Once Again I

The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

They fled from The Chamber of Mazarbul, Gandalf lead the group.

"To the Bridge of Khazad-dûm!" He commanded the the Fellowship. Orcs followed them, swarming behind them screaming horrible. Nymeria turned to see thousands of Orcs perusing them, more climbing out of the cracks in the walls and floors. The vile creatures slithered down the columns. Nymeria ran into Boromir, when her head was still turned; the whole group had come to a forced standstill.

They had been surrounded by thousands of Orcs, Boromir pushed her slightly behind him and drew his sword. She drew her blade as well and stepped from behind Boromir. He turned to her with confusion, she could read the question as well as she could read Dwarvish runes

'Why won't you let me protect you?'

'I do not need to be protected.' She thought to herself as she faced the Orcs. They had strange, perverse weapons oh and how they howled. Everyone was back to back, their weapons drawn and pointing forward. The drums of the Orcs came to a stop.


A great and terrible sound came from past the Orcs, the passage way ahead began to glow red with a strange fire.


The sound came again, the Orcs were afraid of this sound and shuttered, they scattered away. Pouring back into the cracks in the floor and hauling themselves up the great pillars.


The sound came once more, but more so hushed, the red glowing became brighter as it drew near. They all turned to this new menace,

"What is this new devilment?" Boromir questioned, while again trying to protect Nymeria and her silently refusing.

"A Balrog," Gandalf worriedly said, "a demon of the ancient world. Its foe is beyond any of you RUN!" All turned and ran, leaving the great halls. Boromir raced ahead down a flight of stairs almost falling. There, he discovered, the stairs were broken; Legolas grabbed him and brought him back away from the edge. Gandalf came last to the stairs.

"Gandalf!" Aragorn said in concern, Gandalf faced him

"Lead them on Aragorn. The Bridge is near!" Gandalf instructed.


The creatures footsteps boomed in Moria and echoed around the stone walls, the fiery glow drew closer.

"Do as I say!" Gandalf's voice was harsh, "Swords are of no more use here." he explained. Nymeria's heart was racing so fast that she feared that it would stop all together. Boromir took her by the fore arm and led her down the stairs, avoiding the breaks in the stone. In the center of the stairs, it was too wide to simply step over. Legolas jumped over with ease.


The creature was very close, the ceiling above them began to crumble as the hard footsteps shook the walls of Moria. Boromir jumped over the gap, with Merry and Pippin under his arms.

"Nymeria!" he called out to her, she leaped the distance. Boromir caught her, and held her for almost too long.

"Gandalf." Legolas called prompting the release of Nymeria; Gandalf jumped across the gap.

The arrows of Orcs began to fire at them, almost hitting Boromir. Legolas begins to fire arrows back at them.

"Sam!" Aragorn picked him up and threw him across the gap into Boromir's arms. It was them Gimli's turn, but he refused

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!" He leaped over and almost missed the ledge, Legolas saved him from falling by grabbing Gimli's beard, "Not the beard!" he screamed in protest.


A large portion of the steps fell away, Frodo almost fell but was saved by Aragorn tossing him to safety. The gap was now too wide to jump, Nymeria looked on with horror as the red glow grew brighter in the doorway.

Aragorn held Frodo steady, "Steady! Hold on!" They stone doorway shattered behind them, and the ceiling began to fall inwards. A large piece of the stone fell down and broke the stairs behind Frodo and Aragorn. The pillar below holding the now isolated stone that Aragorn and Frodo stood upon began to crack. "Hang on!" Aragorn cried, "Lean forward!" the staircase lunged forward. Aragorn jumped with Frodo in his arms, they landed on the ground.

"Come on!" Legolas held out his arm. They ran down the stairs, through a small hall and into a room with a long bridge with no rails.

"Over the Bridge!" yelled Gandalf as the flames of the creature grew brighter, "Fly!" Gandalf waited for all of the others to pass him. The Fellowship was halfway across the long bridge before Gandalf turned to follow. When all were past the bridge Gandalf had stopped in the middle of the bridge.

There all finally saw the creature. It was made of smoke, fire, and darkness; it had great horns and massive wings and breathed fire from its mouth. Gandalf stood in-front of the devilish creature, one who Nymeria had always thought so powerful looked so insignificant.

"You cannot pass!" Gandalf boomed, Frodo looked in horror to see this bold move

"Gandalf!" he screamed, the Balrog stretched it wings and stood up to it true height, looking down at Gandalf.

"I am the Servant of the Secret Fire. Wielder of the Flame of Anor." it pulled out a blade of fire

and held it high."The dark fire will not avail you. Flame of Udûn!" Gandalf held out his staff that was glowing with a white light. The Balrog thrusted the fiery sword down upon Gandalf who blocked it with his staff. A blinding light radiated through the cavern. The sword of fire fell from the creature's hand and it screamed at Gandalf,"Go back to the shadow!" A cloven foot stepped on the bridge and a whip woven with fire was cracked. "You shall not pass!" Gandalf slammed his staff upon the bridge the creature seemed to laugh at him and place another foot forward while cracking his whip.

Beneath the hoofed foot the stone bridge fell apart, the Balrog fell down the deep chasm.

Gandalf turned and began to walk away, Nymeria's heart settled and she breathed a sigh of relief


The sound of a whip went, Gandalf fell and was dragged back. He hung onto the edge of the bridge, Nymeria could not move. Frodo began to run towards him and was stopped by Boromir

"No!" Boromir yelled at Frodo

"Gandalf!" Frodo called out, by his very fingertips Gandalf clung onto the bridge. He looked at them

"Fly you fools!" he then let go and feel the same way the Balrog did.

"NOOOOOOOoooooooooooo" Frodo screamed trying to run forward still. Boromir dragged him up the stairs that led to the way outside. Nymeria and Aragorn were stilled and confused.

"Aragorn!" Boromir called as he was running with Frodo. Aragorn tuned after a long moment and pulled on Nymeria's arm motivating her to run with him.

They ran out through the large arching doorway into the daylight. The warmth of the sun did little to comfort Nymeria, she could hold her tears. She knew sorrow and did not wish to show any weakness, she wanted to be strong for the Hobbit; who were deep in tears. Merry was holding Pippin, who was sobbing violently, Sam was sitting on a rock with his head in his hands weeping. Gimli summoned a rage to cover up his sadness.

Aragorn stood away from the group, his eyes were focused Southeast. He was now the leader of this group, Gandalf had told him to lead. Nymeria understood this, and awaited his command.

"Legolas! Get them up!" Boromir turned to him, his eyes brimmed with tears as well

"Give them a moment! For pity's sake!" he shouted.

"By nightfall this hills will be swarming with Orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlórien." Aragorn countered, “Come, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Nymeria, get them up!" Aragorn picked Samwise up and placed him on his feet."On your feet Sam." Nymeria had hauled Pippin up. She took a handkerchief, she always did carry one, and wiped his cheeks. Pippin could see sadness in her green eyes, they seem darker in color for it.

"Frodo?" Aragorn called out, Nymeria turned. Frodo was in the distance walking away,

"Frodo!" Aragorn yelled out to him. Frodo stayed himself and turned to look at Aragorn, tears rolled out of his large eyes. He came back to the group to stand alone, his heart was the most broken of them all.

Then the race towards Lothlórien began.

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