place. It is better to know and not need it, then to need it and not know. Besides," Loki stood and walked over to his son. "Potions are used throughout the realms. Different from what are used here, but what you learn in your potion is the basics. And they will help you later in life."

"Harry I know you want to spend time with your brother and us, but it is important to us that you get a good education. We want what's best for you so that when it comes time for you to pick what you want to do with your life you will be ready for it. And if that thing you want to do is here on Earth then you need to know everything. After all when you are facing a job interview they will be looking for someone who knows the things they see as important, and if you don't know they won't take you. So please Harry, go to your classes." Angel would've liked to keep Harry with them for the day, but she had to think of his future.

Harry heaved a sigh. "Alright mum. I'll go to class. But I'm coming back once I'm done." Harry then grabbed his bag and ran out the door.

"Only thirteen and already trying to get out of his studies, reminds me of Thor." Loki chuckled.

Angel rolled her eyes. "Glad you think it's funny." She turned to him. "I'm going to spend some time with Fenrir. He and I need to get to know each other since we're family. You should go check on Steve and Natasha. Make sure everything's alright with them and answer any questions they might have."

"Are you sure? I could always stay here, help you two get along." He offered.

"Loki, I know you are just trying to help. But sometime you have to step back and let people try to do things themselves." She then pushed him to the door. "Now go on. You need to check on those two and I have to see if Fenrir and I can at the very least be friends, out!" She pushed him out the door and shut it.

Fenrir, who'd been relaxing on one of the couches raised his head and looked at her with a raised brow. "Please don't look at me like that Fenrir. I just don't like the idea of him hanging around while we try to get to know each other better." Angel let out a sigh and sat in the chair next to him. "He means well when he tries to help, but I want to try this on my own. You're his eldest son. If I can't get along with you by myself, then what chance do I have with the other two children Loki had before me?"

Fenrir gave a nod of understanding. His father could be very protective and there was a chance he'd try to force the two of them to get along.

"How's your brother this morning?" Hermione asked after Harry had joined her and Ron in class.

"He's better. Mum made me come to class." Harry sighed, ignoring the girls that were trying to get his attention.

"Still hard to believe the stories about Prince Loki having children like that are true." Ron said while shaking his head. Hermione quickly elbowed him. "Oh sorry," He added as he remembered who Harry's father is.

"It's ok Ron. It was a shock to me when dad told me he was my half brother," Harry really wasn't bothered by it.

"Harry not that I want to upset you or anything, but do you really think Fenrir is going to be allowed to stay once he's healed?" Hermione was worried that Fenrir would be sent away once he was recovered.

"I don't know. I hope not." Harry hadn't given it any thought. Fenrir would most likely be labeled a possible threat to the students by anyone.

"Potter is it true that mutt from last night is Prince Loki's son?" Draco asked from his desk.

"So what if it is?" Ron snapped, getting elbowed again by Hermione.

"Does that mean the other stories about Prince Loki are true too? Like the one about him giving birth to a horse?" Someone in the room asked.

"Ew! What kind of god does a thing like that?" A random girl asked. The rest of the class began asking all kinds of questions and sharing what they had heard about Loki. Harry felt a little uneasy about what he was hearing.

"Don't pay it any attention Harry." Hermione told him. "After all most of it is most likely just rumor and myth. And you can always ask your father just how much is true about him."

Loki smile when he found Steve, sound asleep and surrounded by books. It brought back memories of his many years spent studying magic. Carefully walking over and moving books out of the way, Loki gently shook him awake.

"Huh?" Steve asked as he sat up and rubbed at his eyes. "Loki? What time is it?"

"A little after ten. You over slept after a night of heavy reading." Loki answered while eyeing just what all Steve had chosen to read.

"After ten? I haven't slept in that late for a long time." Steve stood and stretched his back. "I just got so caught up in all this I lost track of time."

"Explains why you missed dinner last night." Loki then let out a sigh. "Fenrir arrived last night seems he was mistreated back at the tower."

Steve gave Loki a look of sympathy. "Is he alright?"

"Yes. His one leg is wounded but it's nothing that won't heal after some time. He's now up in mine and Angel's room with her." He knew it was best to let Angel and Fenrir have some alone time together. Knew neither would harm the other. He just really wanted to know what was going on up there.

"Have you seen Natasha?" Steve could tell Loki was worried, so he wanted to get his mind off it.

"Not yet. Though a few students told me she had made friends with a cat that someone brought to the school." Loki gave Steve a small smile.

"Always thought Natasha was a cat person, anything else?" Steve asked.

"Yes, be on the look out for a rat. Chances are he's already fled the school grounds but if he is here he must be caught."

Steve raised a brow. "A rat? Why?"

"Because that rat is an animagus, a wizard who can turn into an animal, he is also the true betrayer of Lily and James Potter, Peter Pettigrew," Loki spat the name like it was a horrid taste in his mouth.

"The one Sirius was thought to have killed? He's hiding in the form of a rat?" Steve thought back to the one that ran across his foot the night before.

"Are you alright?" Loki had noticed the slight change in Steve's behavior.

"Last night a rat ran through here. I didn't think anything about it," Steve answered.

Loki let out a sigh and a silent curse. "Must've been him. Worry not; he will not escape punishment forever. At least we have found Sirius."

Steve relaxed a little. "So then he's safe now?"

"Yes. Last I hear Remus was entertaining him in his classroom last night. I should check on him while I'm about," Loki and headed for the door. "I shall ask that food be sent to your room for you," He called over his shoulder.

Natasha was enjoying the air outside the castle. She had spent hours last night wandering around looking at things. Today, she was just going to do nothing, unless something important came up. Thought she was a little worried about the appearance of Fenrir, as well that she hadn't seen Steve at all since he told her the search for Sirius might be over.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Loki asked as he walked up to her.

"This is a good place to enjoy a few hours of peace," She answered

Loki smiled. "That it is. I missed the mornings here the first few months after I left for Asgard."

"How's Fenrir?"

"He's fine now that he'd had time to rest. I left him with Angel," Loki chuckled a little. "Or perhaps I should say she threw me from the room so she could spend a little time with him."

Natasha smiled. She had no trouble picturing Angel kicking Loki out of a room. After all Natasha had seen glare down Fury when he was trying to push Tony when Tony was barely able to stay awake after days with no sleep because of Fury. "I'm guessing Sirius has been found?"

"He's with Remus right now. Seems he came to Hogwarts to seek out Peter Pettigrew, who as we learned is what is known as an animagus. Or a wizard who can become an animal, a rat that Harry's own best friend had been unwittingly keeping as a pet," Loki explained. "He's escaped for now, but I plan to track him down as soon as school is over for the year."

Natasha nodded. "Well if he's a threat to Harry I'll do whatever Angel needs me to."

Angel let out a heavy sigh. She couldn't tell if Fenrir understood a word she was saying or even if he liked her at all. He seemed to paying attention to her and looked like he understood her words, but she couldn't be sure.

Fenrir wasn't sure what to make of Angel. She seemed like a good enough human to him, but he still wasn't sure if she was good enough for his father. He also wasn't so sure she was a good enough mother for Haralder. Yes she seemed to love both his brother and father, and showed herself to be protective of them both. She also proved she's willing to embrace him as well as family.

Loki carefully opened the door and peeked in on Angel and Fenrir. The two were on the couch, Fenrir's head on her lap as she stroked his head. He took that as a good sign as he slid into the room.

"May I be in the room again?" He asked.

Angel chuckled before looking up at him. "Sorry bout kicking you out earlier. But I think things went well." Loki walked over, and after moving a chair closer to her he took a seat and threw his arm around her.

"I'm glad to hear that, Dragon. He really does look like he's enjoying being around you." Fenrir appeared pretty relaxed at the moment, but Loki couldn't be sure if it was because he was warming up to Angel or if it was the fact that she was petting him.

Angel laid her head on his shoulder. "How are Steve and Natasha?"

Loki told her what they had been doing when he found them. He then ordered up some snacks for the three of them and started telling her more of the history of the school as well as some interesting facts about the land it was built on.

Fred was outside the school waiting for George to meet him. They just pulled off a prank they felt worthy of Loki himself on Filch, but the two were almost caught so they had to split up. They had agreed to meet outside the main doors. However George seemed to be taking his time.

"Will you help me?" A female voice asked.

Fred turned and found a girl his age with curly dark red hair in a braid and dark gray eyes. She was tall and perhaps five foot eight inches and she wore dark gray robes, obsidian jewels were hanging around her neck and a blackened and burned tiara was in her hair. She had seemingly appeared out of nowhere; however she was standing in ashes.

"Is this Hogwarts?" She asked, looking at him with wide eyes.

"Yes." Fred noticed the way she seemed to light up at the confirmation.

"Would you happen to know if my father is still here? His name is Prince Loki Laufeyson."

Fred blinked in surprise. "You're Prince Loki's daughter?" When she nodded he smiled at her. He'd been dying for an excuse to talk to Loki. "Yeah he's still here. If you want I could take you to him just as soon as my brother gets here."

"Thank you. I am Princess Eisa Lokadottir of Asgard and Jotunheim, the goddess of ashes and the dying hearth."

"I'm Fred Weasley." Just then George ran up to him.

"There you are. Who's this?" George was looking at Eisa with a raised brow.

"This is Harry's sister Princess Eisa." He told his brother.

Harry was in the great hall looking over his notes from the last class, making sure he didn't miss anything. Hermione had gone to the library to finish a scroll, and Ron was writing a letter to his mother across from him.

"Do you think I should tell mum about what happened during Hagrid's class?" Ron wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

Harry shook his head. "I don't think so. It would just worry her." He could almost hear Molly's voice now as she reads about that.

"I'll just tell her about how your mum told Malfoy up for being stupid." Ron quickly wrote the story out, leaving out any details that might worry her.

"Harry, there you are." George ran up to Harry, slightly out of breathe and without Fred.

"Where's Fred?" Ron asked.

Gorge smiled. "We have a surprise for Harry's family. Come on, if we run we can beat Fred there." Gorge pulled Harry to his feet and took off out of the great hall.

Angel had been in the middle of telling a story from her childhood when George and Harry ran into the room.

"Harry is everything alright?" Loki asked as Harry dropped into a chair.

Harry nodded and looked around. "George said that Fred and he have a surprise for us. I guess we beat him here."

The door to the room opened and Fred walked in with Eisa. She was laughing at something Fred had said.

Loki stood slowly as a smile broke out on his face. "Eisa? Is that you?" He asked, drawing her attention to him.

"Father!" She cheered before running over and hugging him.

Both Harry and Angel were surprised. Neither had heard about this daughter. "Loki?" Angel asked said person turned to face her. "Did you forget to tell me about another wife or something?"

Loki gave a nervous chuckle. Eisa turned to Harry and smiled. "You must be my brother Prince Haralder. Fred has told me so much about you." She curtsied.

Ron and Hermione walked to the lake to get some fresh air and to get away from the gossipers.

"So George took Harry and claimed he had a surprise for his family?" Hermione was a little worried what the surprise was.

"Him and Fred. But Fred wasn't with him. It was weird." Ron threw some rocks into the lake.

Hermione tried to guess what it could be that the twins had in store for Harry's family. "I just hope it's not something that will offend Prince Loki and Princess Angel." Given how Angel reacted to what had happened during the Care of Magical Creatures class Hermione feared what would happen if Fred and George angered Harry's parents.

"I doubt they'll do anything like that. After all they look up to Prince Loki. You should've seen the shrine they made in the backyard before mum made them take it down." Ron suspected that the twins had rebuilt it somewhere, but he had no idea where that would be.

Hermione picked up a rock to toss into the water when she noticed a large shadow just below the surface, almost serpent-like. "What is that?" It didn't appear to be shaped like any of the creatures she had read about living in the lake.

Ron looked where she was looking and frowned. "I don't know." His eyes then spotted a tail covered in large scales poking out of the water. "Hermione." He pointed it out to her.

Hermione stared at the tail for a moment before paling. "No, it can't be." She then grabbed Ron and ran for the castle.

"I don't like him." Loki was watching Fred, who was sitting on the same couch as Eisa. Eisa was talking to Harry, Fenrir, Fred, and George. Every now and then she would look over at Fred before quickly looking away.

Angel rolled her eyes. "But why wouldn't you like him? Can't be the fact that one of your daughters seems to like him." She teased him.

"He's a trouble maker. Why should I trust him with my little girl?" Loki asked.

Angel turned to him and raised a brow. "Pot calling the kettle black."

"I'm different." Loki defended.

"Only because you know yourself. Give Fred a chance Loki, from what Harry has told me he's a great guy."

Loki rolled his eyes. "I also do not believe she is ready to start being courted. She's still young."

Angel let out a huff. "Loki, she's a grown woman! She's one of your eldest children for crying out loud. Do you not trust you're own daughter to be able to protect herself?"

Loki went to answer when the door burst open and Hermione and Ron ran in.

"Hermione, Ron what's wrong?" Harry asked as he stood.

"We think there's a basilisk in the lake." Ron answered, he was sweating and panting from all the running but he looked very pale.

Loki raised a brow. "What are you talking about? The basilisk cannot swim."

"We saw what looked like a snake in the lake. It was massive." Hermione answered.

"A large snake in the lake?" Loki frowned in thought before his eyes widen. "Jörmungandr?" He then teleported away.

Ron frowned and looked around. "What's Jörmungandr?" He asked.

"That's one of my brothers' names. Mum?" Harry turned to Angel and saw that she too had come to the same conclusion.

"Come on then everyone. Time to go meet another family member." Angel waved everyone to the door; needless to say she was surprise by how quickly the family was growing.

"Oh how wonderful, I haven't seem Jörmungandr in decades!" Eisa said.

Draco, who had been at the lake around the time Ron and Hermione had been, was staring in shock at what he was seeing. There was Prince Loki talking to a giant snake that had emerged from the lake. Even odder was how happy he appeared to be to see the snake. "What is going on?" Draco carefully crept over to where he could hear everything; problem was it was all in parseltongue. "Wow!" Draco turned his head and saw Angel, Harry, Fenrir, the twins, Ron, Hermione, and a young woman with red hair walking up to Loki and the snake.

"Good you're all here. Haralder, Eisa come say hello to your brother Jörmungandr." Loki beckoned Harry and the red haired woman to him.

The two walked over and greeted the snake in parseltongue, at least that's what Draco guessed they did.

"Jörmungandr? The world serpent?" Draco was in shock. Though he'd known about this son, never in his dreams he thought he would see anything like what he saw now. Also there was the fact that Loki had called the red haired woman Eisa and told her to say hello to her brother. Draco had never heard of Prince Loki having any other daughters other then Hela.

Both Harry and Eisa seemed to be having a good conversation with Jörmungandr while Loki went over to Angel. "You do remember I don't speak parseltongue." She reminded him.

Loki smiled at her. "Don't worry; I am working towards making it so you can easily understand our children. In the mean time you have three people who can speak it for you."

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