Once Again I

Day Four Of Darkness

The Fellowship stood there for an eternity. Nymeria thought of the first time that she had met him, he was one of the first people to show her compassion. He told her stories and convinced her to stay with the Company. When she thought,

'I never got to say goodbye.'

Her heart cried, she wished to grab her heart the sob loudly, but she did not. So she suffered silently, sobbing soundlessly. So she sat with Gimli and mourned, others looked for some sign of what had happened to Balin. As the sun rose higher the light filled the chamber with light. The more light that filled that chamber the more they could see that the skeletal remains of Dwarves.

Nymeria in this new light also saw a door that was half hidden behind a tapestry, she was up in a moment and no one seemed to pay attention. When she entered the room she thought that it was not of much importance. It had multiple recesses cut into the wall, there were iron chests strew around the room all empty and broken. She almost turned out of the room, but by one of the broken chests she saw a book.

Well if you could still call it a book, when she took it into her hands she saw that it was heavily damaged. It was somewhat burnt, many of the pages were torn, and old blood stained the pages. As delicately as she could she turned the book open. Some of the words were smeared with old blood. The strange mixture of both Dwarvish Runes and Elvish Script was like a fingerprint for the one who had written it. The scribe of this book was her sweet gentle Ori.

"Where's Nym?" she heard Merry call out, she dashed out of the hidden room, Ori's book in hand.

"I am right here." she showed the book, "I found this, it is in Ori's handwriting." Gandalf took it from her and placed it on Balin's grave. Gandalf looked at the pages and began to read the parts that could be read,

"'We drove out Orcs from the great gate and guard, we slew many in the bright sun in the dale. We have taken the twenty-first hall of North end to dwell in. Balin has set up his seat in the Chamber of Mazarbul.'"

"The Chamber of Records." translated Gimli, for that is what Mazarbul meant,"I guess that is where we now stand." Gandalf continued,

"'Balin is now Lord of Moria,' That is the end of this chapter. Here is another chapter these words are heavily blurred; I can see we found truesilver, and the word well forged and then mithril. The last two lines are 'Óin to seek for the upper armories of Third Deep,'" Gandalf turned several pages and spied Elvish lettering, "'Balin Lord of Moria fell in Dimrill Dale. He went alone to look in Mirror mere. an Orc shot him from behind a stone. we slew the Orc, but many more... up from east up the Silverlode. We have barred the gates, and then can hold them long if,' The words blurred here perhaps it says horrible and suffer." He flipped to the last pages with writing on them "It is grim, their end was cruel. 'We cannot get out. We cannot get out. They have taken the Bridge and second hall. Frár and Lóni and Náli fell there. The Watcher in the Water took Óin. We cannot get out. The end comes, and then drums, drums in the deep. They are coming.'" Nymeria's heart was racing through the reading,


She turned around Pippin had run into a skeleton who was sitting on a well. The head fell, followed by the body that was wrapped in chains. Nymeria turned to him eyes wide, he looked embarrassed and ashamed, he knows what he has done. Loud echoes still ring off the walls of the mines.

All held themselves in an unnatural stillness, waiting for the howls of Goblins to answer. Nymeria let her hand fall to her sword in preparation, a long while did pass before she felt her breath breath a sigh of relief, nothing was coming. Gandalf slammed the book

"Fool of a Took!" he placed his tall pointed hat on and grabbed his staff, "Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!" Pippin looked so ashamed, it after all was a mistake, but she could understand Gandalf's anger. This mistake could cause them their lives.



Drums thudded and the blood of all froze. The sound got louder and quicker


Sam looked to Frodo's sword,

"Frodo!" he unsheathed his Elvish blade was glowing blue. A piercing screech ripped through the mines.

"Orcs!" Legolas spit with disgust as the single screech was joined in by a chorus of foul creatures. Boromir ran to the doors to see what was taking place outside, two arrows flew ,almost meeting their mark, and were embedded in the door.

"Get back! and stay close to Gandalf." Aragorn yelled to the Hobbits, Gandalf pushed them back and stood in-front of them. Nymeria moved to help Boromir and Aragorn barr the doors.

"They have a cave troll!" Boromir spoke in shocked amusement. Legolas threw axes to help hold the doors closed. Nymeria moves back to stand in-front of the Hobbits, alongside Gandalf she drew her blade, that held the same blue as Gandalf and Frodo's blade. Gimli climbed on top of Balin's tomb,

"Agh! Let them come There's one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath."

"And now we avenge our brothers." Nymeria said in perfect Khuzdul, the words sounded too harsh for her soft voice but that did not stop Gimli from responding,

"Aye! That a girl!"

Aragorn and Legolas stood together with bows drawn and arrows ready to fly, Boromir looked to Nymeria with sword drawn but she did not look to him. The door began to crumble and you could see the foul faces of the Orcs. The arrows of Legolas and Aragorn were set loose hitting their targets with precision, again and again they released arrows into the bodies of the fowl creatures. The doors were bashed in and the Orcs poured into the room.

Nymeria cut through the first of her attackers with ease, the more that came the more that she had to fight. She gathered the anger in her heart and used it as a fire to kill these creatures. Loud footsteps took her aback from the fight that she was entangled in. A monstrous Cave Troll had bust into the room.

'So that is what Boromir was talking about.'

A great collar and chain hung about its neck, it raised it fists and created a storm of chaos. Roaring as loud as loud could be. Nymeria turned back to the fight at hand, while Legolas took on the Troll by shooting arrows at it. It raised a club above Sam's head to crush him, but he dived under his legs; confusing a Troll was an easy task. It turned to followed Sam, Aragorn and Boromir pulled upon the chain that burdened the creature.

"Pull!" Aragorn cried out, the creature's feet stumbled and it turned to face them. Boromir's hands were still wrapped around the chain, the Troll saw this and took hold of the chain and flung it causing Boromir to crash into a wall. Nymeria heard his moan of pain and turned to him, she wished to help but she was fighting her own battle at that moment. An Orc had come to slaughter a still dazed Boromir, Nymeria called out

"Aragorn!" he was closest to Boromir, without a thought he took a knife and threw it into the Orc's neck. Gimli who was still on-top of Balin's tomb had attracted the attention of the Troll, it smashed it's club into Balin's tomb and Gimli fell to the ground. Nymeria looked for the Hobbits but she could not see them, they were hiding behind a pillar hiding from the Troll, who was now chaotically swinging a club about, it even took out a few Orcs.

Legolas stood before it and fired two arrows at the Troll, the creature stumbled after being hit. Gandalf then engaged the creature, fighting it with his sword and staff. The Troll came for Legolas again swinging the chain at him, with his Elven grace moved with ease to avoid it. The chain wrapped around a pillar and Legolas put his foot upon the chain walked up the chain onto the creature's head shooting arrows into the skull of it. It howled out in pain and grasped for Legolas who simply hopped down on the the ground near Nymeria.

He began to help her with the creatures that attacked her now. The chain snapped leaving just a collar, the creature fumbled about.

Nymeria moved out of the way of the fumbling creature, to see Sam hitting Orcs with a frying pan. He was hitting them with cooking ware, and defeating them

"Think I'm getting the hang of this." Sam said, Nymeria could have laughed if in any different situation.

"Frodo!" Aragorn called out, Nymeria tried to find Frodo. But she could not see him. The Troll was sniffing about a pillar, Merry and Pippin stood at the pillar opposite to the one that it was sniffing at. She wondered what it was sniffing at then she saw Frodo shifting around the pillar. An Orc swung at Nymeria just grazing her arm, she began to fight the creature right in-front of her.

"Aragorn!" Frodo cried out,"Aragorn!"

"Frodo!" Aragorn answered, Nymeria turned to see that the Troll had him in its grasp. Nymeria wished to help, but she herself was cornered but at least eight Orcs. Aragorn ran to Frodo to save him. Merry and Pippin began to throw rocks at the head of the Troll, it did not seem to notice and began to attack Aragorn and he was thrown across the room and he lost consciousness.

Frodo ran to her side, followed by the Troll. It took a steak from the nearby and thrusted it at Frodo and barely missed. Frodo tried to flee but the Troll blocked the way and Frodo fell back against the wall. The Troll lifted the spear and plunged it into Frodo's chest.

A loud gasp drew the attention of all. Merry and Pippin charged the Troll with their swords drawn, and jumped onto its back. Sam looked to Frodo,

"Frodo!" but he could only answer with another gasp,"Frodo!" Sam fought his way to Frodo. Nymeria and Gandalf and Boromir moved to Frodo as well. Frodo was strewn on the ground.

Merry and Pippin continued their assault on the Troll, it grabbed Merry by his leg and threw him to the ground. Gimli faced the Troll and attacked to be tossed to the ground, Gandalf then took his turn at the Troll. The creature finally met its end when Legolas fired an arrow into its large gaping mouth. A long moan came from the creature as it fell to the ground. The fight was over, and Nymeria was by Frodo's side.

Gandalf was soon by his side as well, Aragorn crawled to Frodo,

"Oh no!" Aragorn turned him over and Frodo, and to the surprise of them all, he gasped and groaned. Sam rushed over, Nymeria moved out of the way so that he could see his friend. Frodo put a hand to his chest. Nymeria remembered the Mithril

"He's alive!" Sam breathed a sigh of relief with Gandalf. Frodo sat up and looked about

"I'm alright. I'm not hurt."

"You should be dead." Aragorn spoke in confusion,"That spear would have skewered a wild boar."

"I think there's more to this hobbit than meets the eye." Gandalf speculated. Frodo moved his shirt to show the Mithril vest.

"I have not seen that in a while." Nymeria smiled.

"Mithril! You are full of surprises Master Baggins!" Gimli said in awe.

The joy was short lived as screeches once again built up a horrible chorus around them. They picked themselves up and ran through the doors.

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